Celtic and SRU test cases


Celtic again have stayed quiet while someone from the Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) briefed the media on hopes they have of hosting supporters at Murrayfield in August, with Celtic holding a similar test event at a friendly in July.  The tests would be small-scale, around 1,000 supporters in a limited part of the stadium, but would demonstrate how practical it is to safely hold public events.

All of this depends on the direction of travel of the virus in Scotland continuing its downward trajectory.

Steve McClaren is something of a joke figure among some in English football for his ‘wally/brolly’ moment when England manager and that distinctly Dutch accent when at Twente.  This is prejudicial.  He is a manager who took Middlesbrough into Europe for the first two times in their history, reaching the Uefa Cup Final three years after Martin O’Neill took Celtic there.

His time at England was unsuccessful but he would be an interesting call for Dundee United.  I hope they go for him.

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  1. RIP Stevie HUNDERBIRDSAREGONE. Your pain has ceased.


    Thoughts and prayers with the family

  2. SFTB @ 11;36 am



    I didn`t listen to many but the Thistle song struck the right tone for fans of the Maryhill Magyars and the trousers of the guy singing `Caledonia` made me smile. Borrowed from hiw wee brother? He did, though, make a good job of the song.


    `I Just Can`t Get Enough` increased my longing to revisit Paradise.

  3. BIG WAVY on 1ST JULY 2020 11:36 AM



    I have to admit, I used to get annoyed similarly to THE ONLOOKER about Joe Hart. It’s pretty common for the English to proclaim one of their own as the worlds best without much critical thought. I certainly never thought of Joe that way. Especially when you had Casillas, Neuer and Buffon as co. (This was roughly around 2012)



    Joe’s stats over the past 5 seasons have been dire.



    But, there was clearly a great goalkeeper in there 5 years ago. We don’t need the world’s best and we would certainly take the Joe Hart of old.



    Much has been made of his save percentages. He hasn’t been above 66% for the past 5 years. But, before Fraser Forster was dropped by Southampton he had 50% (only over 6 games before dropped), 68% and 67% for 3 seasons



    These stats aren’t the be all end all. They don’t take into account the quality of shots.



    If Joe Hart signs for Celtic he will no longer be playing at the top level. Give or take some CL group games.



    I think with Bain in reserve it’s a decent risk to take.

  4. Does Paul delay uploading of the New Article to entice a plethora of podium hunters???

  5. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Fraser Forster height 2.01m. Joe Hart height 1.96m. Scott Bain depth 1.83m Do adidas sell Cuban heeled boots?



    Stand tall Scott. We’re believers.



    Here we go, to 10IAR! Then two to do.

  6. Bain is a fine keeper and good enough for the SPFL. Let’s not wet too many pants.



    We need a tight margins man who can help us in Europe and Cup games as FF did last year.



    Ross Doohan is 1.86m tall but Conor Hazard is 1.98. Both are now 22 and both experienced youth internationalists.



    Can we afford to bite this bullet in going for the 10?






    Potentially. The argument could be, can we afford to take our time and find a replacement? Is Bain up to it in the SPFL & against the likes of Sarejevo in the early qualifiers.



    I’d say so.

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