Celtic fans to blame, apparently


I see Celtic fans are being blamed for rumours of Newco’s administration by their former manager, Ally McCoist. He could argue that. Alternatively, you could suggest that a business unable to secure bank borrowing, dependent on funding from directors, who will soon be forced to find £11m to make a share offer, has created more than enough financial uncertainty without Celtic fans’ assistance.

McCoist suggested “even the biggest Celtic fans in the country” do not want to see Newco go into administration. Not so sure you are right there, Ally. Personally, I would find it a funny, but it is not going to change anything. It would not lead to relegation and will not change the title race in any way.

The most significant outcome of administration could be forcing control from Dave King. Which would be a source of enormous regret.

You hang in there, Dave.

The CQN Podcast: A Celtic State of Mind (EP28) with former Celtic director Tom Grant

Paul John Dykes and Kevin Graham are joined by Celtic’s ex-director, Tom Grant, who offers a fascinating insight into the running of the club in the 1980s and 1990s.

Tom Grant explains exactly why Celtic refused to complete the Mo Johnston transfer in 1989, and lifts the lid on audacious efforts by Billy McNeill to recruit Peter Beardsley and Steve Bruce.

Tom Grant also dissects his relationship with Fergus McCann, and the impact of the ‘Celts For Change’ movement in overturning the ‘family dynasty’ board in 1994.


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  1. Celtarella – Awe Naw was one of the reasons I decided to stick with CQN…..always giving it to the man…whilst not being too much of a fanny. Intelligence with a wee dash o’ panache. Much missed.

  2. AoW


    He introduced it to me too. He got barred. Some sexual content relating to battered wives syndrome and Celtic supporters being OF. The above is a quote from an Awe Naw interview.

  3. Celtarella- yep incredible when some racist pumped up verbose right wing mo-fo’s got freedom of blog without censure. They did it for years. No comment from Paul. Pass my regards please.

  4. Oh, and, Happy New Year to everyone.



    Just getting over this Flu Crap, and, apparently the wrong flu jab was administered, to the nation – I don’t get it as allergic – but???? Was this another Tory Cut/Cull?

  5. Caltontongues- really? Am I on FF? Check yourself out man. Violent pish at its worst. We are better than that!

  6. ART OF WAR on 13TH JANUARY 2018 12:56 AM,



    Sorry, Mags is a friend we’re at the noise up.



    Awe Naw is just a wean fae Frankfurt/ Whitburn…:-)))

  7. Up like a bird on

    How come the future is bright ..ahumph..George peat and Gordon smith are never mentioned any more,



    These two guys are responsible for the biggest catastrophe in Scottish football out with David Murray



    After Legia Warsaw in murryfield i knew the game was up…The whole entire Celtic support Told Peter Lawwell to get to fu.. and he had to get his security team in to protect him …but he got a reprieve and an extra quarter million p.a extra and his pals in the SFA get a extra £200,00 per year bonus….for ahem.eh covering up the scandal thats went on and covered up mass scale corruption…anyone who can pay into Scottish football is now in my eyes mentally fucked up in the head.. simpletons

  8. Calton – Ain’t i the fanny? is Awe Naw self barred or Paul barred. Pure waste either way.

  9. CaltonTongues on 13th January 2018 1:01 am



    Mags McGill Morrissey 23rd and Awe Naw Annoni .. we’ll awe have a party in your house just like last time! :)

  10. Melbourne Mick on




    As regards flu jab Aussie gov. told us the same guff, personally


    i think were not being told the real truth, what’s new eh.


    O.K ghuy’s it’s hunt a hun time, and Guinness.


    H.H Mick

  11. Celtic worries me with the Triangle thing.



    It is like a Symbol to an Ancient small god.



    Nothing is gonnae stop it.



    Square Pete.




  12. GFTB , I WAS TRYING TO BAIT You AS WELL , but in a good way :)))) as in my post to BMCUW , hope to shake your hand mate , cos a know you are a good ghuy same as all of us tims . We may disagree from tim to Tim ( c what a done their) but if push came to shove a know who a want in my corner. Big pack You are defo a Tim bhud , to pleasant to be a Hun m8 , sorry for doubting you

  13. MELBOURNE MICK on 13TH JANUARY 2018 1:09 AM,



    I can’t get the Flu Jab as I’m allergic to eggs but, was up at Easterhouse HC for a different appointment and the Doctor told me it was the wrong Flu Jab. Apparently, there are various one to chose from each year????



    Maybe someone who works in the NHS can confirm this?????



    BTW, Govt’s can’t be slagged for this outbreak, I was seriously ill but, was no were near fit to head to the Royal – a lot did, hence the back log, as mirrored across the country.




  14. …☘️.☘️………….. ☘️.☘️.


    ☘️. …………….. ☘️……… ☘️.






    ☘️ ………………… ☘️.☘️☘️






    ☘️……….. ☘️. ……….. ☘️


    ☘️………..☘️. ……….. ☘️



  15. Ha HA was that Melbourne Mick giving me something like a compliment and then slaggin me.Well I’m a big bhoy and I can take it. I’m 67.and growing more handsome by the minute.Yes I also have the great honour of starting the first Celtic supporters club in OZ in 1981.A fantastic Celtic man helped me set it up.Mr George Deleany from the Celtic Supporters Association. He was an inspiration. Yes it can also be a challenge but the rewards by far exceed the negatives.Not every Celtic fan is a good guy. But down here in the beautiful Peninsula we are fortunate to have only a few wankers.They know who they are and stay well clear.Mick is one of our stalwarts in regards to supporting our club.However his inability to buy a round has me stumped,him being so wealthy.Anyway I am supposed to catch up with him for a pint on Monday.Will he buy a round? I’ll let you know.HAIL HAIL.

  16. Good night cqn , KEVJ MY FRIEND, hope one day to hold your hand in the jungle, just one more time, if not you’ll never walk alone my friend.


    Bufflercfc !!

  17. Amazing the CREW @ CELTIC.




    KevJ is right, he is tight on things.




    I think so many nae sayers, will become OH YEAH sayers.



    I’m Nothing.



    God Bless the Corner.

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