Celtic hire The System


It was (honestly) a complete coincidence that at the start of last week I wrote that football clubs need “people who can say to the manager, “A club in Romania is doing something really clever, we should try it”, without being frog-marched off the premises”, a few days before Celtic employed a GAA coach as a performance consultant.

Organisations who succeed actively look for development ideas from unusual sources.  If you are fishing in the same pond as everyone else, you’ll not find a strategy that will allow you to over-perform.  Jim McGuinness, coach at Donegal GAA, will work with Neil Lennon’s technical team two days per week.

McGuinness had transformed Gaelic football, since taking control of unfancied Donegal they have been described as “virtually unbeatable”, provoking astonishment and some hostility from those close to the game as a result of his tactical revolution, known as ‘The System’. For his sport, he has found the ‘Moneyball code’ and the metaphorical answer to ‘Why England lose’, which we have discussed here for a number of years.

In short, Jim McGuinness sees things that others don’t and Celtic know the value of new ideas. I’m pleased at both.

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  1. Ten Men Won The League



    17:15 on 12 November, 2012






    ‘If approved, according to Grant Russell of STV it would be implemented for season 2014/15



    Thereby allowing SevCo to ‘skip’ a season in the lower leagues’





    For that to work there would have to be more winners than losers, otherwise the clubs won’t vote for it.

  2. Auldheid


    Thanks. I used to go to San Pedro frequently during the winter months when I lived in Eastbourne. Now that I have moved to Arbroath, it is more complicated so I don`t go so often (though I was there a fortnight ago). Enjoy yourself.




  3. Assuming that sevco stiill exist. To me it`s all propaganda for the


    share issue, which was supposed to be out end of last week,


    beginning of this.

  4. ernie lynch



    For the integrity (don’t laugh) of the Scottish game, SevCo have to spend 3 seasons in the lower leagues



    Anything less, and its quite simply a fast track to get them back in the SPL



    If approved, the game of football in Scotland is dead in my eyes

  5. League reconstruction?



    Yes I’m all for it.



    Get Celtic out of the SPL and into some other league!




  6. If Celtic ever get to join a bigger league, you can bet your bottom dollar that The Rangers will end up there too. The only benefits therefore will be more money and an escape from the demons at the SFA.

  7. bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    16:15 on


    12 November, 2012



    It was, is disgraceful, they are exploiting the Poppy appeal there though.


    Is the Poppy appeal actually involved, I know there are members of the armed forces there, but the I’d the a poppy appeal charity officially involved?


    It is the superficial, jingoistic rubbish that the Huns find attractive, not deep meaningful commitment, such as paying your taxes. By that I mean, if the Huns support were really interested in the welfare of the service personnel you’d think they would be protesting to their club for not handing the money raised last year, not paying social taxes last year or evading their social tax responsibilities for a decade or more.

  8. Chunkles and his ‘roadshows’ : images of a top-hatted sleekit chancer with a wagon lolloping around the country suckering the gullible into buying his suspect snake-oil.


    The huns have found themselves yet another lowlife odious cretin to front up their up their bile driven bigot machine.


    Stupid then, stupid now, stupid forever.

  9. miki67



    When he buggers off with their money unfortunately we will


    be the ones left to deal with” their bile driven bigot machine:

  10. Tally



    What’s the plan,



    a) Do we have the men on ‘board’ with the necessary reverie to elevate Celtic?


    b) We banking on the Bogie Man never returning?


    c) We take our chances on the rebirth of the ‘Old Firm’ when they phoenix?



    Hunniesrotinhell CSC

  11. a bhoy on Celtic Minded has asked for info on FOI Act,on how much the “display “at Poundland cost and who paid for it.

  12. bsr



    Don’t know what the plan is – we would need to ask PL, DD and others ‘in the know’.



    Perhaps someone will bring it up at the AGM.




  13. What benefit would a young Celtic team get playing in the lower leagues of Scotland? We get far more from playing in the NextGen series, development team friendlies v teams from down south and loaning our players out. Would playing v Arbroath be more beneficial than Sporting Lisbon U20s or Newcastle United Reserves for example?

  14. Walturd Cardihun states, “I won’t interfere with the team when I return.”…….


    I’d think they’ll all be relieved to hear that.


    : > )))))

  15. Busy day so first time on since lunch.



    Can one of you kind souls please direct me to the clip from Ibrox on Saturday please.



    Thanks in advance.

  16. miki67



    17:42 on 12 November, 2012



    If they rush this through for next season, surely, The Rangers will be in the 18 strong Div.2.


    If they were to win the third Div this season, that would place them at best 34th in the league overall, surely too far to shoehorn them into the Second Div?

  17. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Who would give permission to change the colour of their poppy to orange ?


    Could it be that no one has given permission ?


    Could it be that the orange poppy fund raising is actually separate from the official poppy appeal with only a % of the funds raised being donated to the official appeal ?


    Could the orange poppy appeal held at ayebrokes be ptimarliy raising funds for running costs ?

  18. How long ’til Chunkles flogs the rankers silverware and replaces it with reasonable facsimiles thereof?


    It’s in his nature.


    I cannae wait for the first full-on bust-up between Chunkles & Walturd…..it’ll be like that naked wrestling match in ‘Borat’.


    Hun v Hun.


    Then Chunkles’ll flog it on dvd when he’s far enough away.

  19. It was the Peterhead supporters I felt sorry for.


    It must have been a scary experience for them. A cross between “last night at the proms” and “Deliverance”

  20. googybhoy



    I though about buying the oldco news as it would have been less of a red neck..



    well maybe not….

  21. Rioskorrie



    The ‘delights’ of grappa?!



    Think you’ve been in Italy too long and need to get back home asap!



    Hope you were able to watch ‘THE game’ on Wednesday.




  22. Bring back Larsson, bring back Sutton…..or maybe let Lenny and his coaches continue doing what theyre doing.



    Miku was unlucky to be hooked imo, Commons shouldve made way as he offered nothing from start to finish and as someone posted yesterday, the fastest he moved was when he thought he was being subbed.



    Miku only needs to look at Sami, Brown and Wilson who were given “the treatment” in the early stages of their Celtic careers.