Celtic have not found magic formula for transfer windows


We got deals done early in the January window and surprised on the upside by signing Cameron Carter-Vickers on a permanent deal 10 days ago.  This led some to believe Celtic had found the magic formula to get deals done early always.

I see evidence of this faith everywhere.  What about Jota, why are we dragging our heals with that left back?  It is as though everyone online has the ability to see the value in getting deals done early, but those responsible for getting deals over the line are oblivious to this fact.

Celtic have not reinvented transfer window dynamics.  Carter-Vickers loan deal had clauses in place that gave Celtic control over what happened.  The players we recruited from Japan in January were not subject to competitive bids from others in Europe.

If you are an Argentinian club with a left back that is subject to a bid from a Champions League side, why would you sell early?  You have one club on the hook, if the player is any way adequate, there will be others monitoring him.  The club’s motivation is to get as many active bidders as possible.  Only then will they discover their best price.

The same goes for players and agents.   Why agree a deal unless there is only one possible buyer?  This is the way football transfers work and nothing has changed since the windows started.  If you want someone with a competitive profile, unless they have a buy-out clause, be prepared to be messed around for a while.  I expect we will land more of our top targets than we will miss this summer, but don’t kid yourself that any player will come to Scotland if he has an offer from the top half of the English Premier League.


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  1. Jota has a few loose ends to tie up with his agent.


    The travel agent at Barrhead travel.

  2. leftclicktic on

    Isobel R.I.P.




    Thoughts and prayers for you and your family at this terrible time. Y.N.W.A.




    Will keep you and the family in my prayers at this sad time.


    Rest in Peace Isobel




  4. Fairhill Bhoy: condolences to you and your family on the death of your sister.



    Ar dheis lámh Dhé go raibh anam uasal Isobel.




    Will keep you and your family in my prayers. Stay strong son.



    R.I.P. Isobel




  6. Madmitch


    £200 million turnover in the SPFL?


    I doff my cap for this outstanding trolling by you.


    Even id Celtic negotiated individual tv rights for home matches we couldn’t get near that, but i’m sure you know that.


    I’m beginning to think that you are the best parody contributor on Celtic message boards.

  7. L14 @ 6.57



    Well we managed £70mill in 2003/04.


    Not sure what the season tickets were that season or the cost of an adult shirt.



    26 years of trying and we cannot treble our T/O?


    PL never left much of a legacy did he?



    2030 — the TV channel will be the game changer.


    That and all the football we will be playing — Ladies / youths / B team / US team / Aus team.



    It will all start to add up.

  8. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from the Laurieston Bar. On the Guinness again. How I suffer for my art.

  9. AIPPLE.



    Speaking with FAIRHILL BHOY he said to reassure you about the tickets….



    The downside is you’ll have to meet me to collect them…. 😊👍

  10. Madmitch


    I had no time for Lawwell, he held the club back for years while his obscene salary and bonus grew, but you have to be realistic about how the club could get anywhere near that.

  11. Willie Collow








    ON THIS DAY 20TH JUNE 1948


    Charlie Tully joins the Bhoys from Belfast Celtic for a fee of approx £8,000. ☘️☘️

  12. The club will pay £6,670 for the throwing of objects and lighting of fireworks at Ibrox on 5 May.

  13. Fabrizo Romano



    Croatian national team right back Josip Juranovic is expected to leave Celtic FC this summer as many clubs are following him. 🇭🇷 #transfers



    Jurankvic is attracting interests from Premier League clubs too after great season for club and country.






    Please Celtic don’t do this. Give us one summer without losing a top player.

  14. I hope the rumour about JJ is just that, but I will wager now that if someone were to offer us say circa £10m, the suits would bite their hands off, then give Ange a couple of mill, but we could be like the huns and ask for £40-£50 m…..

  15. Juranovic has been getting pushed by the media here since the season ended and he played in those nations league matches, the Scottish sports media want him gone as he is a class player, if there is any truth in this and he wants to go then its about Celtic getting the maximum fee for him, I don’t want him to go but AP won’t stand in his way if he wants to go,I really hope there’s nothing in this , if there is and he wants to leave bids start at 25m, he is that good.

  16. I agree, the SMSM will do everything in their power to upset our pre-season preparations.



    The chance of playing in the Champions League this season, hopefully will be a big factor.



    Also, I believe he looks as if he is enjoying his time here, loves playing with all his teammates and most importantly, he looks like he ‘gets’ Celtic.

  17. Tom McLaughlin on

    All the report says is that other clubs are interested in Juranovic. Only the media – and TET – could turn that into “he’s leaving”.



    A couple of weeks ago he laughed off questions about him leaving Celtic and said he was very happy where he was.



    Short memories.

  18. bigrailroadblues on

    He’s going nowhere. I will stake my admittedly drunken reputation on that. If I could find it.

  19. prestonpans bhoys on

    This tweet from Fabrizo Romano has no foundation, on the grounds of what? Has he offered any concrete evidence, even naming interested clubs, nope, load of pish😵

  20. Aye but don’t youse know that if the hun keep on an aging goalie , we have to sell a top star , cause that’s how the mssm works

  21. Paul67 et al



    Every day it seems some club is signing somebody from Portugal


    Everybody that is except Celtic FC and Jota…….

  22. All 1 year extensions for McGregor, Davies, Goldson and Lundstrom, they are skint and fecked and skint.



    Roll on next season, we’re gonnae batter them.

  23. bigrailroadblues on

    Came out of the Laurieston went for the bus. The hun family from hell were gathered like raggedy arsed scarecrows. To quote a poster from here “some of them looked like their eyes and teeth were in the right place”. I may have to go to Neesons to get over the trauma.

  24. Condolences to Fairhill Bhoy on the loss of his sister


    Solace to all her friends and family



    RIP Isobel

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