Celtic happy to wait for McGinn, Sports Direct, Valiant Valur


The exciting shock in last night’s big game saw Icelanders Valur record a 1-0 home win over Rosenborg in the first qualification round of the Champions League.  Whoever wins this tie faces Celtic (caveat acknowledged) in the second round.

There is a long way to go for Valur, Wednesday’s game in Norway will be a major test, but even if Rosenborg emerge, it is encouraging to see them stretched, rather than comfortable winners.  Let’s hope Valur have a famous day in Trondheim.

Sports Direct were back in court against Newco yesterday, with a judge confirming their case had merit and deserved High Court consideration.  A judge would not agree to hear a civil dispute unless steps had been taken by the pursuer to settle the matter out of court.

This raises the obvious question: Why didn’t Sports Direct and Newco just get his sorted out before incurring significant legal costs, not to mention the embarrassment of yet another ‘favourable settlement’?

It is possible that the Newco’s day-to-day management do not have the levers in place to make decisions like this, and that those who are able to make such decisions exist in a fantasy land.  But there is another possibility: one party might want to take this all the way.

Newco have already made it known that delivery of replica shirts will not happen until next month at the earliest.  If Sports Direct are in in for the long haul, that could be very optimistic.  Not that Newco have done or said anything to create ill feeling at Sports Direct.

It is clear Celtic want John McGinn but he will not be crucial to their plans next season.  If the player is happy to wait, Celtic are too.  They can offer him a pre-contract in five and a half months.  Moreover, they can use the £2m they offered Hibs for McGinn to strengthen elsewhere.  An option is being considered.

You would think Hibs would figure where this is heading and accept an offer, but Rod Petrie is still chairman, so don’t expect anything logical to happen.  This one has a 1 January 2019 feel about it.

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  1. TImbhoy 2,


    Did you by any chance bang your head when you were younger.



    Concerned CSC.

  2. Word of The Day



    Absquatulate [ab-skwoch-uh-leyt]





    ab·squat·u·lat·ed, ab·squat·u·lat·ing. Slang.


    1. to leave; decamp


    2. to flee; abscond:



    Word Origin and History for absquatulate




    1820–30; pseudo-Latinism, from ab-, squat, and -ulate, paralleling Latin-derived words with initial abs- (e.g., abscond, abstention) and final -tulate (e.g., congratulate)





  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    So far Scott Allan does not seem part of the McGinn offer, maybe Brendan wants to keep him? Petrie will blink first, Hibs can’t afford to lose £2 mil.

  4. Morning to all



    Meeting another Tim for lunch & bringing along my grandson for his first old-geezer’s-who-talk-rubbish lunch.



    He seems calm about it, but I have inducements & rewards lined up so that secrets will be kept & confidences protected.



    Enjoyed the football yesterday & thought England;s young coach subbed the wrong guy when Croatia equalized. The Croats had simply denied any ball to Sterling after HT which meant that England were on the back foot. To take off the one player who the Croats had found unplayable when he had the ball was suicidal. The Croat manager could hardly believe his eyes when Sterling’s number came up in the board.


    Unless he was injured he should have stayed on the field, and the midfield should have been revamped to counter what the Croats had done at HT.



    Rashford offered a little but was eminently more containable than Raheem. After that subbing England were contained pretty comfortably.



    McGinn at Christmas then – sounds sensible to me.




  5. South Of Tunis on

    ” England fans and the English media have a choice – either the 50 million euros centre half who scores twice against Panama is the next big thing or he’s the guy who ball watched as the winning goal in a World Cup Semi Final was rattled in The answer to that will determine their future ” .



    Italian Fitba correspondent 12 7 18 .



    Scorchio -way down south . Beach time (the sea is still fresh , soon -it won’t be ! )



    Your lunchtime choon.- Delroy Wilson 1969



  6. Paul67 Surely you are not happy with the way Celtic appear to be doing transfer business this close season ?? If £2m is what Hibs are asking that seems like a fair enough price , and with respect I think you threw the Sports Direct / Sevco story in there as a bit of a deflection from the board . Why do we continually never build from strength ,we are weaker now than we were last season . James Forrest worth a read this morning, I think he has nailed it on the head again

  7. !!BADA BING!! on 12TH JULY 2018 12:20 PM


    If McGinn plays for Hibs in EL tonight, would he be cup tied if he signed for us?






    Only if we enter Europa League. He can still play in UCL.

  8. weebobbycollins on

    Can Petrie afford to lose the McGinn money? I doubt it. Talk about cutting off his nose to spite his ugly, moustachioed, hunnish face…he needs the dosh more than we need McGinn…

  9. weebobbycollins on

    John51…agree with you re Sterling. His pace was frightening them…much more so than Rashford.


    And Kane proved last night he still has a long way to go to be considered world class…


    Southgate showed a bit of class after the game. He is a very decent guy.


    Timbhoy2…you’re at it.

  10. Leave the mcginn bid on the table, no more no less. Basically hibs want 500k plus per month for mcginn, now if our league paid out 100 mill a year fair enough, but we dont so go do one!!! Pre-contract is not a bad think.



    Right back and centre back most needed area

  11. If we sign John from Hibs I think he would help to bolster the midfield and that would also help to protect the defence.

  12. “England’s young coach” is 2 years older than Alf Ramsey was when he led them to WC glory in ’66.



    That was a hard day, but W. Germany 1970 WC, Tomasziewski ( Cloughie’s ‘clown’) 1973 qualifier, King Kev’s missed 5 yard header Spain ’82 WC, wee Diego’s greatest goal ever scored 1986 Mexico WC, Germany penalty shoot-out Italia ’90, Ronaldinho’s free kick eluding a spunky attempt by the ‘keeper to save it in 2002 WC, Portugal penalties 2006, Lampard’s ’66 opposite outcome in defeat to Germany again, South Africa 2010, Uruguay in 2014, all can now be joined by Croatia 2018 as compensation for that afternoon.



    If Carlsberg did easy group stages and straightforward paths to a World Cup final. . . . .and they still managed to FIU.

  13. 10th August, Hibs will contact PL. Hope PL tells them we’ll revert to first offer or wait till 1st January

  14. TRADITIONALIST88 on 12TH JULY 2018 9:15 AM



    “The England players legs seemed to go after 60 mins. Same happened against Colombia when for the last 40mins of play the Colombians were the better team, and without their star man. If they’d given the dirty tricks a rest and tried to play football a bit earlier Englands dream would have been over long before now.”









    Yet Neville said pre-match,when the possibility of ET and penalties came up in the discussion, “If it comes down to stamina we win, no doubt. We’re younger and much fitter”.



    Ur ye, aye.

  15. JOHN51


    It was a strange substitution by Southgate as Sterling’s pace had their formation stretched.


    That their lines became much more compact after her was subbed was no surprise.


    Strangely enough a lot of English fans thought he was rubbish.

  16. Paul67



    Wee bit of social media pressure on Hibs there?



    We’re two players down, hope we buy McGinn with our money up front, just because we can.



    Touch of the Southampton’s CSC

  17. traditionalist88 on

    BEATBHOY on 12TH JULY 2018 1:09 PM



    Yeah that was bizarre, the number of England players who could hardly walk at the end of the Colombia game was incredible, then for hi to come out with that…




  18. The gamesmanship of England was poor yesterday.


    Kane in particular was totally at it.


    Funny how the commentators are not quite so tolerant when foreigners do likewise.


    I thought the referee was also favorable to England in foul calling.


    England seemed aware of this and seemed to have based their game plan around set pieces which was their greatest threat.


    Time the authorities clamped down on the slightest of contact nonsense.

  19. That 1970 Quarter final loss to W.Germany after leading 2-0, David Coleman’s commentary was priceless.



    Starts off a bit patronising, but also with magnanimity, as Kaiser Franz pulls one back, “Good goal!”



    Then Uwe’s back header to equalise finds him pausing before finally acknowledging it’s 2-2, as England look gone.



    Finally, Der Bomber’s close range winning volley in extra time is met with complete silence, with only a few minutes lapsing before he is able to speak again.



    The broadcaster’s dreaded “dead air” brought on by shock!

  20. John 51



    V v astute observation.



    Sterling was mint last night and offered real currency on the counter(feet!)



    HH ??

  21. Turkeybhoy, you have bad taste ,talking about being brain damaged,my brother died very young from meningitis,i just made my opinions,on certain players at Celtic,another supporter gave me stick this afternoon,you know what,sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.

  22. Alasdair MacLean on

    I was having a bit of introspection after my demonstrations of glee last night.



    Then I read this and thought….ach it’s not just bitter jocks who see the Eng e land football circus for what it is…



    Copy and paste from the BBC.



    Croatia were “underestimated” by English pundits…. who lacked respect, says captain Luka Modric.



    Zlatko Dalic’s side beat England 2-1 in extra time to reach the World Cup final for the first time in their history.



    Midfielder Modric said the team had been motivated by people saying they would be “tired” after their previous two matches went to penalty shootouts.



    “We showed again we were not tired,” he said. “We dominated the game physically, mentally, in all aspects.”



    Kieran Trippier gave England the lead in Moscow, but Ivan Perisic levelled for Croatia before Mario Mandzukic scored the winning goal in the 109th minute.



    “English journalists, pundits from television, they underestimated Croatia and that was a huge mistake,” Real Madrid’s Modric told ITV. “They should be more humble and respect more opponents.



    “All these words from them we take, we were reading and we were saying, ‘OK, today we will see who will be tired’.”

  23. weebobbycollins on

    Beatbhoy…I was surprised when I read your post about the respective ages of Sir Alf Ramsey and Gareth Southgate…Sir A. had just turned 46 when they won the WC in ’66, Southgate will be 48 in September. He may yet receive a knighthood in the next new years honours list, they give them out like sweeties nowadays…I still think it is scandalous Jock never got one after his contribution to football…

  24. Just read on a website 20 fastest players at world cup



    Sterling and Rashford were the same speed =13



    Jesse lindgard !!!!!!! and Walker = 5



    Quickest player at tournament ???



    Ronaldo at 33 3/4 and Croatian Rebic = 1






    Speed gun must be too slow for Mbappe

  25. weebobbycollins on

    Essex Timothy…wee bit late with that one. We’ve been on the case for a few days now. Over 70,000 signatures…


    keep up young man :-)

  26. South Of Tunis on




    To paraphrase a Croatian fan living in Napoli who I saw on the tele earlier ..



    Real Madrid / Atletico Madrid / Inter / Juventus /Barcelona / Monaco . None of that seems to matter when you ‘re playing against England -who are you – the team showed them who we are.

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