Celtic in Group of Champions


Celtic join Barcelona, Milan and Ajax in the Champions League’s only group of former champions.

We beat Barcelona and Milan the last time we played each of them, and eliminated Ajax from the same competition last time we met 12 years ago. This is an incredibly difficult group, but it is the job we wanted this time yesterday.

Now we must get ready for the task ahead.  Prepare properly and fear no one.

There will be a ticket scramble, among those who didn’t renew their season tickets………..

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  1. I fly to Ibiza early Saturday morning for a week, really hope the 3 game ST package is on sale before I go!



    Some group but 3 cracking home games coming up.

  2. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Ole gas boiler just serviced in record time


    Guy must have been in a hurry or disnae bother with football…


    Ha ha

  3. Got to hope the other teams take points of each other so we have a chance of topping the group



    Well we have to aim higher than last year ;-)



    Hail Hail

  4. which pundit will be stupid enough this time to say Celtic wont get any points.



    who said it last year ?

  5. Some great home games, loads of interest in our club across the globe, would have liked a wee trip somewhere different….but I’ll enjoy masel no matter where we go….


    3rd place is possible but difficult…




  6. Reasonable draw and no remote destinations … just so proud & thankful to be in that draw HH

  7. Barca? Who knows how we’ll do? Will take same as last year!!!!! (3 points for the home win at CP).



    Milan? Should be able to beat them at CP – will take a draw/defeat away (3/4 points).



    Ajax? Give ’em the Spartak Moscow treatment – beat ’em home and win/draw away! Enter Derk! (4/6 points).



    Minimum of 10 points should see us through then….

  8. I’m bored of playing Barca!



    Nice for the two Dutch boys to go back to Holland, especially Dirk obviously. May provided them the incentive to turn in their best performance for the club like it did for Bobby Petta against Ajax!

  9. Six massive games against top drawer opposition just what our manager and players need for their European development, the squad will grow in strength and experience playing against some of the best players in Europe…



    Top Table dining, now the planning and the money earning…

  10. The Moon Bhoys on

    Last year I saw our group as a straight fight between us and Spartak for the Europa Cup place, well that didn’t work out, but this year it looks very much like a straight fight between us and Ajax for the Europa Cup place, any other outcome would be a real shockerooni…

  11. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    thomthethim for oscar ok



    17:52 on 29 August, 2013





    17:38 on 29 August, 2013


    Celtic, Barca, Milan and Ajax. All previous winners.





    Correct. The Aristocrats’ Group.

  12. Oscar Knox is my Hero - RWE on

    Old Frank Ribery looks like he was celebrating a bit too much.



    Was he in the local CSC last night?

  13. stephenpollock on

    Excellent draw as all the champions will take points off each other- 7 points will see Europe after Xmas,

  14. tully57 - praying for Wee Oscar on

    I love ye, my Celtic



    Met Ajax fans on holiday…..at the time we signed Boerrigter (they gave him good reports) and we talked about another Celtic/Ajax meeting……these boys are much younger than me so I had to remind them that we were leading 2-1 in competitive encounters….



    Anyway – we all agreed it would be fantastic to meet up at both games and now we’ve got it…….



    Played 1 of them in the hotel table tennis final and duly gubbed him…..so the omens are good…..



    We normally beat Milan & Barca so I’m less worried about them.






    How good is it to be a Celt these days?




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