Celtic face higher than body temps in Armenia


While the World Cup is a nice summer distraction, the serious business of Champions League qualification gets underway for Celtic one week tomorrow.  Right now, the temperature in Yerevan, Armenia, where we will face Alashkert, is an egg-frying-on-the-patio 38°C.  It’s to be higher-still at 7pm.

Brendan Rodgers may consider it wise to send his players out to pace themselves for the first 89 minutes or so.  Playing in heat warmer than body temperature is not something you can acclimatise to in a few days.   PLayers’ bodies will react in a way they will seldom, if ever, have experienced before.  I would bite your hand off for a draw and no remedial medical attention required.

Best of luck to Dedryck for Belgium’s round of 16 tie against Japan tonight, although I’m beginning to cross-reference World Cup Champions League dates.  You would not bet against Belgium remaining involved until the last weekend.

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  1. It’s 35 degrees here in Denia at the moment and I am at the sports centre picking my son up from summer sports camp. The kids on the football camp are out on the pitch doing their drills. Sure we’ll manage.

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  3. SFTB



    If you are looking for a cheap beer when visiting NY, then Rudy’s on the edge of Hell’s Kitchen (9th Ave, between 44th & 45th) is defo worth a visit.


    $12 for a pitcher of Rolling Rock with 4 hot-dogs included.


    Excellent dive bar & great atmosphere.






  4. weebobbycollins on

    Janko is a dud…


    Pukki is a flop…


    Musonda is a flop…


    Whoever writes these insulting articles is a floppish dud…


    or a duddyfying flop…


    Poor stuff…enough to make one want to flounce…


    But I won’t…(not yet)…


    Flouncing is the new registering…

  5. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Thirty years ago today, the very skilful and extremely underrated Billy Stark signed for us.



    Billy’s goal against the now defunct club in our 1 nil win, 3 or 4 games into the centenary season , helped lay the foundations for an excellent season.



    We were in Rome 2 years ago . The temperature was 38C . It was bad enough walking about in that heat , so I dread to think how it will impact our players in the first leg of the qualifier in Armenia.

  6. Funny caption winner on E-Tim’s Diary today.If you have not seen it,worth a giggle.

  7. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    SFTB – there’s a Family History Centre on Ellis island which allows you to search based on name and date of arrival.

  8. Fan-a-tic



    “Spain gave a clear demonstration why it is easy to counter and the reason the much lauded Pep has failed in the Champions league for 6 years”






    Yeah, it’s so easy to counter that lauded pragmatic managers like Mourinho and Contè ( much praised by you the season before last) only finished 19 and, ahem, 30 points respectively behind Pep’s side last season, with CL finalists Liverpool a mere 25 points adrift.



    And if only the young, naive Sir Awex had had just a bit more experience, I’m sure he could have easily countered it too in the 2 CL finals he lost to the vastly more experienced Pep, outclassed both times.



    3 titles in Spain, 3 in Germany , now one in England where he was told his style of play would not succeed.



    So glad he proved them utterly wrong, not only with the massive points margin, but a goal difference twice that of runners up Man Utd and 33 better than Liverpool, 2nd in the goal difference stakes.



    Winning while thrilling, magic formula.



    Winton Arms, Kilwinning aka “Orange Lil’s”


    I lived in Kilwinning in the mid 80s and was only ever in that “hotel” once. It was the day Boris Becker beat Kevin Curran to win his 1st Wimbledon title.



  10. SFTB



    Glad to see all the info you’ve had in response to the post about your holiday.



    I’ll be around that area, do you have a Gettysburg address??

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    So Scotland’s biggest music festival, which generates millions for local economy, is not on this Saturday, as the monkeys are out marching, truly Scotland’s Shame

  12. Hrvatski Jim on

    Apart from Celtic TV, does anyone know if the Alashkert game next Tuesday is going to be televised?

  13. Monday afternoon in the pub watching Brazil in the World Cup?



    Sambady try to stop me!

  14. What is the Stars on

    Anyone going to New York should visit McSorleys “Wonderful” Saloon on East 7th street just off 3rd Avenue


    One of the oldest ( if not the oldest ) pub in New York.Well worth a visit


    Actually the book McSorleys Wonderful Saloon by Joseph Mitchell is well worth read.


    Its not far from the Church of St Marks in the Bowery which is also worth a visit if for no other reason than to visit the grave of Thomas Addis Emmet the older brother of Robert Emmet

  15. !!BADA BING!! on 2ND JULY 2018 12:58 PM



    TRNSMT is at Glasgow Green again next week and the hun hordes have been displaced to Bellahouston. So the music festival has been prioritised.





  16. WITS


    Great !


    I have been trying to remember that name this morning!


    I lived Upstate NY for a year but when I was in the City, I visited McSorley`s on he recommendation of a mate from Long Island. I enjoyed the Pub .




  17. `displaced to Bellahouston`


    Bellahouston is far too nice a venue for those bampots to be displaced to. Gulag Archipelago much more suitable.




  18. ? on 2ND JULY 2018 1:12 PM


    !!BADA BING!! on 2ND JULY 2018 12:58 PM



    TRNSMT is at Glasgow Green again next week and the hun hordes have been displaced to Bellahouston. So the music festival has been prioritised




    According to the trnsmt site, the festival is on this Friday and Sunday. Not on Saturday, strangely enough.




  19. South Of Tunis on




    A fine place .



    First visit was in 1969 . No women allowed ! . Think that changed @ early 70s .



    Inside of the bar features in -Once Upon A Time in America .



    A Scorchio 36 -way down south . Fine -If I’don’t have to do anything . When it hits 38 (maybe next week ) I’ll start perspiring !

  20. Auldheid


    It appears to me that despite the ousting of Regan and. few others, that enough of the old guard remain to deflect the enquiries of Res 12 and Celtic.



    The scope of the enquiry was fiddled for the LNS probe and the same tactic deployed here.



    You would think Rangers did no wrong and it’s figment of imagination that they went bust with huge debts including a massive tax bill.



    Don’t give up!

  21. !!Bada Bing!! on

    ? on 2ND JULY 2018 1:12 PM


    !!BADA BING!! on 2ND JULY 2018 12:58 PM




    TRNSMT is at Glasgow Green again next week and the hun hordes have been displaced to Bellahouston. So the music festival has been prioritised.








    Friday and Sunday only mate, embarassing…

  22. weebobbycollins on

    One of these days I’m going to post that I’m off somewhere and does anyone know where I can find…..you know the rest…



  23. weebobbycollins on

    Hot Smoked….Gulag Archipelago is far too nice a venue for those bampots to be displaced to…


    Try Hell…




    A photo mate of mine drinks in McSorley’s and regularly posts photos of the place and the punters, looks like quite the shop:))

  25. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    WHAT IS THE STARS on 2ND JULY 2018 1:08 PM



    Joseph Mitchell – one of my favourite writers; am never without Up In The Old Hotel, the main collection of his writing.



    Also with you on McSorley’s. Great bar – that and Fanelli’s in SoHo are my 2 favourite Manhattan bars.



    About 25 years ago McSorley’s saw the end of a relationship when my girlfriend upended a beer over my head and marched out. (That was when flounces WERE flounces).



    Still, I got a round of applause – and beer – from the bellies at the bar, so fair dos.

  26. Who really cares if Jobo is a a moderator or not?



    Somebody has to do it.



    It’s not as if they are burning heretics at the stake ffs.



    Childish behaviour sometimes on here over the most trivial matters.



    I’m sure I’ve had a few posts deleted, too drunk to notice or care though most probably, and if they were deleted they deserved to be deleted.



    HH. ?




    On that point, I have been told there are records at Ellis Island of my grandfather coming into the country to work in the early part of the last century before he came back to Ireland and started his family in the 1920s. I am waiting for information on this from my Irish family but, if it does not arrive in time, does anyone know if I can research it on a trip to Ellis Island?



    *try ellisisland.org, i found my grampa on there while just googling his name and the US, I knew he had come over in the early 20th century but didnae know he came twice, the 2nd time with his wee brother, I also found that the latter returned himself a few years later. They also left from Southampton journeying there by train.



    Millions of name on there BTW but worth a try. Both my gramap and his wee brother returned hame, raised families and are buried in the Vale of Leven cemetery. You only get the incoming though.

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