Celtic interims: great start to the weekend


The impact of Champions League group participation on Celtic’s interim accounts for the six month to 31 December 2022 was significant.  Revenue increased by 44.8% to £76m.  That’s more than the entire year’s revenue for the seasons to June 2020 and June 2021.

This was achieved despite the World Cup break, which reduced the number of home games to 14 (2021: 19).  Celtic account for season ticket revenue as games are played, so more revenue will be recognised in the second part of the financial year.  Despite the remarkable increase in income, operating expenses moved little, to £48.3m (2021: £45.8m)

This means that the club are certain to break the revenue record set in season 2017-18, which reached £101m.  One big change from the previous interims is profit from player trading, down to £1.8m from a Edouard-spacular £25.8m a year earlier.  As long as Celtic trade very profitably or reach the Champions League group stage, they will be comfortably in the black.  Achieving both would be transformational for our football budget metrics.

Merchandising – yet again – edged up to £17.4m (2021: £15.3m).  Multimedia and other commercial income rose to £30.8m from £13.9m, reflecting not only Champions League football but the commercially successful Sydney tournament.  More of this kind of thing, please.

You and I have been here before.  Looking back on successful interims only feels right if we are confident of winning the league.  We are currently in that position, with the added benefit of playing for automatic Champions League qualification next term.

Well done to each of the departments behind these figures, and to the Celtic supporters who stand by their club with enormous conviction.

Great start to the weekend!

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  1. scullybhoy on 10th February 2023 6:23 pm



    An Dún on 10th February 2023 5:46 pm







    Or interim accounts…wow. just wow.














    Totally agree.







    Good times, good times.

  2. A rewind…..



    petec on 10th February 2023 6:23 pm



    oh and ernie lynch banned from CQN. I didnae see what happened but ernie was always analysing things well IMO.



    I hope we see him back.



    If you were to put Scott’s words in a balloon what would be your statement.


    Time for Temple Andersonstown….18 year old grandson’s birthday party.

  4. Coneybhoy



    Good stuff collating the ages …



    Mod 1888



    Cracking (idea) post to get it all started :-)



    Good fun all round

  5. Free the Ernie 1



    Has taken constant accusations of being a particular journalist (which he isn’t, my mate knows the journalist)



    He hasn’t reacted badly to that



    He stands up for British Labour in a blog skewed to SNP , with few hauners



    He can be snippy but i hope he and the Mod sort it offline. Offence was obviously caused

  6. Gftb



    There are a few late entries but my brain says the needle won’t move much. Another in the 40s though



    And from earlier, your music taste did give you away as my vintage😎

  7. Most excellent.



    The increase in intangible assets suggested all our signings in the summer cost us less than £6m



    There’s also an insurance payment of £10m which hasn’t boosted the revenue figures but will have boosted the cash balance and profit

  8. Jackiemac/Petec



    I really like it; soft dance like early 90s



    I also pre ordered the new album last night; special edition red vinyl

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Never mind Celtic’s interims.



    What about Coneybhoy’s.



    What’s the mean, median and mode?

  10. JOE



    Have a nice time and say happy birthday to the young Bhoy for me.



    Re the words in a bubble, I go for Diouf saying, ‘I’m spitting mad’

  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Always liked John Kennedy.



    Good player.



    Heartbroken when he couldn’t continue playing and had to retire aged just 26.



    By all accounts he coaches very well.



    He definitely speaks very well.



    Genuine, perhaps slightly underappreciated asset to our club.



    PS – always knew he was a unit and he still looks in good physical condition today.



    I wish Beale’s “haud me back” routine a few years ago had failed.



    John would’ve decked him with a single punch.

  12. GFTB,



    I went to a Dance event last weekend, the Oldest Raver asked me before Christmas, if I wanted to go to Judge Jules going Large. I said Oui.



    It was mental in the pub before. John said The Imperial Bar had Kwality tunes by a DJ older than him (John is 65).



    JJ played a clever set cramming in as many tunes as c’est possible…. even when not actually bringing in the Anthems.



    SWG3 – was a bit mad but well cool… as we arrived in our taxi, lots of dudes and dudettes were going away…..apparently there is a Bingo like no other. Bongo Bingo!!!! Superb.

  13. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Wonder what we are going to do with this:



    Period end net cash at bank was £59.2m (2021: £25.6m).

  14. He’s only been chairman for a few weeks and already he’s making us millions – well done PL



    Golly we are an old bunch – at this rate we’ll soon to be renamed.



    Centenarians Quick News

  15. Think Sarcasm is Funny? Think Again


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    ???????????????????????????????????????Who might learn to change – probably not.

  16. Petec 7.07pm



    Good to hear mate … sounds a good laugh



    I will settle for the early hours utube reminiscing kidding on I could even try and do that stuff again

  17. Scullybhoy



    People say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but it got me to the World Sarcasm Finals in Peru in 2007



    Never mind Celtic’s interims.







    What about Coneybhoy’s.







    What’s the mean, median and mode?





    Not sure, however I believe, mean, median and mode, are BRRB Solicitors. :)

  19. Coneybhoy on 10th February 2023 7:18 pm






    People say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but it got me to the World Sarcasm Finals in Peru in 2007





    I bet you I know who won it, but sadly he cannot tell us about it at the moment.




  20. I don’t understand all the fuss…………look at the huns………


    thur skint but, but……but still “Giants” an’ ……swaggerin’ abooot, swoopin’…………



    this fiscal probity stuff, it’s overrated……


    just ask Fat Davie….

  21. The day I was born — 5 Sep 1953 — Celtic lost 0-2 v Hamilton Academical at Douglas Park.



    Didn’t do too much damage though as Celtic finished the season as champions.




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