Celtic have not found magic formula for transfer windows


We got deals done early in the January window and surprised on the upside by signing Cameron Carter-Vickers on a permanent deal 10 days ago.  This led some to believe Celtic had found the magic formula to get deals done early always.

I see evidence of this faith everywhere.  What about Jota, why are we dragging our heals with that left back?  It is as though everyone online has the ability to see the value in getting deals done early, but those responsible for getting deals over the line are oblivious to this fact.

Celtic have not reinvented transfer window dynamics.  Carter-Vickers loan deal had clauses in place that gave Celtic control over what happened.  The players we recruited from Japan in January were not subject to competitive bids from others in Europe.

If you are an Argentinian club with a left back that is subject to a bid from a Champions League side, why would you sell early?  You have one club on the hook, if the player is any way adequate, there will be others monitoring him.  The club’s motivation is to get as many active bidders as possible.  Only then will they discover their best price.

The same goes for players and agents.   Why agree a deal unless there is only one possible buyer?  This is the way football transfers work and nothing has changed since the windows started.  If you want someone with a competitive profile, unless they have a buy-out clause, be prepared to be messed around for a while.  I expect we will land more of our top targets than we will miss this summer, but don’t kid yourself that any player will come to Scotland if he has an offer from the top half of the English Premier League.


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  1. Just to be accurate- Starmer has advised his shadow ministers and their secretaries not to be seen on picket lines. Thankfully this is all he can influence- I am willing to bet there will be more Labour backbenchers seen on picket lines than SNP MPs or MSPs


    We allow dissent from leader diktat still



    The Exiled Tim…I may have missed an ‘in’ joke, but was Tom maybe referring to TET The Evening Times as the source of the ‘JJ for the off’ story?




    No, he meant me for sure, he mentioned the media and myself, he probably went back and re read my posts and realised that he had missread them and dived in with both feet as he does at times, had he been correct for sure he would have replied in his usual sarcastic way, but nothing, he made an arse of himself again, must be old age, happens to us all.

  3. CORKCELT at 10:45 p.m.



    Congratulations on having a hunskelper in the family…. and well done to young Craig!

  4. SFTB @ 8.32



    Similar thoughts myself.



    The rail strike is being worked by BoJo and his cronies to keep real news of the TV.


    All the stuff about exams suggests that the Tory Brains trust / LC is on the case.



    Very little on the failure of 21st century capitalism regarding the inflation spike.


    They started with 10% now 20% is the target.


    Greedy is one way of describing it.



    The savings metric was the giveaway that was missed.

  5. Fabrizo Romano is the go to man to get news out there regarding football transfers. I would guess that JJ’s agent has used Romano to go on a fishing expedition.



    I hope we keep JJ, while player trading is central to our operations, selling a player like JJ after one season is not how you build for season two under Ange.



    Bottom line is, JJ has four years to run and any interested parties should be putting down the phone in no doubt that any bid would need to be substantial.

  6. £200mill by 2030 …



    Interesting comments regarding why in many eyes the target is not credible.


    The Scottish Cringe / G40 edition.



    At least Wee FMcC had Colonial levels of ambition.


    1990 T/O — less than £8mill?

  7. Madmitch



    On a more pressing note, whilst waiting for the EPL call that never comes, our stadium is slowly and surely in desperate need of a rebuild.



    Can we raise the bar there and have a plan without 1 trick to fund it ?




  8. CORKCELT on 20TH JUNE 2022 10:45 PM



    Thats`s the kind of post I like to read:-))

  9. FOURSTONECOPPI on 21ST JUNE 2022 10:00 AM



    That bumptious fool probably encouraged more support for the RMT than any RMT spokesperson would have drawn !


    Anyway, pretty knackered but I am going out for a wee bike ride to see how I really feel :-))


    Cheerio for now.



    PS In my opinion, these are our REALLY good players:




















    …..and, of course, our Manager.



    Those I haven`t mentioned are all pretty impressive as well so, at the moment, a season to look forward to.

  10. Transfer Market have JJs current Market value at £ 4 million.


    The same mob have Borna Barisic current value at £ 6 million.!!!!.

  11. The stadium isn’t in desperate need of a rebuild. It functions perfectly well as our ground, it’s capacity is fine.



    The economy has suffered two serious shocks in recent years – the pandemic and the energy crisis. We are facing a cost of living crisis, increased taxation, high inflation with wages either failing to keep pace, or keeping up and leading to a inflation/wage spiral. Increasing interest rates, and a nailed on recession. The free Covid cash has gone abd needs to be repaid. We won’t see public sector pay rises.



    Celtic don’t operate in a vacuum, the performance of the company doesn’t depend solely on success on the pitch. Tough times are coming for all of us, we won’t escape it.



    It’s a bad time to rebuild. Building costs are going up, the cost of borrowing is going up, household disposable income is already decreasing.



    Who pays for the rebuild?



    How do they pay for it?



    How is it repaid?



    How much debt should Celtic carry?

  12. TURKEYBHOY on 21ST JUNE 2022 10:18 AM



    Sevco’s players all have very high market valuations on Transfermarkt. Its almost like someone has had a word about it.

  13. Quotes from the Croatian press, take them as you will…



    “Josip Juranovic to @premierleague? Right now – No!



    “As per our sources, Jura is happy in @CelticFC, he’s plays regular and in less then a year he become fans favourite.



    “Also, he doesn’t want to jeopardize his chances for WC in Qatar. Celtic wants at least £15m for Jura.”

  14. C40M @ 10.19



    The Main Stand is over 50 years old.


    It is not fit for purpose and needs rebuilt.


    The rest of the stadium is 25 years old and is need of refurbishment.



    Regarding your tale of economics woe — try and understand the bigger picture.


    Follow the money and you will understand the dynamics in play.


    A failure of Maggie Capitalism would be a good place to start.



    We need to plan ahead — PL / P67 always had a list of excuses to hand regarding our poor financial performance and you seem to have bought into most.



    First rule of business / duck hunting — if you want to shoot the duck you have to aim ahead of the duck.



    Make plans now for the future — 5 years into the future.


    If you want an example — compare 1973 with 1978.



    Tough times ahead — that is what they want you to think.


    The big issue at the moment is the number of people who are retiring early / changing their focus.


    That is the reason for the fall in productive capacity and the overhang of demand.



    Big Auto is working at 85% capacity and coining it in.


    Demand is still there so they can charge full price with no discounts.


    This is the new normal they do not want to move away from.


    They will buckle but they will put up a fight.



    P/head rebuild — who pays?



    £100mill budget — 20% from club resources / 80% bond finance.


    Repaid over 20 years — if this one works then raise new funding for further builds.



    Reserve / B Team stadium — Helenvale RIP / shame.


    Museum / history tour.


    Hotel / conference facilities


    Car parking


    CFC Fan Village


    East End Sporting Campus


    School sponsorship


    L/town indoor pitch.



    New main stand / 67,525 total capacity = £10/15mill extra revenue from the stadium.


    The demand is there as noted from the many full houses last season.


    The pictures from the Cross tell a story.



    Plus better facilities means bigger revenues.



    This season’s CL tickets will sell — people are more more mature / sophisticated / capable than you give them credit for.



    I fear that you attitude would mean that there was never the right time to build.



    1994 — what were the economic headwinds then?


    Answer — there were loads of them if that was your bag.


    If Wee FMcC had listened to you he would have returned to Canada empty handed.



    Believe — dare to dream.

  15. JJ — interesting.


    If he goes then he goes.



    Hugely talented player.


    Some brilliant play — probably our most complete player at the moment.



    However he lacked focus at times.


    Not sure if he thought the SPL was all too easy.



    Hopefully we have a number of RBs under consideration.


    Plus AR will benefit from more games.

  16. CELTIC40ME on 21ST JUNE 2022 10:35 AM


    TURKEYBHOY on 21ST JUNE 2022 10:18 AM







    Sevco’s players all have very high market valuations on Transfermarkt. Its almost like someone has had a word about it.




    Yep,Follow Follow,and Bears Den,those experts in player valuations.




  17. JJ is going nowhere.Why are people giving this any thought?.I see some supposed Celtic sites this morning still running with this nonsense.


    Have to say though,what a bit of business,£ 2.5 million,ouch!!!.


    Big Gio,not far behind.

  18. I may be completely wrong with the figures but I was told recently by a friend that he was 9,000 (or so) on the waiting list for a season ticket. He also said there was about another 9,000 to 10,000 behind him. Well, if we rebuilt the Main Stand, wouldn’t the increased season ticket monies contribute significantly to the costs of doing so?

  19. Rail strike — comments from BoJo would suggest that the Establishment / Tories are gunning for the railways.



    Some of their comments hark back to 1983/84 when the miners were being set up.


    Seems to be a plan to hobble the rail workers / unions after years of indulgence.



    When passenger numbers were growing the Tories just got the franchises to pay up after a lot of local guerrilla warfare — now with the focus on other things they look to be going all in for a fight to the finish.



    Full court press on the issue.


    News grid being made available to the media.

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    TransferMarket.com only vaguely interests me.



    I’d love to know what formulae or algorithm informs the £/€ value it spits out…



    … But can’t be bothered digging.



    JJ vs BB comparison is a case in point of how ridiculous it can be.



    Barasic is in his final year and unhappy at the club. Well known in football circles.



    As to his value?



    The world saw his defensive pedigree in February.



    Don’t look, play the statue then fall to your knees.



    His candidacy for “next level” football died that night.



    Josip, by comparison is locked for four years, has genuine documented pedigree in more than one country before Celtic, and is on the up.

  21. CELTICFORME,Maybe it doesn’t need a rebuild ,but if you ever get a chance take a walk round the stadium on the outside,you will see how it’s corroded over the years’ mind it’s not had outside face lift since the redevelopment all them years ago,I suppose that’s what happens when you pay directors big bonuses who incidentally are on good salaries,as you say prices are going up materials will be costly ,well that’ll be another excuse from them not to build a new Superstore and Ticket Office the redevelopment of Barrowfield Training Ground.

  22. PCS @ 11.06



    Not sure on the exact numbers but there are a lot of people on the waiting list.


    Quite a few would upgrade to better seats / lounge access.


    Plus the current retail offer is poor.



    Season tickets are great for generating discretionary spend on matchdays.


    All major sports facilities are improving their hospitality offerings.



    The Hydro is a good example of the spend that events can generate.


    The ticket prices themselves are going through the roof and then there is the spend on the day.


    Or so the wife tells me …

  23. Re Main Stand upgrade



    Even if all the economic indicators were favourable, it would still not be in the future plans. Not whilst the Desmond family call the shots. We are now back in the pre-Fergus family nepotism era.

  24. Setting Free the Bear @ 8.32



    That’s a pathetic attempt to defend the Tory who masquerades as Leader of the Labour Party. You’re wrong. He ordered ALL Labour MPs not to join picket lines. However, some of them are defying him.

  25. Your agent puts the feelers out and the next day tells everyone how happy you are at your club. Cynic FC.

  26. I would think,the only viable way of upgrading the Stadium,and new main stand,in this financial climate,would be to sell the Naming Rights.The talk of extra STs,is just that at the moment,but if true figures,would go a good way to help over the same period agreed.


    No idea of construction costs at the moment,but going by here,which I think is probably running parallel with UK,a bag of Cement has risen from 48 TL,to 110 TL,In the last year.I think many would be shocked at the estimates for the work required.

  27. Maybe JJs agent knows he is going nowhere at the moment,but it does not do any harm,generating the story,that clubs are interested,and raising his buying price for future reference.In a year,we are talking from £ 2.5 million,to around minimum,£ 15 million.Certainly does not inconvenience us in any way.Exact opposite.


    Good agent.

  28. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Asked at a quiz:


    1)Which former England International goalie was understudy to Hamish McAlpine season 79/80?


    2)On beachball sunday at Ibrox 2003 who replaced Rab Douglas after only 9 minutes?


    3)Darlington fc lost to Gillingham in the second round of the English fa cup in November 1999- then played in the 3rd round of the same competition against Aston Villa in December 1999.How was this possible?


    Just for fun CSC

  29. Rail workers offered 2% with a further 1% should they agree to restructuring, which is corporate speak for redundancies with more work for the same pay for those workers kept on.



    Best of luck to them on their strike. That pay offer is an insult.

  30. TIMBHOY163 on 21ST JUNE 2022 11:16 AM


    CELTICFORME,Maybe it doesn’t need a rebuild ,but if you ever get a chance take a walk round the stadium on the outside,you will see how it’s corroded over the years’ mind it’s not had outside face lift since the redevelopment all them years ago,I suppose that’s what happens when you pay directors big bonuses who incidentally are on good salaries,as you say prices are going up materials will be costly ,well that’ll be another excuse from them not to build a new Superstore and Ticket Office the redevelopment of Barrowfield Training Ground.




    They dont need excuses not to spend money on things that aren’t essential. I’d hope they think very hard about any cost that isn’t essential



    every penny we spend on refurbishments, the superstore or the ticket office is a penny less to be spent on the team.

  31. Tom McLaughlin on

    A new low for CQN. Ridiculing someone because of his ‘old age’ and hinting at dementia as the reason for comments.



    Take a bow TET.

  32. How would people feel about an increase in season ticket costs for seats in a new main stand to pay for it?



    On top of general season ticket rises of 10% to keep in line with inflation?



    At a time when everyone has, in real term, less and less spare cash?

  33. 79C @ 11.32



    You are talking tripe — you are responding to the Tory news grid / agenda.



    KS said that the Shadow Cabinet should not join picket lines.


    Nothing regarding backbenchers.



    Interesting to find out how many Nats joined a picket line?



    Rail strike — the Tories have spotted a chance to have a go at the railway unions.


    Just like their playbook against the miners.



    Wait your moment then go for it.

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