Celtic have to get the job done against Bodo/Glimt


We have seen a lot of Norwegian opposition in the last six years.  Who can forget the defeats home and away at the hands of Molde in 2015?  The away game provided an iconic image for the limits to Ronny Deila’s Celtic.

After a goalless home leg against Rosenborg in 2017, we won the away leg 0-1 thanks to a James Forrest goal.  A year later the same opponents took the lead in the first leg at Celtic Park before Odsonne Edouard (2) and Olivier Ntcham gave Celtic the advantage, the return ended 0-0.

Three months after that Champions League qualifier, we met Rosenborg again in the Europa group stage, winning 1-0 in both Glasgow and Trondheim.  Rosenborg fans probably have a nervous twitch at the mention of Celtic, but although we bettered them across the three ties, each game was tight.

Bodo/Glimt are Norwegian champions for the second season running.  They put their forward slash on the map in two remarkable Europa Conference games against Jose Mourinho’s Roma, winning 6-1 in Bodo and earning a 2-2 draw in Rome – Roma equalised with 6 minutes remaining.

Right now, Bodo/Glimt would fancy their chances against Celtic.  This could change by the time the teams meet on 17 February.  That game is four weeks before the Norwegian league season is due to start.  Notwithstanding our injury peculiarities, Celtic players will be at peak fitness, Bodo/Glimt’s will be two months without a competitive game.

Glimt also have the curse of the successful small club to deal with.  Their squad is vulnerable to more resourceful clubs, and there are hundreds of more resourceful clubs in Europe than Glimt.  The team they deploy in 2022 could be quite different than this season’s draft.

Ignoring their preseason status and other difficulties, this is a tie Celtic should have more than enough in the tank to win.  Football is hard against vastly more resourceful teams, so when it comes to Ross County, Hibs and Bodo/Glimt – who attracted 5,652 fans to the Roma game, we have to get the job done.  Mourinho is rubbish too, so big deal.

Comments section: There was a few red cards issued last night.  Angry and abusive bloggers chase away those interested in civil dialogue.  Play nice, it’s not hard.

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  1. Bognorbhoy.


    The stadium was Shawfield.i didn’t know of it,I am more in knowledge of the wall collapse late60s think the wall collapsed and 1 lost there life too.


    You pang some great tims there,mighty tim i remember having the gas with at cqn dinner,some man,I hope he is in the best of health.


    Re Davie I have not been in touch as regularly,I spoke with him after Garrys passing.promise to have an update for you by weekend.he wasn’t in the best of health and he keeps goin.covid has not been kind to him.i was hoping to chat to Stephen(BT) at our Christmas Dinner,he text to say he couldn’t make it and then work changed the diary and I couldn’t go either.will get back to you my friend .


    Hope all good souff of Balcombe 😊👍




  2. AT- i didn’t mate,happy to watch in the pub now,i never took 1 ticket since the HTCS started, which was the St J semi final, and nothing…..not impressed, hope you are well HH

  3. BOGNORBHOY on 14TH DECEMBER 2021 8:16 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 14TH DECEMBER 2021 8:08 PM







    BOGNORBHOY on 14TH DECEMBER 2021 8:06 PM


























    where bhoys ?











    AN TEARMANN on 14TH DECEMBER 2021 6:29 PM






    ta much



    read the thread ubderneath, Paddy Keogh, what a story.

  4. Young midfielder just scored a beauty for Steven Gerrards Villa,so I was on the phone to my Bookies like a shot.”What odds will you give me on a BT employee mentioning to Gerrard,I have seen you score a few like that in your time.Have you been giving him tips,coaching on how to do that”or a question similar.


    1/20 they offered me !!!!!!!!!.

  5. SAINT STIVS on 14TH DECEMBER 2021 8:45 PM


    on this day,







    who beacame the first woman mp, voted into the house of commons ?





  6. TonyRome



    Good evening,


    great to see you posting, genuinely, I always look forward to your Friday night music posts, so I was disappointed that you had missed a couple.



    All well here, enjoying watching the ‘tic just now, I believe Big Ange is on the right road, just hope he’s backed properly in January.



    Take care and keep safe.









    ps, incidentally, my bhoy is out on tour just now, played the Hydro last Thursday, mum and dad chuffed to bits.




  7. AT- i didn’t mate,happy to watch in the pub now,i never took 1 ticket since the HTCS started, which was the St J semi final, and nothing…..not impressed, hope you are well HH





    Yeh I remember you posting


    I have a shout in for a ticket from an ex cqn’r who has unfortunately got the covid.He says he will give a shout as I put my hand up(for you) in hope,was told I am 2nd at mo.from where I was in Q thats positive.if I hear you will too Bada.all good mate and just keep those victories coming,onwards 😊





  8. Belmont B.



    Well done that lad.i have still to experience the hydro as a venue.whatever it must be like it must be like to be on the stage looking out.


    Nearest I got was friends of mine got tickets after doing some marketing work wi an electronic dance band underworld.was backstage,behind the veiled stage curtain,so we could peak out on a 14,000 in a dance tent goin mental as born slippy was belted out(my least fav track o theres).Awesome to see them all in the performers palm.it must be some trip being there and carrying an audience


    Well done that bhoy Brian.👍





  9. Laxalt @20.13


    I’m so glad it’s not just me that looks at cctv cameras and thinks “ bloody hell , I’m more bald than I thought I was”!!


    Pesky CCTV!!

  10. Can some explain to me Sky and Bt Sports showing live premier league football tonight ,yet Hibs v Dundee not live and our game up in Dingwall same ,why is that

  11. martin o'seville on

    Remember when we used to treat colds and flu with chicken soup, saltwater gargles and warm tea instead of Fascism?

  12. AN TEARMANN on 14TH DECEMBER 2021 9:31 PM



    Thanks for that my friend, he has worked so hard for this opportunity, the pandemic has made it really difficult for Artists to make a living.



    Funny thing is, his style of drumming is more suited to rock than pop, still, so chuffed for him.




  13. Timbhoy163


    The clue is in your question: live English Premier League. They are not going to broadcast live SPFL at the same time. Follow the money…🥴



  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkqojDheF3k



    This is the actual artwork from a compilation of one of many Dance CD’s I bought when I was Njoing being a youngster.



    The Global Virus wan in 1994 is now quite interesting.






    May Day May Day!!!



    Yer Freedoms are almost GONE.



    Booster Booster, if anyone drops out @ 2 they are then classed as unvaccinated, here we go, Round 3….. anyone drop out for the next round.



    Unbelievable what is happening, well not really, it’s all so predictable.



    SMSM is basically the MSM and vice versa.



    I give it 18 months and it will be Papers please and I mean for most places. It’s my Last Season @ Celtic Park, I’m going because I paid for my Tickets and Celtic won’t refund me, The Pass to Paradise is over a minute behind the actual action – reminiscent of Setanta when it was doing Scottish fitba. I’ve bought a few online away games and they have all been way faster, probably 30 seconds faster and that p!sses me aff about how the Celtic Support were treated last Season.

  15. Anyway para manana it’s looking like






    Tony…. CCV…. CStar….. GTaylor



    Rogic. Cal. DT



    Juranovic. Moffat




  16. In other news Darvel knock Brechin out of the Scottish Cup, 5-4 on penalties after a 2-2 draw. Darvel now away to Arbroath. ( Braw ).

  17. It’s health and safety gone mad , so it is!



    You cannot walk down the high street these days with a thermo nuclear device strapped to your body???



    All our cherished freedoms are disappearing.



    The right to shout fire in a crowded cinema.



    The right to lick windaes.



    Riding a motorcyle without a helmet and having other people pay for your brain op.



    Blowing smoke into babies prams.



    The right to catch black death, rabies, malaria, tetanus, smallpox, diptheria, polio and measles.



    And all because you are listening to doctors and scientists who are lizard people, instead of world renowned experts like Senga fae Facebook.



    Nae wunner the ice is melting!!!- naw- wait a minute!- that’s no one of the things the Russian bots told me to say.

  18. Would like to see wee Shaun Maloney back at Celtic – good experience coaching good players under Martinez with Belgium, talks loads of sense, analyzes the game really well, makes Boyd look like a numpty (and easy hit, that one) – being a good Celtic man is an added wee bonus.



    Regret seeing him at Hibs rather than us (though he’d be good for them I think). May be a good stepping-stone to Ange’s (slowly) growing backroom team.






  19. Boost Boost, when will Boosting stop?



    It’s not the oldies I’m worried about. Its the Young Ones.



    The Propaganda is insane, IMO.

  20. Crash helmets became compulsory in 1973.


    Another good example of what was previously acceptable not being so today.

  21. Tom Boyd talks the Truth and cannae get a thoroughly deserved platform.



    The Media is full of YES men, likely Money orientated/manipulated.

  22. They have a radio show where you have to change the plot of a well known film by adding, subtracting or changing one, and only one, letter in the title.



    Ones I remember were :-



    Petty Woman


    True Git &


    Star Trek 3- the search for Sock



    I’m sure the posters here could give that challenge a go.