Celtic have not found magic formula for transfer windows


We got deals done early in the January window and surprised on the upside by signing Cameron Carter-Vickers on a permanent deal 10 days ago.  This led some to believe Celtic had found the magic formula to get deals done early always.

I see evidence of this faith everywhere.  What about Jota, why are we dragging our heals with that left back?  It is as though everyone online has the ability to see the value in getting deals done early, but those responsible for getting deals over the line are oblivious to this fact.

Celtic have not reinvented transfer window dynamics.  Carter-Vickers loan deal had clauses in place that gave Celtic control over what happened.  The players we recruited from Japan in January were not subject to competitive bids from others in Europe.

If you are an Argentinian club with a left back that is subject to a bid from a Champions League side, why would you sell early?  You have one club on the hook, if the player is any way adequate, there will be others monitoring him.  The club’s motivation is to get as many active bidders as possible.  Only then will they discover their best price.

The same goes for players and agents.   Why agree a deal unless there is only one possible buyer?  This is the way football transfers work and nothing has changed since the windows started.  If you want someone with a competitive profile, unless they have a buy-out clause, be prepared to be messed around for a while.  I expect we will land more of our top targets than we will miss this summer, but don’t kid yourself that any player will come to Scotland if he has an offer from the top half of the English Premier League.


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  1. Anything over £20m and JJ is gone. Confident we’d get another belter at RB for a fraction of that and with a big profit in the process to help with the next stage of the build.



    Stays for another season and we have a bloody good player on our hands. Champions League and World Cup showcase season….



    win:win csc




  2. Fabrizio Romano








    Celtic have confirmed to Benfica their intention to trigger buy option clause to sign Jota on a permanent deal in the next days. 🟢 #CelticFC



    Benfica are now prepared to receive €7.5m for 70%, just waiting for player to discuss contract details with Celtic.



  3. Despite the huge amount of TV money less than half the EPL teams have a turnover of £200m

  4. bigrailroadblues on

    BelmontBrian, cheers mate. A colossal riff from Tony Iommi. A heavy metal guitar maestro. 👍

  5. Well,very glad to see a post of mine from last night regards Ashley,and Huns,was today reinforced by Phil and James Forrest.,although no one on here seemed intersted.


    One very telling snippet that I mentioned was missed,Castore are moving premises to a new location owned by Ashley.


    Hope all this has not gone over your head Tom.

  6. JJ is going nowhere for any less tha20 million.And if that were offered,of course we would take it.


    The Mafia stool Pigeon,Fabrizio Romano,has his head up his Omerta.

  7. If and it’s a big if juranovic is offski so be it. keeping wantaway players is a mugs game. To many times I have watched quality player fail to preform once mind is made to leave. Best to simply get as much money as you can and get someone in who wants to be here.




  8. Anyone been following 9am The Nolan Show of late? UK Unionist Loyalists and the Protocol this morning were class entertainment.


    First up, “Ye’s need to open yer ears and smell the coffee”. This geezer was more or less suggesting he was holding the UK Unionist Loyalists back at the gates from attacking any Catholic they could get there hands on.


    Next up, “If Britain doesn’t want us we should just form an Independent NornIreland and sell land to Russia and China so that they can set up military bases. That’ll show Britain alright.”. That would probably beat the mutiny at Curragh on treachery stakes alright.

  9. Fairhill Bhoy



    Condolences on your loss



    Thoughts with you and your Family

  10. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 20TH JUNE 2022 8:33 PM


    All the report says is that other clubs are interested in Juranovic. Only the media – and TET – could turn that into “he’s leaving”.



    I would appreciate if you could point me in the direction where I said he was leaving, take your time now Tom, I know how much of a stickler for the facts that you are.

  11. Sláinte Ange on




    Just for fun, is anyone interested in a World Cup Predictor game?



    Simple rules:



    Pick the quarter-finalists – 1 point for each correct plus 2 bonus points for all 8



    Same for semi-finalists but 3 points each plus 3 points for all 4



    For finalists 5 points for each



    10 points for selecting the winner.



    Any suggestions more than welcome.




  12. Slainte Ange



    You could always award bonus points for guesiing the death toll of slave labourers at each stage.

  13. Cork City Under 14s are in Glasgow played the Huns tonight playing Celtic tomorrow night,


    My Sister’s Grandson Craig Nolan plays for City and I’m pleased to advise we have a Hun Skelper in the family,


    Cork City 4 Huns 2,

  14. Tom McLaughlin on




    Why are you the only CQNer who constantly complains about people ignoring his posts?



    You need to tame that vastly inflated ego of yours before it bursts.

  15. Tom McLaughlin on

    Starmer now warning MPs not to be seen on picket lines.



    Labour are now a disgrace to humanity.

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on
















    I’ll drive him there (where?) masel.



    (Just thought I’d beat the rush with those sentiments).

  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Where could he go?



    By my reckoning the following Premier League clubs need a pedigree right full back.





    Arsenal (Tomiyasu hasn’t cut it)


    Man Utd


    West Ham








    Everton (yes, really)



  18. fourstonecoppi on

    TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 20TH JUNE 2022 11:00 PM


    Starmer now warning MPs not to be seen on picket lines.


    Labour are now a disgrace to humanity.




  19. Hey Tom,



    Have a read back when you post and you will read someone with an ego the size, probably of your mouth.



    You love digging people up,done it a couple of times tonight,in your own,inimitable bumptious,know all manner.A second rate Ernie Lynch.

  20. Good morning all from a very grey but dry Garngad



    Fairhillbhoy – sorry for your loss.



    If someone is interested in Josip then we start at 20 million. If big Shirley is worth 100 squillion after a handful of games then shooooorly Josep worth more.



    D :)

  21. Friesdorfer on 20th June 2022 9:57 pm



    Condolences to Fairhill Bhoy on the passing of his sister. RIP Isobel 🙏 🕯





    Can I add my condolences – I am sorry to hear about the loss of your sister Fairhill Bhoy.

  22. Good morning from a sunny North Staffs –



    Nice to see Tom McLaughlin and Turkeybhoy are still getting on. 😔

  23. Good morning all,


    I can’t see JJ leaving this window. He’ll be looking forward to Champions League football and we don’t need the money.


    Hail hail!

  24. Fassreifen


    Hope you’re right – but every player has his price – as you say we’re in a the position that we don’t have to sell.

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