Celtic and the burnout issue


Delighted for Leigh Griffiths (penalty), Callum McGregor (penalty and assist) and Ryan Christie (goal) who, after a difficult few months domestically, got any reassurance necessary from a Scotland performance and result that they can compete and win on the European stage.  McGregor’s reverse pass for the goal was a thing of beauty.

The caveat is that our players will compete for four domestic trophies this season, head to the Euros with Scotland, then go straight into Celtic’s European qualifiers without as much as a long weekend down the Clyde.  To paraphrase Roy Scheider, you’re gonna need a bigger squad.

Footballers are not machines.  They have peaks and troughs of form, fitness and focus.  How many mountains can Callum McGregor climb?  We have to hope Steve Clarke cuts the Celtic players some slack in the spring internationals, while Neil Lennon should have a good hard look at the remaining three Europa League games before risking his most precious assets.

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  1. Let’s All, as a parent of a 5 year old (56 what am I doing😱)you have no idea what damage the lockdown has caused, my wee guy was scared to leave the room for a while as he was scared that Mummy and Daddy wouldn’t be there when he came back.

  2. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Anyone else feel the daily articles are avoiding the elephant in the room on what exactly is going on with the team, shape & tactics this season. I enjoy CQN btw and reading since 2005. I just hope the club are addressing the issues. Data analytics may not be for everyone but the evidence from Celtic by numbers, Juco James, 90 min cynic and others is pretty damping. Worrying times.

  3. RIMTIMTIM on 13TH NOVEMBER 2020 5:56 PM


    Aiden McGeady was the one who got away, look what he achieved for Ireland.




    McGeady was roundly condemned for electing to play for Ireland. Cosgrove – the stinking man’s intellectual – wished him ‘a thoroughly miserable international career’ on air.


    On the topic of Celtic players and caps, how many did Bobby Murdoch win – or Jimmy Johnstone for that matter?

  4. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Cheers Philbhoy, I tagged him on some articles on Twitter mentioning same earlier today.

  5. I caught 10 minutes of Sportsound tonight so not sure which Scotland player was talking but what he said resonated with me. So, forgive me as I paraphrase –


    “I’ve played football all my life and as a very young boy I dreamed of success. But the thing is, at club level you really don’t know what the future holds. We all support a team and dream of playing for them but you never know whether that team will want you, whether you’ll be transferred, maybe play for 6 or 7 different teams in your career and maybe win something but not with the team you first supported. But International football is completely different. From the age of 6 I knew that I was Scottish and that I could only ever play for Scotland as my country of birth. It was Scotland or nobody. And I know most of the players in there are the same. So, on a night like tonight it really is a dream come true.”


    I suppose that I’m pretty much in parallel with those thoughts as a fan.

  6. Bigbhoy @3:52pm


    That’s unfair I think.


    That bhoy has won us games single handed.Just because not everyone gets emotional doesn’t make them any less of a Celtic player




    I’m just very worried direction of my club on & off the field.





    And you think PAUL67 and CQN can influence that?

  8. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Philbhoy – not expecting Paul or CQN can influence anything. I would like to see more spotlight given to the structural issues with team however and why we collapse to well drilled but ultimately lesser teams in terms of player ability. But hey ho, it’s Paul’s blog and he can talk about whatever subject he feels.



    Cheers for Kojo update btw.




    I would like to see more spotlight given to the structural issues with team however and why we collapse to well drilled but ultimately lesser teams in terms of player ability.





    It’s Neil Lennon you need to talk to.




    But hey ho, it’s Paul’s blog and he can talk about whatever subject he feels.









    However, the fact that PAUL67 posts what he wants to on his Blog seems to get on a lot of posters tits.



    I can live with it.




    I was talking about you today.



    My wife, daughter and me, had breakfast in Dishoom in Edinburgh today.



    I told the girls about my recent recommendation to you and your good lady.



    I also told them about your dear Dad.



    They send their best wishes to you and your family at this asad time.



    Hope you’re as good as can be.



    Your quite happy with Christie celebrating a goal for Scotland , but not for Celtic. The team he is contracted to and pay his wages.


    I find that strange for a Celtic supporter

  13. Bhoy From The Boyne on



    BHOY FROM THE BOYNE-you are definitely a welcome addition to this great site for sure 🍀






    Thank you Fairhill Bhoy, I enjoy your posts!

  14. Fritzong



    Totally agree there were great injustices to many Celtic players down the years, like Murdy and Jinky but it’s ironic that still Scotland’s best days were when they were replete with Celtic players. When Scotland beat Czechoslovakia at Hampden in 1973 to qualify for the World Cup after a long absence, there were 5 Celtic players in the line up. Not that you ever hear a numpty like Cosgrove talking about things like that.




    It’s a sausage and egg Naan Roll with fire toast if you don’t mind!






    You’re welcome and take care mate!

  16. PHILBHOY-I promise to make sure we go there for breakfast the next time we are in Edinburgh.


    You might need to lend me a few bucks though 😉


    It’s a fancy fekn roll n square 😉


    Brown sauce optional 🤷‍♀️




    Links old chap!



    £45 for 3 including drinks.



    Well worth a visit.



    The only downside is that I had to pay!



    At this time best to book a table.




  18. Fred – whilst Celtic are my #1 team by quite a distance, Scotland are 2nd with EKFC 3rd.


    On this site I have NEVER criticised anyone who doesnt have any time for Scotland or inter national football. On the other hand I have no.awkwRd feelings about expressions g my own personal feeling over my National team.


    I wont fall out with anyone over it. But as a Celtic and Scotland fan I’m proud to be both.


    Back to the golf…..

  19. Jobo,



    You say that Robertson says “the team you first supported”.



    Cannae understand that…does that team change?



    By the way not having a go at you…just cannae see past the Hoops.



    Hail Hail.

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