Celtic did not deserve a fifth successive Scottish Cup


The Newco team who knocked us out of the Scottish Cup yesterday were barely competitive, which shows just how straightforward Celtic are to beat.  Ryan Kent sold Scott Brown then Stephen Welsh to create the chance that led to the opening goal.  The defensive disorganisation at the second goal was a collective failure on the part of Diego Laxalt, Kristoffer Ajer and Jonjoe Kenny, although the latter was least culpable.  For a critical period in the middle of the first half, we were not compact enough to halt Newco on their occasional forward runs, which cost us the game.

John Kennedy’s big call was giving Laxalt the left back role.  It was a mistake, rectified at halftime by the arrival of Greg Taylor, who made a goal-saving tackle.  Greg is not going to threaten the two incumbent Scotland left backs, but he gives all he has for the jersey.  Diego is one of many who will take their last stagecoach out of town next month.

Our 0-2 defeat at Celtic Park earlier this season, when we failed to register an attempt on target, was definitely the most inept performance of the decade.  By contrast, we created enough high value chances to win two games yesterday.  The Welsh and Ajer double chance, the Elyounoussi and Edouard double chance, the Elyounoussi chance when Edouard put him clean through and the penalty.  These and more were all passed up.  Did any of us celebrate the penalty award with expectation of a goal?  Not in my house.  The lack of confidence was palpable.

Chris Sutton reckons Odsonne Edouard looks “almost like he’s not interested” – and having watched Chris walk around the field after Celtic lost possession in his last two seasons in Glasgow, I’m prepared to believe he knows when a player is not interested.

Odsonne has been wanted by Leicester for a year, his languid appearance perhaps a final sting in the tail of February 2019.  He could be in for a shock.  Since the Leaving of Liverpool, Brendan Rodgers has coveted the now-available Tottenham job above all others.  There may well be a new sheriff in town at the King Power when the transfer window opens.

Compare and contrast the sheer effort from Leigh Griffiths.  Give me a man with something to prove every day of the week.  Leigh won the penalty because he was playing on his toes.  His chest and volley effort was a low percentage chance but the agility he showed is a lesson to the rest of the squad.

More on the consequences of England’s managerial merry-go-round on Celtic later in the week, and we will pick up on the breakaway European Super League proposal.  Today is only about a fifth successive Scottish Cup win evading Celtic; we just did not deserve it.

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  1. The more I see and hear about Gerrard (and from my time working in the North West I had a generally high regard for him) he is increasingly conducting himself like a classless lout. I hope he didn’t rudely stick his finger in Kennedy’s face after the game boasting that he had gotten previous Celtic managers the sack.



    I’d like to see him managing a club without Beale and (to a much lesser extent) McAllister, to see if he is more than just the figurehead I suspect he is.



    He is beginning to act like Goram, Bomber Broon, Novo with his behaviour and comments , and that is setting the bar very, very low indeed in terms of personal class and dignity.

  2. PeterLatchfordsBelly on




    I’m sure you’re correct in the facts. But it was adopted by the poor and without them wouldn’t have become the mass participation sport it is today. Football without the people is nothing.

  3. Not a lot of sympathy for thee Sky posters boys talking about the working mans game from their millionaires homes.Where were they when the champions league reformatted to allow clubs that wern’t…well champions..but instead based on the benefit of their geography.



    The end game is a worldwide franchise . They don’t need the turnstiles clicking, they don’t need the English fans .They need the Chinese and American audiences subscriptions with touring teams playing in stadiums all across the world.



    Would destroy the traditional pyramid and that indirectly would reek havoc in Scotland financially, but it is going to happen. Too many billions on the table for it not to

  4. supersutton



    Glad you took it in the manner intended.


    My exams preceded yours, so never ever knew how they were marked.


    Don’t think there was any grades at Ordinary level either. Pass/Fail I think.


    But you really did do well!


    I blame the schools!

  5. 2022 – 2012 = 150 apparently



    Scottish education system has gone down hill since I left

  6. Gene………..I was just trying to compose something similar….and ye pipped me to the post.



    Top marks Sir.




    ( I blame the Schools!)

  7. From Leeds boss Marcelo Biesla



    “This doesn’t surprise me. The most superior teams have managed their superiority through competition. When they no longer need them to win money they discard what they no longer need. This is a very common thing, not only in football. It shouldn’t surprise us.



    “The fundamental problem is the rich always aspire to be more rich without considering the consequences for the rest. As they gain more power they start demanding more privilege over the rest.



    “The most powerful are powerful because of what they bring but the rest are dispensable. What makes competition great is the possibility for one of those weak teams to develop, not the big teams playing each other. But the logic of the world at the moment and in football is not outside this – that the powerful become more rich as a consequence of the weak becoming more poor. If this was is what guides the world at the moment why is there such astonishment. This shouldn’t surprise us. It was something that was coming.”

  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    SS 9:05



    Good man didn’t know it was on, recording it, while watching the Liverpool game



    Exactly what I was about to post.Bloody spare me the crocodile tears from multi millionaire players,and Sky.Making me feel nauseous,this sanctimonious crap.Sky changed football forever,when they,quite brilliantly,for them,transformed the English 1st Div,into the EPL,self styled,greatest league in the world,pumped in gazillions,and marketed it across the gullible world.Gave clubs obscene amounts of money,to pay players obscene amounts of money,to the detriment of the rest of British football.Ourselves being on the wrong end of this bonanza.This crap,we are being fed,”Its not the English way””Its the fans I feel sorry for”.The only fans to feel sorry for,are the poor sods,who support teams who don’t have billionaire owners or backers,and turn out week after week,with very little chance of ever being successful,Leicester being the freak exception to the rule.The big 6 are feted by Sky.The English were quite willing to go along with the CL format,of 4 teams from the top populations getting CL places,to the detriment of smaller countries.


    Sport has been cash driven for a very long time,even Olympians become millionaires.Sky and the FA were only to keen to get their snouts in the trough,spare me the angst,that someone has beat them at their own game.

  10. Would anyone stop supporting Celtic if DD said tomorrow we were joining the Super League?


    Or joining the EPL?


    Logic the same. Growth, Money, Opportunity, realise potential of the club brand, open up new markets etc.


    Is another century of trading titles and trophies with the huns more appealing?

  11. Dont know if anyone has watched SEASPIRACY,on Netflix.If you have not,and have access,dont miss it.Horrendous documentary,on what we are doing to the Oceans.I know,does not sound much,but it is unmissable.My daughter,and a couple of mates,told me not to miss it.Dear God,what are we doing.?

  12. TURKEYBHOY – it is horrendous, just like cowspiracy before it. One thing to bear in mind, for what it is worth, as these documentaries are being driven by the Vegan lobby. Some of the stuff is exaggerated/dated/wrong when fact checked.



    Nevertheless, a lot of it is true and disturbing. Our ability to destroy planet earth knows no bounds.

  13. GENE – for that reason I would not be complaining if we won the golden ticket and got invited to the chocolate factory 🤪

  14. Celtic Mac.






    In this case, blame Holyrood. The school that is. Not the theatre of Scottish politics.

  15. Celtic Deserve to join a Super League more than Any other Club in the World IMO.



    Patience is a Virtue.



    It would be the most enticing offer ever for Celtic, wullnae happen anyway, but if it does, dinnae bite that apple.



    A lot Easier for Celtic to join them, given where we are, than Others with more to lose.




    Frankly Mr Shankly

  16. It is not the end of the world. Celtic have come off a nine-year winning streak. It was a ‘soft’ winning streak, let’s be honest about it. Nothing lasts forever – it had to end sometime.



    What matters is how the club responds and plans the future. As we see elsewhere, money is the now the name of the game. Like every other serious sporting club, we will be run by business men, not by some grouping harking back to Brother Walfrid.



    Those clubs who are the prime movers in the ESL venture are almost consumed by debt – they need the mega money that has been promised. Barca is fan-owned and still has the best part of €1billion debt.



    The influx of American, Middle Eastern & Russian money & business practices into the EPL in recent years has made this ESL venture almost inevitable.



    Our place in football’s pecking order has just been ratcheted down – sad to say.

  17. Talk about depressed just remembered got to go back to that midden again on 2nd of may will this season never end

  18. shaunamura on 19th April 2021 9:55 pm



    Talk about depressed just remembered got to go back to that midden again on 2nd of may will this season never end








    My Celts Will Fight for the win.



    Only Players wanting to be there.



    K E E P T H E F A I T H

  19. for those like me sickened by the cynicism and naked greed exposed by the proposed ESL, watch the history of Derry City on BBC2 at 9pm this evening.

  20. On the face of it, the proposed Super league seems to be designed to make the rich richer.


    In my experience,that philosophy is not usually attacked by the Media but is, in fact , promoted.


    If Boris Johnson,UEFA and SKY are all critical of it and the BBC sees fit to give it a negative top billing on its News Programme, then maybe there is more to it than meets the eye.


    I cannot see what that might be but I find it difficult to trust the aforementioned critics of the idea.

  21. The one blessing we have in this God awful season is that in times of adversity you either stay on the path or walk off it. God made the decision yours.


    Ave Ave

  22. THEBHOYFROMOZ on 19TH APRIL 2021 10:03 PM



    My post was not a response to yours! We just happened to post them at the same time.



    Goodnight all.

  23. Derry City documentary enticed me back to cwn after an almost sevco length self imposed boycott of the doom laden fan forum that it can be!



    Timing of it airing could not be any better- what football should be about. I like tge new stadia. I like that they are safer. But we have lost so much and mostly the community aspect of the game. Celtic still have some vestiges of that but if we were to join any kind of elitist unsporting competition where others are kept out in spite of merit, I’ll be watching the Derry City and Cliftonville type clubs.



    Just as Celtic Park is ours, built by us, built (literally in the case if the first stadium) by our forebears and sustained by us, so too Anfield, Old Trafford – they rightfully belong to the people, regardless of ‘ra deeds’



    The game is already messed up. This will kill the top flights. But it might have positive if unintended consequences. The rich have absolutely no idea what the rest of us think and feel anymore – how could they? They don’t know us, they don’t have to deal with us. Therefore they are alienating us while stealing our stuff and they don’t realise we can see them. And if we couldn’t see them before they have just put a big banner up saying ‘we don’t care’.



    A fundamental mistake.

  24. I can understand supporters being angry, but cut the crap about certain Celtic players stealing a wage etc.