Celtic growing into their skin, more on Maribor


You could see Celtic mature during last night’s game.  They were defensively solid during the first half, and Craig Gordon was assured throughout, but for the best part of an hour we scarcely tested St Johnstone.

That changed after the goal, which arrived just as St Johnstone were enjoying their best period of the game.  Kris Commons didn’t have his most productive night but it was his pressing which led to the break through.

During the second half Ronny Deila replaced Commons, Stokes and the tiring Forrest with Boerrigter, Inge Berget and Kayal.  Even before the home team were reduced to 10 men moments after the final substitution, Celtic were clearly in a more comfortable shape.  Players were finding space which didn’t exist earlier.

Maribor made seven changes for last night’s Slovenian Super Cup Final, which they won comfortably against opponents who are pointless in the league after four games.  Celtic’s scouts are unlikely to have learned too much useful information ahead of next weeks’ game.

What is clear about Maribor is their aerial threat.  Five of their 12 goals this season have been headers, which may influence Ronny’s team selection.  They also break quickly down the flanks, so maybe a 4-5-1, offering protection to our full backs, is the way to go.  Hopefully we’ve learned we’re not quite ready for 4-3-3 away from home in Europe.

The Slovenian media are dismissive of Celtic’s chances, encouraged, it seems, but continuing celebrations from Maribor that they pulled an “easy” draw.  I suspect they’ve yet to see the Celtic who will take the field on Wednesday.

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  1. Yeah….ive now hijacked the bus.


    Im swerving towards the south side as we speak.


    Hope I dont crash in to any large obstacles.




  2. I have no doubt that the SMSM have a generally anti Celtic bias, but I also believe that most of what they say is designed to get a reaction. The huns call the Record the Rhebel because of what they see as a bias against them. As someone has already posted, these guys are hacks and guys like Wilson have absolutely no interest in reporting the truth. He’ll be delighted that he’s the subject of discussion on here (Hi Dick) and that people are contacting him and his employer. I just hope that when he looks back on his career that he is ashamed to admit to his grandkids that he could have been a proper journalist but was just too damn lazy to make a go of it.

  3. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    There is no need to use SKY the BBC or MSM today. Especially the laptop loyal. The last refuge of the technical numpty :-)




  4. James Forest is a CQN legend…………..



    Been on hear for a few years now…………….



    I don’t always agree with what he says………..



    However to suggest he is anything other than a Celtic man ….




  5. Just browsing around bits & pieces relating to Henning Berg’s career.



    He transferred to deidcoFC from Blackburn when Souness was manager at Blackburn.



    Sounds familiar. Wasn’t there another transaction between those 2 same clubs during the Souness tenure (at Blackburn) which was linked to his EBT payments?



    Of course, that brought me to “The Men Who Sold The Jerseys”.



    I had forgotten what an astonishing piece of journalism that was.


    It should be compulsory viewing for every churnalist in Scotland.



    I can fully understand why BDO are taking so long. It must be like doing a 1 million piece jigsaw without a picture and with lots of the pieces missing (having fallen victim to the industrial shredder employed by deidcoFC).



    In just about any other country in the world, that documentary would have led immediately to a full-scale investigation and numerous prosecutions.


    Only in Scotland could the allegations raised in that documentary be covered up :


    “Move along… Move along… Nothing to see…”



    If the allegations where false, there should certainly have been prosecutions against those who made the documentary. Nothing there either.


    You don’t really want to take that step as it will result in further exposure of the evidence and probably much more.



    A truly astonishing documentary.




    One day, one day…. the truth will be exposed !!!





    I genuinely apologise for my numptyish ineptitude.



    But I’d be a helluva lot worse without your expert tutorials over the last few years!



    Aye,I know that looks like sarcasm,but it isnae.



    For once.

  7. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    From James Forrest…..on fields of green ……AT LAST





    The Gathering Dark


    Over the last two weeks, as Scottish football’s media, and many of us, have been focused first on Celtic’s UEFA Champions League knock-out, and then the disastrous errors at Legia, followed by our reinstatement and then the appeal, crisis has come swirling up the Broomloan Road again, catching many people by surprise.



    Not everyone though. Those of us who watch the goings on at that club with the fascination people once reserved for traveling freak shows have had a lot to ponder over.



    No sooner had the full-time whistle blown at Ibrox at the weekend, consigning them to defeat in their first league game, but the Sevco websites went into meltdown with fans demanding the manager’s head. In the press conference after the match he attempted to lay the blame for an inept performance, and bizarre tactical decisions, at the feet of Charles Green, a suggestion that inspired the full fury of the club’s fans.



    There is barely a Sevco fan anywhere who remains convinced that McCoist is the man to take them forward into their Brave New Dawn. They look at a league including Hibs, Hearts, Falkirk, Raith and others, full-time footballers as opposed to part-timers, and they are scared.



    They know that a 35 year old Kenny Miller isn’t going to cover every blade of grass anymore. They know Boyd is not the kind of guy you want in the team on those days when you need every footballer to fight for every ball. They know the midfield is uninspiring, the defence is prone to basic errors and that players who haven’t been seriously tested for two years have gone backwards, and it terrifies them to think of what might be coming.



    I don’t know how many thousands of words I’ve devoted to this subject, or how many have been given to it by other Celtic bloggers. Enough, definitely, to fill not only a book but a library of books.



    We’ve covered this from every angle the media won’t. We’ve detailed facts, we’ve uncovered truth, we’ve even, on occasion, speculated and indulged in some guesswork, and our imaginations must be good cause we’ve been right as often as we’ve been wrong.



    All of this we’ve detailed. All of it has been published online, where it can be found, and it can be read, by anyone who wants to know the truth.



    Still, a lot of Sevco fans, and much of our sports media, exist in a state of denial, as if none of this information existed. They prefer not to listen. They prefer not to know.



    The impulse is easy to understand, on a human level. There’s a scene in Eric L. Harry’s book Arc Light where an aircraft hanger full of soldiers get on their knees, and put their heads between them, and jam their eyes shut and stick their fingers in their ears as they wait for a missile to hit. It’s carrying a nuclear warhead, targeted on the runway outside. They huddle together and they brace themselves … knowing they’re already dead.



    Yes, I understand the impulse alright. Close your eyes tight enough and cover your ears and you could probably make it through the first seconds of the end of the world without being “aware” of it.



    Then reality hits home, and on comes the pain.



    The pain is on its way for the Sevco supporters, and I can’t help think it’s so unnecessary.



    In an earlier article I wondered why this club hadn’t eaten the bullet towards the end of last season. The opportunity was there.



    The regulations in Scotland are lax enough that they’d still have won the title. It would have been farcical, but we’ve seen a particularly egregious example recently of how regulations can be that way, even when they are followed to the letter, which in Scotland they very rarely are.



    A 25 point deduction would have hurt, but it would not have been a catastrophe. The bigger hits would have been psychological, and reputational. But they would have survived, and they would have been able to cut costs and move forward.



    To have waited until the hammer was poised over them during the most important year in their short history was … folly. It was unpardonable, unfathomable folly, and when the rent comes due it will be off the scale. There is no way they’re going to make it until the season ends.



    When the 120 Day Review was published, I wrote a long article about how optimistic some of its objectives were.



    It is nice to have objectives. I published my third book on Kindle earlier this year, Twisted, and I’d like to think it’ll eventually sell 10,000 copies. But right now it’s barely cracked a hundred or so. The objective remains. I have no idea how I’m going to get there, and I’m well aware that it’s going to take a large slice of luck, but it’s all good. I know it can be done, cause I’m good at the fictional stuff, and I only need to be “discovered.”



    Luck will not help Sevco Rangers. They set their sights way too high. The old adage that a man’s reach should exceed his grasp wasn’t an inducement to attempt the impossible. Their projections veered out of reality and into fantasy, and they didn’t even try to argue otherwise.



    The review was little more than a series of half-formed hopes. They didn’t bother to provide any road-map to achieving them. That was the first big blinking warning light for their fans.



    The roof has already come down on one of those assumptions in the last fortnight, the notion that they could go back to the City and raise the requisite monies to keep on the lights. Their shortfall in season tickets leaves them in acute danger, and the cash to repair the damage is not going to come from outsiders buying in with the promise of jam tomorrow. The City might have bitten once, but they’re watching chaos erupt at every level at Sevco, and they are leery of going anywhere near it.



    A £10 million target has been chopped by more than half, to £4 million, this time on offer to “existing small shareholders”, i.e. the fans who have already been conned once. I read a post from an Ibrox bond holder recently, reeling in shock from receiving a letter saying his rights under it would no longer be upheld past this season. He says he won’t – that he can’t – renew. How many of their supporters can, or will? How many have bought season tickets? How many can they rely on to buy shares?



    Even if the requisite number of willing fans can be met, it’s still not cut and dried. This has to be put to a vote at an AGM, and whatever scenario they pursue will involve some dilution of the holdings for everyone else. Approval for this is not a slam dunk.



    It was into this vortex of doubt that Charles Green stepped a week ago, with a “plan” to bring in George Soros amongst others, a notion so howling at the moon ridiculous it would have been laughed out of the offices of Mad Magazine. Despite Green’s claim that Soros was game, it took less than 48 hours for this particular fiction to be shot to bits, a record even for him.



    Despite the return of the clowns, last week still managed to generate a further frisson of excitement for their supporters when Keith Jackson got another “exclusive”, which suggested that Phil Nash had extended an olive branch to Dave King. Those who were taken in by this appear not to have noticed that it’s the third time this year that someone from the Sevco board has made such an offer.



    The board and King have nothing to give each other. The existing power-brokers won’t relinquish control and King won’t put up his own money. It was nothing more than a piece of theater, a bit of PR.



    It generated one day’s headlines but accomplished nothing. King didn’t even respond.



    If Green’s consortium of billionaires isn’t going to fund it and if the South African tax cheat isn’t answering the phone, just what is the plan? How deep is the hole right now? £4 million, even if it can be raised, barely sounds like enough to keep water coming out of the taps, and we don’t know what condition the taps themselves are in. One hack wrote last week about Ibrox needing a lick of paint, and he was talking about a ground that’s just come out of hosting Commonwealth Games events, when it should have been at its shiny best.



    If basic stuff like that isn’t being done, they are toast. God knows what problems lie behind the plastic sheeting and the cheap sheet-rock boards they’ve got stuck up all over the place, like a one day trade convention. There are rumours that major renovations are required, with estimates wildly varying between the mid hundreds of thousands, arcing up into the stratosphere of tens of millions. If it’s just the burst pipes they’ll be on the lower end of that scale, which will be difficult enough for the club to fix. If there really is asbestos leaking out of the walls and major structural damage to fix they might as well switch off the lights and shut the doors right now.



    The infrastructure costs of running their club out of that ground are already monumental. One of their first problem with starting down the road of the Continuation Myth was it wouldn’t have stood up without everything being based at Ibrox and Murray Park, and we already know they can’t afford to do both. Even paying for one might prove beyond their means, and all of it before a penny is spent on what’s out on the pitch.



    This week saw a series of transfer rumours concerning Lee Wallace, and nothing that’s happening at Ibrox should scare the Sevco fans more than what these stories reveal. The club has denied the offer was made, allegedly from Brighton, but there appears to be more to them than just conjecture. The bid is said to be in the region of £600,000. He is their best player.



    Celtic has just sold their goalkeeper for £10,000,000 and there is a ready made replacement in the squad, and already in the team. Virgil Van Dijk could net us the same fee again. Add to that what we would get for Commons, for Johannsen, for Matthews, for Ambrose … I could go on and the mountain of money could pile up until it blocked out the Sun.



    Sevco’s entire squad is probably not worth what we would get for the sale of one of our minor first team performers, and there is no money in the bank with which to bring better quality footballers in.



    Our Champions League reprieve, if it ends in Group Stage qualification – indeed, the guarantee of European football until Christmas, come what may – will increase a financial gap which I already cannot imagine they’ll ever be able to bridge.



    Those who have spent this week defending the strategy can point to that, at least, as the proof that we’re doing it right where it counts. I think we lack imagination in the big areas, that and ambition, and too many of us have allowed the state of the club playing out of Ibrox to spook us into inaction, but what we don’t lack is professionalism and financial muscle.



    They have neither and over the long term that is going to make a huge, huge difference.



    Much of their own “strategy” is predicated on European football, but first you need a squad capable of getting there, and second you need a squad capable of performing past one round. We’ve didn’t manage to get past two this time, on the park at least, and we have 100 times their resources.



    It is all too easy to imagine Sevco getting into the Europa League early qualifiers only to find that teams from Scandinavia are a cut above what they expected, and being well beaten.



    McCoist couldn’t win on that stage with a team full of highly paid stars. What chance does he have of working a miracle with a midfield featuring Ian Black and Kenny Miller, in his late thirties, still being asked to run like a guy half his age?



    They only make real money if they progress in one of the two competitions, and if we’re being honest the big money, the kind that could fix some of their problems, is only available in one of them.



    Every time I hear this line about how European football can save them, I want to laugh. Those trying to sell that as the answer to all their prayers ought to try selling ice to the Eskimos next. It’s an absolute fiction. They are a minimum of ten years away from being even remotely ready to play at Champions League group level, even if they could somehow get there.



    Despite all this, the sheer impossibility of recovering the ground, the pressure on their board to come up with answers is only going to increase. The pressure on McCoist to get better results is only going to increase. They need stability, a period of calm, but in the growing darkness they will find only more trouble, more negative prospects, more pain.



    Only one thing will help them; a huge influx of money. Vast sums of it, from someone who doesn’t expect, or want, to get it back. If such a person existed they wouldn’t have died in the first place.



    Forget finding investors. Investment isn’t a word they understand at Ibrox. The money they’re trying to raise right now isn’t going to be used to grow the club. It’ll be used to keep the power on. The money they’re talking about raising won’t be pumped into infrastructure. It’ll be used in a one-off splurge to try and catch Celtic, and when it’s gone … they’re gone with it.



    Anyone who wants to spend that kind money has to know it’s not going to be returned. Sevco is two a bit years old and already circling the drain. The minute money reaches the gravitational pull of the Ibrox black hole it disappears forever. All football clubs eat money like a swarm of termites. Sevco, like Rangers before it, has a ravenous appetite that no-one ever tried to wean them off.



    There’s a scene in The Simpsons where Homer is sent to Hell. As a punishment, he’s strapped into a chair and a machine stuffs donuts into his mouth ten at a time. To the horror of Satan, Homer grows bigger and bigger and bigger, but he never stops eating, instead saying “More … More … More …” between mouthfuls. That’s how Sevco does spending, and all that gets bigger is the debt.



    It was much the same at Rangers, and that, more than Craig Whyte, more than HMRC, more the Grand Conspiracy of the Unseen Fenian Hand, is what killed them.



    Tonight they take on Falkirk, in a match that’s already being seen in some quarters as a “must win game.” The season is barely two weeks old, but if they lose the manager is in deep trouble. There are already rumblings of discontent in the boardroom, and the fans are ready to revolt.



    The directors know what the fans do, of course, and what I predicted when Sevco started it’s long climb, that sooner or later they will be faced with an appalling choice over McCoist. If they continue with him they’re bust. He can’t operate on a shoestring and he has no idea how to develop young talent. He’s a graduate of the Walter Smith School of Big Spending, and that and Ugly Football is all he knows and its all he’s got in the locker.



    Yet sack him and it will cost a cool million they cannot afford to spend. They’ll then have to find a new manager, who’s first act, if he has any sense at all, will be to look at the squad and start planning a clear-out. Where’s the money coming from to do it?



    You cannot look at the situation they’ve found themselves in and be less than astounded, as well as amused. Theirs was to be the Great Adventure, climbing the leagues with a young, vibrant team that would play together for years and grow and evolve. They hoped that would give them the financial underpinning to spend big when they reached the SPL.



    Instead, they are impoverished on and off the park. They have rejected youth in favour of tried and tested old warriors who are well past their best. Their top player is being touted for sale for a price Rangers would not have balked at spending on a third-rate bench warmer, and if he goes they can forget replacing him with anyone of comparable ability.



    All they have to warm them in the night is the fantasy that someone, somewhere, will ride out of the swirling gloom on a white horse with a bag full of gold, and even this is a lose-and-die scenario with only a small probability of success.



    Bruce Springsteen is perhaps the greatest storyteller-songwriter of the last 50 years, and the title song of his fourth album is one of the finest pieces of music I’ve ever heard. It is a story of one man risking his life, the last thing he has left in the world, on one shot at glory, in a suicidal drag-race.



    That’s Sevco in a nutshell.



    They are about to disappear into the Darkness On The Edge Of Town.



    Welcome to their season of blood, sweat and tears.



    This is the Beginning of the End.

  8. Awe_Naw –



    I understand their heartbreak, but their demonizing of Celtic has lost them a lot of sympathy.



    I sincerely believe if it had happened to us, the Celtic support would have been rightly crucifying the club for its incompetence and I don’t believe Celtic would have been putting pressure on Legia to walk away.



    But of course, that is all hypothetical and we’ll never know.




  9. On the bus…veering wildly from side to side.


    Rebel songs blaring from the speakers.


    Paisley rd west now


    There is nobody at the back of the bus anymore…cause ive hijacked it.


    The big hoose will fall.




  10. Gerryboy,



    I will write to Head of BBC Scotland later and copy in Brian McBride ex Celtic Director and now a non exec at BBC UK ( first Scotsman in 25 years I remember him saying ).



    Richard Wilson is only the message boy for the anti Celtic nonsense. Someone else in the BBC Scotland Sport is employing in a certain way …Pat Nevin was the token whatever.



    In BBC Scotland years ago it was a Catholic free zone. I was informed by the executive producer of one of their mainstay comedies who still lives nearby. I understand BBC Scotland in general has modernised and open to all. However BBC Scotland Sport has not moved with the times. I hear they fondly reminisce of the days the Rangers Management Team came into to their studios to watch European games.



    Richard Wilson is more outspoken at the BBC than he was at the Herald…..that tells you something about the environment.

  11. 67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon ….The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors @ 09:02



    I’m sure you’ll understand if I don’t take you up on your offer to access RM – I was simply pointing out what I believed to be an overarching consistency in the posts.



    I’m sure on reflection that Ipaddy McCourt and Lennon’s Passion will have reservations about their posts.

  12. I for one hope the vile mob get pumped tonight………….



    I love it when they get pumped…………….



    Love all the excuses……………………..



    Love to feel the pain………………………………



    Love hurtinghuns…………………



    Love how other managers “ are only on the job 5 minuets “ and pump them on his first competitive game.


    Love the calls for sally’s head.




  13. In my opinion its not lazy its agenda driven from the media in all its forms I would triple check anything they say or print cfc dont seem to have a way to deal with this and players give them buzzwords that they distort to suit e.g mulgrew embarrassed hope sky have taken action against mccann for the other night

  14. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Noticed yesterday morning one or two references to Celtic being c£22m in debt from 2013 accounts. Was this picked up and corrected later?



    For the avoidance of doubt again, this was the undrawn facility remaining available to the club at the end of June last year.



    The outstanding bank debt owed is c£10m, taken many years ago now. This must be left as owing until April 2019 within the terms of the facility agreement because the bank earns a couple of hundred thousand pounds interest on it each year.



    The club didn’t require the £12m overdraft part of the facility at all last year, the reported average monthly balance in it being a positive c£6m i.e. the bank earned nothing from overdrawn interest levels.



    I understand that Celts understand all the above, very well. This memo is for this morning’s lurking huns. GIRUYs.

  15. Rock Tree Bhoy on




    At least MON had the option of picking Lubo, current procurement strategy will ensure Ronny will never have a Lubo type player in his squad, no sell on transfer value.

  16. I dont expect BDO to lift the lid of the can of hun worms.


    I believe scams on an even larger scale happen quite regularly in the world of business. The BDO’s tend to kind of go along with the scam. Its too much for them reveal all the underhand spiv activities. Hope I’m wrong though.




    09:29: Uefa has refused to support Legia Warsaw’s fast track application to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) despite the Polish side claiming they had backing from the football organisation.



    It means the case could drag on for as long as two months with Celtic due to face the Slovenian side Maribor next Wednesday.



    Uefa support would have meant a decision by CAS could have been made by Monday before the next stage of the Champions League qualification takes place.



    Source BBC

  18. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    agreed. Their chairman blew it By going public. Lots to learn.




  19. The reaction of bbc Scotland reminds me of the confrontation between the journalist Paul Kimmage and Lance Armstrong, Lance Armstrong was saying how glad he was to see Floyd Landis and 2 other dopers back. Kimmage asked Armstrong ‘what is it you admire about dopers’



    There are parallels… The bbc admire cheats at the expense of Celtic… Plus ca change.







  20. Woke up his morning to hear that big Peter is trying to have the 3 goals awarded in the tie against Legia attributed to Anthony Stokes in order to increase his value before he is moved on

  21. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Big Joe


    09:28 on


    15 August, 2014



    You`re a very naughty boy.


    But I like you.



    `Cos you think like me.



    :-) to all the world.

  22. • GuyFawkesaforeverhero


    09:34 on 15 August, 2014


    Noticed yesterday morning one or two references to Celtic being c£22m in debt from 2013 accounts. Was this picked up and corrected later?


    For the avoidance of doubt again, this was the undrawn facility remaining available to the club at the end of June last year.


    The outstanding bank debt owed is c£10m, taken many years ago now. This must be left as owing until April 2019 within the terms of the facility agreement because the bank earns a couple of hundred thousand pounds interest on it each year.


    The club didn’t require the £12m overdraft part of the facility at all last year, the reported average monthly balance in it being a positive c£6m i.e. the bank earned nothing from overdrawn interest levels.


    I understand that Celts understand all the above, very well. This memo is for this morning’s lurking huns. GIRUYs.




    Great post mate……………………



    I believe that the SMSM get 1/2 their shite on FF……………..




  23. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    We should do virtual anti SMSM classes for everyone.



    but you all should get up to speed with



    Web Browser Gesture control before they remove the refresh button and scroll bars go back and go forward buttons on all browsers starting with the new CQN soon or voice control tags. That will require our Irish contingent speaking to CQN pages with Glasgow accents to control CQN



    Google gesture control browsers



    I Love the pace of change




  24. Silver City 1888 on

    Game on TV. As far as I can tell, Sky are making Sky Sports freely available to Sky and Virgin users on Saturday. It should mean those who can’t make the game can see it for free.

  25. • thehoopedduke


    09:42 on 15 August, 2014


    The reaction of bbc Scotland reminds me of the confrontation between the journalist Paul Kimmage and Lance Armstrong, Lance Armstrong was saying how glad he was to see Floyd Landis and 2 other dopers back. Kimmage asked Armstrong ‘what is it you admire about dopers’


    There are parallels… The bbc admire cheats at the expense of Celtic… Plus ca change.








    I remember that interview…………………



    And how ironic that it was Floyd Landis that brought Armstrong down………..




  26. • macjay1 for Neil Lennon


    09:46 on 15 August, 2014


    Big Joe


    09:28 on


    15 August, 2014


    You`re a very naughty boy.


    But I like you.


    `Cos you think like me.


    :-) to all the world.





  27. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    James Forrest. A good article but you will forgive me if I say “this is the beginning of the end I have been hearing that on CQN for many years and they are still with us.” H.H.

  28. Well good morning to you Tom



    You said the following:



    Neganon –



    I will not be apologizing.



    I stand by my original comment.



    Also, I notice you were constantly posting demands for an apology most of yesterday, which is fine, but cut out the “I know you are reading this” nonsense.



    I know you will find it a strange concept, but some of us have a real life away from CQN.



    If I am not answering, it means I am not reading the blog, so enough of the schoolyard taunts.




    So let me get this right. You make up lives about me on this site. You say I said things I never said. I put it down to mistakes identity. But perhaps I was giving you far too much credit.



    It now seems you meant to make up lies about me and now you are sticking by that lie.



    That doesn’t seem to be a very credible or indeed grown up position to take.



    Why do you believe you are right to stand by what you said even when it was completely wrong?



    Oh dear.

  29. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    09:27 on 15 August, 2014



    I certainly hope so, since they were wrong IMO ……. You’re right about rm also, just can’t resist the inquisitive side of my nature ….:)

  30. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Well while we have all been calling for a striker to be signed before the Maribor match it looks as though it is another midfielder we are trying to bring in and there is speculation that it will be another loan deal. H.H.

  31. One more thing Tom. Do I take it you agree with telling lies and spreading misinformation?



    Is that partly why you so unquestioningly support the board? Like minds and all that?



    This really is pretty fascinating behaviour.

  32. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    09:20 on 15 August, 2014



    SPOT ON …. But the detest everything Celtic also …..bless ’em

  33. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    09:31 on 15 August, 2014



    Also SPOT ON ….:)