Celtic and SRU test cases


Celtic again have stayed quiet while someone from the Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) briefed the media on hopes they have of hosting supporters at Murrayfield in August, with Celtic holding a similar test event at a friendly in July.  The tests would be small-scale, around 1,000 supporters in a limited part of the stadium, but would demonstrate how practical it is to safely hold public events.

All of this depends on the direction of travel of the virus in Scotland continuing its downward trajectory.

Steve McClaren is something of a joke figure among some in English football for his ‘wally/brolly’ moment when England manager and that distinctly Dutch accent when at Twente.  This is prejudicial.  He is a manager who took Middlesbrough into Europe for the first two times in their history, reaching the Uefa Cup Final three years after Martin O’Neill took Celtic there.

His time at England was unsuccessful but he would be an interesting call for Dundee United.  I hope they go for him.

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  1. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    PHILBHOY on 30TH JUNE 2020 5:57 PM






    Read that post and didn’t think there was much in it.



    Remember too that a poster came back with a kiddy on insult



    Did that get deleted?





    Guess so Phil, never seen either of them, hey ho, I’ll get over it :-)




    I visited Dublin last year as a 70th birthday present.



    My alltime favourite song is GRACE, by Jim McCann, rip.



    We did Kilmainham Jail and the memories are overwhelming.



    I was allowed into Grace Giffords cell and the painting is incredible.



    I must admit I was in tears.



    I’ll be back!

  3. Philbhoy


    First Irish republican song I learned was Paddy McGinty’s goat 🍀



  4. Know it well Philbhoy, the other great Ballad commemorating that event being God Save Ireland, so just for old times sake,



    High upon the gallows tree swung the noble-hearted Three.


    By the vengeful tyrant stricken in their bloom;


    But they met him face to face, with the courage of their race,


    And they went with souls undaunted to their doom.





    “God save Ireland ! ” said the heroes;


    “God save Ireland” said they all.


    Whether on the scaffold high


    Or the battlefield we die,


    0, what matter when for Erin dear we fall ! ”



    Girt around with cruel foes, still their courage proudly rose,


    For they thought of hearts that loved them for and near;


    Of the millions true and brave o’er the ocean’s swelling wave,


    And the friends in holy Ireland ever dear. CHORUS



    Climbed they up the rugged stair, rang their voices out in prayer,


    Then with England’s fatal cord around them cast,


    Close beside the gallows tree kissed like brothers lovingly,


    True to home and faith and freedom to the last. CHORUS



    Never till the latest day shall the memory pass away,


    Of the gallant lives thus given for our land;


    But on the cause must go, amidst joy and weal and woe,


    Till we make our Isle a nation free and grand.

  5. Putrid temporarily stepping down for health reasons ,hope it’s nothing trivial. Big Gas Meter’s pal in charge now.

  6. fairhill bhoy on

    PHILBHOY-hope it’s the Wall and not Hart.


    All good here,hope you’re all doing well.


    You still the tea bhoy

  7. Philbhoy. Even if the cell is closed, just put your phone or camera up to the keyhole & click, you will get the full picture framed by the shade of the keyhole. Its Iconic. Don’t forget to visit Glasnevin Cometary as well,

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Evening all.



    Anyone know if it is possible to buy an adult season ticket with an opt out of games against Sevco?



    Opt out definitely available for concession STs …. just not sure about full price STs.



    Any advice most welcome.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  9. fairhill bhoy on

    ROCKTREEBHOY-I did add a wee jovial to your post😉


    It’s all in the timing 🤔

  10. Philbhoy, came home fae work one sunny Saturday afternoon and popped intae the nearest pub tae my house. It was a bluenose shop but not a Hun one. Sitting in the corner playing his guitar was a young Tim I knew, he shouted me over, as I got there he started tae play the Smashing of the Van. I said no in here, why no he replied they wullnae have a clue what it us and continued tae sing it. As you know it has as many verses as Kevin Barry, had a wee bounce on my step as I wandered doon the street.




    I learned that from an old 78 by John McCormack. Always liked the song.







    Kevin Barry at Glasnevin was closest to our hotel.



    On our walk into the city centre from our hotel we passed the AULD TRIANGLE. It had paintings of the hunger strikers on the outside wall. Amazing.



    We stayed at the Skylon Dublin on Upper Drumcondra Road.



    It was about a half hour walk into town, which I needed btw!



    So much to see in Dublin, we will return!!




    We were due to fly to Menorca last Tuesday. My misses dropped a weeks holiday as we couldn’t go, so off this week.



    She’s makin’ her ain tea this week!



    We are all good thanks!




    I done the 1 day trip with my niece to Dublin last year were we were met by the wonderful WITS who assisted us in our daytrip. Even with his help we got nowhere near seeing everything we wanted to. Due to the story of him and his kindness we retold to my wife she had agreed to take us all back for my 60th on the 23rd of July for a four day extended weekend. We had everything booked then covid struck. So it’s all cancelled now, hopefully only to next year. When I can try and express my thanks to WITS once more. Maybe see you there big mhan.




  15. Ah Jaysus Philbhoy believe it or not I spent my Wedding night in the Skylon Hotel, 49 years ago, 19/6/1971,.

  16. fairhill bhoy on

    PHILBHOY-we missed out on Vegas.Gutted so she was.She still thinks we will get away in September.


    I just say,here’s hoping babe😉




    Gutted for you mate.



    We flew from Edinburgh on the Friday morning at 8:00 am and were in our hotel at 9:30.



    Flew out at 8:00pm on the Monday night, so 4 full days.



    So many highlights and the pubs and restaurants were great. As were the people.



    Yes, a wee get together in Dublin sounds like a plan!

  18. FB


    I’m supposed to be doing 260 Km of the Via de la Plata Camino route in October. Not sure if it will be ok to go – no social distancing in the hostels.🤭




    It is indeed a small world!



    We thought the hotel was great and the staff were brill!



    Happy anniversary to you both too!



    (Might replace the birthday wishes!!)

  20. Corkcelt/Philbhoy



    It’s a little known fact that there is a bye law in Dublin such that people actually living in the Glasnevin borough can’t be buried there




    Think of the money you saved by not playing the tables!!



    Gutted for you buddy.



    Safe and healthy balances that out.



    Vegas will be there for you when it’s safe to go.



    Can you put $500 on red for me?



    I’ll square you up when you get back!

  22. So with the extension there’s 1 week to go to ST deadline and I personally hope we manage to sell out !



    My ST was renewed after weighing up all circumstances and deciding to support the team in these difficult times in the hope that it may make some small contribution to our goal of 10IAR, my thinking being that STs go to the team whereas the admin function is supported by hospitality, merchandising etc.



    Works for me but I fully understand and respect those fans who have issues with Covid-19 fallout and the VST system etc., in particular those with multiple family STs. It’s a tough call when you are a long standing ST holder and risk losing your seat.



    Even a phased return to normal with socially distanced crowds might mean my seat being occupied once, maybe twice from the presumed ballot (how else can they fairly select fan attendance ?) and i don’t want to miss the opportunity to support the team in person, now and in seasons to come.



    But make no mistake, this will not prevent me from continuing to campaign to hold the those responsible to account for the handling of Res 12, the 5-Way-Agreement and related issues. Thankfully there is still a strong lobby determined that the truth must be acknowledged and justice pursued.

  23. Philbhoy



    Yes, it’s because they are still living😜😜😜



    Sorry, couldn’t resist😎



    PS I work in Dublin and still can’t get enough of it. Great city for a day or night out




    The first pub my wife and I went into in Dublin was the TEMPLE BAR.



    A vodka and diet coke and a pint of Guinness………..16 euro’s.






    But it was worth it!

  25. Philbhoy, The Temple Bar area is a rip off.


    Wits would have directed you to The Gravediggers.




    Your anniversary is the same date as the niece who was with me in Dublin’s birthday.









    Aye we had a big year planned this year the wife was 60 in April her suprise to Centere Parcs with all the family cancelled. The niece’s birthday on 19th June week in Santa Ponza cancelled. My Birthday in Dublin cancelled. Our 40th wedding anniversary in September nothing booked but all ideas cancelled.


    I F****** hate covid.😥




  27. fairhill bhoy on

    PHILBHOY -we have only been twice and have never placed a bet yet.Sun bear and shopping 😉


    Still looking at going for the convention next year.so will put it all on 10🍀

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