Celtic-Atletico programme as 40,000 hearts beat as one


Our  unofficial Celtic v Atletico Madrid match programme is now available.  We preview tomorrow’s match as well as the other game in our group between Rennes and Udinese, as well as a look back 37 years to that infamous game against Atletico in the European Cup semi-final.

European nights have always been special in my Celtic supporting time.  When I was a boy they would fill Celtic Park whereas it was predominantly empty on domestic duty.  The modern era brought great Uefa Cup and Champions league moments but for a while, even at the peak of our Champions League prowess, the stadium lost something to corporate interests.  I remember watching fans walk out of the stadium with 10 minutes on the clock when we were drawing 0-0 with Milan!

Tomorrow night will be more like the great days I remember, when every soul inside the ground was plugged into the nervous anticipation that pumps through all our veins.

Atletico Madrid occupies a similar place in our history to Rapid Vienna.  If you were around during the 70s and 80s, when these two clubs eliminated Celtic on their way to European finals, by violence and dishonesty respectively, games against these clubs will have an added dimension.  Two years ago we finished above a decent Rapid team in the Europa League group stage who had already dumped Martin O’Neill’s Aston Villa.  When Scott McDonald’s goal went in I raised my arms and inadvertently punched the safety ladder at the back of the North Stand, the cut knuckles and bruising lasted weeks.  It was a stupid incident but captures the, 40-odd-thousand-people-one-heartbeat, phenomenon that we get to experience too seldom in our lives.

I’m going to look out the hoops tonight, been ages since I’ve worn them.  Bring on Atletico, Falcao ‘n’ all.

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  1. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul67 –



    The scars are still healing from 1974.



    Poetic justice in the way Bayern Munich turned the final around though.



    I’m looking forward the game tomorrow. I don’t care if I get soaked again – as long as we win.

  2. coorslad is Neil Lennon on

    Swansea manager,Brendan Rodgers,at the Oval tonite to watch Cliftonville’s Rory Donnelly..Co.Antrim Sheild Final..

  3. TET – saw that earlier today. Sporting rivalry still running through their veins fifty years on. Cracking right cross from the big fella.

  4. Awe_Naw



    Useful link on last blog at 17:04.



    Having the odd problem when CQN is opened with IE8 – recovering the tab and having to click de-bug before it opens up.



    Will give your link a try and see if that cures it – thanks.

  5. Ally’s wee Charlie Chaplin tache starting to wobble there.



    Eurochamps on the pies tomorrow night!



    Forearm smash by Fleckedinho, it’s a friendly FFS.

  6. Paul and James Forrest


    Enjoyed the matvh programme, agree re lennie’s choice tomorrow, very interesting, does he want to maximise the momentum or play a euro tie – a devil of a choice.

  7. Is that a keecher that Fat Ally is sportin’ as well as the mo’?




    Perhaps a result of a bit of dressing room ‘tension’ post Killie?????


    Mibbees Numbnuts wasn’t the only one involved in a stramash?

  8. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo says:


    29 November, 2011 at 19:01


    praecepta says:


    29 November, 2011 at 18:59



    upgrade to IE 9 or is it not free ?



    Not sure but will give it a try – thanks.



    Problem only started when IE changed the layout style of their email message page.

  9. Blindlemonchitlin on

    It’s not a black eye. It’s the weight of the lustrous maly growth on his upper lip pulling his eyelids down and giving the impression of facial shadows. That or the gout.

  10. Didnt mon play a reserve aston villa against rapid such was the importance of the tie…….he got his priorities right……

  11. So, the Broony debate just grows and grows.


    Let us please look at it all from a different perspective please.How many of you out there would be concerned if the said Broony played against us? Not too many furrowed brows I’d imagine, so this brings me to my conclusion, since he arrived at Paradise what has his contribution been to the team exactly??. For me, not a hell of a lot. I’d be struggling just giving the guy a new contract without all the crap. He;s by no means special, he’s not a Lubo or a Henrik, nothing like it, so bottom line, get rid for as much as we can get in January. If we must extend his contract to up the ante, ok but for one year only.


    That’s where I stand.




  12. One more for Hamburg, it will pay for my strike day never mind the pies tomorrow.



    Mon the burgers!







  13. I don’t get to as many games as I would like to, but nothing would have kept me away tomorrow.


    Also got tockets in area 113, looking forward to seeing the Green Brigade close up, resting the voice for tomorrow.

  14. Good article Paul



    Hope we really stuff this mob tomorrow


    They robbed us something awful back in 1974 – not saying we would have beaten Bayern but we should have had the chance to play them


    UEFA were a disgrace for not throwing them out but then again when have they ever done the right thing?



    Sunday for me is far more important and would pick the team with the game against the Arabs uppermost in my mind



    Give the fringe guys and youngsters a go tomorrow – perhaps some game time for SB







  15. The news that RTC broke THREE DAYS AGO that Craig Whyte has never paid TAX or NI for any of his employees is for me the biggest news item concerning Scottish sport this year. Bigger than him actually buying Rangers. Bigger than Mc Bain and McIntyre arrestments. Bigger than the wee tax bill. Bigger than the sheriff officers knocking on the door. Bigger than their medals being seized by debt collectors.



    How is this news item being handled by the Scottish media ?



    If as expected .. has anyone managed to bring it up on a phone in ?



    If not why not ? Is this why Jim Traynor and his ilk are giving their opinion on John Boyles 10 year old initaive to introduce the sale of alcohol back into the Scottish game ?






    What could happen if you don’t pay HMRC



    HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is responsible for making sure that money is available to fund the UK’s public services and expects people to pay their tax in full and on time.


    If you are unable to pay your bill in full and on time you should contact HMRC as soon as possible. HMRC’s contact details will be clearly shown on the paperwork you receive.


    The most important thing is to contact HMRC straight away. The sooner you contact HMRC the sooner they can begin working with you to find a solution. HMRC may, in some circumstances, allow you additional time to pay.



    On this page:


    What happens if you ignore a payment demand


    Failure to pay a demand – England, Wales and Northern Ireland


    Failure to pay a demand – Scotland


    Insolvency proceedings in the UK


    More useful links


    What happens if you ignore a payment demand


    Ignoring a demand does not make the debt go away. If you don’t respond you may be charged additional interest, penalties and surcharges. Your debt may be referred to a private debt collection agency and during 2011-12 HMRC will be using the following agencies to pursue some debts on their behalf:


    Advantis Credit Ltd


    Apex Credit Management Ltd


    Close Credit Management Ltd


    Commercial Collection Services Ltd


    Commercial Credit Services Group


    Credit Solutions Ltd


    Direct Legal and Collections


    Fairfax Solicitors Ltd


    Fredrickson International Ltd


    iQor Recovery Services Ltd


    Rossendales Ltd


    HMRC may take legal action to recover the debt and costs.


    If HMRC believe you or your business are insolvent they may start bankruptcy action or winding up proceedings.


    The longer you delay contacting HMRC the less likely HMRC is to allow you any extra time and the more serious the consequences are likely to be.



    Failure to pay a demand – Scotland


    Collecting debts through your PAYE tax code


    If you are in Pay As You Earn (PAYE) employment or receive a UK-based pension HMRC can reduce your tax code to collect your debt, if you owe £2999.99 or less.


    HMRC will send you a letter telling you that they intend to try to recover the money owed in this way from the 6 April of the following year. You will be sent a PAYE Coding Notice between January and March immediately before the start of the tax year on 6 April to say that your tax code includes the collection of the outstanding debt.


    Sheriff’s court


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    You will have 14 calendar days in which to pay your debt from the date of the warrant. If you still don’t pay the debt HMRC will:



    1. take the money directly from your pay or bank account


    2. take and sell certain goods (within your business premises or kept externally on your property)


    3. make you bankrupt



    Find out more about sheriff court proceedings in the factsheet Form






    Insolvency proceedings in the UK


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    Any sole traders or individuals in a partnership who fail to meet all requests to settle their debt can be petitioned for bankruptcy by HMRC.


    If the court makes a bankruptcy order, it may mean that:


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    the court appoints someone to investigate your financial affairs


    your goods and/or assets are sold to pay the debt (plus costs)


    you may be unable to obtain credit over a certain amount


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    Winding up your company


    HMRC may petition the court for the winding up of incorporated companies and partnerships that fail to pay their debts.


    If the court makes a winding up order, it may mean that:


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    2n Attempt



    Hail Hail

  16. Awe naw



    RTC later said that the huns had paid PAYE and NI but was doing so a couple of months in arearrs.



    He said bill was £865,000 a month and his data suggested they were nearly 2 mill behind BUT re-emphasised


    that Whyte had paid these contributions just paying as late as to not trigger some kind of action.

  17. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo says:


    29 November, 2011 at 19:27


    “How is this news item being handled by the Scottish media ?”



    Delete Ragers …. insert Hearts.


    Delete Whyte ….. insert Romanov.


    Our hacks would be all over it.



    I like the sound of that ………………. delete Ragers.

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