Celtic face challenge of fortified Dens


Hope you all enjoyed a great Christmas yesterday and are looking forward to what is sure to be an atmospheric Celtic fix tonight.

Dundee are six points from safety at the bottom of the table and drifting ominously after their mini-revival ended a few weeks ago, so is this a forgone conclusion for Celtic?  Not at all.  This is the perfect game for Dundee; a packed Dens with the opportunity to dispense with the normal responsibility to take the game to their opponents.  Instead they can fortify themselves to take on the champions.

Celtic will have the opportunity to give James Forrest more playing time after his successful return from injury against Ross County on Saturday as they complete a run of three games against the bottom clubs in the SPL.

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  1. Foiled. Got too excited and by time logged in, we’re already four posters! Nothing to say, just thought i was going to sneak under the radar with a first…..should have known better.


    My son got the CQN annual and he’s not put it down yet….tho he is off to Dundee via the pub now so I am about to have a wee sherry and enjoy it.


    Think we’ll win we’ll tonight.

  2. blantyretim



    14:17 on


    26 December, 2012





    Paul is abviously around so you can contact him if you prefer..





    Already email yourself.



    Dont mind either way .



    Paul67 -whats your email address ?

  3. Just watched the whole match against barca for the first time



    A fantastic team performance… Every player gave 100% .



    So proud of the performance and result



    Bring on the old lady

  4. kikinthenakas



    14:25 on 26 December, 2012









    Email sent to you….









    Thanks for the help bhoys

  5. Just posted this on the last blog before it jumped to the new one.






    Do you think I was joking.I’m very serious,trying to get him over plus his brother in law and two others.putting out the feelers just now,just waiting on a reply to the e-mail I sent him.I am serious though.

  6. GourockEmeraldBhoy on

    An hour to go, sheesh this day is getting longer. Leftover turkey for tea tonight and a few alcoholic beverages to wind down for the game tonight.



    Any confirmed team news yet ?




  7. Merry Christmas to one and all



    Hard game but hopefully run out winners with more than a few to spare looking forward to the hoops in good voice tonight Hail Hail

  8. kikinthenakas.



    Just saw your post to BT,I’ve just remembered, you did invite me to your place and I’m so sorry for not getting back to you.I was feeling shitty with the diabetes,it started when I was having a drink with a few of the punters on Saturday night,had to leave early,and I forgot about your invite.



  9. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    My Christmas thought.



    If i ate Pate and Brussel Sprouts and drank Lager every day i could heat my house with my own supply of gas.

  10. Oldtim67



    Naw I knew you were serious, you mentioned it the other night.



    The best guy I know for tickets lives in Manchester. Today is the first Celtic game (home, away or in Europe) that he’ll have missed in 7 years.



    I will see him over the next couple of weeks though and I’ll put in an early request on your behalf.

  11. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Sky Sporfs News ‏@SkySporfsNews


    BREAKING: Man Utd’s Robin van Persie makes a quick recovery from a near-death experience to start against Newcastle.

  12. Hamiltontim.



    I await his e-mail reply,I may get them myself,I haven’t tried yet,but with you talking about tickets today,I thought I’d jump in and get to the front of the queue.

  13. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    Good afternoon from a dull North Staffs. Hope Santa was good to you all – got a few things Celtic related.


    Watch, socks, mug, briefs, Downfall and best of all tickets for Juventus game at CP – son,s booked it through Thomas Crook – includes hotel

  14. bournesouprecipe…………………team news



    Wee Jamsie set to return to the starting line up because Neil Lennon loves him so much and he’ll slot in to one of the midfield places.

  15. oldtim



    did you get any let up from little drummer bhoy?



    some clown round the corner from me set of fireworks at 2.30 this morning

  16. Good afternoon and greetings from a dry, bright D-land. I hope Santa was good to everyone. Mrs PMTYH bought me a Cuisinart Soupmaker for my Christmas, so I don’t know if this makes me a soup maker, a soup taker or both.


    I’ve got to disagree with Paul here, some team is going to take a right doing from us sometime soon and I feel that it might just be Dundee, I can see 6 or 7 today, myself. League wound up by winter break is another strong possibility though that might be a bit undesirable as we need to have some competition or else we could suffer in other competitions due to lack of motivation.

  17. BT



    Some trumpet let off fireworks about 10 pm …dogs went bonkers



    Wins nae too unhappy when the dogs started barking when I had them out walking at 6.30 this morning

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