Celtic did not deserve a fifth successive Scottish Cup


The Newco team who knocked us out of the Scottish Cup yesterday were barely competitive, which shows just how straightforward Celtic are to beat.  Ryan Kent sold Scott Brown then Stephen Welsh to create the chance that led to the opening goal.  The defensive disorganisation at the second goal was a collective failure on the part of Diego Laxalt, Kristoffer Ajer and Jonjoe Kenny, although the latter was least culpable.  For a critical period in the middle of the first half, we were not compact enough to halt Newco on their occasional forward runs, which cost us the game.

John Kennedy’s big call was giving Laxalt the left back role.  It was a mistake, rectified at halftime by the arrival of Greg Taylor, who made a goal-saving tackle.  Greg is not going to threaten the two incumbent Scotland left backs, but he gives all he has for the jersey.  Diego is one of many who will take their last stagecoach out of town next month.

Our 0-2 defeat at Celtic Park earlier this season, when we failed to register an attempt on target, was definitely the most inept performance of the decade.  By contrast, we created enough high value chances to win two games yesterday.  The Welsh and Ajer double chance, the Elyounoussi and Edouard double chance, the Elyounoussi chance when Edouard put him clean through and the penalty.  These and more were all passed up.  Did any of us celebrate the penalty award with expectation of a goal?  Not in my house.  The lack of confidence was palpable.

Chris Sutton reckons Odsonne Edouard looks “almost like he’s not interested” – and having watched Chris walk around the field after Celtic lost possession in his last two seasons in Glasgow, I’m prepared to believe he knows when a player is not interested.

Odsonne has been wanted by Leicester for a year, his languid appearance perhaps a final sting in the tail of February 2019.  He could be in for a shock.  Since the Leaving of Liverpool, Brendan Rodgers has coveted the now-available Tottenham job above all others.  There may well be a new sheriff in town at the King Power when the transfer window opens.

Compare and contrast the sheer effort from Leigh Griffiths.  Give me a man with something to prove every day of the week.  Leigh won the penalty because he was playing on his toes.  His chest and volley effort was a low percentage chance but the agility he showed is a lesson to the rest of the squad.

More on the consequences of England’s managerial merry-go-round on Celtic later in the week, and we will pick up on the breakaway European Super League proposal.  Today is only about a fifth successive Scottish Cup win evading Celtic; we just did not deserve it.

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  1. !!BADA BING!! on 19TH APRIL 2021 6:23 PM


    Vardy looked fit enough yesterday



    he had a fine game yesterday, has done often this season, that partnership works very well,

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    GENE on 19TH APRIL 2021 5:41 PM



    I’ll reveal the truth, I’m one of those eejets who left the hall early because I didn’t realise there was a fourth page 😵😱😂😂

  3. see when somebody says “i think” is it not generally accepted that it is an estimate or could be a tad out ?

  4. so like I was saying, if Brendan stays at LC “i THINK” there is a high probability that he will come in for Eddie. (O not H).

  5. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Keane is not the answer


    Ask yourself a simple question – would you like to work for him



    No me neither




  6. Klopp out.


    Gerrard In


    Rodgers to Spurs


    Howe to Leicester


    Lennon to Ireland


    Maloney to Celtic

  7. To be in this new European league you only need to have won your league 60 years ago, your major cup 30 years ago and your minor trophy 13 years ago.


    I give you Tottenham Hotspur – one of Europe’s elite.


    It’s all about the money

  8. Kennedy put out a team that dominated rangers – on another day we would have scored 4 or 5. We didn’t, but I think its unfair on Kennedy.



    The toxic undercurrent at celtic was born from decisions made early this season – keeping players who didn’t want to be there, poor man management from Lennon and woeful recruitment in key positions.



    Who is going to come to celtic unless there is a major name to play for – I’d certainly work with Roy Keane – are you effin serious with that question?? He has done not all and knows what winning is all about.



    Can he translate that to the players??? again, stupid of you to think he can’t. Without Keane, Fergie would be less successful for sure. The players responded to Keane as much as him.



    Sure, he’s had his Ego issues – but in my opinion he would be box office, attract quality until we got our organization in order.

  9. prestonpans bhoys on

    Well Reporting Scotland are having a piece on the ‘old firm’ sic going into the European Super League. Should be fun😂




    Thank you for the memories of those wonderful characters from yesteryear. Wonderful supporters who followed Celtic through thick and thin, faithful through and through. People who simply loved their team through the good times and bad times.



    Brought back many memories of following the team home and away, mostly in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Then following mostly the home games thereafter. Going up the long road to Aberdeen, I think about 4 or 5 hours drive away back then. Trips up to Dundee and Perth, through to Edinburgh, the occasional trip through to play Dumbarton in the league cup, through to Ayr and Kilmarnock in the league. Was always an adventure and as Tommy Burns said, “They’re there and they’re always there, and God bless every one of them”.



    Compare with today’s announcement about the new super league and how the fans were not consulted. Unfortunately today’s game has increasingly turned in to a money game and more and more the beautiful enjoyment of just following your team for the love of the game diminishes on a weekly basis.



    Hopefully the backlash to that will maybe see a turnaround, maybe a fans revolt and they try to follow the German route of 51% fan ownership.



    Time will tell.



    HH Dan

  11. Keane and Kennedy.



    No thanks, but if it had to be Keane then I would prefer Robbie.



    Robbie has a better coaching pedigree ( without failure ) and has his UEFA certs.




  12. Anyone watching Line of Duty last nights episode was another cracker, got me searching out the term “Cuckooing”







    What’s cuckooing?


    For those of you who don’t spend your time in the world of crime, this have been another surprising term to hear in Line of Duty.



    Cuckooing is when Persons of dubious character take over a vulnerable website address to use as a base for their activities. We saw this in season 1 and season 9, when P67 home PORTAL was used by the OCG.



    H and co knew the police would suspect poor old Paul , so they used his fridge to hide RC shooting boots and for other hiding any other they wanted to keep quiet from the police.



    It’s called cuckooing because cuckoo’s take over other birds’ nests for their young.






    MM might be a script writer.




    No ‘line of duty ‘ posts, i’m going to watch this series in one go :O(

  14. prestonpans bhoys on

    GENE on 19TH APRIL 2021 6:38 PM



    Having learnt my lesson, I repeated the trick for my geography higher the next year😱 what a complete rocket🗼🗼🗼

  15. Noted,



    I was going to reveal the 4th man know only as “H” and reeking havoc with bringing the establishment down is suspected to be,

  16. Learning from many on here who complain that Paul does not post what they want, and the Celtic bored, PLC, CEO , team manager , coaches dont do hat they tell them ………



    well see if Judith isnto on the weather tonight, I am gonny go aff ma nut.

  17. BB,


    with the big reveal and spoiled the plotline for me. -)))



    if i turnover now and it is that christopher bloke, kates brother , i am gonny go radge

  18. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Football is rotten to the core. Created by the poor, stolen by the rich is right.



    Our club is football in microcosm. Created for the dispossessed of the East End, now run on the whim of a reactionary Irish billionaire, with a CEO taking home £3M bonuses.



    Oh and whatever Ryan Christie earns is pure theft. Even if it’s only two Bob.

  19. prestonpans bhoys on

    !!BADA BING!! on 19TH APRIL 2021 6:54 PM



    Not a fan of that chocolate dress though😱

  20. just watched an interview with Keane on Sky , asking him about Pogba and Man united! he nails it! he knows Pogba doesn’t have the character needed to drag united through the big games , even after 4 years.



    He talks about the needs for talent but also of character and attitude to be winning week in week out!



    thats what Celtic need – no nonsense and straight talking. if weak millennial players can’t handle it ……tough, they have no place at Celtic . The jersey doesn’t shrink etc..



    Its way to big for Christie , Laxalt, Moi, Ajeti etc..

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Odsonne will be given away to free up a wage – FACT



    Odsonne will never command a big fee – FACT



    Odsonne will NEVER be signed by club X because they don’t need him – FACT



    Odsonne will NEVER be signed by club X because he isn’t good enough – FACT






    PS – King wouldn’t get away with what he did at Sevco at any other club in the country.




    Er …. FACT ?




    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    We’re Not Half of Anything

  22. Gary Neville once again excellent on sky there.re super league.



    Calling Glazers, scavengers

  23. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Wake up and smell the coffee guys, its either Keane and Kennedy or Dermot’s favourite pairing – Kennedy and Gavin Strachan – no contest.

  24. Why would Keane not be a success at Celtic?



    You would be guessing unless you are God almighty.

  25. CELTIC MAC on 19TH APRIL 2021 5:12 PM





    Did the Scottish Examination Board return your exam papers to you? No.


    Did your teacher? No.



    Your teacher told you got 100% in Arithmetic because he didn’t want to tell your actual result, and damage your self esteem.



    But at least you got a pass mark, so well done.



    Likewise with your Maths paper. Self esteem. Like you said you mixed up your Xs and Ys, get the basics wrong chances are you got a whole lot of other stuff wrong. Stands to reason.



    I’ll tell you one thing though, you did have a good teacher.





    Did make me laugh.



    Back in those days , actual scores were provided back to the school. For Arithmetic there were multiple choice questions so would be difficult for me to say the answer was A,B,C,D or E and although correct be absolutely sure I had put an X in the correct position.



    For Maths however, much easier. Write answer on exam paper (which we were allowed to take out). Compare with others. Any dispute, ask the teacher and get confirmation you were correct.



    Seems that Glasgow University also wanted to help my self esteem. Passsed every term exam with such good mark that I got exemption from end of year exams until the final Honours year. Also gave me a Carnegie scholarship to pay me to work at the University doing research during the summer.



    And then gave me a First Class Honours BSc.



    Self esteem gets you a long way.



    ‘Football is rotten to the core. Created by the poor, stolen by the rich is right.’







    Not sure that football as a sport was created by the poor. According to James Wavin the game as we know it is largely a product of the English Public Schools and was introduced to the industrial working class by clergymen who had played it at school.