Celtic and SRU test cases


Celtic again have stayed quiet while someone from the Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) briefed the media on hopes they have of hosting supporters at Murrayfield in August, with Celtic holding a similar test event at a friendly in July.  The tests would be small-scale, around 1,000 supporters in a limited part of the stadium, but would demonstrate how practical it is to safely hold public events.

All of this depends on the direction of travel of the virus in Scotland continuing its downward trajectory.

Steve McClaren is something of a joke figure among some in English football for his ‘wally/brolly’ moment when England manager and that distinctly Dutch accent when at Twente.  This is prejudicial.  He is a manager who took Middlesbrough into Europe for the first two times in their history, reaching the Uefa Cup Final three years after Martin O’Neill took Celtic there.

His time at England was unsuccessful but he would be an interesting call for Dundee United.  I hope they go for him.

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  1. Reports saying Foster wants to stay and fight for his place at Southampton.If true,bridges well and truly burned,and we should move on straight away.


    Another good bit of business by PL getting JD Sports on board.

  2. Just read back and saw the news about Stevie. Tragic indeed… from travel reviews to Celtic Views, Hunderbirds was supreme.


    Many Condolences

  3. TURKEYBHOY on 1ST JULY 2020 10:14 AM



    Raman from STV has said Celtic will move quickly for a replacement. We won’t be sitting about waiting for Southampton or Forster to change their mind.



    Joe Hart? Great keeper up to the 14/15 season. Since then he has been dire. It would be some job for Stevie Woods.

  4. Rumours Forster has decided to stay at Southampton.



    I’m getting text from Tim’s telling me this .


    Any verifiable information?







    So sad to hear your news.



    Rest in peace Stevie.



    Your contributions will be missed on here.



    Prayers said for his family.

  6. TINYTIM on 1ST JULY 2020 10:25 AM



    It’s been reported on by various media outlets. Daily Record, STV, etc.



    Celtic fan site 90 Minute Cynic claim to have an exclusive. The loan from last year had an option to buy. Celtic were keen to get a deal done. Southampton have told him he’s up in the pecking order and will be competing for 1st place.



    He has decided to stay.



    STV say Celtic will be quick to move on. No hanging about.

  7. glendalystonsils on

    Presumably we will need 2 keepers , having lost Gordon as well. Hope big FF doesn’t live to regret his decision.

  8. Very sad news about CQNer Stevie (HAG).



    RIP fella and deepest sympathies to all his friends and family at this sad time.




  9. Always worried about taking the MSM at its word but looks like bridges burnt with FF.



    Eff him.



    Go get Joe Hart.

  10. TheSaint



    Please pass on my condolences to Stevie’s family … Hunderbirds rest in peace



    Cheers Gerry

  11. Still think FF will be a Celtic player next season.STV are an official hun media outlet.


    They could be right,but I just dont trust them.


    Until an official quote from Lenny or anyone else at the club verifies that is the case,the I believe he will start the season with us.

  12. Hi Bhoys



    My sincere condolences to Stevie’s (HAG) family. Met Stevie at a hoot and had a few beers with him top mhan.



    R.I.P. Stevie




  13. RIP Stevie, no more suffering. God rest your Soul.


    It was a pleasure to get to know you just a little bit through Last Man Standing.


    Sympathies to all family and friends.




    Met you at that hoot too. Welcome home big mhan great to have you back.Did they give you an eye bath after having to suffer that view for 5 days.




  15. The Onlooker on

    When Joe Hart was England keeper he was the ‘ best keeper in the world’, we knew it was true because SKY, BBC etc told it was so……every game he played.



    My son was not convinced , he listed his faults, saying that his stats were only good because he played for a very good team.


    I can’t remember all of the faults now but do remember that he regularly failed to push ball to safety when diving….resulting in goals.



    I started watching Joe Hart with a more critical eye….. immediately I saw that it was true, he made a full length save but palmed the ball back into the danger area.


    He did this all the time…sometimes the ball would fall kindly and he would pounce on the rebound, sometimes the forward got to it first but he got up to make the save , too often it resulted in a goal.



    Better keepers when they dive full length attempt to save and push the ball towards the corner flag which allows the defence to reset and the keeper to get back into position.


    Joe rarely did this.



    It became a sport in our house.


    1: Watch Joe make mistakes.


    2: Listen to commentators make excuses for him. ” The defenders have let the England keeper down there”



    This continued for about 3 years until Pep arrived and axed him.



    I think Joe Hart is a decent keeper ( but not great)


    I have seen in him in interviews and he also seems like a decent guy.


    He has shown willingness to go to Italy to get regular football.


    If Stevie Woods thinks he can work with him to fix some of his faults I would be happy.



    I would be even happier if Fraser Forster stayed.



    The Onlooker

  16. It seems FF is for the off. He is a great goalie and many are saying we need to replace him with someone as good. I doubt that is possible. We need a guy that Steve Woods can develop, like he did with FF and CG. Maybe Joe Hart could be the trick, but he’d need to improve big time.

  17. PHILBHOY on 30TH JUNE 2020 7:23 PM


    And Corkcelt:


    Glasnevin Cemetry was a great place to visit, especially with guided tour. One of Coatbridge’s daughters buried there, Margaret Skinnider. And a short walk to the the Gravediggers where the Guinness is great.


    When me and my Pals visited in 2016 we also passed the Auld Triangle, we decided to go in, what a fantastic few hours we spent there with some great Guinness and community singing.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  18. BIG JIMMY on 1ST JULY 2020 8:59 AM


    Glad your home, take it easy and fingers crossed on your horse.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  19. Sorry The Onlooker – That’s nonsense about Hart but is a common theme based on recency & confoirmation bias. It’s been said so many times people take it as gospel.



    Hart was a tremendous keeper, recognised by the world greats like Messi as such for the feats in front of them, had as many Golden Gloves as Cech and a better ratio than De Gea when they won the league. 53 clean sheets in the premiership in 3 seasons is phenomonal stats. His peers know he was the best england keeper in several generations. He’s lost his way but……just maybe.



    When Gordon and FF came back to us many sneered (I was one of them) and they both proved me wrong as they both had something to prove. Our new keeper will not unite the fans, we don;t have the money to spend on a gimme but if Stevie Woods gives the thumbs up and we can get Hart back to anywhere near his best then we wil be purring.



    HH fella.

  20. THESAINT on 1ST JULY 2020 10:00 AM


    So sorry to hear of Stevie (hunderbirdsaregone). Small consolation to those of you that are left behind for now but take solace in the fact that he is now in a better place.


    May God Bless his Soul…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  21. Stevie RIP



    The Saint – please pass on my condolences to his loved ones. He’ll be sadly missed on here.



    HH jg

  22. i think it is a bit worrying that we seem to be hitting a low point in terms of Scottish keepers. Since the bad old days of the 70s and early 80s, we have had good or excellent Scottish keepers playing locally or in England. The last great crop of Gordon, Marshall, McGregor are all at the tail end of their careers



    last Scotland squads had , McGregor (now retired), Marshall (35), McLaughlin (who? and 32), McGillvray (27, again, who?) and our Scott Bain (28). Gordon at 37 is unlikely to get selected



    Celtic have had a top quality goalkeeper for the last 15 years. Need to make a good decision this year




    Big Jimmy, glad your out and stay well big man.

  24. Very sorry to hear of Stevie`s passing. I only `met` him on these pages but he came over as a lovely guy with a fine sense of humour.It would seem that he passed peacefully and I hope that offers some solace to his family.

  25. glendalystonsils on




    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if there’s a turnaround in the FF situation . Part of me thinks that he’ll always be seen as a back up keeper at Soton and that maybe there’s one of these wee mind games things going on between them and us.


    It certainly seems like the end of his stay.

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