Celtic flattered Salzburg and AEK


When you are knocked out of Europe there is a hope that the victors go on to do well in the tournament.  Valencia overcame Russian fourth placed club, Krasnodar, in the Europa round of 16, but it took a 93rd minute goal to rescue what was an away goals elimination.  Less impressive that Villarreal, who walloped Russian leaders, Zenit, 5-2 on aggregate.

The consensus was that Salzburg were the best team we faced in Europe this season, but they were unable to overturn a 3-0 first leg deficit to Napoli.  Napoli are at a multi-decade peak, adrift of Juventus but comfortably ahead of all others in Italy, but still, when we faced Salzburg they looked strong enough to withstand an evening in Naples.

Valencia may yet make a late push for the trophy, but at this stage, it looks like we were beaten in Europe by teams with limited potential (and let’s remember, AEK lost all six Champions League group games).

Leipzig continue to occupy a Champions League qualification spot in Germany and will still be wondering what went wrong in the Europa League group stage.  That was a worthy scalp, but we flattered Salzburg and AEK.

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  1. eddieinkirkmichael on

    That’s Peter letting us know we won’t be approaching Marco Rose to be next Celtic coach, ahh well Lenny it is.

  2. glendalystonsils on




    Those are far from the only two teams we have flattered in Europe . The question is why? It seems we have a psychological barrier to overcome.

  3. Contrary to popular opinion I think Brendan done quite well for us in Europe considering the backing he received.



    I will stick my neck out and say Brendan’s Euro record of two CL group stage qualifications and a EL last 32 will be envied in the years to come .



    Ps I hope I’m wrong.




  4. Jamesgang



    TOPBHOY,I knew someone on here could help me ;-)…. I’ll give you a call next week if that’s okay and you can talk me through it, all a bit confusing at the mo.



    Thanks Again HH

  5. Hutchybhoy



    Like jamesgang says it can all be done via river.


    Venice top tip – ensure your local waterway is not subject to dredging lol enjoy :-)))

  6. weebawbabitty on

    HUTCHYBHOY, beware eating or drinking in st marks square, as restaurants bars playing music does a surcharge

  7. We lost to Salzburg and Valencia because they play our tactics as well or better than we do and can defend better. They have, on the whole, better players and if we are going to play that way, a way that other better resourced teams play, without exception, in Europe, then we will, more often than not, lose to those with better players across the board. Lenny and Wee Gordon showed what we need to do to succeed in Europe and it does not involve passing the ball about the back, attractive as that is. Do whatever it takes to win your home game: absolutely essential.



    AEK, however, was a different story altogether….

  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    I noticed the deadly bears are mumping their gums about arrangements to the game at CP. They are to meet before the game and be chaperoned to the game an hour or so before kick off.



    Was there not a similar arrangement for us at their bigotdome?

  9. HUTCHYBHOY on 20TH MARCH 2019 12:17 PM



    I’ve only been to Venice twice, both times were brilliant.



    The first was with a mate doing the InterRail thing. Slept outside a station, dry and undercover. The rain was lashing down, it was pitch black and every now and then a flash lighting would illuminate the silhouette of the buildings across the Grand Canal. Then an American pulled out a guitar everyone gathered round, and we had a bit of a Bruce Springsteen session. Marvellous.



    The second time was a weekend with the wife, pregnant with the first kid. We had rented a wee room in an apartment block. We expected a small room with a double bed but ended up with a suite overlooking the canal, it was amazing. As we left there was a German (maybe Austrian) family outside or room giving the wee Italian woman who rented the rooms out hell. She couldn’t have cared any less. All she wanted to make sure was that my pregnant wife was OK and that we had a great journey home. I felt a bit sorry for the 5 of them in a single room with a double bed, while we were in the suite, but what can you do.



    My tip for Venice is get off the main path away from the tourists, just head up a side street and keep heading in the general direction you want to go in. You’ll get there in the end and have a much more pleasant walk. You’ll suddenly turn a corner and the canal, and some amazing vista will appear before you, without the hassle of all the other tourists.



    The one thing I wish I had done but haven’t managed is head over to the beach.



    Whatever you do I’m sure it will be awesome.

  10. Asupporterwhogotlucky on

    Celtic have been garbage in Europe under Rodgers, in my personal opinion, Parkhead was once a fortress at home European games.



    I drove past by the Leper Colony at Auchenhowie last night, on my way home, and it was floodlit, i was in shock that the lights were still on.







  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Easy to remember Lenny’s results in Europe by the Barcelona win and forget everything else. After the group stage that season we lost seven out of eight, scored three and conceded nineteen. There was a lot of guff in there. Strachan’s time with us was almost a lifetime ago in football terms. Peak bus parking. Football has moved on. Look how Mourinho has struggled relative to his early years.


    We need to keep going down the BR route, but tweak it a bit. Get a proper counter-attack in place. No more isolated one up front.


    Get in a German/Bundesliga coach. They have these skills. Zeljko Buvac, Adi Hutter, Daniel Farke, whoever!


    We need to continue developing our young players as good footballers who can do ball retention. Can’t be going backwards.



    That’s Peter letting us know we won’t be approaching Marco Rose to be next Celtic coach, ahh well Lenny it is.





    When ambition is only consigned to profit.


    Same as it ever was.

  13. DBHOY


    I think that bhoy is a cracker.


    Baffling that he has not had game time for first team?


    Hope we see him soon.

  14. We were knocked out because we had a manager with his eye on another gig who was unable to learn from his mistakes and failed to correct basic defensive errors over the 2 AEK legs (replica goals against). This continued into the Europa league where we managed to regress even more under him. The manager was allowed to string us along by a board who could give the SFA a good run for their money on the lack of accountability stakes.


    They sold us disco lights, loan signings and a manager who was they knew was not here for the ten.

  15. glendalystonsils on

    Delighted that KT will not be playing on the plastic in Astana . He should have joined the multitude of call offs in the first place. I mind last season McLeish and McFadden bumping their gums about players who call off risking their international future. If he sticks to that he’s going to end up with a Scotland squad of Hamilton , St. Mirren and Dundee players.

  16. in ither news………..



    iShortie doesn’t mind creating and leaving the impression that one of our players who travelled with the squad is injured.



    I think whoever is responsible would prefer it if he was crocked or at least if not crocked the rest of the footballing world associated him from now on with career limiting and therefore transfer value limiting injury……


    Funnily enough this perspective does not stop thum also spreading spurious transfer rumours to pastures new……..





  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Kieran Tierney is OUT of Scotland’s Euro 2020 qualifier in Kazakhstan.



    Callum McGregor will be captain in the Astana Arena.

  18. Plenty on here telling us Marco Rose shouldn’t be our next manager,now if we don’t go for him it’s all big bad money grabbing PLs fault .

  19. Good evening CQN from a happy Garngad, happy because KT is having a rest.



    Is Cal Mac fit?? Should he or could he pull out, if in any doubts he should be seeing the docs at Scotland.


    That said, I hope all our players on international duty do well and come back unscathed.



    Roll on a week on Sunday.



    D. :)

  20. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    GlenDalysTonsils 3:18


    Indeed. And absolutely no irony from Mr “sod this I’m off to Birmingham”!


    Just a pity we have such a bunch of lickspittles in the media who pander to this failed manager, calling him a Scotland legend when they should be calling him out.

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Glad KT not playing but still very unhappy.



    14 hours total on a plane during a 3 day period isn’t going to help his hip.



    Robertson stayed at home to “have a minor operation to remove an oral abscess”



    Translated from Spin to English …..



    “Screw that. Andy’s going to the dentist”



    Kieran should never have travelled.



    Hail hail


    BIG ECK sounded pissed there explaining why KT not playing.




  23. I think there is the CL fatigue factor as well Paul. Why should the champs in one of Europe’s traditional leagues have to overqualify year after year….in the month of july!! UEFA are SFA in disguise.

  24. If lennon wins the league and scottish cup he should get the job. He is a good manager and If he is willing to work as a first team coach within the larger football get system why not give him the chance.



    To much talk about the massive rebuild needed in the summer. Yes we willing lose lots of players but only benkovic (to many injuries) and boyato are first team starters. we only need a couple of additions, albeit, quality additions.



    Rightback x 1 and centreback x 2 sets us up for the new season.



    No need to purchase cover for k.t as hayes can do it for season with gutman coming in next year. Ralston can act as cover for Rightback and perez willing also be here in a year as well.



    Ajer, somunovic and 2 others so long as we can move on comperr and hendy.




  25. all this talk about who is the next Celtic manager cannot be good for NL. The guy is human and to feel he does not have a chance, then will he be fully motivated I ask. Think so , but it is bound to have a bearing on his mindset for sure. If he is to go and I sincerely hope he does not, I’d like us to go for Raf Benetez of Newcastle. Providing we back him with decent money then I think he’d be ideal.


    On a different topic, I’ve mentioned before that my big love in life, passion reallly , is cars and motor sport. Anyway a wee question for you. Can you name two racing drivers named after Scottish towns please.




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