Celtic Hampden win rate higher than at Paradise itself


By the time they cross the white line on Sunday afternoon, Celtic will have rested for 8 days.  Kyogo had a few heavy training sessions early in the week and will be fitter, Giorgos Giakoumakis has iced his delicate limb.  The entire squad has rested in preparation for Hampden, a stadium, which incredibly, over many years, has provided Celtic with a higher win rate that the Paradise itself.

I didn’t get everything I wanted from this week’s European ties, but extra time at Ibrox was top of my list.  The script is written, althogh, you and I both know football is full of adlib moments.  Scripts give you a sense of what to expect, the punchlines often come from an inspired creator rising to the occasion.  We can take nothing for granted, this will be a battle.

On our last visit to Hampden, Ange Postecoglou considered the League Cup Final important enough to start Kyogo, who pulled a hamstring 10 days earlier.  The decision proved pivotal, as our Japanese striker scored two to transform a deficit into a win.  The manager’s wisdom was called into question a week later, when the same player exacerbated his injury, leading to a three-month layoff.

With a glance at the trophy cabinet, Ange might consider his instincts were right regarding Kyogo.  If so, Giakoumakis is likely to start.  Those three months, however, gave Ange time to ruminate.   I expect the Greek to start on the bench.

Patience will be required.  The game could last 120 minutes, if so, substitute decisions will be important.  Oh, and please, tomorrow, practice from 12 yards……….

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  1. onenightinlisbon on

    No penalties. Win in the 90 please Celtic,



    If we do go to penalties does TavPen get to take all of them?

  2. LEFTCLICKTIC on 15TH APRIL 2022 12:11 PM


    Afternoon Ernie.







    Any kind of win will do on Sunday.







    Maybe I’m being fussy but I’d prefer it if it was a Celtic win.

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  4. Play at our top speed, don’t let them start the game, take the kick-off at the toss and do an “Eduardo” deep into their half. If both teams play at their top level we win. If we are the only team to play at the top level we win handsomely. Lots and lots of their players will not have relished playing extra time last night, especially those carrying niggly injuries, some of them might not make it for Sunday now. Whereas we have 1 doubt and the rest are raring to go! por cierto.

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    In other news – Sean Dyche sacked?



    IMHO, perfectly symbolic of how absolutely brutal the business of the EPL is.



    The man has done an unbelievable job at Burnley.



    Last throw of the dice stuff.

  6. Not that it was needed, but last nights result will have concentrated minds even more.



    Expect some clog, plenty of diving, lots of set-piece danger inspired by questionable mibbery and the Billy boys in full chorus after behaving themselves in front of uefa.




    Eric Smith a name that I hear now and then.





    A previous generations player despite not looking like a player you would think much of based on a few wiki words .





    Seems he was well thought of a player who breaking thru at the wrong time .







    The reason I mention him I just heard his good lady wife is being laid to rest today and I wish his family my condolences

  8. I am confident that no matter which players our highly esteemed manager selects on Sunday, Celtic will compete the SC final.


    In Ange We Trust

  9. Sunday will be a tough gig.



    We are a much more talented team but we are a DM short of a MF and we have a glass jaw — we did not win two weeks ago because we were better than them / they lost because they were worse than us.



    Good performance last week plus a full week to prepare = all the hallmarks of a Scottish Cringe style failure on our part — where we leave our game face / hunger in the dressing room and don’t turn up.



    Plus they have the extra dimension of a MIB cohort ready to do their Ludge’s bidding — Soft penalty would appear to be on the cards plus a red based on two cheap cautions.



    Then there is the bookies angle — the pro’s will make more money if they win?



    Consequently Hampden will be a tough gig.


    We need to some flying off the blocks and take the game to them.


    No more 15 minutes of cat on a hot tin roof slapstick passing.


    JH / CS / CCV / JJ — looking at you.



    I think we will win but we are not playing on a level playing field.


    Over confidence / MIB trouser snakery are our weak points.

  10. Celtic40me



    15TH APRIL 2022 12:27 PM


    Good to see Dyche getting the sack. His team is a blight on football




    A bit harsh surely he is the defention of a manager who operated the club within the constraints of a lower end all team who did not spend money .

  11. BOB on 15TH APRIL 2022 12:31 PM



    They pay him £4m a year to finish about where they should do for the wage bill at the club, around 15th in terms of how much they spend. He’s made Europe once where they drew and beat Aberdeen in the play-offs and didn’t make it to the group stages.



    I don’t mind teams who win ugly, I even enjoy watching Simeone’s Atletico who are what they are and offer something different, but I can’t stand the fake honesty of teams like Dyche’s. Imagine what Celtic would do with the money Burnley get from the epl post code lottery?

  12. Good afternoon all.



    Nerves beginning to kick in now.



    So Paul are you saying Giaka is fit? Hope so.



    If Giaka, Kyogo, Abada, Maeda, Rogic and Jota fit we win.






    To much Class



    D :)

  13. MADMITCH @ 12:29



    We are a much more talented team but we are a DM short of a MF and we have a glass jaw — we did not win two weeks ago because we were better than them / they lost because they were worse than us.




    Agree except in one respect. You say “we are the much more talented team” – I say, we can be the more talented team….but will we be?



    At Celtic Park 3-0, there was no doubt, at Ibrox 2-1, there was, and as you say, they lost because their form was inferior to our somewhat flat performance on the day. However winning when playing below par is a must when fighting for top honours.



    “On the day” is what matters – think back to the Fraser Forster League Cup Final, if you don’t.



    There are good reasons why we can win based on our domestic record since we lay seventh in the table early in the season. There are equally good reasons why the Ibrox side can win based on their European exploits.



    I will look forward full of hope and pray that we do another 3-0 number on them – however I make no predictions….. it’s “all on the day”. Ange and the players will know this – there will be no over-confident bravado in the squad, or, backroom team.HH

  14. I posted a few weeks ago that they’d come out the traps fast and furious on Sunday.



    A wiser poster questioned that and after the extra time last night I’m beginning to wonder exactly what they will aim to do.



    If they do go hell for leather, high press etc then they are gambling on getting an early lead to sir back and defend as the game goes on. The fittest and freshest of teams can’t sustain it for 90 minutes.



    If they sit back or go for the ‘mid block’ they are playing to our strengths.



    Difficult one to call for the Europa League winners elect.



    It was always going to be a problem for them, but not being able to hold onto a 2 goal lead against 10 men has made it all the more difficult.



    A good start, good use of subs and sticking to our principles and processes are all key.

  15. Talent / class is permanent.


    Performance is / can be transitory.



    We turn up and it will take Ludge MIB to beat us.


    Well that or a FF sized 2019 miracle.

  16. glendalystonsils on

    We will miss Gia for his height in defending set pieces as well as for his attacking capabilities . Although we do have a wealth of qualities to offset his absence .

  17. I am convinced Kyogo will start. He has been ready for past 3 weeks.



    Looking back at the Ibrox game, we started like we had been scared to death by the atmosphere, just like they were at CP. Once we went in front, we looked much more composed but for 45 mins our defence had to do deal with cross after cross, something which has not been our forte for most of the season. Was that the new norm or was it a one off?



    Roofe will have gained some confidence in the games since then and last night will have given their whole team a huge confidence boost. Tired or not, I expect them to play well. With 5 subs allowed, the 2nd half will not see them falling all over the place with cramp.



    It will not be the stroll in the park some are predicting.



    I predict us to win 2-1. Kyogo a the double.

  18. Melbourne Mick on

    Is that official ? Gia is out, wtf , same as Bada, why do we let them


    know that ?


    The Huns will be down at crumbledome changing their game plan


    as we speak.


    Mystifying ???


    H H. Mick

  19. lets all do the huddle on

    fk me man



    i have just read the text of Gavin Berrys story in the Record today



    has to be one of the worst pieces of puke-inducing journalism i have ever read, even from that shitey rag



    the headline is



    “Who are Red Bull Leipzig? Rangers share fairytale recent rise but little love lost over German side’s lack of history”



    even ignoring the fact that he repeatedly calls them Red Bull Leipzig depsite that not being their name, the whole slant of the story about Sevco having 150 years history and Leipzig none basically is cringeworthy



    even the huns wont buy much of the pish in the article so who the fk is it aimed at?

  20. Ridiculous if our best striker Kyogo does not start..Ange told us all a week ago that Kyoto was in his face all week desperate play last week,so he IS fit.Even an hour and then Maeda to attack a tiring team.


    We had”What its” at Ibrox in the 1st game with Kyogo,don’t want to hear them again.Learn from mistakes.

  21. Like Bada and Melbourne Mick, I,too cannot see any good reason why a manager would let the opposition know that a player will not be available…….unless it is not true and the appearance of said player could upset the opposition`s plans/tactics.


    Any suggestions anyone?

  22. For once I agree with the man from turkey.kyogo must start.god I’d never thought I’d see the day eh

  23. onenightinlisbon on

    if Gio is out I’m surprised Ange didn’t just say he was waiting to see how he was….handing the huns anything to help them is surely a bit of a tactical blunder?




    Do you really think it is as obvious as that?

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