Celtic harvesting the mascot generation


With St Mirren’s top of the table and derby clashes out of the way, Lewis Morgan attended a medical this morning ahead of his potential move to Celtic. The 21-year-old can play in left, right or central advanced midfield positions.

The player is out of contract in the summer and now free to choose his next contract, although a training compensation fee would be payable, the level of which Celtic have reportedly agreed with St Mirren. It is an indication of the times we live in, when a former Rangers mascot makes Celtic is his destination of choice.

That training compensation fee would not make him Celtic property until summer, so St Mirren are right to resist a little extra cash to part with him early, with their promotion push at a critical phase.

When Brendan Rodgers spoke after our Scottish Cup tie against St Mirren in March he suggested the Championship side were the best domestic opponents we had faced that season. Morgan clearly made an impression the manager followed up on.


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  1. Rangers have been left stunned after Brazilian side Atletico Mineiro revealed they are sending a team of kids to play the Ibrox side in the first of their winter friendlies in Florida. (Sun, print edition)

  2. I think loaning Lewis back to St.Mirren is the right move for all concerned. I would however like to see him join up with the team for the trip to Dubai before heading back to paisley

  3. ‘It Is an indication of the times we live in, when a former Rangers mascot makes Celtic his destination of choice.’



    It’s maybe also an indication of these times that the signing of an ex-Rangers anything doesn’t create even a minor stir among Celtic supporters. It’s good to be able to say that. I’ve not always been so sanguine!



    Welcome aboard, Lewis, and may your move be a huge success.

  4. Celtic signing Rangers mascots while “Rangers” sign Seans and Declans…



    It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world.



    Not really though…

  5. P67 – Watched a fair bit of Morgan, he looks like an excellent prospect.



    It will be interesting to see how the midfield shapes up next season especially as Ryan Christie is due to return. We know Armstrong and McGregor can play close to the strikers and are both goal threats.



    Will Christie and Morgan genuinely challenge for a place in the starting XI ? Probably the most natural no10 we have is Tom Rogic, who when fit, should never be out of the team imho




  6. TJ – I thinks its a fair question you ask (and I’ll choose to forget Scott Allan) There was some chatter on the previous thread about teams “working us out a bit” and “pressing us high”


    I would not be surprised in the slightest if Celtic come back from Dubai and line up in a completely different shape (3-4-3) for example akin to how they setup at Pittodrie and 4-3-2-1 will be relegated to to the back up formation.


    Brendan is a clever coach, i suspect he will use this time to actually coach and come back giving the opposition a new problem to think about.


    If the shape changes our perceptions on places available in the first team changes also

  7. If we were to play 3-4-3?



    what is everyone’s view on how that shape would be filled?


    does that change your views on where we would look to strengthen the team in January?

  8. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Most of these young Scottish prospects will wiaste away on the fringes of the squad getting loaned out occasionally then ending up at Hibs/Aberdeen or lower English championship sides. We’ve seen this played out before and it isn’t the best model for the game as a hole to have 1 team Hoover up all the best available domestic talent.


    Surprised Paul67 hasn’t mentioned the similarities to what deadclub did in the past(albeit with other peoples money) as he has been quite scathing about this approach in the past.

  9. With the rumour that Jonny Hayes could be loaned back to Aberdeen after his return from injury, I see what Celtic are doing here…



    We buy the best players from all our SPL opponents, then loan them back again with the condition that they can’t play against us. Then each game that we play sees us facing teams who are already weaker than our own, who are further weakened by the fact that they can’t play their best players against us because they are contractually not allowed to do so!




  10. For me






    (New Player Needed) Compper Tierney



    Forrest Brown Ntcham McGregor



    Griffiths Dembele Sinclair

  11. SeanP1916 – Agreed, I think there will be fairly big tactical changes for the second half of the season. Very little time to implement anything new when you have 8-9 games or whatever is was in December.




  12. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    So nothing to do Celtic-wise for the next few weeks except look at the stupid transfer stories. So in lieu of good football gossip, I’ll share my thoughts on my favourite 3 albums of 2017. All bought on vinyl. These are in no particular order.



    Rag’n’bone Man Human


    This guy has a fantastic voice; like an old-time baritone. His music is at times stripped back and bare and this accentuates his fantastic voice. The lyrics are wonderful and the melodies hook you immediately. Standout tracks are Human, Skin and Die Easy. The LP came with a download voucher for the Deluxe Edition so you get another 7 songs on the digital download. His other album “Wolves” is also a standout.



    Paloma Faith The Architect


    This is, I think, quite a different album from her previous 3. Fairly political lyrics and very powerful vocal performances accompanied by a much bigger sound; not quite the Phil Spector “Wall of Sound” but bigger nonetheless. Less of a “poppy” album and a bit more grown up. Unusually, there are 3 spoken tracks with very political messages. For me, Paloma Faith is very engaging and open. Not as good a singer as the late, great Amy Winehouse but just as accessible and talented. This album also comes with a digital download code which gives access to another 4 songs. Well worth a listen.



    Stormzy Gang Signs & Prayer


    What a fantastic debut album from Stormzy, with a few surprises in store. More accessible than Lethal Bizzle or Dizzee Racal, Stormzy mixes the standard Grime tracks with the beautifully melodic Blinded by Your Grace Parts 1 and 2. Part 1 in particular is a complete sidestep with and electric piano playing behind Gospel style singing from Stormzy. Blinded by Your Grace Part 2 is a stand-out song and the lyrics not what would be expected from a Grime track. As you may expect from the title, there is a strong element of religion coming through the lyrics along with the raps about growing up in urban London and the difficulties therein. The other stand-out song for me is 100 Bags (featuring Stormzy’s mum). Grime maybe isn’t everyone’s bag, but this is, IMHO, a major album from someone I would expect is going to be a massive star in the future.



    Other notable albums of 2017 for me are:


    Wolf Alice Visions of a Life



    Sundara Karma Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect



    Stereophonics Scream Above The Sounds





  13. I would very happily see Celtic playing 4 2 1 3.


    Ralston Ajer Commper KT.



    Broony Ntcham






    Forrest Griff Sinclair.



    Its not the line up that teams are finding out about,its the snails pace we use to get the ball to the forwards.


    80% of the time,it seems laborious.We allow teams to press us,then allow them time to funnel back when we get into the mid,forward areas.Speed it up.

  14. Big Jimmy and others.


    That was a great read back thanks ghuys.


    Billys Boots, Sannies and are you Yogi? All magic..




    Daniel Fergus has to be up there, huns scouted him and when they found out his name, they assumed, wrongly, that he was a Catholic.


    Hail Hail

  15. 50 shades of green on

    3 4 3



    Gordon or a n other.



    Mick , Go commper Dedryck .



    Streach Ollie n Broonie KT



    Jamsie Moussa Sinky.



    I reserve the right to change the above once the revolving door opens.



    Or if you like.






    Ralston Commper KT.



    Cal mac, Ollie n Broonie Kouasie



    Paddy Musanda Sinky.



    Midfielder in a diamond shape.





  16. TURKEYBHOY on 4TH JANUARY 2018 12:39 PM



    I don’t think you are incorrect about the tempo at all.



    I do however think the reason the tempo is so slow is because our shape is being strangled by the way other teams are now setting up against us. People over look this but there are some really good coach’s/managers in this league who also look to leagues further afield and learn from what they do.



    I know it was one game but when I look at how we setup at Pittodrie it doesn’t escape me that our tempo was as good as it has been all season and Aberdeen were totally bambozzled by our shape because they had been clearly drilled to shut down a 4-2-3-1 shape.

  17. South Of Tunis on

    On loan –



    Listening to the radio yesterday –



    Juventus have 54 players ( Yes -54 ) who are out on loan – Serie A / B/ C and Austria / Belgium / France / Germany / Holland / Portugal / Romania / Spain.

  18. 50 shades of green on

    Dear Transfer Window,



    I would like another Centre half if either jozo or dedryck leave or pick up an injury whilst sweating in Dubai,



    Also if wee Tony isnae gonna be fit can you get big Mick hauners at right back.



    No finished yet, A number 10 ball playing midfielder widnae go amiss and please don’t let Kouassie go out on loan,



    Haud on haud on—- Keep the Mouss in the parkheed hoose tae. …



    Cheers……50 S.

  19. glendalystonsils on

    I don’t know how Morgan will work out for us, it seems that promise in a young player is no guarantee of future success.


    I look forward to the day when we sign another Joe McBride or Willie Wallace from within the Scottish game.

  20. eddieinkirkmichael on

    An old article on Brendan.


    This quote stands out for me and seems to sum up his time at Celtic so far “When he knew that his Swansea tactics had little chances of success, he turned to man-management and built a system based on the strengths of individual players. The message was clear- when a manager’s ideas do not work, he turns to his players and knowing his players’ strengths and weaknesses needs to be a part of his tactical philosophy as much as any pre-conceived ideal.”



    I wonder if he’s now moving to phase 2 by introducing the players who can play his system rather than getting the best out of what he has.






  21. Jimmynotpaul


    Yo Sushi are to extend their plant based menu this month,


    also just saw red onions autumn vegan tasting menu, interesting and good value

  22. 50 shades of green on

    P.S. I know I said in the summer that if wee Paddy came in I wouldn’t ask for anything in January, but you sent us the wrang wee Paddy can we get the other wan back.



    Cheers 50 S

  23. mike in toronto on




    How about Fergus McGrain?



    I think they saw him, asked who he was, and were told Daniel McGrain, so they said no thanks. And, of course, we know where he ended up.

  24. South Of Tunis on

    VFR 800 @ 12 34



    For what it’s worth



    6 LPS from 2017 which floated my boat –



    Golden Teacher -No Luscious Life – ( a Glasgow band )



    Thundercat -Drunk



    Vince Staples -Big Fish Theory



    Girl Ray -Earl Grey



    Richard Dawson -Peasant



    Jane Weaver -Modern Kosmology

  25. What is the Stars on

    All this talk about what the team is going to be like next year….




    How about this for a team



    Goal;Blantyre Tim ( its in the genes)


    Back 4; Bournesoup,Gordon64,Jamesgang,An Tearmann ( plenty of height,all good for defending set pieces),not sure about the height for BSR but he seems solid and nothing ever gets past him on here.


    Midfield 4 ( excluding the Broony role) ;Timreaper ( need some youth on the flanks),Twists and Turns (wily old fox) Delaneys and HT ( you can put your celtic TRUST in these 2)


    BROONY ROLE; Grumpy ole Canamalar ( dont know what affect he will have on the opposition but he terrifies us)


    Up Front ; Big Jimmy ( read the last article if you want to know why)




    BMCUW ( if for no other reason that he never misses a training SESSION)


    Robertressell ( the thinking mans footballer,perhaps the Nir Bitton of the CQN squad)


    Davidopolous ( The PUNdits love him)


    Roy Croppie ( great man to have in the dressing room)


    GFTB ( if only he would stay off the sauce on a Friday night he might get into the first 11)






    Assistant Manager




    Coach Driver ;Vogue Punter


    Chief Executive ;Almore ( Hotels,Casinos,Cafes you name it)


    Everyone else is going out on loan !!!!

  26. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    SOUTH OF TUNIS on 4TH JANUARY 2018 1:13 PM



    Vince Staples and Jane Weaver are both in my collection and both very good; the others I will see if I can get a listen to on iTunes!





  27. South Of Tunis on

    VFR800 .



    Another gem (IMO ) from 2017 — not on LP , not on CD but available ( purchase ) from Apple Music / Itunes or for free from Dat Piff –



    Lil B -Black Ken

  28. mike in toronto on




    I have a contract … so, if you want me off the books, you’re going to have to talk to my agent …. oh, yeah, that would be me … I hear That Neymar fella isn’t happy at PSG, so they might be needing a new striker … but I’m not sure if they can match the wages I … err, I mean, my


    Client is on at CQN



    And , I .. err, I mean, my client will not take a wage cut … so, will CQN make up my wage loss?

  29. South Of Tunis on




    ” I hear that Neymar ” .



    Some Italian journos have him being utterly despised by everyone ( his pal Alves excepted ) at PSG and him going to Real Madrid once Man Utd have bought Bale and Juve have agreed to sell Dybala to PSG

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