Celtic and the burnout issue


Delighted for Leigh Griffiths (penalty), Callum McGregor (penalty and assist) and Ryan Christie (goal) who, after a difficult few months domestically, got any reassurance necessary from a Scotland performance and result that they can compete and win on the European stage.  McGregor’s reverse pass for the goal was a thing of beauty.

The caveat is that our players will compete for four domestic trophies this season, head to the Euros with Scotland, then go straight into Celtic’s European qualifiers without as much as a long weekend down the Clyde.  To paraphrase Roy Scheider, you’re gonna need a bigger squad.

Footballers are not machines.  They have peaks and troughs of form, fitness and focus.  How many mountains can Callum McGregor climb?  We have to hope Steve Clarke cuts the Celtic players some slack in the spring internationals, while Neil Lennon should have a good hard look at the remaining three Europa League games before risking his most precious assets.

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  1. PHILBHOY-I prefer a links.I love going to Edinburgh.love a beer in Tiles.I sent a photo to Mick and Stevie with my Lisbon lions face mask on.Will be back up soon 🍀

  2. May already have been mentioned…1916 Easter Rising documentary on PBS America+1 at 22.00 on Freeview channel 93 will be worth a watch.

  3. Another podium.


    I’m rambling now so thank you to everyone who has passed on their good wishes.I don’t want to pick out individual posts but to everyone thank you 🍀💚

  4. lets all do the huddle on

    Jobo Baldie



    whilst Celtic are my #1 team by quite a distance, Scotland are 2nd with EKFC 3rd.




    cant believe EK Thistle arent in your top 3 after the magic of ’83

  5. Hello again all you young rebels.



    From a rather dull looking Melbourne, but my mood is as bright


    as can be.


    Off down the peninsula this morning, first in over three months.


    Rain or not I’ll be strutting my stuff along that beach Celtic top on


    and relishing a few pints of the black nectar for afters.


    It’s not our CSC weekend but I know a few of The Bhoys/ghirls will


    be in the Dubliner, so if I don’t manage a post over the next couple


    of days you’ll know I’m gaga.


    H.H. Mick

  6. Fairhill Bhoy…my condolenced to you and family on the passing of your father Bernard. May he Rest in Peace



    Thoughts also with Wishaw Tim at this most difficult of times







  7. “Am just back fae the shoaps…………….


    A went to the fish shoap an’ bought a punna mince”

  8. Bada…he’s tried to claim that it was American money put into project warp speed that brought the development. The Pfizer CEO has called him out for talking bullshit as no american money was involved..if my memory serves

  9. lets all do the huddle on

    Jobo Baldie









    whilst Celtic are my #1 team by quite a distance, Scotland are 2nd with EKFC 3rd.





    cant believe EK Thistle arent in your top 3 after the magic of ’83





    and theres an ’83 edition of top of the pops on bbc2 just now to take you back to they days

  10. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Moderators, Stand by your beds: Paul67 may not appreciate this appearing on his blog



    I’m only adding the link below because it has been a long wait for those who enjoyed Brendan Sweeney’s Early Years. First I’ve seen our second five seasons has been split into two volumes.







    With you good sir. 






    !!BADA BING!!



    Still smiling from the Biden call, feck him. 









    Happy Saturday to you, enjoy!









    You can email me and I will pass your thoughts on to NFL and PL



    Email is: affyegoyaclown@boynemail.com









    Nice one, will pull it up. 






    FAIRHILL BHOY on 13TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:05 PM



    Hope you are doing well as you can be. 






    Ps Night night Cummings.

  12. Don’t post often but read every post, so here goes ! Scotland qualifying last night has in my opinion handed Sevco the title for season 2021/22. They will only supply Jack while our 7 will suffer the inevitable consequences of burn out. I hope just this once we exit Europe swiftly and Sevco get to the semi final ( any advantage and by God we’ll need it ) as the ten is EVERYTHING to me. Get the Scottish cup 4 in a row and 4 trebles in a row and the ten & I can die happy ! The Scotland fanatics among the Celtic support I’m happy for but the thought of rewards for the bent SFA cabal makes me feel as sick as a ferry trip in a storm in 1977 and trying to catch buckets of vomit in a Dandy comic ! As always to sign off , to any lurkin Huns or SMSM Sevco are as of today 8 years & 107 days old. Slainte !

  13. Jobo – I’m still delighted about our result last night and the part played by our present and former bhoys.



    I lived through Jinky being booed and Greig instead of Murdoch – but I was also part of the wave that made us teachers, doctors, lawyers etc – the way forward is to keep riding that wave.



    The past is full of injustice- if you keep looking back you’ll fall down a hole.



    Forsa Scotland and Ireland – or why don’t we use a clever name which puts them both together



    Forsa – CELTIC

  14. Highland Paddy



    Celtic FC have 26 matches still to play in the SPL.


    Gives us an update sometime in May 2021


    And dont pay the Ferryman….


    Not until you finally arrive

  15. Good evening all,



    I don’t really contribute too much to the on-line discussions these days. However I was passing Celtic Park tonight and with all the understandable restrictions I thought “how’s about a wee pic to remind us of all those magical meanders of dark evenings and the looming Celtic way”.



    Sadly I didn’t have my all-singing/dancing camera with me, so the lighting limited me in what I could capture. With no real control over the ISO/shutter/aperture stuff, I couldn’t get a balance between light and background detail.



    I’ll get better ones over the next few nights.



    Anyway, it was odd standing there, the paving lit under the decorative lighting and ‘silence!” Just me….and my breathing….and a star that I’ve always thought would have done Bethlehem proud🤭






    Hail Hail




  16. Scotland result…meh…lost me forever with the appointment of McLeish…



    As to the impact on our club with the insistence on playing internationals during a major world novel virus pandemic…we should point blank refuse…because no guarantee by the FTSFA will stop our players from catching it from the opposition…if it leads to court…so be it

  17. Celtic by number is my go to site for data analysis



    interesting experience last week.


    last weel jucojame claimed on twatter Neil Lennon was a coward for leaving Scott Brown to do pressers after sparta



    i told him he was wrong.i heard NL and SB give seperate interview.i was shining a light on his undoubted lie.



    he had a lot of support,due to prev nights results/poor play. juco attempted to change the debate to that.


    i advised him not to fart lies and stick to baseball.


    i am now blocked which saves me reading his shite.each to their own.he fair surfs the meeja/hun narrative aganst us



    blocked for pointing out his lie.


    he’s a touchy wee baseball geezer.




  18. Matt Stewart…you underestimated yerself….that’s now my Festive Season screensaver 👍 Sorry to hear you’re now back out street walking 😂




  19. While I still have have Friday on my Mind (cc George Young et al)


    Scotland qualified for the Euros, with input from present and former Celts


    Teenage Fan Club, arguably Scotlands greatest ever band, are releasing a new album


    AC/DC a product of the long winter of 1963 are also releasing a new album, Power Up


    Dominic Cummings is rendered into the dustbin of History


    Celtic FC are one game away from a Quadruple Treble


    Joe Biden will still become the next President of the USA

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Just caught up with the story of the Croatian guy playing against Turkey while positive for Covid-19.



    Will Barasic be forced to isolate or, in Scottish football, does that only apply to Celtic players (who tested negative) …….. on Scotland duty?

  21. Delighted to have Ryan Christie and Calmac at our club, both excellent players.


    I don’t understand anyone questioning Christie’s passion when in a Celtic jersey.


    It would be interesting to know his stats regards how much running and sprinting he does in a match for the hoops, guy never stops and doesn’t leave anything on the pitch.



    Personally I’m just grateful to have players like Christie and Calmac at our club. Great professional’s, brilliant example for the younger bhoys coming through and most importantly they both contribute massively to our team when at their peak ( which is pretty often ).



    Ps Loved seeing Ryan show his passion/emotions post Scotland match, heartfelt stuff. I think most people even loosely connected with Scottish football would’ve been boosted by the win against the Serbs. Great to hear him acknowledge ordinary folk in Scotland straight after a monumental result, said a lot about Ryan.




  22. ST TAMS on 13TH NOVEMBER 2020 9:48 PM






    Don’t get the Scotland love in either. Everyone to their own



    imaginary….back in day ….if fred c dobbs was the best player in his Celtic team and and St Tams played alongside him in his favoured side



    i speak to jock and to say i am going to pick you?



    Do you?


    accept the call and play for Scotland?



    just for fun






    and ps i/we/you/us know they are as goatfriendly then as today?😂




  23. CELTIC MAC on 13TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:57 PM



    Teenage Fanclub….



    Many years ago, perhaps around 78/79 I believe I saw them do a gig one night in one of the band boozers in Glasgow City Centre.


    I was playing guitar in a wee quartet that did the Barns Club in Shettleston on Thursday nights, Fridays in the Torranyard in Ayrshire, Billy McNeill’s old place & then Saturday nights wherever we could.


    Word got back to us that a great band from Wishaw or Bellshill somewhere were going to playing this Wednesday night. Our band met up to watch them. We ended up sitting in the very front row squeezed in behind tables that’d been moved. We looked like cult train spotters watching everything they did. Members of other bands were there too to watch them – they took the piss out of us mercilessly.


    I don’t even think that we knew what they were called – just that they were THE band even for other bands to watch.



    I can only remember two songs from their set, Steely Dan’s “Don’t Take Me Alive” – one of my favourite’s from The Royal Scam & Billy Joel’s Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song). The drummer sang the Billy Joel tune & was great. The guitarist in the Steely Dan tune played through one of those big Roland 2x12s with the chorus effect. It was such a great version & the only live version I’ve ever heard.


    I didn’t stay till the death – reluctantly, as I was still working on the black taxis in Glasgow & was knackered after a full day shift.



    Now, these guys might not have been the band that became Teenage Fanclub…but I like to think they were. They were that good. I never, ever saw them again.



    Here’s an oddity. Someone’s taken the studio recording of Don’t Take Me Alive & matched it to several live versions. It kind of works. Larry Carlton’s guitar is just awesome – can’t believe this recorded 35 years ago.



  24. Celtic Mac 13 Nov 11.32pm ) Aye still very hopeful for 10 in a row, nervous but hopeful. The Huns may control the SFA / SPFL, and the state, but they can’t control fate & their luck has to take a turn for the worst soon & ours has to improve surely ! And don’t pay the ferryman, guid old Chris de Burg… “Here is your Paradise “ — Here is your book of life, where you & I will be forever more. Celtic FC, The Celtic Way, Parkhead, Glasgow !

  25. The hand of God on

    St.Tams….you dont know me so dont question my Celtic supporting credentials…I compared celebrating a 22 year wait to a late goal against St.Johnstone an event which can happen 4 or 5 times a season …I find it strange that you cant understand the difference .Also maybe I’m wrong but you seem to be questioning Ryan Christie’s commitment to our club…strange for a Celtic supporter?

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