Celtic fans impact in Liberia


capture-20170530-221909Mary’s Meals were in touch with photographs and information from the Sean Devereux Primary School, Montserrado County, Liberia, the seventh school we have funded through Mary’s Meals. We started to raise money for this school at Christmas. Each school day, 253 pupils are fed a vitamin-enriched meal, paid for by you.

Liberia has chronic problems, exacerbated by the recent Ebola outbreak. Only 38% of primary aged children attend school, largely as a consequence of the economic necessity to work in order to eat. The meals you provide address this central problem, but importantly, it ensures children attend school for what is often their only daily meal. This access to education provides life chances which carry decades worth of benefits.

Daniel Folley, deputy head of Sean Devereux Primary, said, “The school’s population has increased [because of the Mary’s Meals kitchen], and academic performance is at a peak. Hunger used to rive children down, when teachers used to speak, they were not paying attention. Now they are able to learn more.”

In 15 years Mary’s Meals has grown from a shed in Scotland into a force which feeds over 1.2 million children each day. As they work in the poorest areas, your money goes far. It costs an average of just £13.90 to feed a child for an entire year.

The other big reason we like Mary’s Meals is that 93% of funds raised reaches the recipient. The organisation runs on just a 7% overhead, which is exceptional in the aid sector.

Online communities get a bad press, but you share this blog with a lot of great people.  See below.  This is how it feels to be Celtic!


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  1. What is the Stars on

    8 men own more of the worlds wealth than the 4 billion poorest people



    let that sink in

  2. Arrived back home after a magnificent 5 days in Lisbon. The atmosphere, the people, the organized events all contributed to a unforgettable Celtic experience. It started on the first morning, sitting outside a Pastelaria when an older couple crossed the street, he with his Hoops top on. A big wave then hail, hail. We swapped stories about our journey. He told me he was there 50 years ago and showed me his match ticket that was sacred to him. The mass at the Basilica was very special and I have never seen so many people with tears in their eyes, very emotional. The stadium visit allowed you to imagine how it must have been for supporters and the team all those years ago. On to Pink Street and over 3 hours of non stop singing, a magical night for us and the locals alike.



    The day of the match and I met another couple in the street as they approached, her, replendent in yellow and he with his telltale green Fedora. “How’s it goan” as he spotted my Celtic badge. He too was there 50 years ago, buying his ticket from McGinley’s travel after his wife had won the bingo and gave him the money. He worked in a baker’s and the work’s van dropped him at the airport, with the driver giving him 2 pies for the flight. Alcantara, restaurant, then “Irish”pub to watch the match, just my wife and I, strange atmosphere but magic ending. Met with some CQN’rs who directed me to CR7, quick taxi, to join in with the celebrations in bar. Great day meeting with familiar CQN names and sharing the joy of being a Celtic fan. Shout out to An Tearmann as we reminisced about our common secondary school days, turns out he was at school with my brother.




    Thanks to all for your welcome, thanks to BRTH for organising the Lisbon 50 event and thanks to the people of Lisbon for taking the Celts to the hearts. Lisbon 2017 will long live in the memory.

  3. But that is a tremendous achievement Paul. Congratulations to all involved. 1.2 Million, WOW!

  4. What is the Stars on




    I think I met you after the game in that Irish Bar


    Were you with your wife ( or at least someone pretending to be your wife ???)


    We just had a brief chat and then went to CR&, you followed in

  5. calleyroadbhoy57 on


    CALLEYROADBHOY57 on 31ST MAY 2017 11:58 AM



    Morning all. Whilst still not fully recovered (food poisoning):). I thought I would try and put something together before I go back to llurkerland. First of all a massive thanks to BRTH for everything he did for me and my Son Marc. I will be eternally grateful Jim. To all the guys I met, PMYH(an old friend). Blantyre Tim, a great guy and the love and respect he shows for Davie(Oldtim) was lovely to watch. An Tearnan, my necks still sore from looking up at you. KITK, big Paul you’re a gem. Morrisey 23, Hugh you’re a true Rebel and for those of you who may have thought Mags McGill was a cantankerous old woman, let me tell you he is a very handsome man with fantastic silver hair and the most amazing Scots/American accent. Man crush? You bet :). Great to meet you John and Hugh. Big Jim Q from Germany. Alan B from Bathgate, My old PO colleague Tam McD, fellow taxi driver Dom G and his two fantastic Bhoys Craig and Keiran. Billy (Lionsroar) get well soon and John McC(Mallorbhoy?). All the Gorbals Bhoys, Brian G, Mick R, John C and the last of the name checks, Drew Bell, thanks for allowing Marc to share a taxi into Lisbon with you.



    2 quick stories which were highlights for me, if I may. At THE Mass on Thursday morning I don’t think there was a dry eye in the Chapel. I was thinking of my Dad(RIP) and I was sobbing when this young guy, who I don’t know from Adam, put his arm around me and consoled me. We met outside and he tells me he had travelled from Jersey. Turns out he is mates with my brothers 2 pals Joe Lucas and Johny young from the Gorbals. Thomas Panton you’re a gem. Finally, make of this what you will. In 67 my Dad travelled with the Sarsfield CSC on a chartered flight, the famous one which was late getting to Lisbon. He was dressed in slacks, white shirt club tie and green blazer with the club crest. After the match my Dad and his mate Jack McCourt went for a meal. A priest sitting at a table nearby sent them over a glass of red wine in celebration of the famous victory. On the Friday when my Dad arrived home, he was still immaculate apart from three dots of red wine on his shirt. When I woke on Thursday morning, had a shower and was looking through all my tops deciding which one to wear. I picked up the “Spirit of 67″ shirt which I had wore at the meal the previous night and to my utter astonishment, as God is my Judge and for those who saw me on the flight home will confirm, there was 3 drops of wine on my shirt. Hail Hail guys and God Bless.



    Back to lurking










  6. CALLEYROADBHOY57 on 31ST MAY 2017 12:07 PM


    Dont worry, we’ve all done it. Well i know i nearly have a couple of times.

  7. WITS


    Yes we met and it was my wife with me. Good to meet up with you on such a joyous day.

  8. It’s fantastic to read stories like that from P67 on your lunchbreak. After one of those mornings when you sit and think “What am I doing here?”, it’s uplifting to see the fantastic results that the generosity of everyone on here (and others) is having.

  9. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Has anybody heard from WITS recently?



    I hope he’s ok as it’s not like him to be blog missing for so long>

  10. I feel blessed to be part of the Celtic family and to have met so many great people via CQN.


    (And scunnered to have missed BRTH’s Lisbon extravaganza!!!)



    Thank you Paul67



    HH jamesgang

  11. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Findlay calling no witnesses.



    Summing up starts tomorrow.



    A deal been done?


    Perhaps the prosecution have chucked it and Craig will be a free man.

  12. thomthethim for Oscar OK on 31st May 2017 12:19 pm



    Findlay calling no witnesses.



    Summing up starts tomorrow.



    A deal been done?



    Perhaps the prosecution have chucked it and Craig will be a free man.





    Quite right. Have they not been embarrassed enough?







  13. A Stor Mha Chroi on

    Defence rest their case… they call no witnesses………………………………………………….




  14. ……If anything substantive happens to Feldman, I’ll eat my hat / bunnet.



    ShellGame. CSC

  15. Just a quick scan on Daily Rectum, and theres a story with video of some plantpot walking through McChuills singing a vile racist chant, I wont post it. What an idiot, sure he will be getting a chap on the door soon.

  16. What is the Stars on




    Yes ,thought that was you.


    Sorry but a lot of the weekend is now a bit of a blur.


    Couldnt stay too long in CR7 ( which was shaping up nicely) as Mrs Wits was knackered from the night before and had to lie down


    Bloody Women !!!!!





    ya dinnae have to worry about me oldyin


    Am daen fine de noo an all


    Even learnt some scottish over the weekend

  17. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    afternoon bhoys/ghirls



    great reading through the memories of last week, thanks for filing the blanks.. o-))



    called oldtim today and he is just about back to normal, whatever that is for him…



    KTF fellow tims and once again great work on Marys Meals



    wow, that’s some read, I had a strange sense of ‘deja vu’ as i read though …………but your own ‘story’ is a good one too ;-). Nice way to end it. Sure your Dad would have been looking down proudly.


    Don’t go back to lurking – if you have time to read the blog, you have time to chip in your tuppenceworth too.


    It was fantastic to meet so many over there, but also missed meeting so many others. how long until the new season kicks off ? Too long i think.

  19. Meanwhile the 2 huns, 1 who did the monkey gestures, 1 who invaded the pitch, get community service and banning orders. Thats a real deterrent eh!

  20. A Stor Mha Chroi on 31st May 2017 12:20 pm



    Defence rest their case… they call no witnesses………………………………………………….








    Findlay is clearly very confident that the Prosecution have done a pretty pish job of proving their case.



    The impending end of the trial now opens up other questions beyond Craig Whyte’s guilt or innocence…



    Will the Celtic board actually do anything about Res12 now that the WTC facts are out in the open and will soon not be subjudice???

  21. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    “Even learnt some scottish over the weekend”





    You should try out some of that Scottish on here!

  22. What is the Stars on




    Good to meet up last week


    My wife says you are a very nice man



    However her taste in men is obviously very suspect.!!!!



    Good to hear Oldtim is alive and well ( what a character)

  23. The Green Jedi on

    Re: The Whyte Trial (that’s if you can call it that!)



    Sounds to me that the Crown are formally going raise the white flag tomorrow (no pun intended) and bring this charade to an end. Old Mutton chops wont call any witnesses, as under Scottish Law he doesn’t have to, its up to the Crown to prove their case, (which they haven’t done) not for his client to defend it. The case will finally collapse on Monday, like we always knew it would when the Judges directs the jury to find Whyte not guilty.



    This morning’s events do prove one thing though, something that we all knew from the start. That is it should have been David Murray on trial and not our Hero Craigy Bhoy..

  24. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    obviously, tell her I loved the dungarees story….

  25. BABASONICOS71 on

    BARNEY67 on 31ST MAY 2017 12:22 PM



    Just a quick scan on Daily Rectum, and theres a story with video of some plantpot walking through McChuills singing a vile racist chant, I wont post it. What an idiot, sure he will be getting a chap on the door soon.




    Just watched that on a tweet.What a disgusting excuse for a human being the creature in the video is.And true to hun form an absolute idiot;filming himself and then posting it.The song’s pure bile,beneath comtempt.

  26. calleyroadbhoy57 on

    Barney67@ 12:11


    Bayern boy@ 12:30


    Thanks guys.


    HH Calleyroadbhoy57