Celtic apply pressure and Newco fumble


That pass from Tom Rogic, that’s the reason he is there.  Yes, I know he does not get up and down the field as much as most other central mids, I hear you, we need to consider him an impact player, but not for the first time in his Celtic career, he made all the difference to the outcome of the game.

Jota’s first touch at the opening goal was worthy of the ball from Rogic.  It would not have escpated your notice that it was a Kyogo tackle inside his own half that won the ball back for this move.  No, I don’t remember Eddie doing this either.  With players of this calibre, we will score a lot of goals and win a lot of games.  The sublime shot from David Turnbull underscores what he is capable of.  Don’t even waste time talking about the double handball inside the box: a foul to Celtic, or play on.

Six points adrift at kick off, winning a lot of games would not necessarily be enough.  We need Newco to struggle for form and points.  Fortunately, Newco look like an aging boxer slogging it out in one fight too many.

After the late winner at Pitodrie two weeks ago, I wrote, “When Jota got on the end of that cross, the season pivoted.”  We were seven minutes from going eight points behind before that huge goal.  What Celtic did not do last season was put pressure on Newco at any point in the season.  Now, with more players coming back every week and fitness improving, pressure is being applied and the gap is down to four points.  Momentum is with Celtic, we all know it’s true!

Anyway, that pass from Rogic……….. can you imagine being able to play like that?

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  1. The brain versus brawn challenge



    Only one change in the top six places in the scottish league since last month. Aberdeen’s spectacular fall allows Motherwell to retain 6th place. The other side of the new firm jumped up to third, just ahead of Celtic and puts the 1-1 draw at Parkhead into some perspective. Seventh-placed St Mirren have strung a few results together and next face the team from Paisley Road West on a Sunday at 1 pm after a hearty breakfast.

  2. Paul67 et al



    Not sure if supporting the death penalty is a pre-requisite for being elected an MP in Southend but It certainly did not hurt Teddy Taylor, also of the Hang Em High Party, who served down there for over thirty years. Didn’t stop Teddy being elected in Glasgow either, first as a young Councillor in the 1960s and later as an MP, for Glasgow Cathcart. Funnily enough, one of the few, maybe only Tory to lose his seat in the 1979 election, called as a result of the first time Turkeys had been known to vote for Christmas. The second being when the good folk of Southend elected Teddy as MP in 1980.

  3. Tom McLaughlin on




    You are spot on. David Amess voted for the death penalty in 1983. When he stood for parliament he stood on a death penalty platform. What is more, after he was elected he stated publicly that he would be more than happy to pull the switch himself.




    ‘ David Turnbull will probably be player of the year. Absolute quality.’



    I had high hopes for DT but, of late, I am less sure.


    I know it is very unlikely for a Professional footballer at Scotland`s biggest club not to care but .recently, I have felt that DT looked as though he would rather be playing somewhere else and at a higher level.





    On current form, Calmac for me.

  5. Tom McLaughlin on




    Nicola Sturgeon released a statement on Friday afternoon condemning the murder of David Amess.

  6. glendalystonsils on



    You are so right about big Tam . A lightning quick football brain can more than make up for a lack of physical pace . Especially when it is allied to pure skill .


    To see that forest of M’well bodies in front of him at pitch level and to be able to thread the pass to Jota , perfect in it’s line and pace is pretty rare in our league .

  7. squire danaher on




    I don’t think we’ll hear from WT for a while.



    Their only contribution was – as ever – to enthusiastically support a post he perceived as attacking the SNP.



    Gallagher declaring that he or she advocated independence will have been all too much for WT to get his brain cell around.

  8. The Bookies have Ferencvaros as a 9/2 chance tomorrow but this report:






    would suggest that William Hill has got it all wrong.



    It truly is a disgrace how much effort the BBC in Scotland puts in to try and underminine confidence amongst our support whilst doing just the opposite with Sevco.


    Unfortunately, when I read some of the posts on CQN, I feel the BBC are having success in their quest..

  9. squire danaher on

    SAINT STIVS on 18TH OCTOBER 2021 4:26 PM






    Many of the usual contributors appeared with some newer faces.



    I watched both episodes some weeks ago and enjoyed them. Surprisingly evenhanded from a BBC/British perspective.

  10. It’s less than a year since David Turnbull started nailing down a regular start. We originally signed him, then unsigned him as a result of his medical issue. Mentally, that would have been tough for the lad. Seeing a good wage being replaced by a brilliant wage, and then back to a good wage, and then hoping that the medical procedure would be a 100% success. As has been well documented, both Motherwell and Celtic handled the issue very well. As did Turnbull himself.



    The lad has talent, and he can most definitely strike a ball. Will good coaching and game time management, Turnbull should be able to add other qualities to his game. He is a far better player than Calmac was at the same age.

  11. Very early days yet but two crucial away wins to relieve some of the early pain and hopefully it’s a lot of gain and momentum from now on for A.P. and his newly assembled squad. Jota on the scoresheet once again with another great goal in an away fixture and young Turnbull with one of his long range curveball specials. By all accounts it was an excellent show by the Hoops with Rog coming in for special mention.



    Let’s hope Celtic do the buisness in Europe tomorrow afternoon and avenge the humiliation we suffered against the Hungarians last time out at Celtic Park. Note that Bayer Lev shipped five goals against Bayern at the weekend. Not really surprised, Celtic could have had three goals against them but for the brilliance of their ‘keeper.

  12. It’s funny isn’t it……….



    Given the results at the weekend………..


    Had the huns been reffed fairly in the Hibs game and Hibs had taken something from the game…


    how good would the League be looking now?



    Thems the margins.






    CallTheHunsOot CSC

  13. JIMDOM



    DT has to get his energy levels up and add a bit of steel to his game.Don’t know if you can add the steel but energy hopefully.



    DT could not play at a higher level just now.

  14. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    James McCarthy was supposed to beef up our midfield, hope to goodness we haven’t bought another dumplin,


    but based on what we haven’t seen so far it’s a definite maybe.

  15. Of course the defeat of Motherwell was pleasing and seemingly achieved with the minimum of fuss. The goals were top-notch and there were some good performances. However the wave of optimism and extrapolation is, I find, over the top. I will wait till the start of January before making any judgement on what we are likely to do, or, no to do, this season.



    These stats are worth noting:



    FIRST NINE ROUNDS IN 2020 ( Celtic stopped from playing two matches) & 2021





    CELTIC – P7 W 6 L0 D1 F18 A5 19 Points


    TRIFC – P9 W 7 L0 D2 F22 A3 23 Points





    CELTIC – P9 W5 L3 D1 F21 A6 16 Points


    TRIFC – P9 W6 L1 D2 F15 A7 20 Points



    *Like last year we are four points behind at this stage, however last year we had two games in hand.


    *We have scored three goals more this year but with two added games played.


    * We have conceded one more goal with two added games played.



    You need to be a super opTIMistic to make any predictions at this stage. To date the Ibrox lot are scoring less and conceding more, but we have lost a third of our games.



    From a better position this time last year we went on to lose the title by 25pts – so let’s be realistic.

  16. Let’s hope Ange plays smart football tactics against the Hungarians tomorrow and mixes his game up a bit and not slavishly adheres to playing out from the back.

  17. covid passport downloaded, the app was easy-ish to follow, i guess thats me being tracked now by the government departments,

  18. Mon warned u 👉{slow lane} and u did 0.... on

    Will we ever again have a ‘non’ puppet manager like MON was?


    A manager who’d say _


    “I’m not a doctor, neither are you, so if you don’t mind, football questions only.”




    Or maybe more bold Irishness like that of St Mirren’s manager, Jim Goodwin, the only SPFL manager to speak out about such imposition on supporters, who like everyone else are being told only one side of the story!!


    If the BBC Scotland are agitating for something, then you should by now know the history.


    If you don’t know, or choose to overlook that history, at your convenience, then you’d be as well wearing a BBC apron.

  19. I would like to see Turnbull put a bit of muscle on his shoulders, he is doing well, and is improving

  20. JHB………. don’t think anyone is getting carried away, we are all very measured in our hope and predictions for the team in the long months ahead. Nothing wrong with being buoyed by the recent results.



    Your stats are history and have no bearing whatsoever on the current season. It’s a new Celtic team under the guidance of a new manager and most importantly the crowds are back to support the team after the nightmare of last term.

  21. Poppy Debate.


    Yeah, it’s that time of year again.


    My humble opinion is pretty straight forward really.


    Celtic should wear the poppy and here’s why. Celtic is a Scottish club, ok founded by an Irishman, agreed , but that does not make Celtic an Irish club. To me, we have given another stick for “Them” with which to beat us.


    Secondly, do not forget that during both world wars, Celtic players gave their lives for their country. Do we not at least show them respect?


    Wear the Poppy with pride, we are Celtic and we are better than that surely.




  22. Tom McLaughlin on




    You hate to read positive comments about a good Celtic result and performance.



    A couple of weeks ago you slated myself and a handful of other posters for predicting a comfortable victory over Dundee United. You went on to compound that by claiming that I and others call posters huns if they disagree with our predictions. A blatant lie.



    I have yet to see a poster respond to another poster’s score prediction, let alone disagree with it.

  23. Aye if David Turnbull could bulk up a tad he could be unplayable, he nearly has is all IMO.


    I said at the time the pass from the wizard was unbelievable, you won’t see many better all season.




    I have to admit that I had never heard of yer man Sir David Amess till he was sadly killed at the weekend, but I have to ask my self why he wasn’t taken to hospital, especially when there are five hospitals within a five mile radius of the murder scene, he was according to the bastion of truth the BBC, stabbed at approx midday and was declared dead at the scene at three o’clock, not a conspiracy in any way, just wondering why this would happen, especially to a tory MP who had a title.

  24. Bada Bing


    re death penalty one mistake is one too many


    everyone has their opinion but reintroduction will never happen



  25. Will they check the name on your ST,against proof of Covid vaccination? Otherwise folk could show anyone’s vaccination certificate……

  26. Bb


    Seriously doubt it; just box checking, same as pubs , airports etc



    I have to fill in a locator to get back to Ireland but customs wave you away and Ryanair don’t check. Aer Lingus try to but if you say you have done it it’s fine. Locator will be gone soon



    Tomorrow will be flash a cert of any hue. These guys don’t care but got a pay rise from the Committee Clique a few years ago!

  27. “JHB on 18TH OCTOBER 2021 5:57 PM



    From a better position this time last year we went on to lose the title by 25pts – so let’s be realistic.”



    a) Do you believe that the current Celtic are a better or worse team than they were at this time last year?



    b) Do you believe that the current Sevco are a better or worse team than they were at this time last year?

  28. !!BADA BING!! on 18TH OCTOBER 2021 7:21 PM



    The vaccine checks won`t be infallible but their existence alone will help. If some people choose to behave badly ie using someone else`s data, then they are the ones deserving of criticism.

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