Celtic and SRU test cases


Celtic again have stayed quiet while someone from the Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) briefed the media on hopes they have of hosting supporters at Murrayfield in August, with Celtic holding a similar test event at a friendly in July.  The tests would be small-scale, around 1,000 supporters in a limited part of the stadium, but would demonstrate how practical it is to safely hold public events.

All of this depends on the direction of travel of the virus in Scotland continuing its downward trajectory.

Steve McClaren is something of a joke figure among some in English football for his ‘wally/brolly’ moment when England manager and that distinctly Dutch accent when at Twente.  This is prejudicial.  He is a manager who took Middlesbrough into Europe for the first two times in their history, reaching the Uefa Cup Final three years after Martin O’Neill took Celtic there.

His time at England was unsuccessful but he would be an interesting call for Dundee United.  I hope they go for him.

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  1. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Received a text back from big Jimmy


    He is ok and still in hospital


    David66 will probably provide more detail after work

  2. Hope Unt get Mc Laren.And gub the Huns.The scum hate them with a passion.I know they hate everyone,but Unt right up there for them.They were one of the teams that got them “Relegated”,as the fable goes.Celtic,Unt,Aberdeen and Hibs,being the 4 Fenian teams that unfairly put them down.


    As my Mother used to say”Dont mock the afflicted”.I ignore her advice when it comes to them.

  3. I guess if he does well at DUFC he’ll be a shoe-in at Sevco after Slippy Gee abandons ship this season…

  4. Tully57,




    as you say, HERE WE GO 10 IN A ROW,



    but I add WHY STOP AR 10.




    Hope your clan is like my clan and doing all right just now.



    Pass on my best wishes to Jim and his clan.




  5. Great to hear you Martin42



    All well here thanks and I’ve never looked back since you gave me some excellent advice about knee replacements!



    Jim and all his clan doing fine.



    Hope to see you all relatively soon in the North Stand Upper.



    Stay well.




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  7. The local carpetright will be keeping their fingers crossed




  8. Melbourne Mick on

    Mclaren already looking at players, reckons that Honda


    has a great engine.


    Blantyre Tim


    Thanks for the update on BIG JIMMY.


    H.H. Mick

  9. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Inside story – Steve McLaren is furiously reading Oor Wullie and The Broons looking to perfect his Dundonian accent.


    You heard it here first…

  10. Agree that he could do a good job there as Newradbhoy he is a very good coach rather than manager – maybe a club with lower expectations is more suited to him.



    No matter what, surely he is less of a risky appointment than big Malky – especially in the current climate!!!

  11. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    “Help Ma Boab” – says Macca, when hearing of his appointment by Dundee Utd.

  12. I read a description of McLaren the other day that made me laugh…



    He seems like the sort of person who would lose their life savings in a ponzi scheme

  13. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    You beat me to it Gene. I wonder if he will have Fat Boab, Sopay Soutar and Wee Eck as part of his backroom team?

  14. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Knocking PC Murdoch’s helmet aff – surely Mikael Lustig would be his first signing?

  15. prestonpans bhoys on

    Pay day, so had enough cash to buy our season tickets, having to buy Miss Prestonpans too, she’s skint, £1,090 for virtual tickets😱



    Anyone got their refund back yet, nope me neither, pony express going backwards🐎🐎🐎

  16. Reports coming out of Norway suggest that Elyounoussi will return on loan for another year.



    Get him and Fraser back.



    Add a few prospects. Job done. Ten is coming.

  17. ‘What was that Austrian Racing driver called ?’









    Coat got…!

  18. Today is the last day of the financial year (30th June) so certain outgoings such as refunds, transfer instalments, bonuses etc may be held over until July onwards to mitigate the drop in income from Covid-19.

  19. Timaloy 29,


    Think we have a few interesting “Prospects”already.Dembele,Klimala,Soro.

  20. Look who’s back.



    Moi is back……



    Terrific signing.



    POTY 20/21.

  21. Goodbye Moritz.



    He came, he was fair to middling and he’s now gone again.



    No surprises….

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