Celtic financials: supporters answered the call


Celtic’s annual revenue for the year to 30 June 2020 was down £13m to £70.233m, all or most of which will be due to the effects of Covid on the club.  Expenses are sticky, though, so the gap between what we earned and operational spending grew to a £10.3m deficit.  The net cash position dropped by a similar amount to £18.2m.

It was a busy player-trading year.  Kieran Tierney’s departure to Arsenal pushed sales to £24.2m (2019: £17.7m).  No matter how you viewed this transfer at the time, it did not cost Celtic a trophy and the cash will prove invaluable at seeing us through the crisis.

Player purchases topped £20m, a hefty uplift on £6.2m from a year earlier.  Success is seldom cheap.

Celtic resisted the temptation to sell any of their top assets in the summer and will do so again in January.  This season’s operational finances will be a sea of red.  Looking at these figures, you can anticipate those who wanted away this year to be allowed more freedom between the end of the season and 30 June 2021.

A final but important point.  Peter Lawwell’s statement included the following:

“I sincerely thank our fans for backing us in the summer of 2020 with a remarkable response to our season ticket campaign and the outstanding generosity shown in backing Celtic FC Foundation’s Football For Good initiative, all against a backdrop of being unable to attend matches and an uncertain economic environment.

“Your support has arguably never been more important than the present. The dedication and sacrifices made by the support are fully understood by both your Board and myself and are not underestimated or taken for granted.

“Finally, I would like to thank our employees for whom this has been a deeply unsettling and uncertain time. Their commitment and dedication in the face of the numerous challenges has been an outstanding reflection of their character and the values of our Club.

If ever a time demonstrated the difference between supporters and fans, it is now.  The support offered to Celtic by tens of thousands during this time will be a reference point for generations to come.  We never cleared ground to build the first Celtic Park, but when the call came we answered.

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  1. Hoops on yesterday whale watching off of Dunsborough WA, no huns to be seen. Looking for Humpbacks and the more allusive Blue Whale. Luckily we had four pods of humpbacks to watch who were migrating south to Antartica. Amazing to watch these huge creatures breach and splash back into the ocean. About 2hrs in still no Blue Whales to be seen.


    Then on our return to where we boarded a huge spray punctured the air above the surface water to announce it’s arrival. It didn’t breach, instead it just ‘peeked out’ above the surface 3 times and then disappeared into the deep. The biggest animal known to man can grow to 100ft in length and can weigh 190 ton. Amazing sight to see.


    Wee man asked me on the way back to our digs why I was so confident we would see a Blue Whale as the tour operators don’t guarantee anything?



    Well wee man these animals are beautiful intelligent creatures, of course they would surface to get a glimpse of the famous hoops!





  2. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    No nothing, nada, nil, zilch, thought after all this time in lockdown hundreds


    of Beale’s bouncy buccaneers would be out on the streets in their blue


    tops with mullions of stars dripping off of them, but zero.


    Maybe it’s just here and their not getting fed the horseshit from the Scuddish




    Did see a couple Celtic tops though that was the weemhan and his mates going


    down the footy park after school, usual gaggle of Sheilas following them.


    Oh to be young again lol.


    H.H. Mick

  3. AN TEARMANN on 27TH OCTOBER 2020 4:08 AM



    He makes some good points there but I’m wary of videos that are so heavily edited. The missing material can sometimes give the speech a completely different complexion.







    I stumbled accross CQN during the WGS era. Lurked for ages before posting. Your wit laden posts stood out as well as some others at that time, hope you stay on for a while.




  5. DBHOY…


    You can now say that ” You had a Whale of a time ” LOL !






    Im so glad that you are being allowed back into Pubs etc. Here in Glesga things NOT looking good IMHO ?



    My mate who owns my local Pub, and my other mate who works in the same Pub were on the phone last week telling me that they fully expected the Pubs to be reopened after the ” 16 Day Shut down”…which ended yesterday ( Monday 26th).


    I expressed a very different view, that the so called ” 16 Day shut down”, is in serious danger of being extended. It has..by One Week.


    However, I still think that there will be further “Extensions” announced later this week by the Scot Govt….which means that my ” NO Beer/Alcohol” will continue as I just can NOT bring myself to drink in the hoose. So as the Pubs ( especially my Local) are closed not only am I off the Beer….but I miss the Glasgow Banter in the Pubs.


    Having said that, I am in no mood to come across Gloating Huns in ANY pub !


    Give PADDY my best, and stay safe Bhoys.




    We shall RISE Again !

  6. DAVID66…( and anyone else who MAY be interested ?)…


    I took my Pet ” Rocky” to a different Vet yesterday ( The PDSA in Glasgow), and the news from those Vets was slightly better than the advice the Private Vet gave me 3 weeks ago !


    However, Rockys “Sugar Level” should only be about ” 4 or 5″…his Sugar level is ” 23″ !


    I now have to attempt to try and get a Urine Sample from him and return it to the Vet asap, as he MAY be Diabetic ?


    Thats gonna be Fun….NOT !


    He has Two broken teeth and some infection sadly.


    Ive told Rocky that the Broken teeth are HIS Fault….as he shouldnt have given that chancer.. Apollo Creed a ” Re Match” LOL !



  7. Good morning cqn from a very dark but dry Garngad



    Big Jimmy – How is wee Rocky?



    Still no Covid related issues at the bigot/cheat dome….nah didnae think so.



    Every workplace in the west of Scotland is feeling the effect of this virus but they carry on as normal. Strange that innit.



    D :)

  8. Big Jimmy – Some good news regarding the wee fella.



    At least if they know what it is they can try and treat it. Noo catch that pish😂



    I wish the wee mhan well🐱🐱🐱



    D :)

  9. DBHOY on 27TH OCTOBER 2020 6:36 AM




    Cheers mate.


    Many/Most on here have given their views on what is wrong with Celtic this season…I havent did so…as I really do NOT have the answers !



    I was calling for Tom Rogic to play/start on Sunday and he certainly didnt let anyone down with his Two brilliant assists IMHO ? I would never say that Big Tam is on a Par with Zidane( of course I wouldnt )….but the way he “GLIDES” across the Pitch sometimes reminds me of Zidane imho ?


    I dont have a “Mole” inside Celtic Park…so I cant say IF there is unrest etc….having said that, many/most on here do NOT have a ” Mole” either and just add to the speculation…which is NOT helpful.


    i try to ignore “Speculation”…no matter what form it arrives in.


    stay safe mate.




    We SHALL Rise again..of that I have no doubt.



  10. DAVID66 on 27TH OCTOBER 2020 6:46 AM


    Big Jimmy – Some good news regarding the wee fella.







    At least if they know what it is they can try and treat it. Noo catch that pish😂







    I wish the wee mhan well🐱🐱🐱





    For me to try and get a Urine Sample from wee Rocky….It will end up with Two Falls….and a Submission in the Lobbie LOL !


    I will be on the wrong end of that fight…thats for sure LOL.


    Stay safe Mate..give my regards to the good lady.



  11. Melbourne Mick on




    Spoke to Paddy today, wishes you well also.



    DAVID 66



    But they’ve got the super tactician, faith healer, doctor, physician


    you name it, Beale the brilliant.


    Did you not realise that? 8-))


    H.H. Mick

  12. The thought of Slippy’s irritating face if he lifts the trophy plus the gushing praise from Scotland and England actually turns my stomach.



    We CAN’T let this happen….

  13. It could be, of course, that the huns have discovered their own Covid vaccine. This would have been secured following a biopsy on their kitman’s dentures and will be known as Bell’s Falsy (beats Brewer’s droop). Doubtless Celebrity Professor Archibald Leitch will be first in the queue.




  14. “ Success is seldom cheap.”



    Failure will be far most costly.


    And, on the basis of the season thus far, fail we will.



    I wanna be a happy clapper, but the evidence just doesn’t allow it.



    HH jg

  15. TONTINE TIM on 26TH OCTOBER 2020 7:35 PM


    ‘Notice Saint Stivs your comment on Real praising Big Billy and Paddy Crerand after the game and that night the latter was magnificent yet 4 month later he was gone tae Old Trafford and broke not only this wee bhoy’s heart but possibly thousands more.







    Now we all know the story of him greetin when he heard he had been sold on leaving Mass, however, I have read recently……… ‘








    I’ve read recently that French Eddie has heart problems as a result of having Covid (and that came straight from the mouth of one of his doctors, well maybe not straight, but as good as).



    Also there was a fist fight in the Celtic dressing room. Broonie had a go at Lenny, Duffy stepped in, and Frimpong decked Duffy. That’s how he lost the two teeth, it was nothing to do with an abscess.

  16. FAVOURITE UNCLE on 27TH OCTOBER 2020 8:25 AM




    They’re admitting to two, so it could be a lot more.

  17. As I don`t consider you one of the gossipmongers, your opening sentence had me worried for a second !!

  18. …..I’ve read that a Unicorns breath can revive a dying kitten, and that


    a Robin’s wing is stronger than steel…….


    …….I’ve even read that “The rainjurs” are going for 55………….




    Incredible things……..




  19. WINNINGEMMELL on 26TH OCTOBER 2020 10:18 PM


    Our latest 9-in-a-row was what I wanted. Our second blows oldco’s single cheatery-sequence out the water. Ten will be icing.







    Thanks for kind comments this evening








  20. Big Jimmy- was talking to a couple of pals who have pubs in both North and South Lanarkshire, they don’t think they will be open, this side of Christmas

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Serious question.



    If someone at Sevco had Covid-19 …



    … How would anyone know?



    Would they report it?



    Would the SMSM run with it?

  22. B to B……..



    thur usually v quick with “positive” ….”news” fro them parts!








  23. BACK TO BASICS- Aribo went missing for a few weeks, right after it was rumoured he went to Spain with a burd…..

  24. Bada – I had the very same thought on his disappearance……..



    message management at a whole other Level for the huns and placemen fans at The Times, Herlad and Shortie are just doin’ thur patriotic duty by simply choosing not to ask the pertinent questions….especially in a time of crisis…

  25. Bolli was a total wally for what he did, personally and collectively – especially how it has impeded any momentum we had but Bhoy was he made to pay for it………….and it fair united al o’ scoddland agin the common enemy, eh?



    We are treated differently.

  26. !BADA BING!! on 27TH OCTOBER 2020 9:48 AM


    Big Jimmy- was talking to a couple of pals who have pubs in both North and South Lanarkshire, they don’t think they will be open, this side of Christmas




    Sadly, I think your Pals will be proved correct…Unless ?


    MAYBE The Scot Govt will look again at Pubs etc IF the infection numbers go down in the next couple of weeks ?


    For folk like myself, ( who live alone etc), Christmas is usually a pretty lonely time anyway……but in the past at least I could go to my local Pub and have a chat and some laughs with the other Punters and staff etc.


    I dont think that will be on the agenda this year.


    Of course its NOT ALL about Guys like me and not going to a Pub etc, its especially tough on kids and parents/grand parents etc.



    In recent times my Local Pub has been “SAFER” for me to visit and have several Beers…while a couple of Cafes that I have visited have NOT left me with any confidence…Thats a FACT…as Ive seen little evidence of customers and Staff in those Cafes acting accordingly with social distancing, lack of Masks when entering or leaving that Cafe.



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