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Is that the time?  Many thanks to everyone who submitted questions for the Club to answer at the Forum this evening.  CQN submitted six pages of questions along with many other groups, from which an agenda has been prepared (below):

Stadium Atmosphere and Matchday Policy:

What is the current position in respect of the Green Brigade?

Do the Club believe their response to Motherwell was justified and proportionate?

Stewarding at home matches is heavy handed in certain sections of the Stadium e.g. Block 122 and Blocks 110, 111 & 112, is there a reason for this?

The presence of FoCUS at home matches is intimidating and antagonises supporters, is it necessary to have them and if so can they be located in an area which is less intrusive?

Can the Club introduce a code of conduct which all Stewards need to sign up to?

Attending matches is expensive, what are the Club’s plans on ticket pricing?

Safe Standing has been regularly discussed, what is the current position?

The Coach Park has been relocated to an area which is unsuitable for the majority of fans who use it, what is the longer term plan?

The Kerrydale Bar has been a welcome addition to matchday are there plans for another?

What are the Club’s thoughts on the current location of the Family Section?

Stadium Catering has long since been considered over-priced and sub-standard, what is the current position in terms of offering an improved service?

Many fans feel their support is taken for granted, would the Club consider adding value by recognising long-term support for 5, 10, 15 years’ Season Ticket purchase by offering upgrades to Premium or Corporate for a day?

With so many empty seats on match day at present can the Club not allocate these to good causes, school and youth groups and community projects?

PR & Communication:

There is a perception that the Club are quick to criticise our fans but slow to praise them, what’s the Club’s view?

Why is the Club not more vocal when our Manager, Players and Fans are attacked in the media?

The Club is seen to be slow to react to key issues through the media, why is this?

The Club has stated its opposition to the OBTC Act but there is a sense that it has to do more in support of the fans who are affected by this, will the Club take a more vocal position?

Is this meeting a recognition from the Club that a gap exists between the Club and the fans?

The Club are often considered to be on the back foot in terms of PR, is there recognition of this from within and is there a plan to drive the PR strategy by producing more positive stories?

Would the Club consider the introduction of a weekly phone-in show to combat existing shows which often provide misinformation or unrealistic comparisons from unqualified sources?

Supporter Specific Issues:

Given the level of demand which exists, would the Club consider adding to to the excellent new disabled supporters’ facility or creating something similar in another part of the stadium?

Fixture re-scheduling at short notice is costing supporters money and ultimately driving fans away, can the Club seek an agreement with all other Clubs that a minimum notice period is put in place?

Would the Club consider a floating credits scheme for fans outside Scotland to mitigate losses when matches are rescheduled?

Murrayfield – what is the plan relative to transportation and kick-off times, also Edinburgh cannot be accessed in a 24-hr trip by Irish supporters, can this be reflected in their Season Ticket offering?

At present away, neutral and European match ticket allocations are based on attendance of matches at each of the defined categories.  Would the Club consider a scheme where all matches are taken into account including attendance at home matches as this would encourage more fans to attend home games?

For European match ticket allocation there is no stated policy at present, this leads to confusion as fans don’t always know when they will receive an offer or if it’s first come first served, this needs to be made clear by way of a stated policy which allows for clarity and gives supporters a defined process.

If you would like to read the new CQN Magazine, GO HERE to read properly, and for FREE, the graphic below is just a taster.
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  1. I am all for the recognising long term season ticket holders, particularly those with 25 years as a ST holder :-)

  2. 50 shades of green supports wee oscar and his family.h.h.wee mhan on

    There i was waiting to pick wee shades at school and bang a new article appears .




  3. in the team again! now for the article…….I see celtic still don’t get whats due after beating barca

  4. 50 shades of green supports wee oscar and his family.h.h.wee mhan on

    Should be good tonight at the forum.Hope there’s plenty of good answers to some decent questions.

  5. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Do we have any idea how long it’ll take Celtic to respond to these issues?



    Re the question on focus, why are they even in the stands? I agree they should be round the away supporters as this is where most if not all the arrests have been at Celtic Park in recent years. So for me the question should be why are they even in the concourse, what is the justification for this?

  6. eddieinkirkmichael on

    A Ceiler Gonof Rust Dancing in the Moonlight with Annabel Goldie



    15:01 on



    Your secret is safe with me mate ;)

  7. Bom dia,



    Some good questions there, Paul. If you get a decent response to 50% of them you’ll have done well.











    I watched a bit of both matches last night (in that micro time window between the bairn going to bed, the wife finishing watching her novella’s and me falling asleep).



    Penarol (Urg) 0 Santos Laguna (Mex) 2



    Penarol were rank. Lacklustre and second to almost every ball. Only bright spot about their performance was Jonathan Rodriguez who came on for the last 20mins. First time I’ve ever really closely studied the wee guy and he’s definitely one to watch. Reminiscent of Messi in stature and how he moves on the pitch. So that’s the Kiss of Death on his career then!! Whatever, Penarol had too many 30+ aged players in their side last night and now have a massive task in front of them.



    Santos (with no Marc Crossas)were a well organised side who pressed high and exploited the spaces left by Penarol’s use of three center backs . Whether this was instrumental in Santos’s right sided Colombian winger, Carlos Darwin Quintero being MOTM or not I don’t know, but he certainly deserved it.



    Oddly enough Santo’s goals were scored by their sweeper and left back, Jonathan Lacerda and Javier Abella. Both on the break, both players as the second man supporting the attacker.



    Canny see past Santos taking Grp 8 at this stage. Only question is who’ll go thru with them?



    Independiente del Valle (Equ) 2 Union Española (Chi) 2



    This was a game that should’ve never gone ahead there was as much of the pitch underwater as above it. And as far as the ground, I’ve seen bigger Highland League stadiums.



    Anyway, the fitba was reduced to a Keystone Kops type – kick, rush, splash caper of mammoth proportions. That being said, Independiente’s, Fernando Guerrero (maybe some of you will remember him as being Owen Coyle’s next big thing when he was at Burnley a few years back ?) was the only one who caught the eye.



    I eventually gave up on this one as it was past bedtime. However, from what I can gather, Inde took the lead twice and pressed for a winner right to the end. Union were happy with the draw. The referee was poor. Union had their No.10, Canales and Manager sent off.



    The Manager was red carded for complaining to the 4th official about the Canales decision. Or as the paper here put it “…. The fourth official was Ecuadorian – which probably explains it…”



    Three games tonight…



    Def Sporting (Urg) v Real Garcilaso (Per)


    Bolivar (Bol) v Leon (Mex)


    O Higgins (Chi) v Dep Cali (Col)



    Maybe drop a wee line (or two) on the latest shenanigans here in Brasil later on…..

  8. A Ceiler Gonof Rust Dancing in the Moonlight with Annabel Goldie on

    eddieinkirkmichael, my favourite Scottish island is Barra. A beautiful place full of Tims who love a party. Great fishing if that’s your gig and a very interesting little 9 hole golf course. The Castlebay bar is a sight to behold on match day or if there’s a band playing. I saw the Vatersay boys in there years ago and also spent an afternoon watching Celtic cuff the deid huns. What a riot:-)



    Plus, five and a half hours on the ferry is a good wee aperitif to the main event. I hope to be heading up there some time in the summer to strangle some trout before young ACGR heads off to Uni. (Don’t tell Tony D my bhoy is going to Uni please:_))



  9. A Ceiler Gonof Rust Dancing in the Moonlight with Annabel Goldie on

    67Heaven …



    Ya auld bass. I left you two presents yesterday one on Page 1 and another last night. I hope you liked last night’s one:-)




  10. IMO this forum is just an attempt by the club to head off the Open Meetings already started up a few weeks ago. along the lines of club taking control and going with the road show after the first set of meetings a few years back and then dropping this as soon as it seemed fan appeasment in place.



    I’d be surprised if anyone is invitred to one of these if the open meetings of supporters are headed off at the coral. Just hope the CST see fit to continue with the process they have kindly organises on behalf of all fans rather than just a slect chosen few.




  11. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Phil’s latest



    When no news is bad news.


    28 Replies


    Even the best rules have exceptions.



    Indeed it is often the exception that proves the validity of the rule.



    In journalism as in life the statement “no news is good news” contains multiple wisdoms.



    Since I last visited Planet Fitba there has been no change and nothing to report.



    For the regular clientele at Ibrox this is not good news.



    The only event, if you can call it that, is that the mainstream media now feel authorised to discuss the cash crisis at Sevco and in rather stark terms.



    Whether or not wages will be paid to the players and staff next week is no longer a matter for message board conspiracy theorists heroically hiding behind usernames.



    As has been stated here several times the company that owns a subsidiary that runs the club that plays in the stadium that John Brown used to play for is skint.



    The new club that was formed in 2012 by Charles Green and his associates out of the body parts of Rangers has simply run out of cash.



    Loss making from the start Sevco Scotland Limited (quickly renamed The Rangers Football Club) had been bankrolled by the parent company the Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) since the Initial Public Offering (IPO) in December of that year.



    As of Monday 10th February I understand that the last of the IPO money was gone.



    Moreover, I have been informed that the credit facility of £2.5 million, provided privately by some directors, has been used up.



    It is worth noting that since it started operating as a football club Sevco Scotland Limited was always loss making and remains so.



    Without the parent company to offset these losses from cash reserves then the future is bleak without external finance.



    Over the last week or so I have been waiting for some visible sign that such outside financial support had been secured.



    If this had been achieved then you dear reader would not need to rely on your humble correspondent on matters Ibrox.



    Any good news from RIFC/TRFC would have been gushed out by one of the usual suspects in the Scottish mainstream media.



    They would be selected for the honour of regurgitating a press release as all their own work.



    The fact that there has been radio silence on the matter of external finance is-for the regular clientele at Ibrox-rather ominous.



    The latest rumour to be brought to my attention was that an investment bank in the City of London was about to funnel some £30 million from three unnamed South African investors.



    When I put this possibility to my kitchen cabinet of accountants, business journalists and turnaround consultants they were all in unanimity.



    They told me that such a play would only make sense in a liquidation sale of the assets.



    A share issue, they told me, would dilute, but not remove the current chaps.



    Moreover it would not break the service contracts that have taken so much money out of the business in the last year.



    There may, of course, be chaps south of the Limpopo who really do want to pour £30 million into a business which has no credit facilities, no cash reserves and a loss making subsidiary to support.



    Of course such generosity can exist.



    However if it was on the horizon you would be reading it across page after breathless page in the tabloids.



    So far this week there has been no such coverage.



    For The People this is a case when no news is bad news.

  12. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    a ceiler gonof rust dancing in the moonlight with annabel goldie



    15:08 on 19 February, 2014



    Whit ur you talkin’ aboot, ya wee shoite…….hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  13. Many of the questions are good and relevant, but there’s also a sense of – “Why can’t we get into the games for free, ban all media and offer the fans top quality haute cuisine and fine wines as part of the (non-existent) ticket price?” – about a few of them.

  14. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    a ceiler gonof rust dancing in the moonlight with annabel goldie



    15:08 on 19 February, 2014



    Am away tae check…..hahahahahahaha

  15. Martin. 1980



    I don’t attack anyone on this site: on the contrary I have been attacked a few times. My wee dig at BMCUW was tongue in cheek as he well knows. And just asking what right of you to ask me to go back to fitba when for the blog been filled all things Russian and Cuba and different shades of political arguments over the last few days?


    Imo Scottish Independence is far more important and there are others willing to debate and argue, which makes a good blog

  16. A Ceiler Gonof Rust Dancing in the Moonlight with Annabel Goldie on

    eddieinkirkmichael, cheers pal. Tony D doesn’t seem to be around at the moment anyway. He’s probably out and about shaking a stick at some unfortunate student types.





  17. is the phrase ‘the exception that proved the rule’ the most meaningless, naff and cringeworthy phrase ever invented?



    or is it ‘we are ra peee-pul’ ?

  18. Sir Paul




    Ah own a Company.



    sodae, you… Right?



    Wee bit o’ Advice..



    Ah Refuse tae ever Have a Staff Meetin’… So should You.



    Ah wull Listen, attentively, tae Any Complaint..



    But.. only ,oan a Man tae Man/Gal… Basis.



    Ma door is alwiz open.






    Think aboot it.



    Same goes fur Celticfc.



    They Should NEVAH hiv a Public Meeting wi’ the Fans, in order tae Discuss






    That is…a



    Bad Idea.. Kiddo…



    Individual Complaints, should be welcomed..By Celtic,of course… But,only oan a Personal Face tae Face.. Basis.



    Ah run Ma Operation…as a Despot.



    So Should You..



    n So should ,Celtic.



    But.. as a Very Enlightened,n Sympathetic… Despot…which goes withoot saying. so…although, Ah hiv said it..anyway.



    Hivin’ said Awe that..



    Let me say that



    Ah like Yer Idea..of A List of questions/ Complaints tae be submitted tae the Company Heid Yins..



    Fur it is still .. within the Parameters which Ah hiv oot-lined.



    Bottom Line..



    NO PUBLIC MEETINGS.. With the mass o’ Complainants.. well .. Present.. En Masse.



    Complaints, must be made , Privately…one to one. basis.



    Like yer idea,Kiddo.. Swell wan.






  19. ACGR,


    Correct about Barra. Ferry from Oban in under 5 hrs or fly from Glasgow in 55 mins.


    Inthe Castlebay bar, my father in law donated the Jimmy Johnstone painting to the pub after he spent the afternoon there when we beat deadclub in the league cup final (2011?).


    The Vatersay Boys are immense on their own turf!


    We have a house up there, and will b about middle of July.


    If u r going to the cqn10, we can catch up then.

  20. A Ceiler Gonof Rust Dancing in the Moonlight with Annabel Goldie on

    ChippyBhoy, I’ll be at the cqten gig.



    I love Barra and have been going there since I was nipper. I try to get up at least every couple of years and sometimes head up a couple of times if I can find the time. I do a lot of fishing on Loch St Clair (or Tangusdale) and no, I don’t actually strangle any trout these days. They all go back.



    I usually try to stay at Grianamul with Ronnie and Anne MacNeil. Their place is right next to the school and a wee bit of a stagger from the bar.



    It’s the jewel in the hebridean crown and relatively hun free:-)





  21. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    Good questions, look forward to the answers.





    Are there questions that you want answered that are not on the list?

  22. Talkin aboot..



    “Who Knew???”



    Fidel Castro. wiz a Communist.. when he wiz a Youthful Freedom Fighter ,agin.. Batista?



    Who Knew that Obama wiz tae be The United States First President…who wiz No, No Gay?( A Double Negative, means.. well.. A Positive…ed)( Ye goat that rignt, son.)…



    Who Knew that…



    The Adoption o’ Democracy, wiz a very UNFAIR way, tae run a Country?



    Oh.. Ye Still Don’t know?








    Still, Lauughin

  23. johnnyclash



    15:23 on 19 February, 2014


    Many of the questions are good and relevant, but there’s also a sense of – “Why can’t we get into the games for free, ban all media and offer the fans top quality haute cuisine and fine wines as part of the (non-existent) ticket price?” – about a few of them.




    Not sure I agree. A small example of where ticketing pricing could be addressed. I’m not quite the concession age but in early sixties. Made redundant with no real job prospects out there. Had two lads at uni. Used to have three SBs but with change in circumstances asked about ticket discounting.


    None for the older adult and a 7% discount for the two boys. This was just not affordable in my new circumstances.


    Net result is three previously taken seats now empty with only occasional games taken in. Seeing the plastic seats a heartbreaker but needs must.


    To be fair very hard for the club to handle all individual cases but the minimal discount for our fans of the future seems absolutely crazy, more so when we have so many vacant seats.



    Appreciate any views.

  24. Livibhoy,



    long have despised them (most especially since i stupidly went into their end behind the goals when we could have won the league up there in the Centenary season – never have been as glad that we did NOT win a game!) and place them just behind the huns and murderwell (only because i live in ML1/used to live in ML2).



    Im glad I dont have to put up with them daily. A least with a hun, you know the score, that jambo mob….swines!






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