Celtic did not deserve a fifth successive Scottish Cup


The Newco team who knocked us out of the Scottish Cup yesterday were barely competitive, which shows just how straightforward Celtic are to beat.  Ryan Kent sold Scott Brown then Stephen Welsh to create the chance that led to the opening goal.  The defensive disorganisation at the second goal was a collective failure on the part of Diego Laxalt, Kristoffer Ajer and Jonjoe Kenny, although the latter was least culpable.  For a critical period in the middle of the first half, we were not compact enough to halt Newco on their occasional forward runs, which cost us the game.

John Kennedy’s big call was giving Laxalt the left back role.  It was a mistake, rectified at halftime by the arrival of Greg Taylor, who made a goal-saving tackle.  Greg is not going to threaten the two incumbent Scotland left backs, but he gives all he has for the jersey.  Diego is one of many who will take their last stagecoach out of town next month.

Our 0-2 defeat at Celtic Park earlier this season, when we failed to register an attempt on target, was definitely the most inept performance of the decade.  By contrast, we created enough high value chances to win two games yesterday.  The Welsh and Ajer double chance, the Elyounoussi and Edouard double chance, the Elyounoussi chance when Edouard put him clean through and the penalty.  These and more were all passed up.  Did any of us celebrate the penalty award with expectation of a goal?  Not in my house.  The lack of confidence was palpable.

Chris Sutton reckons Odsonne Edouard looks “almost like he’s not interested” – and having watched Chris walk around the field after Celtic lost possession in his last two seasons in Glasgow, I’m prepared to believe he knows when a player is not interested.

Odsonne has been wanted by Leicester for a year, his languid appearance perhaps a final sting in the tail of February 2019.  He could be in for a shock.  Since the Leaving of Liverpool, Brendan Rodgers has coveted the now-available Tottenham job above all others.  There may well be a new sheriff in town at the King Power when the transfer window opens.

Compare and contrast the sheer effort from Leigh Griffiths.  Give me a man with something to prove every day of the week.  Leigh won the penalty because he was playing on his toes.  His chest and volley effort was a low percentage chance but the agility he showed is a lesson to the rest of the squad.

More on the consequences of England’s managerial merry-go-round on Celtic later in the week, and we will pick up on the breakaway European Super League proposal.  Today is only about a fifth successive Scottish Cup win evading Celtic; we just did not deserve it.

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  1. WISHAW TIM on 20TH APRIL 2021 5:55 AM




    My first paid job was in the Wishae market on a Saturday. I didn’t hear the flutes til after my lunch break at 10am.

  2. TURKEYBHOY on 19TH APRIL 2021 9:14 PM







    Exactly what I was about to post.Bloody spare me the crocodile tears from multi millionaire players,and Sky.Making me feel nauseous,this sanctimonious crap.Sky changed football forever,when they,quite brilliantly,for them,transformed the English 1st Div,into the EPL,self styled,greatest league in the world,pumped in gazillions,and marketed it across the gullible world.Gave clubs obscene amounts of money,to pay players obscene amounts of money,to the detriment of the rest of British football.Ourselves being on the wrong end of this bonanza.This crap,we are being fed,”Its not the English way””Its the fans I feel sorry for”.The only fans to feel sorry for,are the poor sods,who support teams who don’t have billionaire owners or backers,and turn out week after week,with very little chance of ever being successful,Leicester being the freak exception to the rule.The big 6 are feted by Sky.The English were quite willing to go along with the CL format,of 4 teams from the top populations getting CL places,to the detriment of smaller countries.





    Sport has been cash driven for a very long time,even Olympians become millionaires.Sky and the FA were only to keen to get their snouts in the trough,spare me the angst,that someone has beat them at their own game.






    Well said.


    I await Chelsea fans being outraged, DESPITE some of their fans BURNING Banknotes at games, in order to torment opposition fans after the Russian Guy had bought Chelsea, if those stories were indeed true ?


    Likewise the Huns and David Murray ( I’ll spend £10 for every £5 that Celtic put down)…how the Hun Hordes LOVED that comment.


    I also clearly remember some Hun fans Boasting and Bragging about the Huns Kit at the time being sponsored by ” Adidas”…while poor old Celtic were still wearing poor relations ” Umbro” outfits.


    The Huns LOVED to spout about ” How much Money they had to spend ESPECIALLY on high Transfer Fees and Players High Wages in comparsion to poor old Celtic…How ” Ironic” it will be IF/WHEN the Huns are left behind from any so called Super league, as THEY view themselves as the ” Worlds MOST Successful Club” !





    Yes its true to say that we Celtic Supporters have had the Bragging Rights about Money in recent years, but I think MOST of the Celtic support wanted much of that Cash spent on Development, Training Facilities , the Stadium etc…rather than High Transfer Fees and Players obscene High Wages ?


    Maybe I am wrong ?


    HH Mate.


    Stay safe and I hope the Covid problems get better asap.

  3. Next Monday ( April 26th) MIGHT be ” B-Day” for me ?


    No drink whatsoever since early October 2020, but sadly my Local Pub doesnt have a Beer Garden….So it may be a case of me getting a Taxi to and from a Pub with a Beer Garden ?



    I hope that I will remember how to swally many Pints ?





  4. The footballing world may well be in a state of flux through the coming weeks.



    At Celtic, we have a job to do. We must appoint the correct mgt team. We have a massive rebuilding job. We must do this promptly.



    The quest for 10, became something of an albatross around our neck.



    We must stay focused. I can only hope our board start each morning with the Serenity Prayer.

  5. myboysnowatim on

    Scottish football authorities and the media etc were nearly successful 9 years ago, confirming that football is really about money and not fans after all.



    But they were successful in not properly punishing cheats and currently allowing a new club to claim a dubious history go unchallenged.



    UEFA preaching about greed and the ESL? Total hypocracy.



    Football has sold its soul.

  6. JHB on 19th April 2021 9:42 pm



    It is not the end of the world. Celtic have come off a nine-year winning streak. It was a ‘soft’ winning streak,




    The mask always slips.



    Quadruple treble minimized in an instant.



    The wolf in sheep’s clothing – well not really as most have seen through it long time since.

  7. Good morning CQN



    Mike Stafford@faithfulpundit


    See, people get it when it comes to football. Ultimately, capital doesn’t care about tradition, heritage, community or values. Capital cares about… capital. Left entirely unchecked, it will discard all other considerations. Imagine configuring your whole country in such a way!



    The German model of football ownership now showing its true value, oh how it has been mocked on these pages, whos laughing now



    I do not have any subscriptions to SKY, BT Premier sports, etc, absolutely proud of my illegal firestick, if it gets blocked by the billionaires so be it



    I know for a fact that Peter Lawwell praised Rodgers and his transformation of Celtic FCs football dept, he stated Rodgers had raised the clubs’ football structure and how it operates above any previous levels, BUT ! Peter still wanted to pick players for transfer, resisted a DOF being recruited to the club, and despite myths on here recruited a man the fans did not want and whose jaw dropped when he went into Lennoxtown after Rodgers as he saw the stucture elite managers in the game put in place to build for success, sadly the many fans who knew the job was beyond a PL punt on a pal had the better insight to what was required for the position of manager post-Rodgers better than PL.



    We continue to wait on our Celtic FC billionaire coming to an end of his deliberations on structure and appointments, there never was a club review, the PLC do nada zero for the club, fun-loving criminals enjoying the good life networking their business interests in the boardrooms around Europe, they and Desmondo treat the club fanbase disgracefully



    aff oot

  8. TURKEYBHOY on 19TH APRIL 2021 9:25 PM


    Dont know if anyone has watched SEASPIRACY,on Netflix.If you have not,and have access,dont miss it.








    I’ve seen it.



    It’s crap.



    It’s not really a documentary at all, it’s more a piece of (very well funded) vegan propaganda dishonestly masquerading as a documentary.



    Have a read of this and then have another think about it.







    A nice read to start of the day mate.



    I too stopped all subscriptions to TV companies.The majority of monies that people donate to Sky gets reinvested in English game with all other countries an afterthought who get a token gesture deal



    And talking about firesticks …



    The price is right at 60…😉

  10. Saw a short interview with the president of the new league – basically pleading poverty. We’ll you can start by stop paying players


    +£300k per week and millions on agent fees.



    Greedy sods





    Good morning from a sunny but cold North Staffs

  11. Will Celtic FC more than just a club publicly comment today on these disgusting proposals ?




    Barcelona (more than just a club) are on the verge of bankruptcy no urprise they are chasing JP Morgans money



    European football’s governing body UEFA has said clubs and players joining the proposed breakaway Super League could be banned from all of its competitions and the World Cup as it condemned a “disgraceful and self-serving proposal”.



    The US investment bank JP Morgan is financing the new league, which includes clubs such as Real Madrid and Manchester United and is a rival to UEFA’s Champions League competition. JP Morgan is providing a 3.5bn euro ($4.21bn) grant to the founding clubs to spend on infrastructure and recovery from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.



    Addressing an emergency meeting on Monday, the day after 12 of Europe’s top clubs announced the breakaway, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin launched a scathing attack on the plan, which has been widely condemned across the game and beyond.



    “We’re still assessing with our legal team but we will take all the sanctions that we can and we will inform you as soon we can,” he said. “My opinion is that as soon as possible they have to be banned from all our competitions and the players from all our competitions.”


    The meeting was initially scheduled to confirm plans for an expanded UEFA Champions League but has been overshadowed by the breakaway Super League.




    The new format for the Champions League was announced on Monday and will be introduced from 2024, with the number of clubs in the group stage increasing from 32 to 36.



    The format will follow the so-called ‘Swiss system’ with clubs split into four pots of nine for the draw based on UEFA coefficients.



    Teams will play against 10 different sides, with five games at home and five away. At the end of this phase, the top eight sides will go through to the last 16, with the bottom 12 eliminated.



    Meanwhile, the sides finishing between ninth and 24th position will play two-legged play-offs, with those between ninth and 16th drawn against a side finishing from 17th to 24th.



    The winners of those ties will complete the last-16 lineup, with the losers dropping into the Europa League.





    Ceferin showed his sense of anger and betrayal by the leaders of some wealthy European clubs as he spoke of “snakes”.



    “UEFA and the football world stand united against the disgraceful and self-serving proposal we have seen in the last 24 hours for a select few clubs in Europe motivated by greed. We are all united against this nonsense of a project,” Ceferin said.



    The UEFA president also said players at the 12 clubs could be banned from this year’s European Championship and next year’s World Cup.



    “My opinion is that as soon as possible they (the clubs) have to be banned from all our competitions, and the players from all our competitions,” Ceferin said.



    “They [the players] will not be able to represent their national teams at any matches,” he added.



    Play Video


    The dispute entered a new phase with a letter sent by the 12 clubs to UEFA on Monday in which they said they would take legal steps in unnamed courts to protect their interests as they set up the league.



    Earlier, the 12 clubs planning to start the breakaway Super League told the leaders of FIFA, world football’s governing body, and UEFA that they have begun legal action aimed at fending off threats to block the competition.



    “We are concerned that FIFA and UEFA may respond to this invitation letter by seeking to take punitive measures to exclude any participating club or player from their respective competitions,” the Super League clubs wrote to Ceferin and FIFA President Gianni Infantino in a letter obtained by The Associated Press.



    New financial model


    The power play came after the rebel clubs reneged on a promise on Friday to back the plan by UEFA to expand the Champions League beginning in 2024.



    The breakaway Super League intends to launch a 20-team competition with 15 founding members but only 12 have currently signed up: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham from England; Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid from Spain; and AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus from Italy.



    The 12 clubs will be guaranteed annual places in the competition – in contrast to the current UEFA Champions League, which requires teams to qualify via their domestic leagues.



    A Tottenham Hotspur’s fan holds an anti-European Super League placard has he demonstrates outside the English Premier League football club’s training ground in north London [Tolga Akmen/AFP]


    While having guaranteed spots in the league goes against longstanding tradition in European football, the clubs argue the Super League will create a more sustainable financial model.


    “The formation of the Super League comes at a time when the global pandemic has accelerated the instability in the existing European football economic model,” the clubs said in their founding statement.



    “The competition is to be played alongside existing domestic league and cup competitions, which are a key part of European football’s competitive fabric,” the letter said.



    “We do not seek to replace the UEFA’s Champions League or the Europa League but to compete with and exist alongside those tournaments.”



    The seismic move to shake up the sport is partly engineered by the American owners of Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United, who also run franchises in closed US leagues – a model they are trying to replicate in Europe.



    Widespread condemnation


    The breakaway has been heavily criticised by football authorities, fan organisations and politicians across Europe who say it entrenches the wealth and power of a small elite of club



    Players’ union FIFPro warned that the Super League could cause “irreparable damage,” and said “players continue to be used as assets and leverage in these negotiations” but also insisted it would “vigorously oppose measures by either side that would impede the rights of players, such as exclusion from their national teams”.



    Anti-European Super League posters hang outside Liverpool’s Anfield stadium [Paul Ellis/AFP]


    The Chair of leading Liverpool fan group Spirit of Shankly said on Monday “the hope in our hearts has been ripped out”.


    “For Liverpool to be part of the leadership of it is incredibly sad,” said Joe Blott, Chair of Spirit of Shankly fan group.



    The General Secretary of the Manchester City Official Supporters Club said he was “embarrassed” at City’s involvement with plans for a new European Super League.



    “As football supporters, it’s all about dreaming,” said Kevin Parker.



    “It’s all about having those dreams to look forward to and what these clubs have actually done, they’ve taken those dreams away from all those other football clubs and their supporters who dream of this.



    “I feel embarrassed that my team, the team that I love, and I do love them, have been part of robbing those supporters of their dreams. No matter what happens with the Super League or the Champions League, we will forever be tarnished as being part of that. And I’m uncomfortable with that. I’m also sorry about that.”

  12. Ernie


    I watched it and the message is that we are overfishing and in the process damaging the undersea environment.


    Don’t forget there’s plenty of experts who counter man made climate change and pandemic / vaccine data.



    I’m not arguing it may have over-egged the pudding but the basic message is a worrying one.


    Back later.

  13. “ERNIE LYNCH on 20TH APRIL 2021 8:10 AM



    TURKEYBHOY on 19TH APRIL 2021 9:25 PM


    Dont know if anyone has watched SEASPIRACY,on Netflix.If you have not,and have access,dont miss it.



    I’ve seen it.


    It’s crap.”



    I checked out the Seapiracy “documentary and concluded that it made some valid points but was far from being balanced


    So, neither `crap` nor frightening for me.

  14. GENE on 20TH APRIL 2021 8:23 AM




    The basic message was you have to be a vegan.



    What’s worrying is how gullible people.

  15. GENE on 20TH APRIL 2021 8:23 AM









    The basic message was you have to be a vegan.







    What’s worrying is how gullible people are.

  16. Just read this line in the Bonner article just posted.



    “A brave effort from the Hoops hierarchy that unfortunately was destined to failure.”



    Yet more of the ‘a big boy done it and ran away’ excuse from the board apologists, good to know our board have accepted responsibility and are focused on getting it right. Or maybe not……..

  17. HOT SMOKED on 20TH APRIL 2021 8:28 AM




    It wasn’t a documentary.



    It started from the unstated premise that consuming fish (or any other animal product) is bad and everything that was presented was done so to win people over to that point of view.



    It was a piece of propaganda.



    It scares me how unquestioning and gullible people are.

  18. DREW1967 on 20TH APRIL 2021 8:12 AM



    The majority of monies that people donate to Sky gets reinvested in English game with all other countries an afterthought who get a token gesture deal



    Exactly, Celtic fans who subscribe to SKY BT fund the likes of Southampton to plunder players at rock bottom prices, never understood either having another team to support………………….whats your fav other team? Celtic reserves

  19. I see quite a few posters are that desperate for a new manager to be announced, that they are advocating a guy who was sacked from his last 2 positions and hasn’t managed for 10 years.


    All the managers out there and this is who they want .


    I bet if he was English, he wouldn’t get a mention .

  20. This Super League is about Clubs who are heavily in debt, have no means of paying off the debt they have, and their boards will seek any injection from any source of new capital to stabilise their finances, guaranteed future income streams with no demotion as they are founding members of this set up.Fans at the gate are not important TV subscriptions merchandise are, all these kids running about the streets with Spanish Italian football tops on thats who they want to capture


    Watch out for FFP if it seriously existed being scrapped, and guaranteed entry by name to the “Champions League” as a replacement.

  21. SCULLYBHOY @ 7:35



    Why do people like you think that you are the only type of Celtic supporter. We are a club open to all – and if you had been attending Celtic Park for as long as I have, you would know that your viees are very much in the minority.



    The noise & abuse brigade that inhabits social media, are just that – noisy & abusive. They are a tiny unrepresentative fraction of the Celtic support.



    All my family, friends and the fellow season ticket holders that I meet regularly are able to compare, discuss & criticize Celtic without our ‘Celticness’ ever being questioned.



    I say again – the last ten years have been easier than any other period that I can remember.

  22. JHB on 20th April 2021 8:55 am



    Hypocrite is back. Celtic open to all he says, then goes on and on about his 17% who are under threat of extinction. When you start lying its hard to maintain the thread.



    Forelock is looking good today.

  23. ERNIE LYNCH on 20TH APRIL 2021 8:37 AM


    HOT SMOKED on 20TH APRIL 2021 8:28 AM



    It wasn’t a documentary.



    It started from the unstated premise that consuming fish (or any other animal product) is bad and everything that was presented was done so to win people over to that point of view.



    It was a piece of propaganda.



    It scares me how unquestioning and gullible people are.





    100% Correct. There is a very powerful lobby to make people feel guilty about consuming livestock and indeed dairy products.



    A separate but linked discussion would be why we have Canine teeth.

  24. Wasn’t the creation of the Scottish Premier Division in 1975 a form of breakaway league? And its’ later version in 1998, the Scottish Premier League? The former was based on greed, was detrimental to the development of footballers in Scotland, whilst the latter, and its’ more recent incarnations has resulted in Celtic benefitting to the tune of around 2 mill sterling pa. And the privilege of playing any number of games on plastic pitches. And what about the Atlantic League, Dermot Desmonds personal creation, with our own host here Paul67 flying the flag. No mention of my own version of a proto Atlantic League which would involve teams from both side of the ocean, with the promo of “Oceans Eleven”. Ok made that last bit up. Or the EPL, 72 clubs relegated in terms of broadcast money. Or how about the FA Womens Super League, hardly designed to encourage the growth of more local clubs in England. Or my own favourite cartel the UEFA CL. I’ve no sympathy for that organisation, and its latest version, and thanks AT for posting the press release, would involve 36 clubs playing an additional 100 matches before Christmas, Even Turkey won’t vote for that. Fact is there is too much football already, a lack of fair distribution of income, and players and agents at the top level being paid way above their actual worth at supporters expense. My own “hands across the pond” franchise still up for grabs, to the highest bidder that is. N’est-ce pas?

  25. I hear Tim Sherwood was on TV duty last night alongside Eddie Howe. He was “demanding” that Spurs give Howe the mngmt job and the opportunity to build a whole new football team/structure.


    Doubt he would have done that if Howe had agreed to join us.


    Sad to say, but I think we have missed out on our number one target. 2-3 million a year to manage us or a multiple of that down there.


    The proposed SL is going to have mngrs and agents scrambling all over the place – to get into it or to get out of it (

  26. On Seapiracy and its predecessor, cowspiracy. Have no doubt, it is funded by the vegan lobby. It is also entertainment for the Netflix era. Shock and awe.



    BUT that does not mean that there are underlying truths and very valid points.



    The world’s population has exploded in the last 100 years and it needs feeding. Vast majority want to enjoy meat and fish on a regular basis. A lesser number but, still massive, wants to enjoy dairy products every day.



    There is currently no way of meeting that growing demand in a sustainable way. The mega industrial scale of fishing and farming is destroying the finite land and sea resources we have.



    A much more responsible global approach is needed towards this. Veganism is a choice, a lifestyle. It is clearly not for most of us. But the insatiable demand for beef, poultry and fish has to be addressed somehow.



    Like most things in life, there is a sensible balance to be found somewhere.

  27. Meant to say:



    BUT that does not mean that there are NO underlying truths and very valid points.