Celtic heading for slow train-wreck


All it took was one man, Eddie Smith, who joined the referees strike a year ago as their body became embroiled in allegations of lying, bullying and sectarianism, to make it his business to report Celtic fans to Uefa and the SPL, and the support are besieged on two fronts.

After decades of the police turning a deaf ear to illegal and offensive chanting elsewhere this might appear opportunistic, but Smith’s motivations are irrelevant.  We have endured ‘the songs debate’ here for years, the only thing universally agreed upon is that as long as a single Celtic fan sings political songs at a game, this day would come.

I sincerely doubt that Celtic fans sing anything illegal, which perhaps explains why the police encourage observers to ‘police’ the stands, but no one denies many people, including a number of Celtic fans, find such singing offensive.  There is, therefore, scope to mount an attempt to discipline the club, and an easy route to inflict reputational damage on each and every Celtic supporter.

The Debating societies will be exercised on the freedom of some to sing racially-hostile God Save the Queen, or the militaristic, Flower of Scotland, and wait for the reaction to what is euphemistically known as ‘the marching season’.  In this vein I would encourage the Celtic delegation who meet Uefa next month read aloud a transcript of La Marseillaise, which becomes a logical target if Uefa prosecute our club.

I predict Uefa and the SPL will reprimand Celtic with a cease and desist-type warning which will include specific instructions to remove and ban ‘offenders’.  Efforts will be made to prosecute ‘offenders’, which I expect will fail, but not before a few individuals are brought before the court.

Neil Lennon, Jock Stein and since Fergus McCann, the club, have asked fans not to sing political songs.  Many agreed but some will not waver, so it would be an act of vanity for lesser mortals to suggest restraint.  The slow train-wreck will happen.

Don’t take the notion that attempts to prosecute are likely to fail as legal advice.  In my experience, lawyers become a lot less certain once proceedings are underway.

On a separate note, I was pleased to read Iain Blair of the SPL differentiate pro-IRA chanting from sectarian chanting. Lazy jounos everywhere take note.

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  1. how many weans will go to celtic park and marvel at the presence of mcbride ?



    when you went to celtic park – did you remember the jungle or some turncoat like sean connery sitting in the stand

  2. .



    Paddy McCourts GB Army..



    So on any average matchday the GB will be belting out songs for 90 minutes like Just Can’t Get Enough and Let’s all do the Huddle. The Green Brigade have also gone out of their way to introduce individual songs for players in times of celebration and also when things may not be going so well for an individual (OK, we await the Danny Majstorovic one but you get the drift). Then we have the renditions of Lonesome Boatmen, Discoland and a few other continental style tunes and chants.



    These songs of support for the team and the players have cascaded into the rest of the stadium so that an atmosphere has been built up again at games. The Green Brigade acting as capo for the rest of the stadium for ‘Come on you Bhoys in Green’ is a spectacle that any neutral observer would be impressed with. In reeling off this catalogue of songs and chants, not to mention the traditionalCeltic songs, it really undermines the notion that the Green Brigade are a sinister group intent on belting out songs of hate. In fact the accusation is total nonsense.



    Summa ft SongsOfPraiseCSC

  3. celtictom says:


    15 November, 2011 at 15:53



    from our own QC ?



    The guy who was instrumental in setting up the new disciplinary proceedings that saw Steven Craven banned for life for telling the truth by the same guys who wanted to strike so that their bent boss and bent ways could continue with Campbell Ogilvie ex Hun and Baby Hun finance expert and head of the SFA chairing that meeting ?



    The guy who defended Lenny at the SFA …. done a better job that those trying to prosecute his attacker at Tynecastle



    Away day bhoycott …. stop the rhetoric and letter writing take it into our own hands. We have continually been defecated upon from a high height and it seems by our own



    Hail Hail

  4. For your perusal,, sectarian policy for over 100 yrs, establishmentarianism in the workplace. Up to your knees, Kenny Macaskill praise at the recent cup final, SNP William Wollfe attack against catholics in the 80’s, famine song, Manchester, villareal game attacking buses in spain, rioting sectarian behaviour in holland, supporters banned from european games yet at one game you could still hear the billy boys being sung (supposedly from corporate/management) the marching season, gazzas flute impersonation, glorifying the armed forces (nothing wrong with that for men who gave their lives in any conflict) but making it look like a pageant from the last night at the proms/orange walk at Ibrox., the list goes on and on, yet it is us who seem to be getting shafted while the huns are nearly out of business, and struggling to pay wages, we are the report from an observer who never even had the guts to inform the celtic heirarchy after the said game. Like a poster before, we have very strong Irish roots and I am very proud of that fact that this club was formed to support the hungry Irish diaspora in the east end of glasgow, I am sorry if you dont like that, but it is fact and we should never forget that. Maybe we should drop the 2 letters RA, and then go about our daily business, I am sure we will still get shafted. The fight is on bhoys, and it is up to us to fight them whatever way we can. Organise Organise Organise.

  5. My dear,dear,dear,friend…Philbhoy



    Politics ..Schmolitics!!!



    Pal.. ye are so right…Politics,likie yer Mother In Law, should be left at Hame.. when ye


    attend a Fitba Match..



    “Gie tae Caesar, Whit is Caeser’s and Gie tae Celtic .. whit is Celtic’s”



    Time and Place fur.. Everything



    And.. If ye Must hiv.. IRISH SONGS.tae be Sung. at a Celtic Game..



    Well.. Ah hiv Nae Objectioin tae That.



    Fur.. Ah luv Irish Songs..although, Ah am No Of Irish Descent…



    How aboot. singing..



    “A Little Bit of Heaven Fell from oot the Sky wan Dae..



    And it Settled Doon In Glesca..in a Field ..doon Parkheid Way..







    Sure, there are Zillions of fine Irish Songs tae be Sung..



    Time has come tae re Write oor Song Book…



    Nae mair Poliltical Songs..


    Fur us..



    Maks sense tae Me… and You..





    yer pal who likes ye aloater

  6. We’re being charged with singing offensive/illicit songs of a quasi-sectarian nature.



    Also some of the harmonies are a bit flat and ragged [but not in a good way].



    Also at no time do the song lyrics mention any of the 8 official partners of the UEFA Europa League.



    So if we’d gone wth Oo Aa Up Adidas we’d have been O.K., and probably got bunged a few quid.



    And the drummer is rubbish ,he couldn’t keep time in Westclox.

  7. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on

    jimmci says:


    15 November, 2011 at 13:04



    I believe that we need to see the decision from Dunfermline yesterday in the context of Supt Smith’s recent behaviour.



    This sheriff decided that there was no likelihood of a breach of the peace when a RXXXXXX fan stood up and shouted ‘Ya fenian bastard’ at what we are led to believe was the linesman during the 3-2 win for Dunfermline. Reading between the lines this can only mean that since he was surrounded by other RXXXXXX fans there was no one around to be offended by his outburst. Police and stewards don’t count apparently. The sheriff did not dispute the evidence from two stewards who heard the man say these words, instead he said the case was not proven because there was no likelihood of a breach of the peace. Quite how he can logically come to that conclusion is baffling. Standing up amongst a group on like minded knuckleheads and shouting something inflamatory and sectarian is very likely to incite others to do the same. The evidence also makes it clear that when the stewards brought the identity and the outburst to the attention of the police, they were advised to “keep and eye on him.”



    In a similar incident, if we are to believe Mr Smith, he was offended by the singing of an as yet unspecified song during the Rennes game. This was a game with a few hundred Rennes supporters some distance away from the GB section. The GB section is surrounded on all sides by thousands of Celtic supporters. In effect, there was no criminal offence being committed by the GB, something that we all know. Neither what they were singing, nor the location, nor any other aspect of the context was part of any criminal offence.



    Mr Smith spoke with the Uefa delegate after the Rennes game and advised him/her that the Celtic fans were responsible for offensive chanting. One assumes that the nuances of the chant would have been initially lost on the delegate until he was enlightened by Mr Smith, in the same way the Piarra Power led group brought RXXXXXX fans sectarian singing to the notice of Uefa.



    We have no knowledge any club sanctions against the RXXXXXX fan who displayed blatant sectarianism, yet for some Celtic fans who did not shout anything sectarian, there is a real prospect of being banned from CP AND convicted at court. For what offence?



    As many others have pointed out…what about GSTQ and Flower of Scotland? How easy is it to seperate pseudo patriotism from politics in this context? In other words, you can all sing a political song as long as it is one that the police/establishment approve of.



    If the existing legislation cannot be used to convict the moron at Dunfermline, then what possible use can it be when there are thousands chanting the same thing at a League Cup Final? If the existing legislation does not criminalize the singing of political songs, and there was no prospect of a breach of the peace, why are the police acting politically themselves. They are supposed to be impartial. If it is within their remitt as match commanders to bring to the attention of Uefa delegates anything that is unsavoury or offensive, then I would ask why there have been no such police reports to Uefa delegates in all the years of RXXXXXX home games in Europe? Where were the vigilant match commanders when bile poured forth from the hordes at Ibrokes?



    Uefa is just a pawn in this game (no pun intended) and their own rules are so loose as to be unenforceable – just ask Sion.


    We have no political leaders in Scotland, they are all opportunists who only seek to try and get in front of public opinion, only to further their own personal interests.



    If the club have a real interest in playing in Holland or any other country, they cannot afford to have their reputation and credibility sullied by the taint of any Uefa finding of guilt.



    Recently, I attended a wedding where there were mostly folks who were not sympathetic to Celtic and Celtic fans. My Celtic alllegiances were known to all. I listened as one very middle class lady from Perth told me that she just didn’t like Neil Lennon, and when I explained that he was a hero for me, she confided that she just didn’t like his eyes!! Later, during the jigging part of things a young man who had had a few, confided that he was a Jambo, and that “Neil Lennon was disrespectful to their players the last time he was there.” I challenged him to respond if his manager wa streated as NL was last season. He had no answer. Both of these people sought to justify the treatment of NL, rather than confront the horrible reality that they were prejudiced.



    Politicans, media, other clubs, churches, are all responsible for the mess that engulfs Scotland. No wonder so many Tims just leave the place to fester.






  8. I have been debating with myself about posting this. Like others I have read this site for years but only posted once before. Having had a long debate with a friend yesterday I drafted this response email to him and felt the need to post.



    A few prickles being raised on our learned websites as we find ourselves in the spotlight. It was only a matter of time my friend. I’m also aware we have slightly differing opinions on this and I know we would never fall out over it. I agree with you on most if not nearly all of these issues but what we think is immaterial anymore as there are other agendas afoot now fighting for their scummy lives. We have had the moral high ground for years and we have lost it through ignorance and brainlessness. A generation of muppets are growing up, they could have been our sons, who we could have taken to games or who could have heard us singing the stuff we sang in our youth and are now spouting their rubbish by way of creating an atmosphere in the ground. Songs about Sefton the horse and Lord Mountbatten’s boat. Songs that made me laugh when I was younger I now cringe when I look back at some of the things I sang in my youth that had no bearing on my life at all and had no right to be singing. These “supporters”, spurred on by an idiot board desperate for the re-creation of an atmosphere in the ground feel they have been given the green light to carry on and we have spiralled ever downwards. It’s a sad day when we need to create an atmosphere at Celtic Park. If the idiots in charge had put a team on the park for us the atmosphere would have taken care of itself. Most of the songs we sing are indeed political songs based on the struggles of our ancestors who founded our great club. Brilliant songs about brilliant and brave men and, unlike others we sings songs about our great club and past teams. Additions to great songs have blighted them and us and here we are, investigated by UEFA like that sad shower of embarrassment across the city. Throw in a figurehead manager that panders to the lowest common denominator at our club and it’s a recipe for disaster.They have been dying to nail us with anything to detract from themselves for years and we continue to hand it to them on a plate every second weekend at away grounds around this bigoted hole of a country of ours. I don’t know if I am more sad or angry at this. Do we give up, of course not, but what do we do to try and stop this nonsense and finish this mob off once and for all. We are tarred with the same brush every time the words “Old Firm” are mentioned, a phrase I hate and now the whole of the country will just say say we are just as bad as them.

  9. gesbhoy says:


    15 November, 2011 at 16:06



    away day boycott .. the only answer



    The locals wont have to hear the offensive chanting from Celtic fans and pretty soon they will never have to hear it again in their lives.



    Hail Hail

  10. JinkyvJohnGreig-saysitall says:


    15 November, 2011 at 15:32



    I will be at Inverness,and I will be careful as always.



    Your point that things are getting worse is correct,this is as bad a situation as I have experienced and I was on the end of many a ” what school” interview.



    In the present climate the old prejudices have to be applied in a more controlled way, given the law of the land,that is why they are focussing on this singing issue as it gives them a semi legitimate reason to act.



    We collectively must be smart,whether or not it is our right to sing “political” or is it ” illicit ” songs or chants,ignore the legitimacy of that for the time being,concentrate on remaining unscathed,and the way to do this is cut off the oxygen which is the singing,STOP it immediately,give them no reason to complain.



    Peter Lawell should meet with the singers,tell them to stop,forget the “its our right ” argument and win the game by stealth,if they dont co-operate with this tactic then remove them.



    I enjoy, to an extent, the atmosphere created, but if the GB are as smart as they think they are then this is a victory which will annoy those who would persecute us and in so doing effectively achieve more than a few chants.







    Surely our Board must be thinking this through, as its clearly both a diversionary tactic away from the HMRC mess and the sad men in the Police stirring to action as it does not involve the Govanites.



    PS Eddie Smith,they are laughing at you,not applauding.

  11. McNair is the greatest on

    Estadio says:


    15 November, 2011 at 15:55



    Quite brilliant post. That is what Celtic is about fighting injustice and adversity. When Neil lifts the league trophy the bigots will have failed – the war will be over the rhebels will have one. We shall not be moved

  12. Estadio says:



    15 November, 2011 at 15:55



    …..I was nine years old, built like a pipe cleaner and stood in the centre circle of Kirkshaws Primary School football park. It was before the days of mid-fielders and I was an inside right. A frozen, shivering scared wee inside right, up against probably the best primary team in Coatbridge at that time.



    This is obviously not the very early seventies!




  13. The Honest Cover-up on

    I dont know if I woyld justify it but I’d probably console the widow and tell her her husband was the victim of a war killed by men who were denied the right to vote (indirectly), were treated like scum by a foreign occupier and had no other means by which to stand up for themselves.


    How would you explain your right to sing “up the RA” in Manchester more than a decade after the good Friday agreement when people in Noethern Ireland have moved on and want to live in peace and now fight their war at the ballot box?

  14. Moonbeams WD. \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. C’mon the hoops. says:


    15 November, 2011 at 14:59


    tommytwiststommyturns says:


    15 November, 2011 at 10:07


    MWD – to follow up on your earlier post, it would be interesting to know what UEFA delegates attended the Rennes game. A poster on here yesterday mentioned Kenny Scott, former security chief at Mordor who now acts as a security adviser to UEFA. Although, I’m sure he would be completely impartial in all aspects of his job….






    According to UEFA at http://www.uefa.com/printoutfiles/competitions/uefacup/2012/E/E_2007364_pk.pdf



    the delegate was Christian Kofoed from Denmark so not sure where the Kenny Scott thing came from.

  15. Give Ireland Back To The Irish


    Don’t Make Them Have To Take It Away


    Give Ireland Back To The Irish


    Make Ireland Irish Today



    Great Britian You Are Tremendous


    And Nobody Knows Like Me


    But Really What Are You Doin’


    In The Land Across The Sea



    Tell Me How Would You Like It


    If On Your Way To Work


    You Were Stopped By Irish Soliders


    Would You Lie Down Do Nothing


    Would you give in or go berserk



    Give Ireland Back To The Irish


    Don’t Make Them Have To Take It Away


    Give Ireland Back To The Irish


    Make Ireland Irish Today



    Great Britian And All The People


    Say That All People Must Be Free


    Meanwhile Back In Ireland


    There’s A Man Who Looks Like Me



    And He Dreams Of God And Country


    And He’s Feeling Really Bad


    And He’s Sitting In A Prison


    Should He Lie Down Do Nothing


    Should Give In Or Go Mad



    Give Ireland Back To The Irish


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    Give Ireland Back To The Irish


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    Give Ireland Back To The Irish


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    Give Ireland Back To The Irish


    Make Ireland Irish Today

  16. one way or an other the IRA songs will stop, i just wish we could do it without dragging or club through the coarts.

  17. Well it was Sunday Bloody Sunday


    When they shot the people down


    The cries of 13 martyrs


    Filled the Free Derry air


    Is there anyone amongst you


    Dare to blame it on the kids?


    Not a soldier boy was bleeding


    When they nailed the coffin lids



    Sundy Bloody Sunday


    Bloody Sunday´s the day!



    You claim to be majority


    Well you know that it´s a lie


    You´re really a minority


    On the sweet Emerald Isle


    When Stormont bans our marches


    They´ve got a lot to learn


    Internment is no answer


    It´s those mothers turn to burn



    You Anglo pigs and Scotties


    Sent to colonise the North


    You wave your bloody Union Jacks


    And you know what it´s worth


    How dare you hold to ransom


    A people proud and free


    Keep Ireland for the Irish


    Put the English back to sea



    Yes it´s always bloody Sunday


    In the concentration camps


    Keep the Falls Road free forever


    From the bloody English hands


    Repatriate to Britain


    All of you who call it home


    Leave Ireland to the Irish


    Not for London or for Rome

  18. If you had the luck of the Irish


    You’d be sorry and wish you were dead


    You should have the luck of the Irish


    And you’d wish you was English instead!


    A thousand years of torture and hunger


    Drove the people away from their land


    A land full of beauty and wonder


    Was raped by the British brigands! Goddamn! Goddamn!


    If you could keep voices like flowers


    There’d be shamrock all over the world


    If you could drink dreams like Irish streams


    Then the world would be high as the mountain of morn


    In the ‘Pool they told us the story


    How the English divided the land


    Of the pain, the death and the glory


    And the poets of auld Eireland


    If we could make chains with the morning dew


    The world would be like Galway Bay


    Let’s walk over rainbows like leprechauns


    The world would be one big Blarney stone


    Why the hell are the English there anyway?


    As they kill with God on their side


    Blame it all on the kids the IRA


    As the bastards commit genocide! Aye! Aye! Genocide!


    If you had the luck of the Irish


    You’d be sorry and wish you was dead


    You should have the luck of the Irish


    And you’d wish you was English instead!


    Yes you’d wish you was English instead!

  19. spikeysauldman



    Dunno about anyone else, but it was Celtic songs, old men bantering (and swearing), shouts of ‘mon the Maestro and the red card to Thatcher that I remember most vividly as a child at Celtic games.


    I remember outside the ground some groups of fans singing IRA repeatedly, we all know the refrain. It did influence me. I was probably more sympathetic to them than an older me would be. I’m not sure that was a bad starting point, as it happens, but I’m never afraid to examine my position in the face of logic. Some kids clearly never got over that…

  20. oops date wrong



    Graham Spiers Commentary


    Last updated March 21 2011 12:01AM



    Another week, another excruciating example of the problem Rangers have with a large section of their support. Walter Smith’s team, going into Sunday’s Co-operative Insurance Cup final as underdogs, won quite a few admirers for their gritty 2-1 win over Celtic.



    Alas, no one who was at Hampden Park as a neutral, and who had any understanding of the type of songs that were being sung, could have found anything remotely appealing in the antics of the Rangers support.



    For fully 120 minutes the Ibrox legions belted out stuff about the Pope, Fenians, and some of their other favoured subjects.



    Quite a few of us have become used to “the Rangers problem” over the years but Sunday at Hampden was still quite an eye-opener. It was the consistent, incessant nature of the bigoted chanting that was truly shocking.



    One of the problems we have in tackling bigotry in Scottish football is the sheer ignorance of the subject that we have to put up with. For instance, Kenny MacAskill, the Scottish Justice Secretary, clearly didn’t have a clue what he was talking about, to judge from the fatuous statement he released after attending the match at Hampden.



    After the prejudiced chants had boomed out, the following was MacAskill’s take on the whole spectacle. “This was the showpiece everyone wanted to see — it was a great advert for Scottish football,” he said. “The players, management and fans contributed to a memorable occasion, and I urge that their positive example inside the ground is replicated outside it over the course of the evening and beyond. Football is a force for good in society.”



    Given the nature of what was chanted inside Hampden, this was an utterly ludicrous statement. MacAskill, clearly, is totally unfamiliar with the sort of problems given an airing at Hampden if he thinks that the sort of chanting which the Rangers fans kept up apace represented “fans contributing to a memorable occasion.” This is risible.



    I didn’t expect a Rangers statement yesterday on the shocking tone of their supporters’ singing, and nor was one forthcoming. Rangers’ preferred position on their problem is this: let’s just have a general media silence on the subject, and let’s keep any fuss to a minimum. From Rangers’ point of view, the fewer headlines there are about their problem, the less need there is of any requirement to act.



    But that is a tough scenario to hope for. The Ibrox club have already been censured by Uefa over bigotry, and more than that, a number of Rangers supporters’ songs have specifically been banned by European football’s governing body. So it is asking a lot for every newspaper to turn a blind eye (or deaf ear) towards songs which have repeatedly been outlawed.



    What is more galling for those who want to be rid of this poison is the seeming ignorance — such as was revealed by MacAskill — or inability in government or police circles to be able to fix it.



    Hampden on Sunday rang out to bigoted chanting from the Rangers end, yet the police statistics for “sectarian-related crimes” were paltry, never mind MacAskill’s absurd words about how wonderful it all was.



    This isn’t government action. On the contrary, this is inaction, and even incompetence. The truth is, we are getting nowhere today with the problem of sectarianism in football. In fact, we are regressing, Edinburgh summits or not, at an alarming rate.



    Rangers, in trying to fight their own specific problem, have lost ground. Indeed, if you were at Hampden on Sunday, with bigoted chant after chant ringing out, you would think that the club had gone back ten years in their quest to solve the problem. And for many others, meanwhile, it actually means very little.



    OK, so there is sectarian chanting, they say. So what? What does it matter? Just let it go, let’s just concentrate on the football.



    Rangers lack the guts to truly take on their own support on the issue, and the same applies for the Scottish FA.



    The docking of points really would force the bigots to stop their chanting, and the SFA has the power to do this, but it is too scared to.



    Meanwhile, too many other people won’t touch this problem with a bargepole, claiming the accompanying aggro that comes with such debate simply isn’t worth it.



    So Scotland just goes on living with its embarrassing bigotry problem. Ignorance, incompetence and cowardice ensure it.

  21. My dear,dear,dear,friend..Jist Patrick



    Ye want Thoughts..?






    Here is some of Mine,palomine..



    Yep.. Ah support Mr. McBride.. Brilliant Fellow.. as he is..



    He is Doing and saying all the correct things,in this Leettle.. Schmozzle,in which


    we.. and the Club. find oorsels..



    Don’t list to His Disparagers…



    They Do Not Comprehiend whit Mr. McBride is Up Agin..






    That’s Some of MA thoughts oan this…



    Whit are your’s??





    yer pal…who likes ye aloater.

  22. James Forrest is Lennon on




    You really are a snivelling, whiny little numpty, aren’t you? What’s that now? Blaming your dad cause you once sung Republican songs?



    What that tells me about you is that you never had an original thought in your life, never once judged things on their own merit or not. Even now, you’re still being led by the nose, being offended because other people are telling you its right to be.



    Pitiful son. Pitiful.

  23. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    I remeber when I was a boy in the fifties and early sixties and going to Celtic Park.



    Singing wasn’t a problem then as we didny sing much because we got pumped nearly every week.



    Mind you, there is a bit more discussion on the bus going home nowadays.

  24. 15 November, 2011 at 16:14






    St Bernards was still a dug wae brandy in it’s neck barrel at the time.



    Early 60s



    Hail Hail






    A well, your struggles paved the way for Fenian dominance! I recall beating Kirkshaws 9-0 and at 7-0 there was a heated discussion around why we shouldn’t score more, but concede one just before the end. It would seem that those with no sense of history had the majority view ;-)

  25. A poster earlier, stated that the song they sing about Bobby Sands was sung at 3.05pm last Saturday’s at Ibroke. Who was the match commander and can we find out who was the match commander when they were reported by the fare official and not the match commander at the PSV game, and of course The LC Final. Surely this has to be raised by someone at club level, to ensure that parity is being maintained and if not why not? por cierto.

  26. The Honest Cover-up says:


    15 November, 2011 at 16:14


    ‘I dont know if I woyld justify it but I’d probably console the widow and tell her her husband was the victim of a war killed by men who were denied the right to vote’




    At the time in Britain the right to vote was resticted to 1 in 7 of the adult male population.



    You’d be as good at grief counselling as you are at debating.

  27. James Forrest is Lennon on

    Well, I don’t usually do it at half four on a weekday, but I just stuck on my Irish Brigade tunes.



    To Hell with argument for tonight. I’m going to relax a bit.


    Songs debate/internecine warfare is p-ing me off.



    Stand up for what you believe in.



    Stand against everything you know to be wrong.



    Never back down when you have done no wrong yourself.



    If you have the balls to treat everything else that life throws at you in the above manner,then fair play to you. Well done.



    Why is anyone suggesting that Celtic supporters should do differently?



    And trying to take the moral high ground?



    Appeasement has a lovely history,and I really wish some of you guys on here would investigate the usual outcome.