Celtic have not found magic formula for transfer windows


We got deals done early in the January window and surprised on the upside by signing Cameron Carter-Vickers on a permanent deal 10 days ago.  This led some to believe Celtic had found the magic formula to get deals done early always.

I see evidence of this faith everywhere.  What about Jota, why are we dragging our heals with that left back?  It is as though everyone online has the ability to see the value in getting deals done early, but those responsible for getting deals over the line are oblivious to this fact.

Celtic have not reinvented transfer window dynamics.  Carter-Vickers loan deal had clauses in place that gave Celtic control over what happened.  The players we recruited from Japan in January were not subject to competitive bids from others in Europe.

If you are an Argentinian club with a left back that is subject to a bid from a Champions League side, why would you sell early?  You have one club on the hook, if the player is any way adequate, there will be others monitoring him.  The club’s motivation is to get as many active bidders as possible.  Only then will they discover their best price.

The same goes for players and agents.   Why agree a deal unless there is only one possible buyer?  This is the way football transfers work and nothing has changed since the windows started.  If you want someone with a competitive profile, unless they have a buy-out clause, be prepared to be messed around for a while.  I expect we will land more of our top targets than we will miss this summer, but don’t kid yourself that any player will come to Scotland if he has an offer from the top half of the English Premier League.


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  2. Paul67



    Agree, but it’s clearly not the dithering Celtic of old as it’s left the building.



    Jota’s holiday is coming to and end and he’ll sign on his return. I’m going for Adidas Friday which if you count new 1st team coach Harry Kewell and CCV will be a signing a week since the window opened.



    Not too shabby……Shirley?

  3. Fair point Paul ,but it was our manager /coach who said he wanted deals done quickly , but que Serra Serra I suppose , not much talk on clearing out our dead wood either looks like we are having just as much bother getting players out as new players in , looks like julienne is going to be with us a while yet , not really a big fan of him to soft a player for my liking , are we struggling to get a central defender in . Or does no one want julienne and any of our other players who are not going to get game time . We did super last season but for some mibbery we would have had another treble , but good as we were there are positions that can be improved upon . Just my opinion HH

  4. P67 — your comments are all a bit too snidery for me.


    PL bending your ear about the new guys starting to find it all a bit tough?



    In the past we have had the Bosman angle brought to the fore.


    Then we had the buy young to sell dear angle.


    Then came the CL qualification angle — budgets not known so we should call it canny.


    Then there was the chain angle — moves linked together.


    Then came the favourite agent angle — who have you got?



    The season starts in July 1st.


    When we have bought in June there has always been a financial angle.


    Spend to lower the tax bill / make the accounts look better than they actually are.



    Consequently happy to see the chat and the potential signings.


    The new financial year will bring things to the boil.



    We have no excuses for failure.


    Lots of good players out there looking for moves.


    We just need to look for value / ability / potential.



    AP has done a great job so far so the future looks bright.



    VM types — straight of the TV / OFITG — with all their reasons for failure are just outsiders pining for another yesterday they can understand.



    The issue is the quality of the list we are working from.


    If someone plays it slow then we move on to the next target.


    The issue is timing / pre season training / squad with no gaps.



    We currently have gaps so work needs to be done.


    Plus we should work the loan angle to make the most of our opportunities.



    As for our LB target — he will have a value on his existing contract.


    If we meet it then it is all down to wages.

  5. Maybes if we had invested in the team back when MoN was qualifying for the CL instead of counting the beans, even when WGS was doing the same, back in the days when the top leagues hadn’t yet distanced themselves from the rest we could still be dining at the top table year on year, but we decided to count the beans instead, and as little time ago when BR had a fair few bob in the bank, we could have invested in the team, alas the support is now arguing if we are even conference standard, that’s how far down the board have taken us, will they invest in Ange, we will see but I for one won’t be holding my breath that it’s gonna be adequate for the CL, for Scotland probably, just keep ahead of the hun and the OF model will continue to rake it in.

  6. GENE on 20TH JUNE 2022 12:04 PM





    In other words be patient.




    Two vultures sitting in the desert. One says to the other, “Patience my ass, I’m gonna kill something!”



    That’s how I feel.



    Has The Jota signed yet? Yes or No?




  7. Supporting a football team is all about being able to engage in magical thinking without any of the consequences. Normally logical people lose all powers of rational thinking, see things in a purely subjective way.



    Its what we do, and its never more apparent then during the transfer windows. As Paul67 constantly says there are three parties in every transfer, the selling club, buying club, and the player/agent (probably should be agent/player in that order). In every transaction we seem to lose sight of the fact that each party involved have equal or greater interests than us in getting the best deal for themselves. When you’re talking about deals worth millions of pounds, and livelihoods being affected, each party involved wouldn’t be doing their jobs if they didnt ensure that every penny was saved, or wrung out of the negations. Existential pressures for smaller clubs.



    Other clubs have just as much interest in getting the best deal for their clubs as our board has for ours. A player’s agent thinks about what he’s earning out of the deal first.



    When it comes down to transfers and money we face the same pressures as any other club out there.



    Its simple exceptionalism to think we’re different. If you ignore the market pressures that we face, like everyone else, that’s what you’re engaging in.

  8. “PL bending your ear about the new guys starting to find it all a bit tough?”



    Like his own son, highly unlikely, por cierto

  9. Pebble in the pond — the need for a growth agenda and a T/O somewhere north of £200mill.



    We can but dream but something needs to happen.


    The Main Stand can’t last forever.



    Stagnation needs to be admitted and addressed.



    BR — and the gilded first 24 months — was the first step on this route.


    AP — for various reasons — might be the more credible attempt at real progress.



    Here’s hoping DD can’t get a signal when he is on the golf course.

  10. Apart from the 3 different parties involved, there is also a legal minefield to negotiate as well. It’s nowhere near a matter of crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s. Foreign transfers make things even more intricate and dealing with government depts is a long-drawn-out affair, as there are next to no staff dealing with a multitude of inquiries. So, let us Give Time, TIME! por cierto

  11. McPhail Bhoy on

    but don’t kid yourself that any player will come to Scotland if he has an offer from the top half of the English Premier League.






    Your average footballer and agent will go for ANY club in the English Premiership, alas wining things is way down the pecking order of most players and their agents. Any club in the top flight in England has a distinct advantage (€€€€€€€) over most clubs in Europe never mind Scotland, money talks.

  12. Jr — is he the main man for transfers or does he just follow AP’s instructions?


    AP did well enough without him over the past year so hopefully he is just admin.



    If AP is in the lead then P67’s snidery article is just what you would expect.


    PL has form as long as your arm — today’s article is not the first.

  13. MCPHAIL BHOY on 20TH JUNE 2022 1:17 PM


    True. There are a few on here who would complain less often if they considered your post.

  14. HS @ 1.19



    I hope you are playing the irony card.


    Anything else is just happy clapping.

  15. At base level, this just comes down to deconstructed third-generation concepts.


    The solution can only be facilitating policy innovation , Forward-looking companies invest in facilitating organisational capability.


    So we’re going forward with our plans to implement ‘Outside the box’ third-generation matrix approaches.

  16. MADMITCH on 20TH JUNE 2022 12:43 PM


    VM types — straight of the TV / OFITG — with all their reasons for failure are just outsiders pining for another yesterday they can understand.



    You are the Pat Nevin of CQN

  17. The club SHOULD have a dossier of every single professional footballer world wide, they should know everything about them, I very much doubt that we do.

  18. L14 @ 1.49



    That hurt so it did.


    I only went to the dancin at the Tech thank you very much.



    Friday nights were good though.


    Straight off the bus and up the steps.

  19. Added to that, an Argentinian – everything else being equal – is going to prefer living in Italy or Spain to Glasgow in December and January.

  20. I’m relaxed about next season – largely because I’ve zoned out from most things Celtic (barring this forum) since we won the league. It’s a long season so we should enjoy the break and look back on our success before another season kicks off and last season is all forgotten, such is the life of a football fan.



    If we get Jota over the line then we’ve a very strong base to launch a successful title defence. I’m sure Ange will get a few more in as well.

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