Celtic happy to wait for McGinn, Sports Direct, Valiant Valur


The exciting shock in last night’s big game saw Icelanders Valur record a 1-0 home win over Rosenborg in the first qualification round of the Champions League.  Whoever wins this tie faces Celtic (caveat acknowledged) in the second round.

There is a long way to go for Valur, Wednesday’s game in Norway will be a major test, but even if Rosenborg emerge, it is encouraging to see them stretched, rather than comfortable winners.  Let’s hope Valur have a famous day in Trondheim.

Sports Direct were back in court against Newco yesterday, with a judge confirming their case had merit and deserved High Court consideration.  A judge would not agree to hear a civil dispute unless steps had been taken by the pursuer to settle the matter out of court.

This raises the obvious question: Why didn’t Sports Direct and Newco just get his sorted out before incurring significant legal costs, not to mention the embarrassment of yet another ‘favourable settlement’?

It is possible that the Newco’s day-to-day management do not have the levers in place to make decisions like this, and that those who are able to make such decisions exist in a fantasy land.  But there is another possibility: one party might want to take this all the way.

Newco have already made it known that delivery of replica shirts will not happen until next month at the earliest.  If Sports Direct are in in for the long haul, that could be very optimistic.  Not that Newco have done or said anything to create ill feeling at Sports Direct.

It is clear Celtic want John McGinn but he will not be crucial to their plans next season.  If the player is happy to wait, Celtic are too.  They can offer him a pre-contract in five and a half months.  Moreover, they can use the £2m they offered Hibs for McGinn to strengthen elsewhere.  An option is being considered.

You would think Hibs would figure where this is heading and accept an offer, but Rod Petrie is still chairman, so don’t expect anything logical to happen.  This one has a 1 January 2019 feel about it.

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    Can you kindly share with us Luddites how you detect and block the trackers?



    Thank you!




  2. oh look I’ve blocked all tracking cookies so that I cannot see but everyone else can.




  3. mike in toronto on

    St. stivs



    To be honest, I hadn’t heard about it until you mentioned it.



    I just looked it up, and it is taking place just around the corner from me. Given that I was not even aware of it, I can’t imagine that it will be a big deal. But if I find out something, I can let you know.

  4. Jings Crivvens Help ma Boab! on



    Imagine that!


    No ban on Orange woks!


    Every day is the 12th of July!


    Petitions were filled in last year as well, although I don’t think any priests were assaulted back then.


    Only in Orange Scotland!


    Maybe next year.


    Or, mibbee the priests will start to realize that their on a tanking to nothing and, order the congregation at mass to stay inside the chapel, till the brethren are further along the road ?


    I know that that shouldn’t have to be the case, but, sometimes it pays to be a wee bit more aware of your surroundings. Especially when your from the oppressed minority community.


    That doesn’t mean cowardice, it means don’t engage in conflicts that you will not win.



  5. Matt Stewart on

    iniquitous/yogi ….will try and do so tomorrow.



    It’s straightforward …4 or 5 basic steps you can implement within a few minutes.



    Hail Hail








    Cheers,fellas. I’ve decided to slow down the aging process from now on-I’m only gonna celebrate birthdays that fall on a Saturday.

  7. weebawbabitty on

    Morning , DD cool story bro about your three mates last night, can you no send them over to the chapel in the Calton next time they ? are walking, Kevj, hope you are well mate





    Midweeks are usually a bit busy for me workwise. Means I fall behind in my replies to mails,etc.



    One I need to reply to is on a similar subject to your suggestion for DELANEYSDUNKY and pals. We now know that neither GCC nor The Scottish Government/Parliament are going to take action to prevent more Orange Disorder on our streets,and outside our places of worship.



    Maybe some like-minded friends of the parishes in question may like to be visible at those times.



    Now,I’m in no way suggesting that this is done in a confrontational manner. Just a simple “You go your way,and I’ll go mine.”



    (Bob Dylan,he still speaks volumes!)



    I’d love to see how the authorities react to that. Might pay some attention to it for a change.

  9. Delaneys Dunky on

    Weebawb & BMCUW



    The hun buĺly hate being confronted. They are brave in a crowd. Cowards alone. Their kulchur of hatred is dying. We are seeing it’s death rattle on the streets of Glasgow now.


    We are all Canon White!





    That’s the problem,mate. We aren’t seeing their death throes.



    Saturday was only a “News Event” because of a damning press release by The Diocese. Up till then,Police Scotland considered it a “minor event” and none of the SMSM-honourable exception,The Sun-even mentioned it.



    Don’t worry about it,it’ll go away.



    And it has.



    GCC have decided to ignore it,and 75000 signatures.



    The Scottish Government have come over all mute.



    Not a mention in Westminster.



    No attempts to prevent future walks,no lip service of even taking them away from Catholic Churches.



    And not a single arrest,seven days later.



    Headline news all week,and thur ripping the pish and laughing at us.



    That’s how much good our seven day war has done.

  11. weebobbycollins on

    Hot Smoked….I didn’t know that. Thanks for posting.


    DD…their ‘kulchur’ may be dying, but it is a real slow death…too slow for most of us…

  12. DELANEYS DUNKY on 12TH JULY 2018 10:46 PM


    Just left The Smiddy,Partick. Was meeting up with a few Saint Thomas Aquinas FP mates. A crowd of huns returning fae Ibrox were singing, ” Scott Browns sister’s shaggin’ Tommy Burns in hell.” Outside the Smiddy. Unfortunately for them, they picked on some seriously strong fighting fenians. Three huns were taken from Dumbarton Road in ambulance with broken jaws and noses. Scum bastards.




    DD, ah Garry, reminds me of my youth at this time of year. Used to love a bit of OO Hun skelping, around Partick, especially with their wee band suits on. Ah the memories.





    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  13. GooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooD














    A pleasure to have you back on board,cap’n.



    How’s Abobin Soller?



    A bob bob bob bob bob bob bobbing around,I hope.



    Some life you’ve got,bud. Wee trip on a narrowboat on The Kennet and Avon tickle yer fancy,naw?





    OLDTIM67 should listen to me for once and only celebrate birthdays on a Saturday.



    But I suppose a Friday is close enough…











    Nae offence,D,but I hope you can remember eff all about it the morra.



    That’s ma boy!!!







    All good here, a bit rolly last night, but that’s all part of the fun



    Good wins for the Scottish teams last night :-))))))))))))))))))))))))



    From what I heard, they weren’t very good…………………… again



    narrowboatsare boatsSowhatsNot2like

  17. weebawbabitty on

    Morning, DD, BMCUW, always the same way the KAL OUNZZ!! only brave when team handed, absolute cowards , anyway need to go and earn some coin them holidays don’t pay for themselves ?





    Never met you-wise man,big fella!-,but I reckon you are in charge of bigger than a narrowboat,or even a rowing boat.



    But FLOATIN’ of this Parish is a-floating on The Thames and associated tributaries. Guid Tim fae Adrussin,or Ardrossan as its otherwise known.



    Next time yer in this neck of the woods,rather than the Med or The Carribean,geeza shout. I’ll show you how to get lost on the trains.



    No need to thank me,though I wouldn’t do it for joooost emdy.

  19. Just read the injury update on Griff and MC, it’s not a good time to be injured as you do not do pre season work which is vital , I am concerned about the amount of injuries both these players have.


    I like John McGinn however £4m is not a price Celtic should consider,we have an abundance of midfield players and have never seen Scott Allan get any run of games for us.who knows what he could be.


    All of this is only my opinion of course.





    Enjoy,as much as you can.



    To be honest,in my experience,they’re not cowards. Not as a rule. If they were,we’d have seen them off decades ago.



    But they certainly draw strength from the mob mentality. That’s their strength. It’s where our fragmented 16% struggles a tad.

  21. A very Happy Birthday to the Gentleman who is OLDTIM67 ?


    Hope you have a great day, Sir.




    Thank you, kind Sir, ……………………………..



    I might just take you up on that………………. later in the year




  23. OLDTIM67…………………………



    Long time no seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



    long may yer lum reek



    slange va

  24. Word of The Day (this is the big weekend for it)



    Circumambulate (sur-kuh m-am-byuh-leyt)





    cir·cum·am·bu·lat·ed, cir·cum·am·bu·lat·ing.


    1. to walk or go about or around, especially ceremoniously.


    2. to walk around (something)


    2. (intr) to avoid the point



    Derived Forms


    circumambulation, noun circumambulator, noun circumambulatory, adjective


    Word Origin and History for circumambulate




    1650s, from Latin circumambulatus, past participle of circumambulare “to walk around,” from circum “around” (see circum-) + ambulare “to walk” (see amble). Related: Circumambulated; circumambulating; circumambulation.







  25. 18 July 2018, 20:45 CET – Glasgow (Celtic Park)


    Celtic FC (SCO) – Alashkert FC (ARM)


    Referee: Horațiu Mircea Feșnic (ROU)


    Assistant Referee 1: Mihai Ovidiu Artene (ROU)


    Assistant Referee 2: Valentin Gabriel Avram (ROU)


    Fourth Official: Andrei Florin Chivulete (ROU)


    UEFA Referee Observer: Jaap Uilenberg (NED)


    UEFA Delegate: José Luis Astiazarán Iriondo (ESP)

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