Celtic have to get the job done against Bodo/Glimt


We have seen a lot of Norwegian opposition in the last six years.  Who can forget the defeats home and away at the hands of Molde in 2015?  The away game provided an iconic image for the limits to Ronny Deila’s Celtic.

After a goalless home leg against Rosenborg in 2017, we won the away leg 0-1 thanks to a James Forrest goal.  A year later the same opponents took the lead in the first leg at Celtic Park before Odsonne Edouard (2) and Olivier Ntcham gave Celtic the advantage, the return ended 0-0.

Three months after that Champions League qualifier, we met Rosenborg again in the Europa group stage, winning 1-0 in both Glasgow and Trondheim.  Rosenborg fans probably have a nervous twitch at the mention of Celtic, but although we bettered them across the three ties, each game was tight.

Bodo/Glimt are Norwegian champions for the second season running.  They put their forward slash on the map in two remarkable Europa Conference games against Jose Mourinho’s Roma, winning 6-1 in Bodo and earning a 2-2 draw in Rome – Roma equalised with 6 minutes remaining.

Right now, Bodo/Glimt would fancy their chances against Celtic.  This could change by the time the teams meet on 17 February.  That game is four weeks before the Norwegian league season is due to start.  Notwithstanding our injury peculiarities, Celtic players will be at peak fitness, Bodo/Glimt’s will be two months without a competitive game.

Glimt also have the curse of the successful small club to deal with.  Their squad is vulnerable to more resourceful clubs, and there are hundreds of more resourceful clubs in Europe than Glimt.  The team they deploy in 2022 could be quite different than this season’s draft.

Ignoring their preseason status and other difficulties, this is a tie Celtic should have more than enough in the tank to win.  Football is hard against vastly more resourceful teams, so when it comes to Ross County, Hibs and Bodo/Glimt – who attracted 5,652 fans to the Roma game, we have to get the job done.  Mourinho is rubbish too, so big deal.

Comments section: There was a few red cards issued last night.  Angry and abusive bloggers chase away those interested in civil dialogue.  Play nice, it’s not hard.

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  1. Pete,


    When Covid hit first and we had no vaccines, do you remember Italy.


    Doctors were forced to decide who they would treat and who they would let die.


    They were ferrying Bodies away in Army Trucks.



    Things are a lot better now, it is still a very dangerous virus but vaccines & improved Treatment & a bit of herd immunity has reduced Death, Serious Illness & suffering,



    However Viruses do mutate and the Medical World has to be cautious & keep tabs on Developments.



    I totally respect your right not to take a vaccine but please do not encourage others to follow your example.

  2. What’s creeping up here,is CQN blog getting taken over with halfwits spouting nonsense about Covid.


    Just what reality are these people living in?.

  3. SFTB,



    You talking to me? :)



    Hopefully this is very weak, the news coming out of SA is very good, and that this Stops both our Governments doing what they Love doing.



    I’m not so sure. The Ukraine situation is likely to go @ any moment.



    3 points the morra please Ange & the Bhoys.

  4. martin o'seville on

    PETEC on 14TH DECEMBER 2021 10:36 PM


    Tom Boyd talks the Truth and cannae get a thoroughly deserved platform.


    The Media is full of YES men, likely Money orientated/manipulated.




    Full of yes men / women / lizards who’ll say what their funders tell them to say!


    If you have believed a single word that these creatures have said, and fallen into line like the creatures demanded, then you are the problem, the issue, the asshole who reads fbi fueled fakebook, you who believes their bullsh*t and then tries to blame others for your mugging. You and you alone did what the lizards told you, and may God have mercy on your soul.



    Whit ur they like? CSC

  5. martin o'seville on

    TURKEYBHOY on 14TH DECEMBER 2021 10:55 PM


    What’s creeping up here,is CQN blog getting taken over with halfwits spouting nonsense about Covid.


    Just what reality are these people living in?.




    Demonstrate the proof to back up what you’ve just posted.


    If you can’t then the lies your posting are deserving of a red card.


    What’s wrong with you man?




    They have a radio show where you have to change the plot of a well known film by adding, subtracting or changing one, and only one, letter in the title.









    Ones I remember were :-









    Petty Woman






    True Git &






    Star Trek 3- the search for Sock





    I’m sure the posters here could give that challenge a go.






    The Sh*ting



    Tag line :”heeeeerrrres jobbie”

  7. martin o'seville on



    Aye, it’s just like North Korea where they force you to wear a strip of cloth over your mouth.


    The Horror! The Horror!




    That sounds like deflection material.


    Playground deflection material.


    Grow up ffs.

  8. martin o'seville on

    TURKEYBHOY on 14TH DECEMBER 2021 11:00 PM


    80% of hospital beds taken up with idiots with no jabs.




    Says who?


    BBC Turkey?


    Geez peace!

  9. corkcelt,



    Respect, I just dinnae want our Young Ones living in a Scientific Dictatorship. I’ve never influenced my own Son to get, or not get a vaccine. I hoped he wouldnae get it – thats the Truth.



    The Wee Man being blocked frae All fun things then he was always gonnae take the vaccine.



    The County pitch is a good wan to play fitba on so hopefully the Bhoys get a Win.

  10. You can’t have a conversation with an anti vaxer it’s the same over here,nut jobs.



    I would have them pay there hospital bill if admitted with the virus……but that aint happening…..maybe Singapore.



    All the doctors and epidemiologists are wrong according to them.

  11. How many people will die not from the virus but because of it.Get vaxed.



    Goodnight fellow tims rant over.

  12. This was predictable:-



    “Hibernian have been left with 500 unsold tickets for Sunday’s League Cup final clash with Celtic at Hampden.



    The Easter Road club had demanded more briefs from the SPFL after being angered by an initial allocation of 17,500.



    They were eventually granted an extra 2,000 for supporters – but now have an embarrassing surplus despite previously arguing they should have had a 50-50 split at the 52,000-capacity National Stadium.



    Hibs had cited ‘sporting integrity’ and a ‘history of selling out tickets for cup finals’ when they questioned why Hoops fans were being allowed almost twice as much space at Hampden.



    The Edinburgh club claimed their ‘persistence with the SPFL paid off’ when they met their request.



    Despite putting the new tickets up for sale on December 3, however, Sportsmail understands they have been left with a significant chunk unsold.



    And, with no option to hand them back for resale to Celtic fans, the 500 seats could be left empty if they remain unsold by Sunday – wth Hibs on course to take 19,000 fans to Glasgow’s south side.”

  13. martin o'seville on

    TIMHORTON on 14TH DECEMBER 2021 11:46 PM


    You can’t have a conversation with an anti vaxer it’s the same over here,nut jobs.


    I would have them pay there hospital bill if admitted with the virus……but that aint happening…..maybe Singapore.


    All the doctors and epidemiologists are wrong according to them.




    Would you deny treatment to people who smoke then get cancer?


    Are you even on the correct blog?


    People who point out to other unthinking people that the people who govern us aren’t what they seem, are antivaxxers? How did you work that out?

  14. TIM HORTON @ 11:46



    You can’t have a conversation with an anti vaxer it’s the same over here,nut jobs.





    Correct – you cannot reason someone out of a position that they haven’t reasoned themselves into.



    “The greater the ignorance, the greater the dogmatism”



    In days gone by these characters would have been members of “The Flat Earth Society”, or, more recently proclaiming Elvis to be still alive.

  15. martin o'seville on

    JHB on 15TH DECEMBER 2021 1:56 AM


    TIM HORTON @ 11:46


    You can’t have a conversation with an anti vaxer it’s the same over here,nut jobs.




    Correct – you cannot reason someone out of a position that they haven’t reasoned themselves into.


    “The greater the ignorance, the greater the dogmatism”


    In days gone by these characters would have been members of “The Flat Earth Society”, or, more recently proclaiming Elvis to be still alive.




    Are you saying that someone with, how can I put this, with stroke issues, should just ignore all the fit footballers collapsing on the pitch with heart and stroke issues some sadly dying, 23 year old Roy Butler captain of Waterford fc RIP, and a few more, even 2 BBC journalists died after getting jab and the hideous BBC virtually standing on their 2 dead colleagues graves shouting into a camera “Come on roll your sleeves up” being the scum that BBC are even that hypocrisy didn’t surprise me, and fans collapsing in stadiums, which media bans any reporting of, and that that person at risk from the huge amount of side effects, which the media bans any reporting of also, that person should just get stuff put inside them, the information release of the contents of the stuff which we were told won’t be released for 55 years, now 75 years, why not release this information? Don’t you think that’s a bit suspicious? If there’s nothing to hide then why the 75 year delay in releasing the contents information to the patient? I’ve had jabs all of my life, but I’ve never been threatened with losing my job if I didn’t take one of these jabs! If 100% of politicians who’ve spent their entire time in office trying to screw over myself and countless millions, and 100% of the media who’ve lied for all the bad deeds of these politicians, are now all on the same page shouting,….



    “We Want to help you just roll up your sleeve please…” surely I’d be entitled to think….



    “Like F you all want to help me you, lying, thieving, mass murdering bassas?”



    I’ve yet to discern a single shred that i deem fit to be trusted, in any media, or politician, or Dr Shillary Jones from ITV morning news who started out by saying….



    “Nobody should wear a mask that’s a crazy idea as they don’t work for this type of thing.”



    Then in a matter of days a mass media mask campaign with Dr Shillary Jones joining in with media choir, no correction, no explanation, nothing, just “Make sure you wear a mask when you leave home.” Dr Shillary like the wee Dr guy in USA, I forget his name now, wee guy with glasses, he did the same as Dr Shillary “don’t wear a mask etc…” then he changed his tune as well, no explanation how it went from masks don’t work, to you must wear a mask, the rules will be what we decide the rules to be, sort of imperialistic, arrogant, entitlement!


    Attitudes which used to set alarm bells off in the heads of Celtic fans of old, today’s fans just fall into line and that might prove to have been very silly, and unthinking. I hope not, but I’m sure you detect my suspicions.


    A person close to me got a jab and within days got a clot in the heart, a bit broke off of the clot and went down the legs meaning person waiting to get toes removed but died before doctors got round to them. So given these issues I’ve outlined to you, in your eyes I’m a tin foil hat sort because I don’t see the point in someone with stroke issues going to invite all of these risks that the lying media lie about and don’t report on? What happens when the huge amount of footballers who’ve not had the jab are forced to take jab but quit instead? Is it appropriate that fans need a jab to get into see players who aren’t equally forced to take a jab? Why is it mainly poor folk who are dying from jabs and any virus but rich ones aren’t? Are rich folk taking the same jab as poor folk, and given that the only word that we’ll get on this is from proven scripted liars then why play that game? The day that Celtic fans fall hook line and sinker, not all, but a hugely worrying amount, of Celtic fans have been taken to school by the media Freemasons lodge, is it any wonder Celtic PLC treat these fans as the lowest of the low? Dangers times, full of liars who’ll just brazen out any misdemeanor, and who are inviting civil unrest with their CGAF brassed kneckedness. So with what I’ve said to you in this post, I hope it will lessen you’re haste to judge folk without knowing what their burning issues are.


    Oh, and how can you prove the earth isn’t flat? Jesus, whether you believe in him I don’t know, but Jesus said,


    “There’ll be light in the firmament.” Even the Simpsons know there’s a firmament. So the earth must be flat? NASA doctored pictures with curved lenses, to promote the masonic globe bullsh*t. If almost every news channel shows the earth as a globe, then given that the news are just propagandists, not journalists, and 100% liars, then if they are trying to socially engineer us into thinking globe, then the earth must be flat? Surely?


    I don’t know much about Elvis except that he used to play for Celtic, Rangers, Hearts, etc. Hope he’s still wearing his green suede shoes! 😉


    Take care. ✌ 👍

  16. Good Morning Celts – Mild Mid-Winter In The Chilterns…



    DAVID66 @ 4:38 PM,



    I know what you are saying but with a board that hinders us we have no chance.



    Until our board change to a forward thinking younger board we are doomed, doomed I say in Europe and it takes a lot of energy out of becoming Domestic champions year after year, in fact our board are hindering us in that department as well.



    D :)



    Yes, “The Board” is an odd one now, no doubts.



    Has anything changed?



    The executive function of Celtic is the curiosity…



    No CEO – an interim with no experience at the requisite level



    No COO – we don’t tend not to, but our pi§§ poor Covid response amongst other things suggests we need to.



    No DoF – Compare and contrast our replacing BR with Lenny, Lenny eventually with Ange with Rangers SG with GVB!?



    No Head of Recruitment – Player procurement and squad management on a wing and a prayer, hoping Ange can pull something out of the hat!?



    Backroom operations – Decimated since BR left, effect on squad obvious



    No Academy – Since PL pulled the plug on Lennoxtown phase II, shelved TB’s blueprint and “promoted” him to first team coach, it’s been a matter of Celtic running various youth and development teams U15, U18, U21 etc, much the way a Junior Club does



    Now I get it, in Glasgow, although you don’t call it that, the old firm is the only game in town.



    I know you don’t call them that but “Rangers” are the only obsession.



    I can and do sympathise and really want a win on the 2nd January and to win this league, are we in good shape to do so though!?



    If we had prioritised European qualification in the last couple of seasons would we be in better shape.?



    We can compete domestically with “”Rangers” ” with this” Celtic Lite” set up, well as long as we have a financial advantage mibees. We can not compete in Europe at our requisite level with this amateurish approach.



    We play footsey with Rangers in Scotland or we get real about 21st Century Football in Europe.



    ‘Cause you know what – that’s what the Rangers are doing.



    Good luck to you and yours and I’ll be less whinge over Christmas to the winter break and hope we’re all smiling in the new year.



    Hail Hail

  17. Twenty-nine vaccine preventable diseases. Those with an asterisk are very well- known in the developed world.







    Dengue fever[6]






    *Haemophilus influenza Tpb


    *Hepatitis A


    *Hepatitis B


    *Hepatitis E


    Human papillomavirus infection




    Japanese encephalitis






    *Meningococcal disease




    *Pneumococcal disease








    *Rotavirus gastroenteritis






    *Tick-borne encephalitis




    *Typhoid fever




    Yellow fever


    *Shingles (Herpes Zoster



    Would any intelligent person be inclined to argue against the massive difference vaccines have made? Of course they wouldn’t, and yet we have characters ‘grandstanding’ on social media, without a sliver of evidence, telling their fellow human beings they are stupid in being vaccinated.



    We all seen what the rubbish spouted by disgraced doctor Andrew Wakefield on the MMR vaccine did to thousands of children who were unfortunate to have parents that believed him.



    75% of those under 50 & ill enough to be in hospital with Covid are unvaccinated. If that figure doesn’t convince the naysayers, nothing will.



    There is astonishing bravado & childish boasting going on within the younger population. As with most uniformed drivel these days it is almost exclusively driven by social media.

  18. Seven ways to deal with night shifts





    1. Take a 30 minute nap *


    Before your shift begins and, if possible, try to get in a 10-20 minute nap during your break. Short periods of rest will help keep your energy high but be sure not to sleep too long or you’ll risk making yourself groggy.



    2. Eat small portions throughout the shift


    Instead of eating a giant meal right before your 12 hours on the ward, pack healthy snacks to eat throughout the night. Eating small snacks throughout your working “night” will help keep your energy up. Avoid fried, spicy or processed food as these are harder to digest and can leave you feeling lethargic. Instead, fill up on fruit, veg and slow release carbohydrates such as potatoes or pasta.



    3. Limit your caffeine intake


    Having a caffeinated drink before you begin your shift or earlier on into the night can give you a much-needed boost and help you to stay alert and awake. However, avoid drinking coffee, tea or fizzy drinks that contain caffeine later on in your shift, as they can make it difficult for you to fall asleep when you get home – thereby interrupting your sleep cycle.



    4. Stay hydrated


    Dehydration can leave you feeling fatigued because it affects the flow of oxygen to the brain and results in your heart having to work harder to then pump the oxygen around your body. This leaves you feeling more tired and a lot less alert. Drinking plenty of water throughout your shift will help you keep alert and energised.



    5. Keep busy


    While night shifts can typically be slower, Keeping your body moving will keep your blood flowing and mind awake. Try not clock-watch, as this can increase fatigue and make the night feel longer.



    6. Talk with your co-workers


    Who better to get you through your night shift than fellow night shifters? Not only will this help break up the shift and help keep you alert, but it’s also a great way to share your knowledge and tips for surviving a night shift. get tips for survival from night veterans and share some of your own too! Remember you’re all in this together .



    7. Sleep well


    In order to function properly after a night shift, you ideally need 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Try and set aside this time during the day to help with your recovery. Put your phone on silent, draw the curtains to make the room as dark and as quiet as possible to mimic night-time, and have a quick drink and snack before you hit the sack.

  19. Why does anyone engage with the multi monikered bore?



    Scrolling on by is by far the easiest and least stressful option.



    Trolls die if they aren’t fed.

  20. martin o'seville on

    JHB, @7:52am




    You brought out a scattergun and failed to address a single word that I said to you, and you try to make all vaccines sound the same which to be generous to you is sleight of hand.


    But it wasn’t sleight of of hand was it?


    It was brazen deceit in your part, maybe even an audition for an SNP PR job?


    Who knows.


    Maybe this will clarify things in language that you refuse to understand. 👇


    Have a nice day.



  21. MARTIN O’SEVILLE on 15TH DECEMBER 2021 12:27 AM


    TIMHORTON on 14TH DECEMBER 2021 11:46 PM








    ‘Would you deny treatment to people who smoke then get cancer?’








    A false analogy.



    A true analogy would be someone suffering from cancer caused by smoking wilfully refusing a jab which would nullify the adverse health effects caused by smoking.



    The same would apply to all health conditions caused by lifestyle factors.



    Those refusing to be vaccinated are putting others at risk. It’s selfish and inconsiderate behaviour. It should have consequences for those who do it.

  22. I see the conspiracy nutters are back and ruining the blog yet again.



    I’ll come back tonight for the football game.

  23. Thanks to all those who posted birthday greetings yesterday. Appreciated.


    The only downside was the absence of anything from the ever cheerful ernie :-))

  24. “TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 15TH DECEMBER 2021 9:27 AM


    I see the conspiracy nutters are back and ruining the blog yet again.


    I’ll come back tonight for the football game.”



    A bright chap such as yourself will know that that only increases the percentages in favour of the CNers. Persevere.

  25. Surely it’s time for football to be played in the Spring/Summer ,it’s really miserable for players and fans to sit and play on cold damp days and nights.

  26. Showing in your local chip shop: Lard of the Rings.



    Showing in your local cinema for the next twenty weeks: The Habbit.

  27. Eric Cantona’s famous words ” when the seagulls…..”, perhaps updated “when the parrots take to the Calvin Klein……”



    There is nothing new – so they say!