Celtic charge on, gap narrows and now new CQN Magazine is out!


The good news keeps coming today.  A solid 0-2   win away to Inverness, the gap at the top of the league narrowing by two points, and issue 4 of CQN Magazine is now out!  Out cover feature in this issue is an interview with Lisbon Lion, Willie Wallace.  Willie lives in Australia but keeps in touch with events at Celtic through the internet.

Bobby Petta also speaks to us, recounting some of the great times he experienced as a Celtic player, as well as providing an introspective on the disappointing John Barnes season.

We cover some recent topical subjects, including policing of Scottish football, the perennial poppy and the financial crisis that has engulfed our game.  Checkout the speech from 1941 by President Roosevelt on four essential human freedoms.  At 60 pages it’s our biggest issue yet and stuffed full of great articles.  Get stuck in…

Read CQN Magazine for free online here. Subscriptions to the online copy are discretionary but you can contribute here. Old School-hard copies will be available from Magcloud shortly.

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  1. Coupon doon again but so are the points we are behind.Well done the hoops.More good work with the mag Paul.HH

  2. Thomthethim,



    New issue of CQN magazine out. It’s four the best.






    Like me, you don’t buy into the unusual notion that Jabba is a closet Tim as someone (jestfully?) suggested. If he is, then it’s one of the most impressive undercover assignments in recorded history that Odysseus (or Ulysses as you might prefer) would have been envious of. And the disguise is certainly comparable in size to one gigantic Trojan horse :)

  3. Mike McCurry on shortbread now…WTF


    The reverend on a mission to advance his road to Demascus


    conversion to ‘TV technology’.


    What may have influenced this strange turnaround?


    Perhaps..the fact that an exhun was today made furious


    His team were redcarded against Celtic.


    You couldn’t dream it up…!!


    On another note…jabba says shortbread still


    Don’t have access to Sally….WTF.


    It’s truely Unbelievable.



  4. The Battered Bunnet on

    Looking quite likely that the top 6 (assuming Rangers are still in business at the split) will be:



    Rangers, Celtic, Motherwell, St Johhnstone, St Mirren and Kilmarnock.



    That’s a lot of vested interest in the bottom 6.



    BTW St Johnstone have taken 4 points out of 6 from 2 visits to Glasgow.



    That’s respectable. Very respectable.




  5. Great results today, although I thought our performance was poor until we scored. No matter, winning when we don’t play well is what will make us champions. And I had a premonition – we’re going to win 6-0 on Wednesday. Must be worth a fiver….. :-)

  6. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!! Tick Tock !! on

    Don’t underestimate the value of wearing the hoops at away games…….let’s see more of this, Neil, please

  7. Rogueleader



    Read your article first there. Thought-provoking one. I’ve never been sure if I’m one of the ones with the Cognitive Dissonance affliction, but if I am, in this case, the remedy would be a £10M spend on players next summer.

  8. RoscoePCo,



    Maybe that initial “poor performance” was down to the pitch. Ever tried to pass on Tundra ?

  9. earlier on today, at half time , I was looking for a “Killie type” second half. That day I left the telly to run my bhoy to work , came back in and we had scored 3 goals!! Today I repeated the routine, and we only scored two goals, FFS Celtic get a grip , I now expect a minimum of three goals.

  10. Just back from Inverness and, apparently, we were gifted some favourable decisions and some huns are hurting.



    I find it hard to stop laughing long enough to offer any sympathy.



    Great as today was. Nothing much has changed. Rangers great unbeaten run continues and we are still under severe pressure to win in every match, We have 2 home games to win to put Rangers under pressure in Kilmarnock with only a 4 point lead albeit they’ll have that one game in hand.



    Rangers need to slip one more time, hopefully a defeat, before we do

  11. Myboysnowatim @1837 – no, thought we lacked urgency and Hooper and Forrest were pretty anonymous, so we lacked any attacking threat IMO

  12. Fortunes


    As John Wayne once said:


    ‘ Yup Pilgrim..but you’re gonna need to strap some iron to get even


    with Liberty Valance’


    Jabba and his shortbread mouthy outlaws need a big Timmy posse on


    their shabby tails to run them outta town to boot hill and beyond.


    (That’s enough cowboy talk..Ed.)


    It’s all very sinister.



  13. SFTB,



    Did you travel by train? Think that would be my preferred mode of transport now if I went to away games. It might be possible to rely on the protection of the British Transport Police from their colleagues in the local constabularies.

  14. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!! Tick Tock !! on

    If we had fully backed WGS, rankers would now be out of business….the LL won that one, unfortunately…..

  15. wee Stokesy is on fire, he certainly has an instinct for goal, Hooper and Forrest were also excellent.. so was Dan (more or less)

  16. Rancho,



    Sinister is indeed the word. Odious stuff. Always wanted to join a posse mind you. There were a few in Possil when I was young, but was too much of a fearty to conribute anything worthwhile to their achievements :) But a posse to drive out Jabba would bring out the man in me :)

  17. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!! Tick Tock !! on

    Anyone know why the Tax case was delayed……is it to give whyte some time to sell all the assets?

  18. SFTB



    We are now 4 points worse off than the TFOD against the rest.



    We have let 10 points against the 10.


    They have now lost 6.



    We need to do the business against DuFC and keep plugging away.



    Regarding our head to head against TFOD we are under some pressure.


    However losing in Govan is not the end of the world.


    Pressure on us though to reciprocate in Dec.



    The league after 22 games will tell us everything.


    Hopefully we will be in touch and PL has spent some money.

  19. we are going to win this league.. we need to take points from der skinto, they are scared now and we will pump em at least once this season.. and we will

  20. RoscoePCo,



    Dwell on this mate – 2 points gained today, despite the meeja regaling last years Inversnekie slip up to all and sundry.



    There’s a hell of a lot of players coming back to bolster our squad yet. I don’t know, lets say ‘like 8 to 10 new signings’. Hun speak BTW.

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