Celtic in control as Jelavic looks to England and 25 pt penalty


The litany of recent disasters to lower league opposition in the Scottish Cup, that is always read out when Celtic face a smaller club, on this occasion only served to underline what a solid performance the team gave against Peterhead.  After a brief alarm 42 seconds into the game Celtic were in complete control and apart from Joe ‘Could’ve been a Contender’ Ledley, looked like they enjoyed their trip to the North East.

Neither Paddy McCourt, Emilio Izaguirre nor Kelvin Wilson were particularly exuberant during the exercise, but they will have benefited from the 90 minutes, just as James Forrest and Gary Hooper will benefit from the rest.

For Celtic, focus is now on Dundee United on Saturday.  Meanwhile, Rangers’ Nikica Jelavic has been giving a similar message to the Croatian media, while speaking about his dream of a move to England and how Rangers may prefer a 25 point penalty and a suspension from Europe to paying a hefty tax bill:

“A transfer to England attracts me very much. I have dreamed about this for years. My aim is to move to a bigger club who play regularly in Europe, I want to shape up.

“The truth is that Rangers struggle with very deep financial problems. They owe 50 million euro in taxes, although there are a few different scenarios as to how this could be resolved.

“If they could get some money from my transfer they could pay-off part of the debts they accumulated through the years. There is also talk of bankruptcy.

“If I move it will be decision of the owners of the club.

“One potential outcome might be a 25 point penalty and one year suspension from Europe, which could be a better outcome than paying 50 million euro in tax.

“The team is focused on training and playing.  We would like to stay together and fight for the title.”

I have to agree, a 25 point penalty, with single season consequences, sounds like a very attractive outcome for Rangers, who are away to St Johnstone at lunchtime on Saturday.

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  1. I see both Celtic and Rangers have today announced a deal with Premier TV for a 3 hour match replay show on a Monday evening.




  2. Half Time Tombola on

    Funny how the 25pt penalty part of the Jellyfish quote isn’t being published in the MSM.



    One might even say Hmmmmm…



    Or does Awe Naw have a hand in this?




  3. Paul67



    This is obviously what the rangers players are discussing in the dressing room.



    Who came up with that unique wee punishment I wonder?



    If that comes to pass, I will bhoycott EVERY away game and cup game at Hampden until the day I die.




  4. How can they be given such a choice? If they cease to exist to avoid the payment, they would have to start from scratch with no stadium.



    Or am I missing something?

  5. ASonOfDan, protest thought they already have in the newspapers, a 25 point, single season, SPL entry price would be a huge win for Newco.

  6. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    Are we to take it that officials at rangers have been briefing rangers players or their agents about the expected outcome of liquidation?


    Anyway, The UEFA FFP rules use the previous three years as an assessment period for clubs finances. Will this not have multi-year consequences for rangers?

  7. Commons returned to full training on Saturday and only medical advice stopped Lennon taking him to Peterhead for their William Hill Scottish Cup tie.



    Lennon said: ‘He is going to train this week so he should be in contention for Dundee United. It will be a huge bonus to have Kris back. He looked very sharp in training.’




    If we get a second half to the season like the last one from Commons we will be untouchable.

  8. Ten Men Won The League on




    That is IF they get the 11-1 vote to keep them in the SPL



    Wishful thinking on Newco’s part methinks

  9. ernie lynch – Has anyone heard how Craig Whyte’s defamation action against the BBC is getting on?



    Craig Whyte still owns a £5m castle.



    Don’t mess with him or he’ll definitely think about suing you! (thumbsup)

  10. Paul67 says:


    9 January, 2012 at 12:32




    Is anyone at Celtic or the SPL prepared to go on the record about the procedure the SPL has to follow to deal with an application to transfer the huns league membership to a newco huns if they go into liquidatioin?

  11. The Honest Mistake loves being first



    I thought Newco would miss 3 years of UEFA competition’s, but I suppose if your Association put in a grovelling letter on your behalf that might change…

  12. Paul67,



    While I am mesmirised by the various possible scenarios which could befall McCoist’s team, this 25 point deduction is a new one to me. It sounds as if they would still be able to ply their trade in the SPL, if this was to happen. Is there any basis for it or is this more wishful thinking on their part?

  13. Half Time Tombola on

    The quote suggests that this is what the Rangers players are being told about the potential solutions to their tax problems.



    The question is: is this the preferred outcome for the Rangers board also? Do they not know that a newco club are prevented from competing in Europe for 3 years?



    The plot thickens!




  14. Jelavic will fit right in the EPL. Being at poundland is perfect preparation for the debt-ridden, morally bereft fantasy land that is the self and Sky proclaimed “best league in the world”.

  15. General Suspension of Trading.



    The following company has been suspended from trading on PLUS with effect 12.00pm on 09/01/2012, for breach of Rule 51 of the PLUS Rules for Issuers.



    The Rangers Football Club Plc.



    Rule 51 means ‘Unaudited Accounts’



    What does this mean wrt the Huns gaining a UEFA licence? Surely they cannot be given one as the auditors forsee a possible ‘insolvency event’ occuring in the next financial year.

  16. ‘when asked about an immediate bid for Spaniard Sandaza, McCoist said: “I’ll need to have a wee chat with people and regroup.



    “I’ll have a chat with Craig and see where we’re at with that one. “He (Sandaza) is one of a number of forward players that I’m really really interested in.”




    I cannot believe the Laptop Loyal print this p1sh!



    You are No-Where, as you have Feck All money! There, I saved you a meeting FPLG.

  17. celticinthesun on

    I hope Commons is rested for a few weeks yet. Introducing Commons will upset the balance of this team.



    Who does he replace?



    Will it go back to two central midfielders (Wanyama and Brown) and two wingers (Forrest and Commons) and loose our control in midfield. Or maybe not.

  18. ASonOfDan says:


    9 January, 2012 at 12:44



    “I’ll have a chat with Craig and see where we’re at with that one. “He (Sandaza) is one of a number of forward players that I’m really really interested in, the others are Messi, Suarez, Aguero and Silva, but its fair to say Sannie is my number one target”

  19. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    ASonOfDan 9 January, 2012 at 12:38:


    SFA and SPL will bend the rules, there is no way UEFA will do the same Look at Sion for example.

  20. bournesouprecipe says:


    9 January, 2012 at 12:48



    That’s funny ………………for you.

  21. dirtymac says:


    9 January, 2012 at 12:47



    Must be true its NOT on the record stv bbc or sun websites

  22. Neil Lennon when asked about an immediate bid for Wayne Rooney stated “I’ll need to have a wee chat with people and regroup.



    “I’ll have a chat with Peter and see where we’re at with that one. “He (Rooney) is one of a number of forward players that I’m really really interested in.”





  23. James Forrest is Lennon on

    Wishful thinking on the part of Jellyfish and Rangers if they believe that sentance will be applied. Not a chance.



    UEFA have their own rules, and the three year ban is not a penalty, but an iron-clad regulation. A football club must have been a member of its association for 3 years before it can play European football. This is not negotiable.



    As to their ban from the PLUS exchange … unaudited accounts is just the tip of the iceberg. More trouble is certainly coming as a result of the failure to hold an AGM on time. Where does it end for this club?



    Why do Rangers fans, any of them, still believe this guy will save them?



    He has walked them right to the edge of the abyss. He has peered over the edge and told them he sees no bottom … openly, plainly, admitting the club in its present form might not survive. Do they really believe he has a plan beyond looting every possible asset and vanishing like a fart in the wind?



    Can anyone, on this board or elsewhere, forsee any circumstance under which this man is still at Rangers in 12 months time?

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