Celtic have to get the job done against Bodo/Glimt


We have seen a lot of Norwegian opposition in the last six years.  Who can forget the defeats home and away at the hands of Molde in 2015?  The away game provided an iconic image for the limits to Ronny Deila’s Celtic.

After a goalless home leg against Rosenborg in 2017, we won the away leg 0-1 thanks to a James Forrest goal.  A year later the same opponents took the lead in the first leg at Celtic Park before Odsonne Edouard (2) and Olivier Ntcham gave Celtic the advantage, the return ended 0-0.

Three months after that Champions League qualifier, we met Rosenborg again in the Europa group stage, winning 1-0 in both Glasgow and Trondheim.  Rosenborg fans probably have a nervous twitch at the mention of Celtic, but although we bettered them across the three ties, each game was tight.

Bodo/Glimt are Norwegian champions for the second season running.  They put their forward slash on the map in two remarkable Europa Conference games against Jose Mourinho’s Roma, winning 6-1 in Bodo and earning a 2-2 draw in Rome – Roma equalised with 6 minutes remaining.

Right now, Bodo/Glimt would fancy their chances against Celtic.  This could change by the time the teams meet on 17 February.  That game is four weeks before the Norwegian league season is due to start.  Notwithstanding our injury peculiarities, Celtic players will be at peak fitness, Bodo/Glimt’s will be two months without a competitive game.

Glimt also have the curse of the successful small club to deal with.  Their squad is vulnerable to more resourceful clubs, and there are hundreds of more resourceful clubs in Europe than Glimt.  The team they deploy in 2022 could be quite different than this season’s draft.

Ignoring their preseason status and other difficulties, this is a tie Celtic should have more than enough in the tank to win.  Football is hard against vastly more resourceful teams, so when it comes to Ross County, Hibs and Bodo/Glimt – who attracted 5,652 fans to the Roma game, we have to get the job done.  Mourinho is rubbish too, so big deal.

Comments section: There was a few red cards issued last night.  Angry and abusive bloggers chase away those interested in civil dialogue.  Play nice, it’s not hard.

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  1. Guys,



    It’s all about opinions.



    After tomorrow, the most important game for me is Sunday. Of that I am sure.


    I wonder if it would be prudent to try and book a table. ?




  2. Didn’t read last night but I assume offending Posts were deleted so pointless scrolling back.


    If I was a betting man I’d do a Treble on Kev Jungle, I reckon 3 of his 6 or 7 entities bit the dust.


    Look out for a few new Posters, Kev will build up his stable again,




    “I dont think I was on last night, but did I get a red card ?”



    Despite being richly deserved, you did not, which makes me deeply suspicious of your background and contacts.

  4. looking south out the window towards pollock, at five to four there it was like someone switched off the big light,



    dark dark instantly.

  5. With sevco playing Dun Utd at home this weekend, it is odds on that we will be 7 points behind after the cup final. Massive pressure on the St Mirren game to get us back to 4 points behind.



    Ange talked about building mental resilience earlier in the season. We need it in spades over he next week

  6. IQV



    that was quite funny, made me laugh anyways, you know my second name, maybe i am a double agent hiding in plain sight.

  7. TURKEYBHOY @ ages ago



    At 22 he’s now in the late developer class. ‘close control’ among other failings still elude him IMO.



    He’s now enjoying a run in the side, and its now or never for sure.

  8. Bodo should be a skoosh. Population similar to Kilmarnock, small ground, plastic pitch. Oh wait…………

  9. CHAIRBHOY on 14TH DECEMBER 2021 12:34 PM


    DAVID66 @ 12:15 PM,







    Well, I know where you are coming from but with all due respect we are going to be first or second in the league.



    We’ve won it fifteen times already this Century. We also showed that we can dominate the domestic Cups.



    It’s about time we showed some real ambition and done something in Europe.



    Hail Hail




    Chairbhoy – I know what you are saying but with a board that hinders us we have no chance.



    Until our board change to a forward thinking younger board we are doomed, doomed I say in Europe and it takes a lot of energy out of becoming Domestic champions year after year, in fact our board are hindering us in that department as well.



    D :)

  10. Happy Birthday Hot Smoked.



    I hope the bhoys give you a wee belated birthday win manana.



    D :)

  11. I hope it wasnt big D or An Tearman who got red carded.



    A Gent of the highest order.



    On that note Big Jimmy……..Where are you?



    D :)

  12. BGFC…Cheers


    It’s something I’ve been on about for years but that example you used is prime.



  13. sceptical citizen on

    Gene, is Griff worth the associated smear campaign?


    Even if he got off with it the stain remains.


    He’ll cause a split amongst fans, those who believe in him, and those who think he is an arse.

  14. sceptical citizen on

    There used to be rivers of rage filled rebellion that would flow through the rivers of Cork.


    Now its just unfiltered undiluted bitter vinegar that pisses its way through those ancient graceful rivers.


    No wonder Ireland is dying in front of those green Irish eyes, when its a country filled with precious prks who can’t get over themselves, to vote for Sinn Fein.

  15. OHITS on 14TH DECEMBER 2021 5:00 PM


    I dont know who got the red cards but the outcome will be penalty to Rangers.







  16. Happy Birthday to a CQN gent


    And a game day hello always on way up to 106.





    Best wishes.





  17. Bayern player off with hamstring injury after 26 minutes.



    Should have warmed up properly… or so they say.

  18. Very surprised at Pauls leader.


    We have very important domestic games coming up in the next 3 weeks, with no striker available and he wants to talk about a game 2 months away.


    Very strange.

  19. Pardon me for stating the obvious but if we negotiate the upcoming games without slipping up I’ll be amazed. Wouldn’t be surprised if we drop points tomorrow night.



    Forrest injury update, he’s maybe a week away as is Kyogo.

  20. Aberdeen reckon circa 30% of Season Ticket holders don’t turn up for each game.


    I reckon we are about the same for less attractive games.


    What was interesting reading earlier was the energy concept and the cost. Circa £50 – 60m.



    GCC : Get our transport infrastructure sorted.




  21. ONIL,



    What can we discuss that hasn’t been discussed already?


    Imo, this is his make or break season for us.




  22. sceptical citizen on

    SIONNAIGH on 14TH DECEMBER 2021 6:13 PM


    Pardon me for stating the obvious but if we negotiate the upcoming games without slipping up I’ll be amazed. Wouldn’t be surprised if we drop points tomorrow night.


    Forrest injury update, he’s maybe a week away as is Kyogo.




    Malky McKay has a few “interesting” players in that team of his.


    It seems that a few teams have copied the Livi example in how to frustrate us.


    Mikey Johnstone, or any striker needs a ball played in front of him to run onto.


    Playing a system were the main theme is tippy tappy up to 20 yds from oppositions goal, all openings are usually blocked off, then tippy tappy back the way and up the other side is a one trick pony show.


    All of that, and now no fit strikers.


    A savvy manager would make the ball do the work, not run players into the ground.



    Christmas is not the swamps to cancel CSC

  23. One night.


    Was disappointed he did not beef up while out injured.


    He appears a touch lightweight tho how much is down to the cluggers he faces is the prob.


    Good footballer,tremendous eye(Eddie goal v hun) and has a good pass in him(euan assist last week).His miss last week when we were 3men on 1 to me showed a bit of hesitancy in his play since he came back.


    A player in there its whether he steps right out,grabs it and make a place in team his.




  24. sceptical citizen on

    Mikey Johnstone should focus on activities on the pitch and not look up to the screen to see if he can catch a glimpse of himself, if its not that, then why always look up at the screen?


    Is that ego?




    Is he an instagram star?