Celtic expose Newco inadequacies


After Newco dominated long periods on play when these sides met at Ibrox on 2 January, it seemed likely Ange Postecoglou would start Aaron Mooy in the middle of the park.  This change set the tone for yesterday’s game as it was Mooy who dictated territory and pace.  He was forever calm in possession, drew fouls and nullified a tight Newco midfield.  He also managed two secondary assists, making him by far the most influential player.

In a first half largely controlled by Celtic, Newco built two good attacks when Sakala overlapped Greg Taylor.  On both occasions Carl Starfelt flew to the rescue.  These interceptions were an indicator of how confident the player is right now, perhaps too confident for some of us while under pressure inside his own box.  Next time, chip it higher, Carl.

The first great chance of the game fell to Newco.  Tavernier found space on the right side of Celtic’s penalty area and fired a low ball across goal.  It looked perfect for Sakala but Cameron Carter-Vickers slid in to knock the ball wide.  From my angle at Hampden, it looked a goal.

Connor Goldson carried defensive blame for both Celtic goals.

Aaron Mooy is not an easy player to lose sight of but Newco’s three central mids, Lundstram, Kamara and Tillman, managed just that.  See above.  When he collected the ball at first goal, Mooy is 8 yards from the nearest opponent in the middle of the Newco half.  At this point Goldson was marking Daizen Maeda but he soon lost concentration.

As Maeda advanced to the six-yard box, three Newco players noticed Greg Taylor and each thought they should close him down.  Do these guys ever train together?  It was like watching defending at one of those celebrity games.

Goldson dropping Maeda is a decision of the ages.  Davies then had to leave Kyogo to cover Maeda at the front post.  Greg Taylor’s cross was perfect enough to reach Maeda but not so perfect that Daizen made contact.  Davies was out of play and Kyogo found himself unattended inside the six-yard box with the ball at his feet.  Our star man will not get an easier chance all season.

The second goal was also a defensive calamity.  Tillman was the wrong side of Mooy, which allowed Aaron time to thread his pass to Hatate.  The back four were in a good line but two players were caught sleeping.

Goldson’s body position was straight onto play, meaning he would need to make a 180 to chase back and cover a forward pass.  As it happened, he turned left when play went out to his right, necessitating a 270 degree turn that brought to mind the Ever Given’s attempts to swing around.  This lapse gave Reo Hatate scope to drill a cross into the heart of the box.

How many times has Barisic napped at the back post against Celtic?  Kyogo had the pace to get into the heart of the box, and the physical presence to hold-off a belated challenge from Barisic to double Celtic’s lead.

Newco had an excellent chance to level with the score at 1-0.  Callum McGregor tried to steal the ball inside the Newco half but missed.  Tillman ran 40 yards before passing to Kent, who did well to hit the post.  The rebound fell to Sakala, who had the goal gaping albeit from a tight angle.  His bottle crashed, or maybe he’s just not that good.  Like Goldson, he takes a lot of responsibility for the defeat.

Newco’s goal was also the result of slack defending.  A set-piece cross should never be allowed to bounce inside the six-yard box.  Morelos got a shove on Mooy, which bought him space.  Alistair Johnston was in a perfect position to head but never once looked at the ball, instead he studied Goldson, leaving unattended space where none should be.

The sight of Morelos celebrating without a single team-mate congratulating him spoke volumes.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cup final goal scorer ignored like this.

The game ended with Celtic’s substitutes strolling through Newco.  Matt O’Riley and Sead Haksabanovic could have scored three between them.  Sead in particular, did well.

We should have had a penalty kick on 20 minutes.  Kyogo knocked the ball outside Newco keeper McGregor, who then clattered into the Celtic striker, but the referee was not interested.  It made no difference, so you and I will move on, but be clear: Kyogo controlled the ball, knocked it to his right, then McGregor made contact with both Kyogo’s legs.  The keeper never touched the ball.  It was of the stonewall variety.

Congratulations to Ange and the players.  Our sixth League Cup win in seven years; it’s not a bad old life.  More on the consequences of this later – and there are plenty.

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  1. FESS19



    Apologies….its news to me and noticed it on the news now page , sorry if I hadve offended anyone.



    No problem. I read the article then went to beginning to check date, September last year. Stopped going to News Now as it’s just clik bait, IMHO.



    Hail Hail

  2. Every time we score I expect a VAR referral, checking to see if it should be disallowed. Every time we make a tackle in the box I expect VAR to get involved, checking for a possible penalty. Every time the ball goes near a Celtic hand or arm in the box I expect VAR to intervene, checking for a possible penalty.


    I think I’m suffering from VAR syndrome.

  3. Callum McGregor is yet to lose a final at Hampden Park, and in the 2023 League Cup final, the captain continued his stellar record.



    Leading by example in the middle of the park, McGregor was as significant as he always is to helping the Celts retain their trophy with a 2-1 win over Rangers.



    It’s medal number 18 now for the Celtic captain. However, he is never one to reflect on these moments personally and he was quick to praise his team-mates’ ability to win another piece of silverware.




  4. Fess – Marspapa



    Who geeza flyin saucer what that tax cheat thinks says or girns bout our club.a cheat regardless of his meeja presence.Serves yi right wi the newsnow link Marspapa ,:-))) clicks to bait,bait to clicks shoit.



    Big P still on tare i believe :-)))




  5. The Ever Given blocking the suez canal surely makes it a better defender than any of the rangers players ……



    they shall not pass

  6. AN TEARMANN on 27TH FEBRUARY 2023 1:36 PM



    I know some of the young ones had a great day wi the taps aff,i hope they heated up well.



    Meantime taps burnin wi the gimps



    *and I was always taught that scheidt didnae burn, see that ben affleck education

  7. Amidst my glow of contended happiness, I find myself wondering about David Turnbull`s muted response to our success. Anyone got any inside information on David or is he simply a young man who is disappointed not to be playing a bigger role at Celtic?

  8. A wee reminder the Hunskelping is repeated on Viaplay at 3.30







    And Freeview at 9.30

  9. MARSPAPA @ 2.28.



    Brilliant footage, great viewing. But, what are the two linos doing near the start, walking off the field backwards, ‘guarding’ wee Walsh? Did they expect the rampant, celebrating Tims to set about him?



    Couple of fuds, but hey ho, all adds to the entertainment!



    Ave Ave

  10. !!BADA BING!! on 27TH FEBRUARY 2023 3:22 PM









    Arbroath guy’s take …




    on the COMMENTS Section below, one guy points out that IF Sakala had scored and/or passed the Ball to FAT BOY, it would probably have been viewed by the Ref/VAR that FAT BOY was well OFFSIDE ?



  11. Hot Smoked



    What deems you to thinking Davids response was muted? I guess as a professional you want to be in the team,playing weekly,and the nature of todays game means its a squad game.


    I only ask as there are plenty of pics,back at park,were he is smiling away.


    It shows how tough Ange’s job is,eh? In that we trust j



    Enjoyed yesterday,first in a long time wi the telly watchin Celts at a final:-) fun tho id prefer to have been there.






  12. We’re way out in front of the huns. The entire first half was all about them trying to stop us. We controlled every facet of that match up to that very poor goal we gave away.



    We’ve seen in europe that the concession of a goal seems to really knock us and quite often we concede again soon after the first against top sides. That’s something that needs work but we’re masters of all we survey in Scotland.

  13. Last week’s hyperbolic hunguffery has now given way to a collective state of cult-like doom and flagellation, with the Moled marvel now so out of his depth and needing sacked.



    Let the banter years never end.







  14. AN DÚN on 27TH FEBRUARY 2023 3:31 PM


    We’re way out in front of the huns. The entire first half was all about them trying to stop us. We controlled every facet of that match up to that very poor goal we gave away.






    I dont know if it came across on the tv, but from kick off “2nd Rangers” took ages to take any set play, thrown ins, corners especially, and mcgregor.



    they were time wasting from the first minute, it was their game plan, i felt they wanted to nick a goal then defend it, so gladwe scored when we did. either side of halftime no way back really for them.



    when fat boy scored, and ran away himself, i thought the rangers players either thought it was disallowed or got back in position quickly to restart,



    at the end of the game, Beales lecture to them on the park, with no fans left and their families away to the busses, that was embarrasing, as was not appluading the winners,



    a new generation of domination is in play,



    its feckin magic.

  15. as an aside aside,



    wee kyogo took the cup on his own personal walk around and wasnt for sharing it with anyone else till Ange took it off him.



    quite funny to observe, as a 57 year old, its funny to watch and marvel at our youths, how happy they all were to be winners, OH as well, i need to go see if he ever won anything before, he was over joyed.



    as to turnbull, i really am beginning to think he is looking around and assessing he is not as good as those being brought in, i did feel a wee bit for Jamesie, that might be his last cup final chance, i do expect him to move on next season.

  16. as an aside to the asides,



    was mcgroegor blasting the ball into the celtic fans commented on at all on tv ?

  17. SAINT STIVS on 27TH FEBRUARY 2023 3:37 PM


    when fat boy scored, and ran away himself, i thought the rangers players either thought it was disallowed or got back in position quickly to restart,




    I wonder if FAT BOY Sings to himself…” NO one likes me etc….” ?






  18. The old cliché about 2-0 being the most dangerous score was never truer, all the problems in the last 25 minutes were of our own making as anxiety grew after the scrappy sevco goal and our measured passing play went to pot. Even then we arguably had the better chances.



    Critics point to Beale selecting the wrong midfield but this is merely a vain attempt to convince themselves they could have changed the outcome if only x had been y. If you’d read any match reports over the last few weeks you’d be forgiven for thinking Raskin and Cantwell were match winners in every game they featured, which on the face of it made it bizarre they started on the bench. However you can’t hide the truth of it once they actually got on the field, and the pair looked decidedly average.

  19. SAINT STIVS on 27TH FEBRUARY 2023 3:37 PM




    HUN Goalie McGregor and his Time Wasting….


    Ive seen him at it for many years now, whenever the Huns are DRAWING with Celtic, and/or actually leading against Celtic in a game….McGregor CONSTANTLY wastes Time at every opportunity.



    Wee Barry Ferguson said Today that he was ” IMPRESSED” with FAT BOYS attitude when he was Subbed.



    Hes obviously EASILY Impressed !





  20. The post-match presentation threw up an interesting contrast – absolutely joyous Celtic players against a backdrop of grim-faced mourners in the stand.

  21. Yesterday’s match was amazing…


    The ref had a good game, var wasn’t involved


    And Conor Goldson didn’t handle the ball.







  22. When Kyogo celebrates his 2nd goal, it looks like he uses his hands to say he is Celtic and he is staying right here at Celtic.


    He points at the jersey, then at the ground then at his name on the back of his shirt.

  23. DENIABHOY on 27TH FEBRUARY 2023 4:02 PM


    When Kyogo celebrates his 2nd goal, it looks like he uses his hands to say he is Celtic and he is staying right here at Celtic.





    He points at the jersey, then at the ground then at his name on the back of his shirt





    That is exactly what I thought when I saw wee KYOGO doing it ?



  24. brilliant thread on rangers media worried about Celtic overtaking them as “SCOTLANDS MOST SUCCESFUL CLUB”.



    Well Rachel could it be done ?



    Well yes Jimmy it can.



    If we correctly state that Celtic won their 114th of the recognised countable awards while being a single unbroken entity during that time well that is the correct number in play ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN.



    Now on the other side, Rangers claim they have 117 collected trophies, but this is a wrong starting number as you have to split the awards across two separate legal entities, which is the simple flaw in the sum, the arithmetic is wrong.



    So by removing the current entity, lets call them 2nd Rangers, as that is what they are officially, the 2nd rangers playing out of ibrox stadium, number 2 in everything they do, runners up , second, 2 of the major trophies in 11 seasons, well take that two off the 117, and your are left with the number 115 which is offcoure the number of trophies won by the original rangers. That many were won playing improperly registered players, well that is not up for debate today.



    So, now we have 115 for original rangers, including a european trophy no longer in existance, so how that could be part of the “bought history” is anyone’s guess, i suppose masonic mystery, and we could also maybe claim their very fist title was shared, so that should be a half, not a one, but so it still 115 to make original rangers Scotland’s most successful club.



    This Celtic unbroken entity can legitimately claim 114, including a European cup.



    So logic has it, when Celtic win the league this season they will be joint most successful, and if they then won the other cup will be right out in front with 116 pots won.



    Wrong of applause everyone, Rachel Riley, a tim sounding name if ever I heard one ……



    and now for todays contdown conundrum ………



    A N G R





    Agianst Celtics

  25. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Loving the recap Paul.



    Want this moment to linger until midweek at least.



    Disagree on your scapegoat though.



    Perhaps in part because I played CB (badly).



    The trade off for not having to run much and having most of the game played in front of you is simple and painful.



    When you get exposed by



    a. full backs who are converted wingers


    b. Midfielders who don’t track runners



    It’s you who ends up looking stupid.



    Particularly if – after a goal is conceded – one of your team mates gets to the “hands in the air posturing” before you do !



    First goal? Connor Goldson has clearly been programmed over the years to target the right near post cross in order to mitigate his absent captain.



    Tavernier can play football but cannot defend.



    Goldson can defend but cannot play football.



    Second goal? Your geometry is sound but, IMHO, your logic isn’t.



    Pure instinct from the big guy.



    He thought the pass was coming inside him, knew it was going to beat him so turned towards his goal in order to give himself a chance of seeing the pass, getting it’s line and cutting out the cross.



    Just beaten by genius, Hatate’s run and Mooy’s pass delayed a fraction to create space for a pass outside.



    Key takeaway though – space in the channel created by the absence of?



    You’ve guessed it.



    Man’s a defensive liability.

  26. 2ND RANGERS had three corners in a row over a 5 minute period of the first half.



    Goldson came up into the Celtic box and got into a wee pushing match with CCV.



    He gets a telling off from the ref, who says I am watching you,



    I said to the bhoy next to me, I bet if Goldson handles the ball now, Rangers will get a penalty,



    Oh how we all laughed.

  27. AN TEARMANN on 27TH FEBRUARY 2023 3:29 PM


    Re `muted`. He seemed to me to be less enthusiastic than others ( and I have noticed this before after he has scored a goal) and I wondered if there was a reason other than a quiet personality for his response.



    I did say “or is he simply a young man who is disappointed not to be playing a bigger role at Celtic?”.


    If so, I like his attitude.

  28. TONTINE TIM on 27TH FEBRUARY 2023 3:05 PM


    AN TEARMANN on 27TH FEBRUARY 2023 1:36 PM



    *and I was always taught that scheidt didnae burn, see that ben affleck education.



    Hahaha TT they dont do insight or learning.;-)



    They just look a tired narrative Tontine.


    Supremacy liquidated.


    They appear worried :-) we must keep doing a wee bit better,so more o that ben affleck education :-)














    They are worried Tontine:-)






    MARSPAPA @ 2.28.




    Correct .



    God knows who they would fend off …..they probably were thinking about the huns v hibs Cup final and the carnage of that day ….



    They should know by now (we’ve had plenty of success ) how we party

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