Celtic hire The System


It was (honestly) a complete coincidence that at the start of last week I wrote that football clubs need “people who can say to the manager, “A club in Romania is doing something really clever, we should try it”, without being frog-marched off the premises”, a few days before Celtic employed a GAA coach as a performance consultant.

Organisations who succeed actively look for development ideas from unusual sources.  If you are fishing in the same pond as everyone else, you’ll not find a strategy that will allow you to over-perform.  Jim McGuinness, coach at Donegal GAA, will work with Neil Lennon’s technical team two days per week.

McGuinness had transformed Gaelic football, since taking control of unfancied Donegal they have been described as “virtually unbeatable”, provoking astonishment and some hostility from those close to the game as a result of his tactical revolution, known as ‘The System’. For his sport, he has found the ‘Moneyball code’ and the metaphorical answer to ‘Why England lose’, which we have discussed here for a number of years.

In short, Jim McGuinness sees things that others don’t and Celtic know the value of new ideas. I’m pleased at both.

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  1. bobby swindon cant be all that bad seems to be a haven for ex-celts even their “charismatic” “right wing” manager tho he seems to have had a difference of opinion with fans favourite Paul Caddis

  2. the onlooker



    16:04 on


    12 November, 2012


    An Appeal to one of our technical Tims …


    Can someone post the following from BBC iPlayer before it drops off the available listings approx 10 minutes from Saturday evenings 606 Radio 5 phone in show





    Hosts Mark Chapman and Robbie Savage





    Heard that. Frank gave him a right roasting. Haha

  3. Obviously Brooney DID have a bug, Wanyama possibly had a convenient bug but then again maybe not. If there is a bit of a bug going around the camp, it might explain the lethargic performance.

  4. Kojo


    16:15 on


    12 November, 2012



    Kojo,understand your reasoning but I would suggest Mother Nature reckons 72 hours recovery is plenty.



    Good job they are not Miners.

  5. Paul,


    Very interesting development.



    A friend of mine runs a restaurant in Edinburgh. The All Blacks took over the whole restaurant last week for a team meal. They insisted on ‘sharing plates’ rather than individual meals. Apparently it’s one of many small details they employ to foster teamwork.



    As it’s my birthday, could this post avoid appearing at the foot of the page as all my posts seem to do?

  6. Happy Birthday Rubicon, I’m pretty slow on the keyboard most times by the time I post, Paul has written a new article and I’m Home Alone.

  7. Mostly when talking about teams trying to recover in 72 hours from a big game, like us against Barca, its not the physical side of things is the problem its more a mental thing.

  8. tamrabam.



    Had to smile at your reference to Aldershot. They went burst back in the 90’s.



    Maybe trying to patronise the Armed Forces has a habit of doing that to a team !!




  9. Valentine's Day on

    Just watched the film of troop’s at ibrox


    on Saturday scary stuff.



    We must stay vigilant and keep


    our children safe.

  10. thetimrieper


    Many thanks, everyone should listen , best 10 minutes you will spend today.


    One of those perfect instances where the ‘next’ caller gets the right to immediate reply and shows the Kilmarnock fan ( ha) for what he is .





    Frank you are a legend



    The Onlooker

  11. corkcelt


    16:28 on


    12 November, 2012



    Mostly when talking about teams trying to recover in 72 hours from a big game, like us against Barca, its not the physical side of things is the problem its more a mental thing.





    I see,like knowing when to go to bed!

  12. Mike in Toronto



    16:10 on 12 November, 2012






    YOu are probably right about Miku being on his way home if everyone was fit… and I rate Stokes… scores goals in the SPL for fun… and has a bit of an attitude which I like… and the Killie game … when we were three down… he save that game, and I think he was the one that save NFL’s job at the time….



    But Miku has skill that no other forward has… as has been said by others, maybe we need a ‘forward’s coach’ who could integrate the forwards a bit better… when everyone is healthy (the talent is definitely there!).






    Mr H.E. Larsson has just left his job at Landskrona BoIS.


    Do you think he could impart his knowledge/skills to our strikers?


    Could we afford him??


    Would he come back as a coach???



    If Carlsberg did coaching appointments!!!





    /Bishop B

  13. Corkcelt. Thank you. Post nestled at the bottom of the page as usual, you’ll notice.



    Goldstar10. You’re a Gent.

  14. corkcelt



    16:11 on 12 November, 2012



    So that’s another 9 (I think) fit outfield players to add to the mix.



    From that we should be able to put together a team that mixes youth and experience and allows us to rest most, if not all, of the players involved in a European tie.

  15. i posted a few months ago that bringing back Chris Sutton ,to coach the strikers a couple of days a week might be worth a look at.

  16. Jungle Jim




    16:36 on




    I’m down here for the winter. Unfortuneatly winter came to visit us two weeks ago, but I think it has left now.

  17. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on



    I bow to your superior knowledge of rubbish English teams M8


    I used them as an example to show that even teams in Soldier towns don’t even have the types of ceremonies that the tax dodgers use


    They are appealing to the lowest common denominator and the MSM (same thing really)

  18. My dear,dear,dear,friend… Ex-Cathedra.



    If Ye understaun Ma Reasoning..



    Ah am ….Mair Surprised than , Delighted!



    Ma convoluted Logic…is .. well… no easy tae accept.. by the majority..







    Ah always Manage tae Drive Home Ma Point of Contention.. wan wey or anither..







    The simple explanation ..as tae why we..



    Canny seem tae perform tae oor Normal Abilitiy.. Efter, oor Players hiv gone through an


    Energy Drainin’ , Ninety Plus Minutes o’ intense High Anxiety,which has left them..



    Thoroughly….Exhausted …baith.. Physically and Mentally..



    Is perfectly understandable..



    it is because..



    Oor Players HIV..jist gone through..



    Ninety Minutes Plus Minutes o’ Boxing Well Above thur Weight.



    and the Upshot of that ..is…



    It has left us.. fur oor Next Game..



    TOO POOPED… Tae.. POP!





    Yer pal..who likes ye aloater



    Still, Laughin’

  19. I really don’t understand why Miku was hooked and not Sammi. Sammi had his worst game for a while and kept changing positions from up front to left to right to partner Watt…



    Hardly anything Miku tried came off but at least he tracked back when we lost the ball.

  20. Ye canny mak a Damp Match..









    Ye canny Mak a Guy Like Sammi..or ..Miku..intae a Striker.



    Baith o these Guys, hiv different qualities tae offer..



    Which ur good..in thur ain wey..



    but.. unfortunately..



    Neethur WAN.. KIN solve our Lack of Strikers problem



    At this time we hiv goat..



    Hoops.. Stokesy.. and









    Tony,of course, is a Real Find..



    and… He AND Hoops , should be our Number wan Striking Duo.



    Send Miku back.. fur he disnae meet oor Requirements..




  21. Sevcovians, orange poppies, armed forces @ iPox : the dead dancing with killers in a morgue as they celebrate murder in a shameless ghost-dance of death; a propagandistic, flag waving, tub thumping brown brogued denigration of loss wrapped in orange taffeta pandering to the low cunning and violent tendencies of scum; a gang of fraudsters, bigots and rip-off merchants who shouldn’t even be in existence celebrating and glorifying war with cannon fodder of The Black and Tan variety. An agglomeration of moronic folly.


    How much the loathed lap up being lauded by the despised. Only in Scotland.


    Independence will equal a Free Orange State. Welcome to the new South Africa.

  22. Guys,at the game yesterday about 10/15 mins into 2nd half in the upper JS stand stewards started to remove people from the ground for what I do not know, there was one guy sitting behind me to my left, he must have been aged around late forties sitting himself and not causing any bother and then another few guys were rejected why,?? there was no crowd trouble at all in the area ,did this happen in any other part of the ground.



  23. good afternoon cqn


    That Rule brittania charade from Ipox was sickening,Orange poppys,give us a break,it seems it did not happen at any other ground in U K,no sympathy for them the quicker they close Ipox the better,and get the buldozers in as quick as possible.


    God on young James Mclean at Sunderland,i believe a Derry boy decided to play for Ireland,wonder why.


    H H

  24. Bada Bing 16:45



    A few years ago I heard Pat Nevin recount the advice he received (when he was playing with Tranmere at the end of his career) from his then manager John Aldridge


    Nevin asked Aldo how he “always managed to find space, in the penalty box ”



    John Aldridge replied that …


    “I go where the defenders aren’t”



    At that time, Nevin had already played (very well) for Chelsea and Everton ….


    … it sounds straight forward and obvious but he admitted he had never thought of that; and had never been told it by any previous coach.



    The simplicity of that statement shows that even a few weeks guest visit from someone like Chris Sutton could change a strikers approach and turn him into a goal scoring machine.


    Of course we could just ask Tony Watt



    The Onlooker

  25. Tam,



    Agree with upi 100% and if you get a minute look at the history of Aldershot / Aldershot Town. I’m sure you’ll see a LOT of similarities with some other clubs.









    Anyway on the Miku debate – personally, my jury’s still oot. Some players take longer than others to settle into the SPL hurly burly. However, how long is reasonable for a striker to settle in?



    And starting a new debate – Probably South of Tunis/Tallybhoy will drum me oot the Brownies on this one, but Grappa! Anybody else discovered the “delights” of a Grappa called, simply 903?

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