Celtic hit £101m turnover


Celtic reported turnover of £101.6m for the year to 30 June 2018, the first time the club broke through the £100m barrier.  Just as income rose from £90.6m the previous year, costs rose to £87.1m (2017; £76.3m).

The club was profitable to the tune of £17.3m, buoyed by gain on the sale of player registrations of £16.5m.  Without Champions League football, this season’s results will be significantly different, but net cash (after debt and similar were deducted) was £27.0m, so we can continue to operate without the need to cut costs.

The most striking aspect of these figures is that, with the current wage structure, we are roughly breakeven with Champions League income (before player trading).

We are in the middle of first team contract renewals, which will push wages higher still.  We are increasing our cost structure despite the lack of Champions League football, but this is necessary.  There are risks (transfer market crash), but these are no more relevant to Celtic than anyone else.

We are never going to guarantee Champions League money every season (no matter how easy your pal tells you it is), so buying wisely and selling before players exhaust their contracts or lose form is critical to the operation.  Therein lies the challenge – which is also easy, just ask the same pal.

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  1. Weebobbycollins on 19th September 2018 10:07 pm



    After 6 Guinness of a Sunday lunchtime livener , she dis that eye fluttering in Sharkeys as well!??



    Hail Hail




  2. So, financial rude health……………..?



    I’ll check back to see the worst possible interpretations and the most far-fetched projections later.


    Some of which no-doubt posted by genuine Tims.



    As for the ithers…..




  3. Man City Champions league,can’t fill.there stadium,they don’t deserve The Arabs putting a lot of money into that Club, Celtic would have been good for them,

  4. Disappointed that Lyon forward Memphis was given the No 11 shirt.



    If he had worn the 10, I could (and would) have said….”Memphis, Ten Ah See!”



    Anyway he wisnae so Ah cannae….Wine’s good anyway.



    Hail Hail




  5. When we got knocked out by AEK I was disappointed mostly because i felt we had better players but we were outcoached.


    I said on here they were an ordinary team who would be cannon fodder in the group stages.


    Tonight Ajax beat them 3-0.


    All 3 goals came from passes we seem incapable of making with our set up and system.


    The first two goals came from diagonal passes into the box and forwards running across defenders to shoot home.The third was a long babel over the full back that the winger ran onto and volleyed home.


    I hope our coaches get to see them and notice how much more potent and effective these kind of passes are over our ticky tacky square ball backpass system.

  6. £36m in the bank is pointless if the team on the pitch is weaker. That is where we are at present and as a result will see a 25-30% drop in turnover this year.

  7. MIT


    Enjoy The The gig. Their first 3 albums in the 80s were never off my deck. Matt Johnson is a genius. Him and Johnny Marr were a match made in heaven too. Dynamite.



    …Whose contribution is more accurate, Paul`s or Neganon`s ?



    Paul’s IS a contribution; the other is a personal attack.


    Paul’s is an attempt to inform; the other is puerile dross from a pariah.


    Paul’s articles are the reason we come here, the other causes people to leave.










  9. £101M. Enough for 2 decent players for a club with champions league ambitions. Nothing to see here folks. You can go about your business. Move along.

  10. So back to football operations costs


    £59m this posted financial year, which includes a £3m write off exceptional cost


    So without this cost, would have been £56m, compared to previous season of £55m so not a major change in our football budget


    Wonder if that Chelsea player ( Musonda) was part of the £3m write off ??

  11. DD



    Thanks. I’ll let you know how it is. The guy that is playing guitar on the tour if a friend of, and was recommended by, Johnny Marr…. so must be pretty good if JM is recommending him.



    And Johnny Marr … still my favourite guitarist ever. As you say, the stuff he did with The The is sublime… and I loved his work with Everything But the Girl.

  12. G67


    I cannot understand why we are being run by our PLC, the way we are. Mind you, I cannot understand accounts either. ?

  13. NorrieM



    There is a separate line for cancelled contracts so it looks more like someone still on the payroll?




  14. MIT


    Johnny Marr on Geetarr is my favourite ever guitarist ever. Jean Jacques Brunel my favourite ever bassist. Animal my favourite ever drummer ?

  15. now that the accounts are out …. did we ever find out how much we pay to heat PL’s driveway? is that some or all of the 18 million in non-football expenses that Norrie was asking about?



    87 mil costs – fuggin hell






    Creative accounting.

  17. James


    Magical. Tinseltown in the Rain reminds me of Henri Afrikas and my many dates with gorgeous East End girls. They liked West End Bhoys. ?

  18. J McCormick


    Keep da chin up sir.


    Looking forward to meeting you on Friday. The Guinness too. ?

  19. BP … I’ve been waiting (patiently, I might add) for you to post a picture.



    Better get on that!




  20. Are we really ‘what we eat”?



    I alternatively worry/ revel in the concept of being “What we breathe”.



    After all if the studied calculations are correct and given ten years or so molecules and atoms from any single exhalation diffuse equally around the atmosphere. That means that given the number of molecules in a final gasp…..5.174 * 10^23 then not only do we breathe circa 8 molecules from Hitlers dying breath, but also from everyone elses.



    This means that every time you inhale you get a wee burst from King Billy, Jack the Ripper and Marilyn Monroe.



    Similarly, over the road in Kinning Park they are surviving on Michael Collins, Bobby Sands, Jimmy Johnstone and Mother Teresa.



    There must be a business opportunity somewhere to come up with a mask/filter that guarantees the exclusion of Masonic Molecules or Papist Particles.



    And why stop there, ….the market would be world-wide…. Avoid…Sunni Substances…. ISIS Isotopes….Capitalist Chemicals.



    This time next year I’ll be a billionaire. I’ll set up an fund me page later and for a small investment you too can be a billionaire. (In the long term we could ensure that no Porcine is breathed by Jewish folk, or Bovine by Hindus….Veggies could avoid sharing air with omnivores and …..ach the possibilities are astronomical…….”Sliced Bread” eat yer heart out)



    This wine’s good.



    Hail Hail




  21. The Brits. Are Beyond. Taking. The Piss.


    “[May] plans to ask EU leaders over dinner in Salzburg on Wednesday night to imagine how they would feel if their country was effectively “carved up”.”



    smiley the cream of the Wastemonsters thing



    Saor Alba




  22. MIT


    Some of that 18 million is probably for the reseeding of the middle third of the pitch after every home game.


    It’s taking damage from heavy foot traffic due to us spending about 99% of the game in this zone.




    Have to concur. Celtic Sentinel seems to be a hotbed of those who are of his thinking. Why don’t all those of a similar mindset not just join that blog?



    CQN seems to be despised by many on here these days and some seem to come on merely to attack Paul67. Sad. They waste their own and everyone else’s time.




  24. James


    God rest the soul of Billy McKenzie. Met him when he was in a dark place. Breaks my heart thinking I could have helped him more.


    He was playing scheme boozers in Glasgow for his drink and drugs money. So sad to witness. May he RIP

  25. It seems there is a concerted effort to minimize and criticize the milestone revenue achievement under the present regime.


    £100+ MILLION


    I expect it from the MSM. For instance the BBC report buries that number well down their article which is focused on the pre tax profit figure of £17 million.


    However, I find little joy on here either.


    More carping about what is wrong instead of what we got right.


    Even a scenario of revenues dropping next year when the manager leaves. A manager who is still under a lucrative contract.


    For the love of God, take some pride in our achievement and have a positive outlook for the future.

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