Celtic head into tasty looking Europa knockout stage


Some tasty teams dropped into the Europa League knockout stage last night.  The Salzburg (2018 semi-finalist) keeper had a nightmare against Liverpool, ensuring a defeat occurred where a win was required to prevent the Austrians slipping from the Champions League.

Inter, who are second to Juventus is Serie A, also finished third in their CL group after losing at home to Barcelona. Still, only three points separate them from Lazio, who have won their last seven domestic league games and are clearly the form team in Italy, despite losing home and away to Celtic.

Benfica (2014 finalist) thrashed Zent 3-0 but finished their CL group third, a point behind Lyon, while last season’s Champions League semi-finalists, Ajax (2017 finalist), blew it at home to Valencia, losing 0-1 on the night and managing to be eliminated on 10 points.

All four will fancy their chances of reaching the semi-final.  Whoever we face in the first knockout round has reached that stage on merit, but they are unlikely to be stronger than Lazio.  There is a lot of work to do between now and 20 February, when the competition resumes, we’ll see what shape we are in then.

Tom Rogic signed shirt raffle for Celtic FC Foundation

The Celtic squad wore a special shirt for last month’s league game against Motherwell, bearing the Celtic FC Foundation Christmas Appeal logo instead of the normal Dafabet logo on the front, and the words “Christmas Appeal” on the back, instead of the Magners logo.

Tom Rogic’s signed shirt from that day is available for raffle.  Each donation of £10 or more will be entered into a draw, which will take place on Friday 13 December.  The shirt will be posted on Monday 16th (or available for collection at the Hibs game on Sunday 15th).

The Celtic FC Foundation do incredible work throughout the world all year round, but their work with those most in need in the winter months, and for children and families coping with chronic poverty, can give warmth, nourishment, self-respect and  human compassion that some people struggle to find.  All donations go straight to the Foundation.

This is why Celtic exists.  You can enter here at JustGiving.  Good luck and thank you!!

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  1. We are 37/10 to get a win tonight and Cluj are quite generously priced at 19/20 for the win.



    It is likely that we will experience a defeat tonight.



    It is unlikely to be the defeat that harms us the most as there is another match today where the bad guys are 1/50 to win the contest and the good guys are a 12/1 outsider. All the countries of the UK laugh at Trump as a buffoon on the world stage, in thrall to the gangster Putin, and we are about to reward two of his biggest cheerleaders- Boris & Nigel- who are eager to sell our parliament and lands to Putin’s puppet.



    I know which adverse result today will result in the greater amount of austerity, hardship and depression.



    We will easily get over the Cluj result but we are about to vote for another step to the right. When Barry Goldwater lost the 64 election in the USA, by a landslide, he was considered a dangerous, right-wing Dr. Strangelove figure. Today he would be seen as a left of centre Republican and a centrist Tory, compared with the shower that are being backed and bankrolled by our off-shore Billionaire tax dodgers.



    Another 4 years of Idiocracy lie ahead.

  2. The only thing is a draw will suit both sides if its level with 20/25 minutes to go maybe Cluj will be happy to play out the draw,


    Obviously resting 6 first choice players makes us very long shots but football can be a funny game, I’m not conceding anything yet,

  3. My vote is in. Can only hope that people (not the peepul, you understand), recognise the charlatan for what he is.



  4. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Good morning CQN from a brighter, but still cloudy Central Highlands. The mercury is just peeking above the trench at +1c. It will be interesting to see how the team perform tonight without some of our big hitters. Having already guaranteed that we will top the group, it is an unfamiliar feeling going in to the final group match, unfamiliar but a feeling I am enjoying. No knot in the stomach, no nausea caused by excitement and fear, no imploring my ancestors to do what they could (this in spite of being an Agnostic).


    No, instead it’s an opportunity to give some players a rest, to give those that need it, an outing. An opportunity to give some Academy Bhoys first team experience. Perhaps an evening to experiment with with our tactical set up. Perhaps use this game as a shop window for some.


    We have plenty to gain, and nothing to lose… that’s rare, and I’m going to enjoy it.


    Nonerves CSC



  5. ” My abiding memory of this Election will be my experience of Boris Johnson , dressed as a fish factory worker , answering media questions re Brexit , the EU and migration … His answers caused me to think -either this man is alarmingly ignorant re the truth of those matters or he is peddling dog whistle lies in search of votes.. .. Both of those possibilities are deeply deeply worrying ..



    Fabio Mariano


    La Repubblica 12 12 19

  6. Neil Lennon talking of leigh Griffiths:



    ` there has been speculation he is fighting to save his career at the champions.



    Lennon added: “That’s way too dramatic.`



    At least some of that `dramatic`speculation has appeared on here.

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    How frustrating it must be to be the higher intellect who knows what is good for the people but the damn fools steadfastly refuse to follow your script .



    Even Labour MPs don`t support Corbyn .


    Why should you ?


    Viz. Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth .





    Blinkers on , lads.

  8. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    A hell of a lot of Tories don’t support Boris Johnson – but they are being purged from the Tory party by a bunch of right wing nutters. Stuff that you don’t read in the Daily Mail…

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    One wish from today`s election.



    A functioning Government in Westminster .



    Of whatever hue .

  10. Alasdair MacLean on

    Just voted..


    Ian Blackford, SNP.



    An insanity is gaining ground in this country, and for me, this option the best one for reason.

  11. Philbhoy, Think it;s a case of who didn’t travel.



    Forster, Brown, McGregor, Eduoard , Christie, Rogic, Hayes & Frimpong are the big names that stayed in Glasgow. Elhamed is also out still inured.


    We have players like Gordon, Bauer, Julien,Ajer, Taylor, Bollingoli, N’tcham, Mikey Johnston, Bayo, Griffiths, Sinclair & Forrest out there plus a few Academy Bhoys, we can still field a tasty team on paper.


    However the fact that many have not played as a team together means we may not gel as well.

  12. Thanks CORKCELT!



    Aye, we could could still put a strong team together from those who travelled but, as you say, they may not gel well.



    But……………………what if we win 6-0?



    Well……………ye never know!



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Vote for Part A and we will cut your right leg off !


    Vote for Party B and we will cut your left leg off !

  14. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from Govanhill. Looking forward to the game without being a gibbering, nerve wracked lunatic as was the case on Sunday. Gerrintaethum Celtic!!!

  15. A possible benefit of fielding yhe likely team tonight is that many will be trying particularly hard to impress.


    Cheerio for now.

  16. I voted Labour because I believe in their revolutionary manifesto. I want true change in the UK. I want to save children from poverty.



    I still have respect for friends who vote SNP (especially in SNP/Lib Dem/Tory marginals)

  17. Macjay If there is a functioning Government as you call it, it can only be of the Blue hue, you know that & I know that so why not be honest & say you want Boris to have a working majority.



    I will be honest & say whilst I would obviously prefer Corbyn to be Prime Minister if it is going to be Boris, I would prefer if he did have a working majority rather than have the DUP holding the balance of Power.

  18. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    CORKCELT on 12TH DECEMBER 2019 10:44 AM



    !!BADA BING!! on 11TH DECEMBER 2019 11:12 PM



    Bedtime, but no doubt, some absolute fuds who don’t live in this country, will be telling us to vote for Boris Johnson.




    Yes,that’s for you Macjay.




    Re, The above.


    Where have you been Corkcelt ?





    Following the Democratic process , flawed though it may be , is more important to me than the result .

  19. Just saw some of the pictures of the fires in Australia. Absolutely terrible, my heart goes out to the people affected. And to think that there are still some people so stupid/corrupt that they don’t believe in climate change. It must drive the sane people over there crazy.

  20. Macjay, You are a Tory, which you are perfectly entitled to be, so you want Boris to win so why not simply say so. by the way referring to FrankTerry’s post above


    I think you are also sceptical about Climate Change issues if I’m not mistaken.


    You certainly took me to task on it a years or so ago. Why it sticks in my mind is a few months later you wrote about the stifling heat ye were experiencing in your neck of the woods and I was tempted to post asking you if you were having second thoughts on the issue.

  21. Sorry Frank, Clumsy writing by me, I was addressing Macjay on the Climate issue, it was just your post reminded me of an exchange I had with him about a year or so ago.

  22. Really looking forward to the game tonight. Very unusual but desirable position we find ourselves in.


    How often can we drop players with confidence in a competitive game ?



    Relax, enjoy and contemplate the performances of our fringe players.



    HH to all.

  23. The result in today’s election will be uppermost in every Australian’s mind, what with its importance to the future of their education system and health care.

  24. Want to keep out Boris?


    Vote SNP ,in Scotland.Labour,everywhere else.Wasted votes,are just that.The buffoon needs the Tory Scottish seats.SNP the only party that can take them off him.


    As the add nearly says,Don’t Vote Silly,Vote Savvy.

  25. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 12th December 2019 1:34 am



    ‘WHERE did socialism work ?




    Gimme a list.




    OK. Just one place.’








    The UK after the Second World War.



    The NHS, Council Housing and Free Education.



    Municipal Socialism. Which is what Corbyn is largely about.

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