Celtic growing into their skin, more on Maribor


You could see Celtic mature during last night’s game.  They were defensively solid during the first half, and Craig Gordon was assured throughout, but for the best part of an hour we scarcely tested St Johnstone.

That changed after the goal, which arrived just as St Johnstone were enjoying their best period of the game.  Kris Commons didn’t have his most productive night but it was his pressing which led to the break through.

During the second half Ronny Deila replaced Commons, Stokes and the tiring Forrest with Boerrigter, Inge Berget and Kayal.  Even before the home team were reduced to 10 men moments after the final substitution, Celtic were clearly in a more comfortable shape.  Players were finding space which didn’t exist earlier.

Maribor made seven changes for last night’s Slovenian Super Cup Final, which they won comfortably against opponents who are pointless in the league after four games.  Celtic’s scouts are unlikely to have learned too much useful information ahead of next weeks’ game.

What is clear about Maribor is their aerial threat.  Five of their 12 goals this season have been headers, which may influence Ronny’s team selection.  They also break quickly down the flanks, so maybe a 4-5-1, offering protection to our full backs, is the way to go.  Hopefully we’ve learned we’re not quite ready for 4-3-3 away from home in Europe.

The Slovenian media are dismissive of Celtic’s chances, encouraged, it seems, but continuing celebrations from Maribor that they pulled an “easy” draw.  I suspect they’ve yet to see the Celtic who will take the field on Wednesday.

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  1. My thoughts on McCann last night.


    Firstly, I think DB did over-egg the situation.


    Was it a penalty? As a Celtic man I say yes, if the Huns got one like that I would say no.



    McCann was deliberately being controversial, I’ve never seen him animated in the studio before, I think he’s been told to play the shock jock role, a young Hugh Keevins without the wit of Hugh.


    Get over it guys, don’t rise to the bait, it’s a TV show, nothing more.

  2. CultsBhoy




    12:23 on 14 August, 2014







    No Celtic employee should require body guards or be expected to work for less than the living wage.. ?




    I’m not getting why you are linking the two?



    Are you implying that it is Peter Lawell’s fault that Celtic plc do not meet the Living Wage committment and that he therefore “brings it all on himself”?

  3. Paul67 – After watching last night I have concerns whether there is a place for Commons in Ronny’s system. Not sure he has the required technique and ability to move the ball quickly, accurately and at pace. He was the rock many of our attacks floundered upon.



    On the flipside Forrest looks like he could be made for it.

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    An obnoxious suggestion was made in relation to Nir Bitton.


    You objected.


    I objected.


    Interesting to see how the obfuscators feel the need to deflect from the original point you were making ,to generalisations about politics and sport.

  5. From previous….





    Celtic were starting to look not too bad last night once they took Stokes off. imho


    Ronny…..if ye read this, get rid of the Lennon clique oot yer dressing room and, yer ship might start to sail into calmer waters?



    The Lennon clique…



    Ledley – Gone


    Samaras – Gone, hopefully not to be brought back.


    Commons – Good in Scotland, piss in europe


    Mulgrew – Alright on the left of a midfield 5 – piss in defence and, wanted Roy Keane as manager, a watch yer back type. imho


    Stokes – No bad noo and again but, the play seems to break down at him. Is that good enough?


    Izzy – Not been the same since injury, crosses are piss-poor these days. A sort of Lee Naylor one season wonder type of thingy. imho



    And, Balde, Pukki, Derk and Stefan Mouyokolo(sp) when not injured, should be given a chance under a new man-manager type who disny do cliques.



    Hopefully – your – that guy Ronny but, as I said – the jury is still out.



    Viva la The Singing Detective and his great amigo, Kojo who’s flags fly high and proud on the ole Jungle roof.



    “Back The Team – Sack The ‘Bored’ ” – CSC



    Canny be bothered anymore,bye.

  6. Dear TD – why I couldnt resist giving my fellow poster the insight of your general demenour and approach.



    What would you say to my hypothesis that the level of furiosity of the defence of board apologists rises in direct proportion to the propensity of the celtic board to make a complete hash of the club?

  7. Just Another Tim on

    Want to show Ronny Deila how it should be done? Think your better than Stein? Do you have the luck of Celtic or the administration talents of Legia? Then here is the invite code to the CQN Championship Fantasy Football League, we are now approaching 130 teams entered.






    You only have 2 days left to register your team & join the league.






    As an added incentive I’ve decided to offer some prizes for the top 3 come the end of the season. The winners will each receive items of their choosing from the Official Celtic Webstore to the tune of



    1st £100


    2nd £75


    3rd £50



    Or alternatively, winners can choose to donate any winnings to a Celtic charity of their choice.



    Also if by some miracle I end up in the top 3, the winnings will be passed onto the next placed team.




  8. Ah rougueleader – a perfect excuse to sell our top scorer and only creative player.




  9. In previous thread it was asked our best 11, anyone’s that includes Mulgrew then god help us next week!! Let’s cut to the chase push the boat out and bring back hoops as our wildcard, fits perfectly into what RD requires, a quick thinking penalty box player! ! HH

  10. NegAnon – Eh? I am not making excuses for anything.



    I have said things have been shambolic this summer. I am pointing out that in my opinion things are only going to get worse!

  11. KevJungle is a Celtic fan…not a supporter.



    Izzy had one of the highest assist rates for Celtic last season, if not the highest, hardly piss poor and his crossing is good.

  12. tonydonnelly67



    11:27 on 14 August, 2014


    Back the team, sack the board…………..some Hun must have left an old banner from a couple of years ago. Sounds like a Hunnish banner to me?






    No I didn’t make or hold the banner, it was in the opposite stand.



    Some supporters feel disgruntled enough to voice concerns by means of a banner display.



    You refer to it as ‘Hunnish’.



    Dearie, dearie me.

  13. CultsBhoy



    12:28 on 14 August, 2014



    Nat know



    I’m linking these statements because the are both equally valid..,





    “All crows are black”


    “All batchelors are unmarried”


    “Paris is the capital of France”



    All valid statements too, but no reason to link any of them to Peter Lawwell’s remuneration and the (related) point I mde about him now requirring protection.



    To link two points together is only valid if there is something that follows. Your point about the Living Wage appears to be a non-sequitur. Unless you are linking it to the reason for Peter Lawell requiring protection?



    Not getting your point at all.

  14. pjmccay




    12:31 on 14 August, 2014




    What’s the outcome.!!


    Still cant see anything official or confirmed



  15. Well rogueleader whether you like it or not you have single handedly given the excuse to sell commons to our happy clapper community.

  16. Nat know



    Ok I’ll simplify it for you.



    I personally find it unacceptable that any CELTIC EMPLOYEE should require protection. I also find it unacceptable that any CELTIC EMPLOYEE should be paid less than the minimal wage.

  17. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I wonder how K.Commons would fair in Central midfield as our playmaker the reason I ask is I saw him destroy Leeds Utd. from Central midfield I think playing just behind our main striker may not be his best position. H.H.

  18. 67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon ….The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors


    But still nothing confirmed, he has been asked repeatedly for a source and not replied.

  19. Lads,



    for anyone that’s interested… excellent interviews with Ronny Deila and Craig Gordon on Celtic TV… and for any doubters, CG sounds delighted to be at the club.



    C’mon the Hoops !




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