Celtic heading for slow train-wreck


All it took was one man, Eddie Smith, who joined the referees strike a year ago as their body became embroiled in allegations of lying, bullying and sectarianism, to make it his business to report Celtic fans to Uefa and the SPL, and the support are besieged on two fronts.

After decades of the police turning a deaf ear to illegal and offensive chanting elsewhere this might appear opportunistic, but Smith’s motivations are irrelevant.  We have endured ‘the songs debate’ here for years, the only thing universally agreed upon is that as long as a single Celtic fan sings political songs at a game, this day would come.

I sincerely doubt that Celtic fans sing anything illegal, which perhaps explains why the police encourage observers to ‘police’ the stands, but no one denies many people, including a number of Celtic fans, find such singing offensive.  There is, therefore, scope to mount an attempt to discipline the club, and an easy route to inflict reputational damage on each and every Celtic supporter.

The Debating societies will be exercised on the freedom of some to sing racially-hostile God Save the Queen, or the militaristic, Flower of Scotland, and wait for the reaction to what is euphemistically known as ‘the marching season’.  In this vein I would encourage the Celtic delegation who meet Uefa next month read aloud a transcript of La Marseillaise, which becomes a logical target if Uefa prosecute our club.

I predict Uefa and the SPL will reprimand Celtic with a cease and desist-type warning which will include specific instructions to remove and ban ‘offenders’.  Efforts will be made to prosecute ‘offenders’, which I expect will fail, but not before a few individuals are brought before the court.

Neil Lennon, Jock Stein and since Fergus McCann, the club, have asked fans not to sing political songs.  Many agreed but some will not waver, so it would be an act of vanity for lesser mortals to suggest restraint.  The slow train-wreck will happen.

Don’t take the notion that attempts to prosecute are likely to fail as legal advice.  In my experience, lawyers become a lot less certain once proceedings are underway.

On a separate note, I was pleased to read Iain Blair of the SPL differentiate pro-IRA chanting from sectarian chanting. Lazy jounos everywhere take note.

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  1. the proof is now out in public domain


    there is no going back…



    Strathclyde police are institutionally biased


    against celtic football club and its support.




    take cover guys theres a firestorm coming

  2. mearns 2 milton on

    Sorry if this has been raised already. Was listening to Snyde on the way home last evening. A caller from Fife – Celtic supporter, whose father and grandfather were killed in battle, he was making a point about freedom of speech (something I tend to agree with) …. his point took a strange and comical turn when he announced that he had sat with Mr Speirs in Molly Malone’s whilst GS sang the fields. Now GS squirmed claiming he didn’t know the words and shot down this particular Fifer. I enjoyed that. The callers point was quite good so why would he throw that comment in unless it was true? Fields is not a rebel song. Anyone else hear this?




  3. morning bhoys, quick question, is Eddie Smith, the ref and polis, the uncle of Phil O’Donnell?


    I’m sure Phil had an uncle who was a SPL referee a few years ago. Maybe it wasn’t Smith, but something in the back of my mind says that it was Eddie something or other. Now I don’t know if he was a polis by day. And I’m sure that he gave a couple of questionable decisions Celtic’s way and the relationship was mentioned by the LL. I may be wrong but I have this nagging doubt.

  4. From the BBC website.


    The Scottish Premier League has confirmed it will investigate reports of pro-IRA chanting at Celtic’s recent home match against Hibernian.


    Operations director Iain Blair confirmed that police match commander Eddie Smith notified them following the match on 29 October.


    “Eddie mentioned there was pro-IRA chanting but we need to find out more about what happened,” Blair said.


    “It was included in the report and is subject to an ongoing investigation.”


    Celtic also face a Uefa hearing over alleged chanting against Rennes in their Europa League tie.


    It has been reported that two arrests were made during the 0-0 draw against Hibs.


    “I am currently gathering information about what happened during the match when the arrests were made,” Blair added.



    “We also have to establish that Celtic, as I am sure they will have, co-operated fully with the police in the aftermath of this event.




    Silly me ….I was thinking the hibs game took place more than TWO WEEKS but Blair says he needs to find out more about what happened.


    Suggestion also is that two arrests prompted this investigation. Does this mean an SPL investigation every time there is an arrest at a football ground?



    This is a pathetic joke; especially when you think what the Huns got away with in the Cup tie with only Lenny being found guilty of any offense.



    Best wee country in the world? My ar*e. Most small-minded and bigoted? Certainly.

  5. Paul67



    Why would our principle enemies be delighted ? or do you mean the Board ? ;-)



    Why would Celtic PLC not help to encourage that stance (if it were to arise) due to discrimination (and not just in pricing) ?



    Hail Hail

  6. Fortunes … @ 11.37 / previous article



    Any more on SDM’s nice little lift from the ground he owned in the East End?



    £5.1mill is not to be sniffed at, I wonder if he paid CGT on his little profit?



    From memory the nearest I can come up with was the Dalmarnock Tower / E1 development which surfaced in 2005 being promoted by a mystery group of developers.



    Looking at a 54 storey, sorry 42 storey, sorry 39 storey tower of luxury flats / hotel space / leisure developments in the middle of a wasteland in Dalmarnock.



    By the time 2009/2010 came around it seemed to be a ransom plot held by Grantly Developments to cause the CG Athletes Village grief.



    Eventually the public sector agency involved paid up at well over the demonstrable / historical value of the land.



    Consequently is this the plot mentioned in the Sun article?


    If it was Then SDM kept a low profile for a very long time.


    Any news on whether this was SDM alone or MIH who owned the land?



    You can expect something similar on a bigger scale in the “Green” Belt west of Edinburgh is SDM / MIH starts to feel the cold wind of a new recession and another liquidity crisis

  7. Sectarinanism in Scotland is endemic and we are the victims of discrimination by the establishment and media.Its time to be counted Bhoys.

  8. Thanks for the reply Paul.



    I know our enemys would be delighted if we resign from the league, but are we willing to be treated as scum for the rest of our lifes ?



    This is not about the sfa and the referees, or even the media any more, the establishment has spoken and we are the ememy within.



    They will not allow us to dominate the football scene, they will bring us down to the hun level if we stay, that is as good as dying imo.

  9. Paul67



    I said earlier, fair enough they want to put the boot in to Celtic. I now expect ‘the boot’ to be applied to EVERY team and their support in Scotland.




  10. For anyone interested 5pm.com Doing a deal today for the Celtic v Dunfermline game that offers a match package including meal etc and normally retails for £80 is being offered for £40

  11. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on

    THE EXILED TIM says:


    15 November, 2011 at 13:07





    I will make a prediction.



    If the club do not resign from the league, and they carry on the track they seem to be on……






    They are going down and they want to drag us down with them, well the Celtic board, the ball is in your court, what’s it to be ?






    2010 Never Again



    My friend in Celtic



    To follow the same path as Belfast Celtic is not an option.



    Our forefathers fought……and we will fight……and we will win!

  12. Paul67



    I think our principle enemies would be delighted if Celtic fans were to boycott one or more away games. I also hear Neil Lennon is not so keen.



    I strongly disagree Paul, Neil Lennon and Celtic are bound by the rules of the SPL and cannot call for a boycott



    I think our enemies are delighted we all chatter on CQN, which has no effect on our them as long as we keep giving the Celtic pound they laugh at our howling at the moon whilst they continually stick the boot in.

  13. darwinsbeautifulidea on

    funny that the police report offensive chanting at celtic park only a few weeks after a snp msp said the new laws being passed were to even things up and specifically to target celtic fans,why have the polis never reported the huns who chant more frequently and in larger no’s,and really if the cants are not sectarian but merely offensive that opens a whole new can of worms,years ago i was involved with greenpeace and spent a day following and chanting against norways whaling when the king of norway visited,it may have been offensive to a few norweigans some of whom i met but surely my right to chant is part of a free country,also as a militant athiest i rail against christianity on line and in public no doubt offending christians well thats not the point ,i have every right to push my knowledge over their myths

  14. James Forrest is Lennon on

    Well this is one helluva bad day for our club.



    I think it’s obvious now that we’re engaged in the fight of our lives off the pitch. Literally. I don’t know whether we have the stomach for it or not, but the fans aren’t united behind any course of action, so in my view we’re going to lose it. Whether the board wants us to lose it or not is another thing, but it’s perfectly obvious that we have some serious things developing behind the scenes, things that go way beyond football.



    Before I say another word about it, one quick thing on the publicity whore who is Paul McBride.



    Now, I liked what this guy had to say about Lennon, and he defended Lennon brilliantly. But I would think twice about hiring, for my defence, a lawyer who wants to INVENT new laws criminilasing presently legal behaviour. For him to take a public forum and actually condemn people who are not breaking and laws, and to wish for new laws to be put in place to target them, is a disgrace, and he ought to be drummed out of the legal profession for it. His hissy-fit resignation from the Tory Party for opposing the propsed Scottish Parliament legislation was pure attention seeking nonsense, and if I was someone up before the beaks with this guy as my lawyer I’m afraid I would want to question him long and hard about whether he thought I actually deserved my fate.



    This man’s behaviour is so egregious, I’d like to know, lawyers present, if it violates the code of ethics in some way, and creates a conflict of interest, and if it does I’d like to know who I make a formal complaint to.



    But to move on ….



    The people here who want us to stop singing the songs, I understand that some of you feel we’re better off without them, but if we look at the way in which this whole affair is being handled, I think it is abundantly clear to everyone that this is a vendetta against Celtic.



    Last season was an astonishing year, in many ways. We fought our corner hard, we took some high profile scalps, and the referees response was astonishing and then laughable. To claim they believed their lives were at risk, to have Hugh Dallas attempt to use the situation to leverage the SFA into letting him keep his job after sectarian emailing, to demand protection … and then to allow Madjid Bougherra to manhandle one of their own as the season came to a close … no matter that their credibility should have been in ruins after all that, it was a victory for them in every way. We saw indirect war declared against our club from those at the top of our game.



    This year it is the turn of officialdom itself, aided and abeted by one of those former referees, and the only surprising thing is that anyone is surprised.



    As a club we must fight our corner harder than ever, but I wonder if we will. I sense there really is no stomach for this fight, no way in which it can be fought and won unless we are willing to go all the way, and thus I think these are dark days for Celtic FC.



    Those fans who condemn our own, who believe we’ve somehow brought it on ourselves, are wrong to a degree which is stunning. They are naive beyond comprehension. One only has to look at where this offensive against us first took deep root – in the aftermath of the so-called “Shame Game”, where three Rangers players were sent off, hundreds of their fans arrested and our manager provoked to an astonishing degree in a year where he’d already had his life threatened. The only people punished in its aftermath were our people, Lenny and our supporters.



    It is not our songs they want to eradicate. It is Celtic Football Club itself.



    We live now in a country where if you have a high profile and wear the Hoops your life is at risk from bombers. Where the national Parliament wants to criminalise us as fans. Where the police, lacking the powers under the law to take the action they would like, and “crush the taigs”, are circumventing the law and trying to put pressure on the football authorities to take the action they cannot. Where the media hates us with a passion that I have never seen surpassed, safe in the knowledge that with few enough of us even buying their rags they are safe even from boycott.



    This is all-out war against our club.



    Do you, any of you, really believe that this will end with the singing of Republican songs? This will not end as long as there is a Celtic, and with Rangers in existential crisis – and more bad news folks, don’t count on a ten point deduction saving our season, I don’t think they’ll go into administration whilst this season lasts – the forces arrayed against us will fight harder than ever to assure if they go they won’t go alone.



    This is, literally, a do-or-die season. If only we were united against this I think we would be strong enough to win. But we’re not.

  15. Paul,



    The train wreck was inevitable, the antagonists had Ioaded the track



    It was caused by the passengers who were fore-warned as were the forebears



    And it may not be as ‘slow’ as we think.



    Cometh the hour; cometh the man.



    The Green Brigade must (preserving everything that is good about them) adapt and not give the antagonists the ‘noose’ they so desparately want.



    If we truely want to bust the ‘Old Firm’ branding step away from ‘rotten to the core FC’ and help the world see the difference.



    Let Ireland heal, carry the fire in our hearts and go bury that horrible mob – this year and forever.



    Hail Hail!

  16. McTall @ 13:16


    He is the brother in law of the late Phil O’Donnell being married to his sister


    He is the uncle of Stephen O’Donnell who currently plays for Dundee but at the Tim was playing for St Mirren

  17. darwinsbeautifulidea



    a ‘militant athiest’ what does that mean? You attack Chapels?



    I will say a wee prayer for your soul on Sunday… ;)

  18. James



    It won’t end with the songs. Of course they’ll find something else to come at us with, something else that breaks no laws either. Then something else. Then something else.



    But of course we can cope with it. Not being allowed to sing songs about the IRA is not the end of Celtic. DougieDougie was much worse. That was about not being allowed to win a match.

  19. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on

    2010 Never Again



    Is this where things are headed?



    First they came for the communists,


    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.



    Then they came for the trade unionists,


    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.



    Then they came for the Jews,


    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.



    Then they came for me


    and there was no one left to speak out for me.

  20. James Forrest is Lennon says:


    15 November, 2011 at 13:27


    Well this is one helluva bad day for our club.



    I think it’s obvious now that we’re engaged in the fight of our lives off the pitch. Literally. I don’t know whether we have the stomach for it or not, but the fans aren’t united behind any course of action, so in my view we’re going to lose it. Whether the board wants us to lose it or not is another thing, but it’s perfectly obvious that we have some serious things developing behind the scenes, things that go way beyond football.



    James the war was lost some time ago, unfortunately all we are left with is Celtic cyberspace to voice our opinions

  21. James Forrest is Lennon says:


    15 November, 2011 at 13:27


    see your point but your still no getting to win matches.As long as there is an agenda whether its neil wether its singing or the coluor of your underpants it takes the focus off our ability to win and win the Celtic way

  22. lionroars67 says:



    15 November, 2011 at 13:23






    I think our principle enemies would be delighted if Celtic fans were to boycott one or more away games. I also hear Neil Lennon is not so keen.



    I strongly disagree Paul, Neil Lennon and Celtic are bound by the rules of the SPL and cannot call for a boycott



    I think our enemies are delighted we all chatter on CQN, which has no effect on our them as long as we keep giving the Celtic pound they laugh at our howling at the moon whilst they continually stick the boot in.





    Wot the man said.



    This has to be done by fans and here Salmond squeal when ICT, Killie, or whoever are going to the wall!

  23. The Honest Cover-up on

    I was certain Eddie Smith was Phil’s brother in law and not Uncle.



    In any case, it’s so disappointing to see the blog dominated by this at the moment.


    I was just thinking how great it was that we managed to get through the first fortnight in November without the annual Media House Celtic bashing to do with poppies or silences.


    Then this crops up. The real bigots in this country will be delighted.



    Having said that, some of the tone of the posts reminds me of Follow Follow-esque whataboutery. “Who grassed us in?” they squeeled. “FARE are biased against our culture…”


    Likewise, I don’t think the fact that a policeman/referee alerted UEFA is the main issue here.



    The “Ooh ah up the RA” chants have to stop. It’s telling that there are no Celtic supporters willing to publicly defend them. Plenty of anonymous posters, yes. But no one is willing to stand in front of a camera and defend them. That says it all. There is a peace process in Northern Ireland that is backed by the vast majority of the population. The only people advocating violence there are ego driven, selfish extremists and that is why 16 year old Glaswegian neds singing this line are wrong.


    Just because it isn’t illegal doesn’t mean it’s OK.



    Stop singing Up the Ra


    Back the team.


    Win the league.




  24. I am realy saddened that Celtic and our fans are being ridiculed ,condemmed ,hung out to dry by the media.


    While we must accept the some of the pro ira stuff will have to stop may I like to ask the media ( yes we know you read cqn )



    Where were you on Saturday 5th November at 3pm when I turned on the radio to listen to Rangers v Dundee United. The commentator was stating what a great atmosphere in Ibrox. At 3.02 this song was being belted out in full gusto by the MAJORITY



    ” Remember our fathers brave and bold,


    as they fought for ulsters cause in foreign lands


    F@@K B@@@Y S@@@S..He’s D@@D



    This frankly is the most Illicit, offensive, disgusting line from any song I have ever heard inside a football stadium



    Who reported this to anyone, where was the match commander, did you journalists hear it.


    I heard it loud and clear as I hear it loud and clear everytime the huns visit Celtic Park. It was loud and clear at the CIS cup final and I was behind the goals


    I have heard it so often I know the words ( apologies for that )



    So please will someone in authority have the guts to bring this evil worded line to the attention of the SPL


    If you are going to punish one then punish all



    If you are unsure then tune in to Rangers v St Johnstone at 3pm on BBC radio. You will not have to wait long

  25. Thanks guys for the info I thought that was the case, seems like he’s on a one man mission to have us comply with his idea of how we should behave. Interesting times ahead indeed.

  26. Isn’t it curious that both Smith and McBride are former referees?



    There’s something a bit peculiar about the psychological makeup of those who want to be referees.



    Amongst the peculiarities are a desire to be in the limelight and an arrogant,authoritarian streak that results in a wish to control the behaviour of others.



    I find it all a bit sinister.

  27. James Forrest is Lennon on




    I don’t think we will cope with it. See, this isn’t about criminalisation. That is the biggest bluff in history, mate. Seriously. It’s time we spoke, honestly, and frankly, about what the intention really is here, and I’ll state it plainly.



    Celtic fans have been pushing the agenda for the last five or so years, since we got good at this internet thing and learned how to get our point across, in a way which we never have before. The next issue of CQN Magazine contains some an article about the global nature of the Celtic Family – and that Family has never been stronger than it is right now, at a time when we are forging stronger links with one another than ever before.



    Criminalisation is a bluff because everything they can hit us with is challengable in a court of law. The Scottish Government cannot provide a list of songs which they are outlawing because that would be blatantly racist and legally unenforceable. They cannot keep it vague because in the event that someone charged pleads not guilty and demands the full protection of a trial and subsequent appeals, this whole house of cards will collapse, and that will not happen once but many, many, many times until the law itself is overturned either in the Supreme Court in London or in the European Court of Human Rights.



    It is inevitable that this law will end up in either one, and that it will then be destroyed.



    The law is designed to serve another purpose. It is designed to split the Celtic Family into two distinct camps, to have us turn on each other, to break the bonds we’ve spent so long making strong. That is its underlying purpose, to divide and conquer.



    And before it is even passed, its framers, notorious bigots both, are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.

  28. The SPL more or less confirming nothing will be done against Celtic, I expect UEFA to confirm the same on 8th of December.




    CELTIC are facing an SPL investigation into offensive chanting on top of their Uefa charge.



    Eddie Smith, the police match commander who is a former referee, reported the club to Uefa after their home Europa League tie with Rennes, and complained to the domestic body after claiming there were offensive songs heard at Celtic Park during the club’s 0-0 draw with Hibs at the end of last month.



    Smith reported back to the SPL that two arrests were made during the game and that he had heard pro-IRA songs being sung.



    The SPL have confirmed that they are launching their own investigation into the incident.



    Iain Blair, the SPL’s operations director, will seek Celtic’s cooperation into the matter.



    “Eddie mentioned to our delegate that there was pro-IRA chanting from one specific section of the stadium,” he said.



    “It was included in the report and is now the subject of an ongoing investigation.



    “I am currently gathering information about what happened during the match when the arrests were made.



    “We need to find out more about when it happened and exactly what went on.



    “We also have to establish that Celtic, as I am sure they will have, co-operated fully with the police in the aftermath of this event.”



    However, the SPL will only bring charges against the club if it is proven that Celtic have failed in their duties to discourage offensive behaviour, something that Blair does not expect to uncover.



    “In order for it to go that far, Celtic would have to have been guilty of negligence and, although I am not attempting to prejudge the investigation, I would be surprised and disappointed if that was the case.”



    Celtic are currently in the dock with Uefa after Smith reported the club for the same offence.



    A hearing has been set for December 8 and the Parkhead club have insisted that they will co-operate fully with football’s governing body.



    Possible sanctions include a fine and ban on supporters, although Celtic could face a lesser punishment if found guilty as it would be deemed a first offence.



    A statement from the club read: “We have not been given any detail on the nature of the alleged incidents and have not received any information on this matter directly from the police.



    “Celtic supporters have a magnificent record of positive support for their team, something recognised by both Uefa and Fifa in recent years and we are extremely proud of this reputation.



    “Therefore, the club will co-operate fully with any Uefa investigation.”

  29. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on

    James Forrest is Lennon says:


    15 November, 2011 at 13:27






    Now that is James Forrest doing what he does best

  30. The Honest Cover-up says:


    15 November, 2011 at 13:39



    ‘Stop singing Up the Ra’




    Otherwise you’re going to prison for up to five years.

  31. Here’s an old article some of you might find interesting – it’s illegal to wear the wrong t-shirt so the “illicit” or offensive songs legislation is in line with that.



    Wrong T-shirt son? You’re nicked


    February 22, 2001


    The act which came into force this week could make terrorists of us all



    By George Monbiot. Published in the Guardian 22nd February 2001



    Britain, Tony Blair announced at Labour’s spring conference on Sunday, is on the brink of “the biggest progressive political advance for a century”. To prepare for this brave new world, two days before his speech Mr Blair bombed Baghdad. On Monday, the progressive era was officially launched, with the implementation of an inclusive piece of legislation called the Terrorism Act 2000.



    Terror, in the new progressive age, is no longer the preserve of the aristocracy of violence. Today almost anyone can participate, just as long as she or he wants to change the world.



    Beating people up, even killing them, is not terrorism, unless it is “designed to influence the government” or conducted “for the purpose of advancing a political, religious or ideological cause.” But since Monday you can become a terrorist without having to harm a living being, provided you believe in something. In that case, causing “serious damage to property” or interfering with “an electronic system” will do. Or simply promoting or encouraging such acts, or associating with the people who perform them, or failing to tell the police what they are planning. Or, for that matter, wearing a t-shirt or a badge which might “arouse reasonable suspicion” that you sympathise with their activities.



    In his speech on Sunday, Tony Blair called for a “revolution” in our schools, and spoke of “noble causes … asking us to hear their cry for help and answer by action”. So perhaps we should not be surprised to learn that you can can now become a terrorist by supporting government policy. British subjects writing pamphlets or giving lectures demanding a revolution in Iraq can be prosecuted under the new act for “incitement” of armed struggles overseas. The same clause leaves the government free to bomb Baghdad, however, as “nothing in this section imposes criminal liability on any person acting on behalf of, or holding office under, the Crown.”



    By such means, our new century of progressive politics will be distinguished from those which have gone before. There will be no place, for example, for violent conspiracies like the Commons Preservation Society. The CPS launched its campaign of terror in 1865, by hiring a trainload of labourers to dismantle the railings around Berkhamstead Common, thus seriously damaging the property of the noble lord who had just enclosed it. The CPS later split into two splinter groups called the Open Spaces Society and the National Trust. Under the new legislation, these subversive factions would have been banned.



    Nor will the state tolerate dangerous malefactors such as the woman who claimed “there is something that governments care far more for than human life, and that is the security of property, and so it is through property that we shall strike the enemy” and “the argument of the broken window pane is the most valuable argument in modern politics.” Emmeline Pankhurst and her followers, under the act, could have been jailed for life for damaging property to advance a political or ideological cause.



    Indeed, had the government’s new progressive powers been in force, these cells could have been stamped out before anyone had been poisoned by their politics. The act permits police to cordon off an area in which direct action is likely to take place, and arrest anyone refusing to leave it. Anyone believed to be plotting an action can be stopped and searched, and the protest materials she or he is carrying confiscated. Or, if they prefer, the police can seize people who may be about to commit an offence and hold them incommunicado for up to seven days.



    Under the new act, the women who caused serious damage to a Hawk jet bound for East Timor could have been intercepted and imprisoned as terrorists long before they interfered with what Mr Blair described on Sunday as his mission to civilise the world. So could the desperados seeking to defend organic farmers by decontaminating fields of genetically modified maize. Campaigners subjecting a corporation to a fax blockade become terrorists by dint of interfering with an electronic system. Indeed, by writing articles in support of such actions, I could be deemed to be “promoting and encouraging” them. Which makes me a terrorist and you, if you were foolish enough to copy my articles and send them to your friends, party to my crime.



    I don’t believe the government will start making use of these new measures right away: after all, as Mr Blair lamented on Sunday, “Jerusalem is not built overnight”. But they can now be deployed whenever progress demands. Then, unmolested by dangerous lunatics armed with banners and custard pies, the government will be free to advance world peace by bombing Baghdad to its heart’s content.




  32. James Forrest is Lennon says:


    15 November, 2011 at 13:41



    ‘Criminalisation is a bluff because everything they can hit us with is challengable in a court of law.’



    It’s just a bit unfortunate that you’ll be in prison while the appeal court sorts it out.

  33. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul67 –



    I am not surprised you, and most likely many others on the blog, are unaware of these songs because there is never any reference to them. I took the time to find out what they were a while back because these songs are two of the most popular among the Rangers support at every game. You will definitely have heard them without realising it.



    For the record; A Father’s Advice is a ditty that includes the line ’with a rifle and a pistol in my hand’ and is sung to the tune of The Fields Of Athenry while the other one is a twisted fantasy about some Loyalist getting strung up – whatever rocks yer boat and all that…



    If the media, the police and politicians want to stamp out political songs then they have to look at both clubs, otherwise it reeks of a witch hunt.

  34. The SPL is a sinking ship



    Rankers, Hearts and Kilmarnock have between them debts in excess of 100 million pounds



    The baw is burst, its open season on Celtic



    The media are selling papers and viewing figures all off the back of Celtic, then whilst giving us a kicking whilst they mock everything about us



    SPL clubs need the Celtic pound, IMO dont give them your money

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