Celtic earned the right to be taken seriously


After so many years, so many defeats, we went to Germany, England, then Belgium, on consecutive Champions Group stage away games, unbeaten. This run of form crept up on us. It didn’t look likely after the game immediately preceding this run, a 7-0 rout in Barcelona, but Brendan Rodgers amended the plan and, on the road, he hasn’t looked back.

Extrapolation is dangerous. It is wiser to mistrust the past than to put too much faith in it, but this Celtic team have earned the right to be taken seriously at the Allianz Arena tonight. They will play unburdened with expectations and without fear.

I’ve watched too many of these games with a nervous disposition. Let’s enjoy this one.

Bring it on.

OUR SECOND CQN PODCAST this week, featuring interviews with ex-Celts Alan Stubbs and Chris Sutton, previewing the big games this week against Bayern Munich and Hibs at Hampden on Saturday.

Stubbs gives an insight into Liam Henderson as a player and talks about where his career should go from here.

BT Sport pundit Chris Sutton, who was speaking at the SPFL Betfred League Cup media day, spoke about Celtic’s European challenge in Munich and his former gaffer Gordon Strachan’s departure from Hampden Park.

BT Sport UCL - CS 2

Speaking on behalf of BT Sport, Alan Stubbs also spoke about his regret at leaving Hibs, and looks ahead to the League Cup semi-final between two of his former clubs.

BT Sport is where the best go head to head. Watch Bayern Munich v Celtic exclusively live in the UEFA Champions League on BT Sport ESPN from 7pm tonight & Hibs v Celtic exclusively live in the SPFL Betfred League Cup on BT Sport 1 from 11:15am on Saturday 21st October.

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  1. Need some info guys.was planning to watch the game in the John lemon pub tonight but it turns out I’m quite a bit away being nearer los bolichos.need some advice on the bus to get, where to get off and how much it is? Alternatively, does anyone know of somewhere nearer that will be showing it. Cheers for any help.

  2. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    Guess who wrote this…….



    “The Scotland job is not a difficult gig if you forge a relationship with Brendan Rodgers. If one were to choose Gordon in goal; Tierney and Ralston at full back; with captain Scott Brown in a holding midfield role, partnered with Stuart Armstrong; McGregor and Forrest on the flanks; and Griffiths up front all one needs to add are two centre backs and a number ten. I realise that Ralston at 18 might be considered a little green at this level by the Lee Wallace apologists who wanted Tierney to wait his turn. However the Celtic left back has developed to the point where Wallace would not be fit to lace his boots. Mark my words: Tierney will be a future captain of both Celtic and Scotland. Scott Brown, the best player in Scottish football bar none, would pass his armband to Tierney with pleasure when the time is right.”



    Guess who wrote this…….




    I`ll sit on the fence for that one





    Dunno. JOCKODEE has a good shout,but…



    I kinda wish it was me!

  5. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    JOCKODEE on 18TH OCTOBER 2017 11:34 AM



    You might think so…..but no.



    BILLYBEAR on 18TH OCTOBER 2017 11:37 AM



    Good one!




  6. Was interesting watching the CL goals programme last night. Dortmand got a HUGE fright in Cyprus, the EPL teams had better results than normal but a LOT of goals were scored overall. I was hoping for 0-0 but 4-4 would be as good.

  7. The Johnjamesite is very good, I’m polar opposite to him in politics but I enjoy a different take, the conspiracy theories on 911 is tin foil hat stuff and the McCann revelations are a real eye opener.



    I bunged him £20 a couple of times when he was starting up, then I ptched in for a ‘virtual seat’ when he very deservedly won his trophy. I bailed out when I asked for confirmation of receipt of the virtual seat money and he asked for a quid to do so.

  8. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    BAWSMAN on 18TH OCTOBER 2017 11:51 AM



    Dortmund already 6 points behind Spurs & Real Madrid after 3 games. Lost at home to RB Leipzig last weekend. Not looking good.

  9. glendalystonsils on




    I bailed out when I asked for confirmation of receipt of the virtual seat money and he asked for a quid to do so.



    A quid!? You could buy a whole football club for that kind of money!-))

  10. You can do it Celtic.



    Big Boyata was very good at the weekend.



    When we move forward we must have people closer to Paddy for the Time he is on the park. Paddy will have to pass and move more.



    This is Bayern not Dundee.



    Really disappointed that Jozo isnae playing.



    You can Rock Europe tonight Celtic.




    Dortmund were shocking, their keeper made about 3 mistakes at the 1st goal.






    I’m minted mate ;-)





    No,not at all. I’ve c&p a good few articles on here from him.



    He’s a blogger,so sometimes he says stuff with which I vehemently disagree. He’s also a Rangers fan,so that goes with the territory!



    Like many Rangers fans of my acquaintance,he is far from a hun,and knows the score more than most. But…



    Some of his stuff stretches credulity.



    And some of it stretches credulity to the extent that some research is required.



    And sometimes,wishing for the best in people who have suffered,some research raises questions. Questions that,well,I’d rather not.



    But his football posts?



    No problem. Hits the spot for me.

  13. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Might be a bit risky throwing Brown and Armstrong back in after missing a few games, so maybe keep Stuart on the bench to start with.


    I think I might go 4-4-1-1 to defend their strength in wide areas, particularly the Robben-Kimmich combo on the right.




    Gamboa, Boyata, Lustig, Tierney:


    Forrest, Brown, Ntcham, McGregor;






    Robben coming in off the right onto his left foot is always a danger. Then you get Kimmich going forward on the outside and giving you two things to worry about. Tough night ahead for Kieran. I’d consider playing Callum in front of him to help him out. Boyata will have to be on his toes when Robben cuts inside. I might even put Lustig at that side as Dedryck will have enough of a job looking after Lewandowski.


    Anyway, more important than team selection or tactics will be concentration. These guys will be making runs off the ball all the time. We have to be switched on to this.


    Set pieces are still worrying for me.


    Huge task ahead for us. Hoping for the best!





    SIPSINI is taken,mate. And you know why.



    Should change his moniker to SPAWNYGITBUTYEDESERVEDITPAL.



    Mibbe not,but…



    Sentiment’s right.





    I certainly believe so,just one who saw through Murray and the followfollow powers at Ibrox.



    His posts on RSL and a financial blog whose name I forget prior to setting up his own site were every bit as hard,but he had established his credentials on them beforehand.



    A bit like-Are you a hun?-on here,but in reverse.



    Btw,hope you saw my reply yesterday about my “offending” post. I really must learn to do smileys.

  16. BMCUW


    Yes, I did see your `offending post ` reply and only then was I enlightened enough to see the humour in your original comment :-)).


    Hope all is well with you and yours.




    PS I find it hard to believe John James supported Rangers. That doesn`t mean he didn`t,; just that I find it hard to believe.

  17. eddieinkirkmichael on

    BMCUWP AND OTHERS, the JJ blog is one I never read the guy is a fantasist and serial plagiarisist. The amount of times I’ve seen stuff discussed on here or Kerrydale St and used “exclusively” on that site is incredible. He really has no shame. His constant begging for donations is another reason I never visit, given the number of hits he was getting in the early days I really do wonder how much he earns from that site.

  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Whatever you think of his writing, jj can be really funny – “Paul Murray is in over his hair”!





    Aye,I know there are dissenting voices,yours is in good company. Either he is,or he isn’t.



    Who knows…



    Hope yer keeping fine and dandy,old bean,and have a cunning plan for 11/11.

  20. BMCUWP,


    I have a cunning plan for 11/11.


    For you Bhoys to get me drunk and buy ALL my drinks….send me home in a cab ( pre paid)…….with a Carry oot ( pre paid again)….with an attractive Burd on my arm….and to also ensure that you Bhoys have a whip round and slip some £20 notes in my pocket so that I can afford a Curer the next morning ?



    I’ve just realised that it’s not very “cunning” when I’ve just disclosed the “cunning plan” on here…time for a rethink..methinks ?



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