Celtic continue cornering French youth team


Celtic look set to continue their cornering of the French youth international team by capturing Olivier Ntcham (21) this week. He would be the most recent signing in a productive relationship with Manchester City which has seen Patrick Roberts, Dedryck Boyata and Jason Denayer all make the journey to from Manchester to Glasgow.

Olivier joined City as a 16-year-old and has been on loan at Genoa for the last two years. The player will doubtlessly be impressed by the progress of Roberts and international teammate, Moussa Dembele, at Celtic Park.

Ntcham is an attacking central midfield player who will compete with Tom Rogic and Stuart Armstrong for a place in the team. At 21, he has played a lot less football than either of them, but with 30-odd games in Serie A under his belt whose progress has been meticulously planned by City since 16, we should be getting someone first-team ready.

A year ago, we were told our signings were a reaction to the arrival in town of Joey Barton. I wonder who has us worried this year? Or maybe we just plan our business well, pay our bills, tax and NI, then spend whatever is left over. Like we have done for 20 years.

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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Dessybhoy- Sky reducing cost of sport packages i read last week, Kodi must be hitting them hard

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    So they will say they are a new club, in order to retain the Tainted Titles? That sounds like a ‘deal’ Blackadder would con Baldrick with…

  3. Dessybhoy………….I don’t watch soaps or cop shows but love my sport and have all the sports channels but I see a crowd called Premier sports are covering the game against Linfield on Friday. Yet another sport channel which I do not have. Who the effing hell are they?

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Cheers. Hope that doesn’t mean Stuart is for the off, but at least we are covered if he goes.




    Yeah – be interesting to see how it shapes up. A lot of games – maybe a bit of rotation.




    “play with no goalie knowing for every five the opposition score we’ll score ten”




    Are you Pep Guardiola? :-)

  5. Bade Being………..thanks for info………….is there any limit to these outfits.

  6. SHILTRUM on 10TH JULY 2017 2:22 PM


    I wonder if wee Barry will have ….



    Do you mean Fergushun ?. If so, hasnt had the Hotel (if its the same one in CV) since the bank grabbed it back.

  7. Hankray


    A pay per view outfit i think




    They are splitting sport into 10 channels with a channel for the EPL as I said,golf F1 cricket all individualised as well,need to wait and see the effect on prices sneaky increases of 1 or 2 pounds people might not bother cancelling and they get more dough, they might have problems selling netball to the masses though

  8. Never heard of Kyle Jameson, mind you he’s probably never heard of me! An eighteen year old centre back from Chelski yoof.

  9. clogher celt on

    Guardian article on 5th of July 2017,



    Never thought I would read things like ‘…landmark victory in a tax avoidance case against the former incarnation of Rangers football club.’



    ‘… Rangers when the club went bust over an unrelated tax debt in 2012.’



    ‘…This is because the case was brought against RFC2012, the RUMP ENTITY left over from 2012, when Rangers went bust amid a separate tax dispute that saw its assets transferred to a new entity.’



    Rob Davies.



    So the mighty Rangers of 1872 are reduced to a Rump Entity with all kinds of unsavoury characters trying to transfer Dis-Honours from the deceased Rump Entity.







    The guilty at Ibrox, the SFA/SPFL and elsewhere are no doubt ‘banking’ on this going away ;)







  10. For his luxuriant Varga-esque pompadour alone……..



    Teazy- Weazy Armstrong must stay………



    Raymond Bessone CSC

  11. The fact that we have the Lyon game the day after the Linfield game gives a good opportunity to the fringe players to show what they can do on Saturday. I’d be particularly interested to see Ajer play.

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Dessybhoy- the article i read , said huge numbers giving sport up, a big drop in new customers, as you say, they trying to sell individual sports channels now HH

  13. I know a good few decent guys who were Rangers supporters and are now Sevco supporters. Everyone of them are in denial that the shite they are in is any thing to do with the teams mentioned. Then again it is the same team according to them. The fault lies with likes of Murray (although it took them awhile to include him) Whyte, Green and so on. Although The Lying King was in the middle of it, he somehow get hero status. I try to argue these men were on the Teams Board so were representing the team. No, no, no, denial, denial, we are the people. Fecking Silly Billys

  14. Good morning from a cloudy, humid Las Vegas. It’s a bit cooler today at a mild 41C…There is some awe inspiring pyro to be witnessed by Mother Nature out on the vast valley floors, an ancient sea bed.



    Just managed here to pick masel aff the flair after the “Debacle of Progres” and Hector proving that he is head honcho after all . I’m sure I’ve had many a tourist nervous at my sudden outbursts of manical mirth the past week.



    The huns are an irrelevance, a smear on the sole of Scottish footballs tackety boots. Let them ravel out as they continue to amass a momentum of dodgy handshake ineptitude. They are cheats- they know it, and now so does the world. It’s going to eat them away, from the inside out.

  15. Just had a whisper from a mate whose da’s best pal has a wee newspaper shop in..






    ……a certain Mr P Roberts Esq ( late, of this parish) has just re-activated his daily home-delivery order……


    ……..4 well-fired rolls, 2 pints (soya) Milk, copy of the Express, copy of Shoot, copy of Heat Magazine…….



    PaperBhoy CSC

  16. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    THE EXILED TIM on 10th July 2017 3:37 pm









    I see the rumour about Paddy and the kennels is taking wings :-)




    I thought he might get dog’s abuse for that one :-)

  17. Mountblow Tim-



    I see they let you in the country again.



    Enjoy your time in Flaaaaridaaaa, and your laughing at the cheats!




  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    TET- I’ts actually true……we live in hope.We need a talisman , a No7 or a No 10, the team ethic is outstanding, but i would love a hero for the younger fans to look up to.

  19. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    Clogher celt



    The rob Davis piece


    In it he says the club hid the side letters from Hmrc and the football authorities .



    I wonder what the English F A would say if they were asked if one of their member clubs were caught doing this ,what they would do.


    Do you think a journo would ever ask such a question and do you think they would answer it

  20. I think we are going to miss boyata badly . I don’t feel so confident with Eric playing , he Doesn,t seem to be the same player he was when he came to us .