Celtic hire The System


It was (honestly) a complete coincidence that at the start of last week I wrote that football clubs need “people who can say to the manager, “A club in Romania is doing something really clever, we should try it”, without being frog-marched off the premises”, a few days before Celtic employed a GAA coach as a performance consultant.

Organisations who succeed actively look for development ideas from unusual sources.  If you are fishing in the same pond as everyone else, you’ll not find a strategy that will allow you to over-perform.  Jim McGuinness, coach at Donegal GAA, will work with Neil Lennon’s technical team two days per week.

McGuinness had transformed Gaelic football, since taking control of unfancied Donegal they have been described as “virtually unbeatable”, provoking astonishment and some hostility from those close to the game as a result of his tactical revolution, known as ‘The System’. For his sport, he has found the ‘Moneyball code’ and the metaphorical answer to ‘Why England lose’, which we have discussed here for a number of years.

In short, Jim McGuinness sees things that others don’t and Celtic know the value of new ideas. I’m pleased at both.

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  1. As Rangers heads full speed to its share issue, the Ibrox club was delighted to announce the immediate appointment of two new non-executive directors, Ian Hart and Walter Smith. Both come with high reputations in their field and it will clearly be of great assurance to potential investors in Rangers that such eminent figures are on the boards.


    However, I was intrigued by the end of the report of the announcement on the official Rangers website.


    It can be found here.


    The last paragraph reads:-


    The board of The Rangers Football Club Ltd comprises: Malcolm Murray, chairman (non-executive) Charles Green, chief executive, Brian Stockbridge, finance director, Walter Smith (non-executive), Ian Hart (non-executive).


    There is no mention of Mr Ahmad, who joined the board as per Companies House on 29th June and who was appointed as Commercial Director on 17th October.


    It might only be a misprint, and if so a rather embarrassing one. If not, what has happened to Mr Ahmad?



    Posted by Paul McConville

  2. Sir Paul



    Hope ye read this..






    Do you recall that baith..You and Me… goat dug’s abuse..






    We pointed oot..









    We .. HOPED that the G.A. wid manage stey in the Euro Tourney… No tae actually.. WIN it..that wid be Sacrilege..


    Nah… jist long enuff fur us tae Tak advantage..o’ …weel.. that Dis-Advantage,which


    remaining in Europe .. wid be tae them??



    Fur.. Baith you and Ah hid noticed



    That, the G.A.,Inveterately, lost or tied…. their next S.P.L. game, whenevah they returned tae League Duty… efter they hid played a Euro tie.



    The Fact that Celtic are Behaving Likewise… after a Euro Team Confronto..



    Should therefore..



    Raise Nae Eyebroos!



    That’s totally tae be Expected…






    NO MUCH KIN BE DONE aboot it..



    It is a Fact o’ Life..jist like..well. Moss always grows oan the North side o’ a tree,(Hey.. wait a minute.. Is that No a Myth?..ed) Mebbe.. but.. It wull gie ma Critics a big thrill.. when they Fine oot that…. it is!






    Good Luck,tae Mr. McGuinness.. if he tries tae solve ..



    The Dreaded..” Guaranteed Poor Performance…after .. a … European GAME… Syndrome”.



    Fur.. there is Nae Known Cure fur that .





    Still, Laughin’

  3. There’s a fair chance if Loovens stayed he would be injured


    Forster had played more games for Celtic in 2 loan seasons than Loovens had in 4 seasons.

  4. Mike in Toronto on




    I agree there are a lot of factors (MIB defintely).. but, one thing, and it is just my observation… but, I would say the fitness level of the players under Neil is generally as good as I have seen it in a long time…



    The amount of work and running on Wed was IMMENSE… and they were still going at the end (obvioulsy tired, but still working!)…. not sure that would have been the case before neil…. so, and if I am going to criticize… I ;have to give credit where credit it due. It is another area where I think he has really improved things.



    ANd would I love to see the KoK as a coach? If NFL brings him in, and I ever have a kid, (boy or girl), he/she will be (first name) NFL (last name)! So, yes please!!!

  5. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I thought on Sunday Micku was missing in action and was subbed at half-time I dont know if he had a knock but I do know he was a passenger.I know he scored a lovely goal against Dundee Utd but I have yet to be convinced that he offers much to the team ? H.H.





    A tad worrying at the moment,but I expect us to prevail.



    Equally worrying is that since Thommo left,we don’t appear to have anyone who can coach the forwards.



    The ones available to us,that is!

  7. Mike in Toronto on

    Joe Filippi’s Hair



    I think there is a real player there… but, again, he is struggling to come to grips with the Scottish game, and our game at the moment isn’t really helping him… but, I think there is real talent there.



    Can you guys tell I really dont feel like working this morning?

  8. Asonofdan,



    All these years of Ian Harte rumours and he goes and joins the Huns??




  9. An Appeal to one of our technical Tims …


    Can someone post the following from BBC iPlayer before it drops off the available listings approx 10 minutes from Saturday evenings 606 Radio 5 phone in show





    Hosts Mark Chapman and Robbie Savage



    Go to 53 mins 30 seconds…





    A Kilmarnock !! fans phones in to have a go at the Celtic ‘love in’ after the Barca result .


    after his rant the next caller ( a Celtic fan ‘Frank’) comes on and unveils the Kilmarnock fan ( who is still on the other line ) for what he really is.





    I forgive the BBC all its recent transgressions for broadcasting this , made my Saturday night



    The Onlooker

  10. ASonOfDan




    Fair play to James McClean. He only needs to watch a few minutes of that clip from Ibrox to feel vindicated in his decision not to be forced to wear the poppy on his shirt.



  11. Mike in Toronto



    I think there is something in your analysis as I was thinking we needed Forrest on the day to drag them around.



    Injuries can make a difference.

  12. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Mike in Toronto. You may well be right he does have some nice touches but im looking for more than that he has one goal to his name and very few assists I just dont think that is good enough.If we had Stokes,Hooper,Watt and Sammi all fit I think he would find himself back on the plane to Spain in January.H,H,





    Forster is a first-choice keeper.



    Loovens was a centre-half,kicked rotten every time he played for us,and cited the one time he had a mild kick back.

  14. praecepta


    14:46 on


    12 November, 2012



    Your mobile phone suggestion is a good one,of course TIM would be perfect ,however as Board member Dennis O’Brien already owns a similar Company,Digicel,I believe, then his team would be advertising the opposition,albeit I believe his Company operate in the Caribbean,so advertising here would be pointless.

  15. bournesouprecipe


    15:59 on


    12 November, 2012


    ‘Lennon has made me the player I am today.’



    victor wanyama




    Hope he said that before the stomach bug hit him!.





    Aye,I noticed that!



    This will have to stop,or people will talk.



    They might even think we have a TSD/ANTIFA thing going………..



    BTW,very little chance of me ever hitting Tokyo-though thanks for the offer-but should you ever be in Swindon,I will whisk you out of it immediately.



    Least I can do…….

  17. Mike in Toronto on




    YOu are probably right about Miku being on his way home if everyone was fit… and I rate Stokes… scores goals in the SPL for fun… and has a bit of an attitude which I like… and the Killie game … when we were three down… he save that game, and I think he was the one that save NFL’s job at the time….



    But Miku has skill that no other forward has… as has been said by others, maybe we need a ‘forward’s coach’ who could integrate the forwards a bit better… when everyone is healthy (the talent is definitely there!).

  18. No ernie it doesn’t but you can’t just throw a pile of kids out in the SPL & expect a result. Our under 20’s beat Falkirk 1 nil at week-end and that is where we are at. The most of the development squad you could put on at any one time is 1 or 2. They would need experienced players around them to settle them in. I think all the drama is being overdone, o.k. we do need more consistancy but I have no doubt once the Spartak game is out of the way, we will kick on and put a run together. We WILL win the SPL we have a good chance of reaching last 16 in Europe and in winning the 2 domestic Cups. That is where we are at now and I believe we are in a good place and its going to be one hell of a great season.

  19. Italian media’s version of what Trapattoni said re James McLean —



    ” He’s an adult -it’s his life -his choice “

  20. *THE KING VIC 67* on

    Was watching a re run of the 1st leg in Barcelona on celtic tv there,



    As Jordi Alba scored in the dying seconds, the camera filmed the Barcelona crowd,



    Truly remarkable to see so many BARCELONA fans wearing celtic merchandise!



    How many clubs around the globe can boast wherever you go, you will always see a Celtic shirt?

  21. Mike in Toronto


    Celtic SHOULD beat all the other teams in the SPL


    Barcelona SHOULD beat us in europe


    We should finish 4th in the Champions league… But that’s football..


    I’m not saying I’m happy at dropping points in the SPL but it sure makes it


    an interesting league.. Which I’m sure we will win..

  22. The Reason… We are Doomed tae Hiv a Poor Game efter a Euro Tie..



    is No.. A Psychological Thingmy…






    It is … Natural Law..






    Disnae Newton’s Natural Law o’ Motion.. declare..






    “Fur every single Action there is an Equal and…. OPPOSITE.. REACTION”?






    So hivin a Poor Game efter.. an Exhausting and Demanding, Euro Confronto…is


    perfectly… Natural.



    Ah rest ma case..






    Like Ah said… there is Nae Cure tae the “Dreaded Syndrome”, under discussion..






    Ye Canny Fight Mother Nature!





    Still.. Laughin’





    Never mind we’ll just pay our taxes.



    Thanks to THE EXILED TIM for posting that video.



    I’ll never donate to the poppy appeal again after that,and I’ve had long and serious arguments in the past as to why I think it is right to do so.



    That,frankly,was disgraceful.

  24. Souness reckons Joe Jordan should be the next Scotland manager as he has the ‘passion’ for the job



    Going by his method, every single one of us on here could be the next Celtic boss



    Souness sounds like an SFA president in waiting (well, he has had a few of those pesky EBT’s)

  25. BMCUW-Loovens was a first team player on big wages,not missed imo,his number was up when Hulk Misser ran thru him at Poundland.Strangely his best form came when his contract was running out.Never good enough imo.HH

  26. ROW Z - Let Celtic Flourish by the Cleansing of the 'den! on

    Interesting stats for Celtic



    Home and away we have won 3 drawn 2 and lost 1



    At home we have scored 7 goals with a + 2 difference



    Away we have scored 15 goals with a + 8 difference



    There is a wider issue here about scoring at home.



    Teams come and defend. 50% of them are getting something from this approach which is a good average.



    Only 1 team (Dundee) has scored less goals at home.



    Only 1 team has conceded fewer goals at home (Aberdeen).



    We need to find a formation and approach that leads to more goals at home.



    That is the underlying issue.




  27. Mike in Toronto on




    I dont disagree… I think this season will be one of the most enjoyable in years…. beyond the zombies being gone, there is greater parity than I have seen in a while…



    And I dont mind us dropping points…IF we play well and get beat… hey, I wont be thrilled, but I can live with that… its too frequently not performing up to the standards that we should that I find troubling…

  28. *THE KING VIC 67* on

    Last nights posts were pretty doom and gloom in general!



    I don’t think I read a single post acknowledging St Johnstone….



    Okay, so we “should” be beating the likes of St Johnstone!



    As much as I didn’t


    Want to drop points, sometimes it is a nice reminder that it is a game of football ( think what I’m trying to say is- it nakes you appreciate winning that little bit more)




  29. Seeing as its quiet…



    Was listening to SSB Radio Clyde the other night there, Thu or Fri, and a the rangers fan comes on to talk about the Celtic Barcelona game, basically saying that the Celtic will never score an easier 3 goals (incl the 1 in Barca) this season, poor defending by Barca and our defence could have held on indefinitely because Barca never varied their attacking methods from start to finish, therefore in his opinion easy to deal with,



    What he was saying basically was that Barcelona were rubbish and any half decent team could have beat them, nothing unsurprising there him being a green eyed hun, but the SSB panel, think it was Guidi, Dalziel, amd JD, all agreed with him! Shows you what we are up against in our own backyard.

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