Celtic happy to wait for McGinn, Sports Direct, Valiant Valur


The exciting shock in last night’s big game saw Icelanders Valur record a 1-0 home win over Rosenborg in the first qualification round of the Champions League.  Whoever wins this tie faces Celtic (caveat acknowledged) in the second round.

There is a long way to go for Valur, Wednesday’s game in Norway will be a major test, but even if Rosenborg emerge, it is encouraging to see them stretched, rather than comfortable winners.  Let’s hope Valur have a famous day in Trondheim.

Sports Direct were back in court against Newco yesterday, with a judge confirming their case had merit and deserved High Court consideration.  A judge would not agree to hear a civil dispute unless steps had been taken by the pursuer to settle the matter out of court.

This raises the obvious question: Why didn’t Sports Direct and Newco just get his sorted out before incurring significant legal costs, not to mention the embarrassment of yet another ‘favourable settlement’?

It is possible that the Newco’s day-to-day management do not have the levers in place to make decisions like this, and that those who are able to make such decisions exist in a fantasy land.  But there is another possibility: one party might want to take this all the way.

Newco have already made it known that delivery of replica shirts will not happen until next month at the earliest.  If Sports Direct are in in for the long haul, that could be very optimistic.  Not that Newco have done or said anything to create ill feeling at Sports Direct.

It is clear Celtic want John McGinn but he will not be crucial to their plans next season.  If the player is happy to wait, Celtic are too.  They can offer him a pre-contract in five and a half months.  Moreover, they can use the £2m they offered Hibs for McGinn to strengthen elsewhere.  An option is being considered.

You would think Hibs would figure where this is heading and accept an offer, but Rod Petrie is still chairman, so don’t expect anything logical to happen.  This one has a 1 January 2019 feel about it.

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  1. Blantyretim.



    It seems that it appears when your on CQN,and if so, they must get it off the site before someone presses accept,then they will put their computer at risk from unwanted sites.

  2. Blantyretim.



    You may hve called me on Wednesday but I had two appointments at the Doctors,so I wouldn’t have been in, sorry about that.

  3. I also had the blue privacy settings button on bottom left as well i’m on chrome



    I went into setting on chrome using the 3 dots at top of page to have a look & when I came back to CQN page it had disappeared



    ps the huns are utter gash l did not see any improvement from last year its going to be a long year for stevey G

  4. Don’t think they we’re as bad as some on here are saying , they could and should have scored a few more . The scouser is buying big guys , they will get better in time , and without doubt have improved a few positions , it’s up to celtic to be up for the challenge .

  5. Bada Bing



    The pitch was probably damaged by the invisible caravan that El Buffalo drags around.



    I thought there had been a small earthquake!

  6. I see they have introduced that pesky ball over Ibrokes way.



    And it was all going so well….

  7. mike in toronto on




    you’re going to get in trouble … I give it 5 minutes before someone comes on and calls you out for that …




  8. BT (the ither wan!) were either unable or unwilling to show a slo mo of the contentious penalty that was given. It looked very soft.

  9. I see the orcs aren’t too happy with the Gerrard Revolution tonight! Apparently just as bad as the start of last season. No Progres apparently!





  10. An educated guess but I think it is a requirement for the The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which was implemented on 25th May 2018. I know where I work we have to make everyone aware of our privacy policy.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  11. VFR, Watched a good bit of their game tonight…



    Geezo, we would have taken ten at least off them…



    As for the Macedonians, probably about 6….



    BT..? Keep Doin a Sky love in with Bottle, see were that gets ye..

  12. I think on this historic day in the calendar I should like to acknowledge some of the stuff that comes out of the “mouths of babes and not-so-innocents”… :) :)






    Hail Hail




  13. And while I’m at it, I think it is important to remember that moment when a culture was electrified by a picture of King Billy on his White Charger….






    Hail Hail




  14. Notthebus. Anyone must be an improvement from Bruno . Lol



    MIT . Hi pal , I like to fling one in now and again .

  15. Delaneys Dunky on

    Just left The Smiddy,Partick. Was meeting up with a few Saint Thomas Aquinas FP mates. A crowd of huns returning fae Ibrox were singing, ” Scott Browns sister’s shaggin’ Tommy Burns in hell.” Outside the Smiddy. Unfortunately for them, they picked on some seriously strong fighting fenians. Three huns were taken from Dumbarton Road in ambulance with broken jaws and noses. Scum bastards.

  16. Sorry M,


    OldTim, BT and can’t remember who else that asked what the blue box at bottom page about Privacy settings.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  17. Those of you concerned about privacy….you can block all the adverts in the world but unless you are also blocking the trackers, you will still be intercepted at times by adverts on CQN and all sorts of other sites. This is because the fact that you are on CQN (and any other site) is used to put you in groups with like minded browsing folk and bloggers.



    Can you prevent this…oh yes.



    I am a wee bit of a geek and in the last 30 minutes I have detected and importantly blocked 29 trackers of my browsing habits which by one means or another keep their beady eyes on CQN (as they do with a million other sites – I may exaggerate to emphasise the point).



    The trackers blocked so far in the last wee while on CQN who have failed to get my ip address are….



    NOTE: Tracker networks aggregate your web history into a data profile about you. Major tracker networks are more harmful because they can track and target you across more of the internet.



    Fox One Stop Media
















































    Casale Media




    The Trade Desk










































    Federated Media









    Hail Hail




  18. What is the Stars on



    I was at the Shamrock Rovers game against AIK tonight


    Rovers played well and were a little unlucky to lose one nil to a team that is a step up from the sides they meet in their own league.

  19. WHAT IS THE STARS on 12TH JULY 2018 11:30 PM



    Tontine I was at the Shamrock Rovers game against AIK tonight



    Rovers played well and were a little unlucky to lose one nil to a team that is a step up from the sides they meet in their own league.



    *Makes our score last week all the more impressive

  20. Youre all wasting your time trying to delete your cookies. Its like trying to delete your nuts. GDPR has got nothing to do with it.

  21. GDPR just means that if you order pizza HunzpizzaRus cant check that your credit card is millionz in debt. Unwitting slobs such as yourselves have no recourse to stop that youve won that “Amazon prize of a lifetime” guff. To us youngsters its called “the internet”.

  22. MIKE IN TORONTO on 12TH JULY 2018 10:09 PM



    if your on MIT.



    give us some insight into the upcoming orange order event in Toronto ,







    198TH ANNUAL PARADE AND BBQ (wtf says saint stivs a bbq, ?)

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