Celtic financials: supporters answered the call


Celtic’s annual revenue for the year to 30 June 2020 was down £13m to £70.233m, all or most of which will be due to the effects of Covid on the club.  Expenses are sticky, though, so the gap between what we earned and operational spending grew to a £10.3m deficit.  The net cash position dropped by a similar amount to £18.2m.

It was a busy player-trading year.  Kieran Tierney’s departure to Arsenal pushed sales to £24.2m (2019: £17.7m).  No matter how you viewed this transfer at the time, it did not cost Celtic a trophy and the cash will prove invaluable at seeing us through the crisis.

Player purchases topped £20m, a hefty uplift on £6.2m from a year earlier.  Success is seldom cheap.

Celtic resisted the temptation to sell any of their top assets in the summer and will do so again in January.  This season’s operational finances will be a sea of red.  Looking at these figures, you can anticipate those who wanted away this year to be allowed more freedom between the end of the season and 30 June 2021.

A final but important point.  Peter Lawwell’s statement included the following:

“I sincerely thank our fans for backing us in the summer of 2020 with a remarkable response to our season ticket campaign and the outstanding generosity shown in backing Celtic FC Foundation’s Football For Good initiative, all against a backdrop of being unable to attend matches and an uncertain economic environment.

“Your support has arguably never been more important than the present. The dedication and sacrifices made by the support are fully understood by both your Board and myself and are not underestimated or taken for granted.

“Finally, I would like to thank our employees for whom this has been a deeply unsettling and uncertain time. Their commitment and dedication in the face of the numerous challenges has been an outstanding reflection of their character and the values of our Club.

If ever a time demonstrated the difference between supporters and fans, it is now.  The support offered to Celtic by tens of thousands during this time will be a reference point for generations to come.  We never cleared ground to build the first Celtic Park, but when the call came we answered.

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  1. P67 — Good to see that you are putting quotation marks around the words and thoughts of PL.



    Usually you just regurgitate them and claim them for yourself.



    The figures are not great.


    We are financially in a post BR slump.


    The player spend shows what happens when you become too agent friendly.

  2. AD @ 7.30



    Then why was CMcG telling him what to do?


    When he came on CMcG did all the talking — pointing out where he should play.



    As noted earlier — usually it is the player coming on that does the talking.


    Consequently not good.

  3. Notice Saint Stivs your comment on Real praising Big Billy and Paddy Crerand after the game and that night the latter was magnificent yet 4 month later he was gone tae Old Trafford and broke not only this wee bhoy’s heart but possibly thousands more.



    Now we all know the story of him greetin when he heard he had been sold on leaving Mass, however, I have read recently, and this came from within the Parkheid dressing room as well as the streets of the sooside, that he actually engineered the move himself. Hmmmmmm

  4. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    TONTINE TIM. I was at that game as well and, apart from the excitement and privilege of seeing the mighty Real in the flesh and Celtic holding their own against them, my abiding memory of that night was the mounted police charging us in The Gallowgate after the match for singing rebel songs and waving Tricolours.



    Bigots then and bigots now.

  5. Crerand leaves…..”What’ll we do, what’ll we do?….Woe is us…..Who are you then?”



    “Eh…Ma name’s Bobby Murdoch! Can a git a gemme”



    “Don’t know if you could follow in Paddy’s footsteps son!”






    “That Murdoch’s some player…Whit wis the name o’ that chancer he replaced….?”




  6. IM @ 7.50



    So BM for PC was a straight swap?


    In the same vein — who replaced BA in the team when he was sent to Brum?



    Although BM came through the ranks — I think PC was a big loss to the club.

  7. MM …it was a wee imaginary tale.



    However in that era the clubs were like slavemasters pulling the rope round the neck (by the way ..that was the origin of the tie).



    Paddy himself will tell you that when he went it opened the door for Bobby and that if he’d stayed he would have lost his place anyway.(HIS WORDS)



    Bertie Auld was never ‘replaced’ which is why he broke the old adage “never go back”! The simple fact is that at that time at the Club, Jimmy McGrory was the titular manager but Bob Kelly picked the team, managed the recruitment and set the style……Why do you think we were remarkably unsuccessful….until Jock broke that old ‘adage’ as well.



    Celtic from 1954 to 1965 had some great talents….my dad used to sit with some of them on the tram going to the game….but they had no football leadership.



    My god, even when Jock eventually came back, Bob Kelly tried to make him joint manager with Sean Fallon. Jock demurred and the rest is history ….



    “as Bobby Murdoch slotted a driven cross into the Inter Milan penalty area, Stevie Chalmers connected …..and approximately half of Scotland’s west coast trembled under the impact of an 1888richter quake”…..



    meanwhile down in Manchester Paddy Crerand thought “If only….if only…”




  8. I’ve seen most of it before but never such raw desire verging on lust, stoked on a fire of hatred, bigotry and envy.















    We should be motivated as never before.






    WG, ML2






    Keep it lit!

  9. Very sad to hear the news of Kevin McCarra’s death at the age of 62. Apparently, Kevin had suffered from Alzheimer’s for several years.


    An outstanding sports journalist and a great Celtic man. RIP

  10. No doubt Covid 19 made a bit of an impact on Celtic’s turnover to June 30, 2020, but did it really account for a shortfall of £13 mill? We were out of Europe, had played 30 games in the SPL and were in the SC semi-final. Maybe four of those matches at home, but only around 7000 seats max to sell at each, not all at £30 though, loss of some TV money probably, and our share of possibly two games at Hampden. £13 mill? Nice work if you can get it, which we wouldn’t and didn’t. Fact is we reached £70 mill plus twenty years ago, and that was without selling the likes of Kieran Tierney. Not a complete disaster, but nothing to write home about.

  11. MAD MINCE,



    “The figures are bad,a post Brendan Rodgers slump”


    Are you for real.Are you living in the same reality as the rest of us.?Does Covid not exist in your wee narrow world.Some guff posted on here,but yours is right up there.


    Your comments on Calmac and Turnbull,too ridiculous for words.


    Unadulterated pish.

  12. Bobby Murdoch was already an established Celtic player, one, before Pat Crerand was sold, and two well before Jock Stein returned to Celtic in March 1965. He scored fifty goals in three seasons most from an inside forward position. Had Pat stayed Bobby would still have been in the team. Pat Crerand often talks of losing his place to Bobby had he stayed, wrong, Bobby wasn’t a right half. Kenny Dalglish could play right half, didn’t replace Bobby Murdoch though, did alright elsewhere.

  13. Let me precede my main point by saying that I am fully aware that Sevco have conceded 3 goals in 12 games and we have conceded 10 in 11 games.



    My main point:



    I have seen many posts referring to Sevco as a well coached/well organised side who are playing very well.


    I have also seen many posts saying how Celtic are badly coached/badly organised and playing very badly.



    Why, therefore, is it a FACT that we have scored as many goals as them (and played one game fewer) , drawn as many games as them and lost ONE game more than they have?


    Those stats do not reflect the gulf between the two sided that the MSSM are claiming nor does it warrant Celtic supporters echoing the views of the MSSM.


    Finally, do the injuries and Covid victims that we have had count for nothing?

  14. bluegrass celt on

    Hot smoked: it’s going to come down thems v us. And they have outplayed us the last three occasions and Lenny doesn’t appear to have a scooby how to combat it.

  15. glendalystonsils on




    I made a point yesterday re our injuries and Covid affected absentees . A rough equivalent for Sevco could hypothetically see them without Barasic , Goldson , Kamara , Kent ,Tavernier , Morelos . They would be significantly weakened and their results would be affected accordingly .


    That’s not to say our current problems are simply players missing .

  16. Celtic Mac,


    Must have been significant numbers claimed the season ticket refund for 4 home games, so all season ticket money could not be banked





    Player between Sammy and Charlie, is Lukaz Zaluska


    Can’t identify the other



    Not looking for an argument, but consider this:


    They are missing Croatian international Katic.


    They have interchanged players for goalkeeper, 3 of the back 4 positions, several of the midfield and front positions without missing a beat, because their 4-3-3 remains constant, while our firmations are all over the place.


    All our Covid related missing personnel were available earlier in the season, and we were still playing poorly.


    Shakhtar Donetzk beat Real Madrid away with 10 missing Covid players, and AZ Alkmaar did the same to Napoli with 13 missing, so I don’t necessarily buy that our missing players have been the reason for our malaise.


    We still have to go to Easter Road and Livingston, where Der Hun struggled, and of course to the Bigotdome, so we have a tough row to hoe yet.


    Yes, we have scored the same number of goals in the league, but in all games, including pre-season, up to now, they have conceded 6 to our 23. They are racking up wins with clean sheets


    (2-0 Lyon, 2-0 Nice, 5-0 Red Imps, 4-0 Willen II, 2-0 Liege, 2-0 Celtic, 2-0 Livi) while we have goals raining in like confetti. Unless we get a lot tighter at the back ( lost 8 this week alone) we will win nothing this season.


    As I said, not looking for an argument, but anyone who thinks we are in a good place right now is respectfully not being observant.

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