Celtic expose Newco inadequacies


After Newco dominated long periods on play when these sides met at Ibrox on 2 January, it seemed likely Ange Postecoglou would start Aaron Mooy in the middle of the park.  This change set the tone for yesterday’s game as it was Mooy who dictated territory and pace.  He was forever calm in possession, drew fouls and nullified a tight Newco midfield.  He also managed two secondary assists, making him by far the most influential player.

In a first half largely controlled by Celtic, Newco built two good attacks when Sakala overlapped Greg Taylor.  On both occasions Carl Starfelt flew to the rescue.  These interceptions were an indicator of how confident the player is right now, perhaps too confident for some of us while under pressure inside his own box.  Next time, chip it higher, Carl.

The first great chance of the game fell to Newco.  Tavernier found space on the right side of Celtic’s penalty area and fired a low ball across goal.  It looked perfect for Sakala but Cameron Carter-Vickers slid in to knock the ball wide.  From my angle at Hampden, it looked a goal.

Connor Goldson carried defensive blame for both Celtic goals.

Aaron Mooy is not an easy player to lose sight of but Newco’s three central mids, Lundstram, Kamara and Tillman, managed just that.  See above.  When he collected the ball at first goal, Mooy is 8 yards from the nearest opponent in the middle of the Newco half.  At this point Goldson was marking Daizen Maeda but he soon lost concentration.

As Maeda advanced to the six-yard box, three Newco players noticed Greg Taylor and each thought they should close him down.  Do these guys ever train together?  It was like watching defending at one of those celebrity games.

Goldson dropping Maeda is a decision of the ages.  Davies then had to leave Kyogo to cover Maeda at the front post.  Greg Taylor’s cross was perfect enough to reach Maeda but not so perfect that Daizen made contact.  Davies was out of play and Kyogo found himself unattended inside the six-yard box with the ball at his feet.  Our star man will not get an easier chance all season.

The second goal was also a defensive calamity.  Tillman was the wrong side of Mooy, which allowed Aaron time to thread his pass to Hatate.  The back four were in a good line but two players were caught sleeping.

Goldson’s body position was straight onto play, meaning he would need to make a 180 to chase back and cover a forward pass.  As it happened, he turned left when play went out to his right, necessitating a 270 degree turn that brought to mind the Ever Given’s attempts to swing around.  This lapse gave Reo Hatate scope to drill a cross into the heart of the box.

How many times has Barisic napped at the back post against Celtic?  Kyogo had the pace to get into the heart of the box, and the physical presence to hold-off a belated challenge from Barisic to double Celtic’s lead.

Newco had an excellent chance to level with the score at 1-0.  Callum McGregor tried to steal the ball inside the Newco half but missed.  Tillman ran 40 yards before passing to Kent, who did well to hit the post.  The rebound fell to Sakala, who had the goal gaping albeit from a tight angle.  His bottle crashed, or maybe he’s just not that good.  Like Goldson, he takes a lot of responsibility for the defeat.

Newco’s goal was also the result of slack defending.  A set-piece cross should never be allowed to bounce inside the six-yard box.  Morelos got a shove on Mooy, which bought him space.  Alistair Johnston was in a perfect position to head but never once looked at the ball, instead he studied Goldson, leaving unattended space where none should be.

The sight of Morelos celebrating without a single team-mate congratulating him spoke volumes.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cup final goal scorer ignored like this.

The game ended with Celtic’s substitutes strolling through Newco.  Matt O’Riley and Sead Haksabanovic could have scored three between them.  Sead in particular, did well.

We should have had a penalty kick on 20 minutes.  Kyogo knocked the ball outside Newco keeper McGregor, who then clattered into the Celtic striker, but the referee was not interested.  It made no difference, so you and I will move on, but be clear: Kyogo controlled the ball, knocked it to his right, then McGregor made contact with both Kyogo’s legs.  The keeper never touched the ball.  It was of the stonewall variety.

Congratulations to Ange and the players.  Our sixth League Cup win in seven years; it’s not a bad old life.  More on the consequences of this later – and there are plenty.

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  2. HS – Jamsie will get his chance in this seasons Scottish cup final of that I have no doubt.



    A treble looms large.



    D :)

  3. My favourite bit of skill yesterday was a little ‘no look’, nutmeg pass Hatate did in the second half. Looked so tight from my angle (probably not as much so from a higher, central angle) but great skill nonetheless. Really like his style

  4. Big Jimmy another scam alaert is of a man with a mole on his face calling himself a manager trying to manage a trbute act from Govan.




    Please tell all tge huns you know they aee shite and always will be no matter if scan man says otherwise.



    D :)

  5. Coneybhoy – In the first half Jota nutmegged Kent, not sure if he meant it but it looked brill .

  6. Good evening, friends. Still nearly 5 hours to vote for your 3 top performers from yesterday. Almost 50 have come in so far and whilst there’s currently a clear leader, the next 5 players are separated by just 3 points so your votes really do count here. I look forward to hearing from you, whether you are a regular or a newbie! Thanks for your support. SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM

  7. 🚨 BREAKING! Dundee United ‘target’ Craig Levein as club chiefs ‘support’ manager’s return



    – I despair about scottish football. I really do.




  8. Happiest read back for years. It’s not just about winning a Trophy or skelping the Huns, good and all as that is.



    There is something special about Ange & the current squad, the style of football we’re playing, the infectious happiness of the players, the bond between the players & support, it was always special being a Celtic Supporters but right now it’s a pure joy.

  9. Weebobbycollins on

    Fritzsong @ 4.00…yes, I too noticed all the glum faces in the stand behind the celebrating Celts and I couldn’t help thinking GIRFUY…it’s great seeing their pain…

  10. Cracking match yesterday and for some reason I wasn’t nervous about the contest. Congrats to Ange and his squad on a fine team performance.


    Soccer like GAA and rugby has now become a game where the strength you have on your bench, they call it the bomb squad in rugby, is of crucial importance and Ange has this asset in spades.



    Was glad to see our defence under some serious pressure in the second half but they rose to the challenge admirably. Let’s face it, if we want to compete in Europe we need to have this kind of test more regularly.



    I like the lad Haksabanovic and whoever scouted this footballer deserves plaudits. A typical tough slav competitor. Let’s hope Ange gives him a lot of playing time in the future.

  11. if you waited 10 minutes after that there was only 2 persons left in the bottom south stand their end.



    dignity and loyalty and support my arse.

  12. Superbru Update



    I trust you’ll understand why I am so late with the updates from round 28 which ended 2days ago.



    Anyways a short fixture list of only 4 games means a tight table and we have :_



    1st- OneMalloy- 8.5 points


    2nd= mckenna88


    2nd= Celticrollercoaster- both on 7 points



    At the bottom end, 14 posters managed 0 points . Ten of those have the excuse that they failed to get their predictions in but four got all 4 match predictions wrong and amongst those the computer awarded the weekly wooden spoon to James Cant.



    So, to the top of the overall table, an and we have our first change of the top 3 names in quite a while . A recent run of blind luck has propelled Celticrollercoaster into the placings (he also managed a few overtime goals to obtain a draw for our 6 a side team on Saturday morning so he’s having a good week). We have:-



    1st- A thing of beauty- 166 points


    2nd- Leggy- 154 pts


    3rd- Celticrollercoaster- 151 pts



    Ayrshire Tim has dropped out of the prize spots but is only 1 point off 3rd. All the way down to 8th place are within 10 points of 3rd. 58 of our 68 are on over 100 points now and only the irregular predictors are well off that target. I will award the genuine wooden spoon prize to the lowest performing regular predictor in May.



    The next game week, Round 29, sees us with 6 weekend and 3 midweek fixtures, giving 9 matches in all. This is one of the best chances to top the 15.5 points won by the class of 67 who is leading our individual game week top points score- so choose carefully or ask one of our top 3 for tips if you trust them. First fixtures kick off at 3pm on Saturday 4th March. Good luck to us all and may we be as lucky as Ange.

  13. Ever Given? Or Shay Given?


    Charlie Green? Or Ever Green?


    These are the questions that need to be asked




  14. clyde is hilarious tonight,



    he went from undefeated super clever manager to ………… a mug who cant pick a team.

  15. Loved big Oh putting a marker on davies



    or an elbow in the ribs



    We have missed someone that isn’t scared to put it about a little

  16. And a bye the bye,



    the sky lit up green last night, and is doing it again tonight, glasgow is indeed green and white.

  17. Great win yesterday. Thought the whole team played well. AJ is turning out to be quite a find – he has adapted quickly and brings some steel to the backline that Josip lacked. Should bode well for Europe next season.



    Both goal were brilliantly created and highlighted just how bad our opponent was. It was classic forward play from Celtic that we see every week.



    One of the big highlights was Joe Hart’s interview after the game. With the ‘Walk on’ in the background and the way he expressed his feelings for the club and the support. It was quite emotional.



    Shame we didn’t convert a couple of the 3 perfect opportunities we had to score at the death. 4 goals would have put a fair perspective on the scoreline.



    Anyone notice how McGregor tried to trip Kyogo as he turned away to celebrate his second goal? They really are a classless bunch also demonstrated by the way they left the field before we were presented with the cup.



    Don’t recall feeling so pleased after a League Cup win



    Reporting Scotland are mentioning the final wtf !!”



    Not only that but when they interviewed two Dundee Utd `supporters` about their team`s problems, one of them was Friesdorfer ( who is definitely a Tim ) !!


    PS He spoke well on the matter so Utd fans will all be asking who their erudite fan is…..they might even want him as their next manager :-))

  19. Prestonpans bhoys on

    This was pointed out in a post on SC, so I looked up the Express and again at the game photos, it’s true 🤔



    “Rangers refused to print the details of their Viaplay Cup final on their shirts over the weekend to avoid having ‘Celtic’ on their strips. Though breaking the tradition did not prove to be a good omen as they were beaten 2-1 by their fierce rivals.”

  20. Anyone notice how McGregor tried to trip Kyogo as he turned away to celebrate his second goal? They really are a classless bunch also demonstrated by the way they left the field before we were presented with the cup.







    Don’t recall feeling so pleased after a League Cup win







    they were faster up and doon the stairs than they were on the pitch, it could be set to benny hill music

  21. DAVID66 on 27TH FEBRUARY 2023 4:54 PM



    Big Jimmy another scam alaert is of a man with a mole on his face calling himself a manager trying to manage a trbute act from Govan.




    😂 Quality 👍🏻

  22. If the officials and the Media in Scotland were both fair,would our pleasure in victory still be as great?

  23. Anyone else a bit rough today?



    Had a cracking day yesterday and was back home for 9, but obviously managed to sink a few before then and feeling it today.



    The result, the videos, links and all the chat are keeping my spirits up though. 😂😃🇮🇪🍀🏆

  24. P.s. dare I say it, the referee had a good game other than the 2 minutes odd he added to the 5 mini of added time.



    Tin hat time!

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