Celtic interims report income, profit and bank balance up again


Celtic reported an increase in turnover of 6.6% to £53.3m for the six months to 31 December 2019 (2018: £50.0m).  Profit from trading was up slightly to £7.1m (2018: £6.2m), which the departure of Kieran Tierney saw profit from player transfers hit £23.0m (2018: £17.6m).

Money spent on player registrations for the period was £15.0m, up significantly from the £1.9m in the corresponding period last season.  The Rainy Day Fund was sitting at £45.1m, that’s just £8m shy of the annual turnover of Scotland’s second highest turnover club.

Celtic have moved into a new financial space since 2016, not only have we won all domestic trophies, but we have a commercial operation that is now successful enough to cope (if not thrive) when Europa League football is all that is achieved.

Expenditure, particularly on wages and transfer fees, has grown with turnover.  Transfer fees paid across both windows this season, at £22m, is the highest in our history.  Wages will continue to creep north, despite a couple of high cost leavers over the last 12 months.

We are safe and we are expanding, which has resulted in domestic success.  This is the kind of budget expansion I like, not the Casino Football we witnessed elsewhere a while back.  The lack of Champions League football this season and last is the only blot; one that needs to be addressed during this summer’s preparations.

Getting the big strategic calls right in football is a difficult balancing act.  I know the £45m bank balance is, ironically, not something any of us want to see, but it will enable us to push the transfer fees and wage boundaries further-still in the future.

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  1. PHILBHOY on 7TH FEBRUARY 2020 8:24 PM




    So what you are saying Phil-Bhoy is that Alex Salmond should put a


    dress on with no pants & turn up @ the Court ready to be Violated




    No I am not saying that!


    I expect him to get a fair trial before he is jailed for a long time!



    I expect him to get a fair trial before he is jailed for a long time!



    That remains to be seen Philbhoy, time will tell the outcome

  2. Alba1888….that’s our level? It us with this board..show some ambition.. reinvest in team …or do you want to never improve

  3. Go one the positive petition for Michael Stewart


    BBC Scotland hold your head in Shame


    Go On The Bhoys Get It In There


    I will communicate with all you Folk Later


    Keep the Faith Everyone & Always Remember This


    “The Bhoys Will Never Walk Alone” Go On The Bhoys


    Hail ! Hail ! All & God Bless & Good Night what is left


    of said Evening anyway Enjoy :-) :-)

  4. thats wit we should be doing to the media …big or bigger …




    And Arthur and I, we soon drew our hogs


    We scarce gave them time to draw their own blades


    When a trusty shillelagh came over their head


    And bid them take that as fair warning




    smiley hear the text listen to the fans thing




  5. No problem with celtic running at a profit, it’s running at a lose that gives me the fear. We have spent a power of money in the last year on the team and only poor tactics will undo us. We have the strongest group of players in the league and we have the strongest bank balance too. That is not coincidental.



    celtic need to scout well, buy well and sell at the right time to ensure we can reinvest in the team and the club. So as much as I would love eddie and ntcham to stay I reckon they will both be off in the summer and we will collect a very large amount of money before spending (between 10 and 20 million) on a few players.



    It’s also good to see the club buy land at janefield street for designated disabled parking. This is yet another step towards upgrading and improving facilities for supporters that attend games.



    Wee Fergus left celtic with good foundations but it is clear there was and is plenty of room for improvement in and around the stadium.






    Alba1888….that’s our level? It us with this board..show some ambition.. reinvest in team …or do you want to never improve



    Maradominic it’s actually AKBW1888


    To respond to your point of course we want to invest in our Defence @ present however


    we have got to do this Within Our Financial Constraints like not waste money like Beach


    Bum @ the end of said Movie like setting our Nest On Fire that does not make sense


    So we need to Box Clever & spend our hard earned shekels wisely & do pay attention to


    details & thorougher & proper research when it comes to looking for & signing new


    players that is a no Brainer Maradominic cause as the old saying goes Money & Fools


    Are Easly Parted we need to be bold/clever with our finances that is for sure so as I’ve


    mentioned in previous posts on here this Evening we need to Strengthen Our Defence


    ASAP that’s for sure cause the Defence is our weakest link @ present this matter


    Defence requires Time & Patience when it comes to Celtic FC

  7. Great results without question. Ultimately we are in good shape for the future. A few points re the short term,



    1, CEO whilst deserving of praise remains overpaid. Not his fault btw.



    2, cash in bank won’t provide solace if we don’t win 9 and 10.



    3, Nicky Hammond needs to deliver if we are to keep progressing on the pitch. We can’t afford Soro and Kilmala to be the next Shved and Bayo. Life comes at you fast and before you know it Eddy amd Broony won’t be there. Short term investments on players is key.



    Overall, very pleasing results.

  8. Paul67



    On the upside, 14 new players signed more than £20M spent under Neil ( downsizing ) Lennon



    Spare ground sorted



    New kit deal secured



    Sevco still cheating



    Seven points clear CSC

  9. This is a Celtic site. On the 3rd of March 2011, I attended a brilliant game where we gubbed the huns.


    The atmosphere was electric and post game I had a lock in at a well known boozer. The floor was bouncing and to this day I maintain it was the best ever Celtic sesh in a boozer.



    We did nothing wrong and the shame was totally down to the huns. Alex Salmond ” requested ” We attend a summit where we unjustly got shafted.



    He had an agenda against us and we can summise what was really occupying his mind in 2011. The dates of his accusations speak for themselves.



    He rogered us for nothing and I look forward to his comeuppance.




  10. Thanks for signing petition Bhoys, initially I was hoping Michael Stewart would tell the BBC to ram it…..but we need him to keep on telling it as it is,for and against any and every club.The ban tells everyone, all you need to know about BBC Scotland, Traynor and McIntyre.

  11. Bada, Petition signed.



    Davie Hay, an ex-St Mirin’s Academy bhoy like myself, was a wonderful player. He left Celtic because of the wage structure – being part of a successful team meant your pay was good because of win bonuses but if you were out of the team or injured you did not receive those bonuses. At one point Davie was out of the team due to an injury and it impacted on his income quite substantially. He approached big Jock and Celtic but they would not change the payment system, otherwise I believe Davie would have been at Celtic his entire career.



    Ironically it was an injury at Chelsea that ended his career. He also suffered a detached retina and is now blind in that eye. If memory serves me correctly Davie was also holidaying in Cyprus when Turkey invaded, so this kidney transplant will be a dawdle.

  12. Gonna someone post Bada MS link on each new page. Lost it already…



    How are there so many people unaware of Celtics stance against Sky? Should be numero Uno talking point but SMSM happy to ignore it.



    If this was Man Utd or Tottenham complaint to Ofcom it would be national Beeb news.

  13. Luck of the draw decided if you can get a disabled parking space at celtic park for games. That is no use to anyone. Now I would guess we will have 100 more designated parking places for our disabled supporters so the odds will hopefully be far shorter. Hopefully with a view to ending this practice by providing enough parking spaces for all. Best 100k celtic will spend this year, (maybe another 100k to get markings, fience, wall etc up) still best 200k celtic will spend.




  14. Akbw1888



    The point I made was that Benkovic is a class player but can’t expect him to walk into his loan team straight away



    Ajer should be CM , never a CH especially in a back 3



    Benkovic would guarantee 9 if he played there and Ajer had brooms slot chicken feed wages in the bigger picture

  15. Philboy



    What is your personal experience with fat Salmond?



    I met him at a political debate in 87 and found him to be arrogant and a liar . Creepy round the women too



    I didn’t vote in the Indy Ref but was quite glad he resigned

  16. PHILBHOY on 7TH FEBRUARY 2020 8:10 PM



    AKBW1888 We are a selling club, not our fault.



    *and always have been and sometimes no just for money depending on a manager’s whims.



    Oul Jimmy tae the arse by “Wullie Maley is his name” tae pay for the Grant Stand is well known but only because the great mhan spoke about it years later.



    Cup winning hero Willie Buchan, labelled a player ahead of his time whose support play saw him create goals for the aforementioned James Edward and Jimmy Delaney.



    He was also a key player in our first title win in 10 years a feat we can now more appreciate as this was during the hun run of 14 wins where only ourselves and Motherwell stopped them running up 16 in a row.



    We had actually beat deidco tae his signature when 4 years later Wullie, again, sold him tae Blackpool for what was then a Scottish record. Ironically he came back and made a WWII guest appearance for the bhoys, a policy that was anathema tae the club during those years, we actually turned down Matt Busby who went tae Easter Road while deidco took on Stanley Matthews, nae wonder we won eff all, well that and the shipyard loyal.



    Then there were the Wee Barra and the Juggler allegedly sold to pay for the floodlights, the ones the Luftwaffe appreciated albeit 18 years later.



    Not forgetting wee ten thirty for not playing football the Corinthian way. The night we lost the replay tae Jock’s Pars Bertie was turning out for the reserves while “Alice” Byrne was playing in his favoured left wing position, that same night our club captain was skippering the black north in a friendly while a relatively unknown John Clark replaced him and a young left back made his debut.



    BTW I liked Alec Byrne and saw him score an absolute cracker at hunden in a SC replay against the Hi Hi, but 31 goals in 100 games in 9 years dearie me.



    While we were enduring the painful years in the wilderness Bertie was winning a League Cup medal against deadly rivals Aston Villa and finished runners up tae Roma in the old Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, a Roma side that beat the Hibbees 6-0 in a semi play off, oh and he also got sent off for blootering the then current England captain as well as the Fulham centre half who approached him with revenge on his mind..



    Davie Hay was another that didnae want tae leave but the Big Mhan took the cream puff as he challenged their pay policy concerning players not playing due to injury as opposed to those sitting in the stand. Davie won but nevertheless Jock sold him.



    Kenny is a bit of an enigma as stories have emerged that he wanted tae leave, however a refusal tae go on a Far east tour had Jock accelerating that and he wisnae even put up for sale instead Jock called Bob Paisley up and offered one of our greatest ever players to him.



    The latter 2 stories were told to me by someone who was no stranger to the boardroom.



    There have obviously been others that we haven’t heard about.

  17. David’s niece reports back home and recovering.



    Been tough week training pet Hun, but the journey continues. He couldn’t understand where I was getting my Craigy W info as ” there’s nothing on BEEB website”. Lol

  18. I wanted us to sign another CH but when Lenny was asked about this a week out from deadline day, he said he was well covered in that area and wasn’t in the market for another CH.



    If that costs us then it’s on Lenny’s head. As it is, he’s doing a great job and I’m confident of doing the 9.



    Come the summer, sign French Eddy up again with a bumper pay rise and ask him to give us one more season. It mightn’t be enough but by God we have to move heaven and earth to keep this man for one more year.



    These interims show £15 million on new player registrations alongside the reported 5-6 million spent in January. That’s a substantial investment in a treble winning squad.

  19. I absolutely respect the res 12 guys and agree that ‘Persistance beats Resistance’



    The phrase also suggests we always look at the long game. Less short termism.



    It is with that in mind that I applaud our fine financial figures today, whilst also recognising the general downward trajectory we are on wrt our south glasgow rivals.



    From out imperious 5 goals at ibrox (Griffiths rocket at the Copeland end will live long in the mind) to losing at home in december is unforgivable.



    How do we translate our first class fiscal figures into consistent crosses from the corners?



    Answers on a Mass Card

  20. weebawbitty…



    i never met Oscar….and apologies if the reply is a little late …things have happened ..



    a braw braw family …





    TONTINE TIM on 7TH FEBRUARY 2020 10:32 PM



    IT was JOHNNIE HAYNES he banjoed.broken jaw.

  22. See that hun thing and Scotland.



    The hun supporters in the meeja like to portray it as a 50/ 50 thing…us V them. But the truth is , that its an 80 /20 split in-favour of the hun…………..



    Were are a minority who’ve done really well. This makes it worse for the





    Whyte’s buik?



    I do not think any writer no matter the intellect is gonna pen sumthin’that embarrasses thum in any real shape or form.



    For a’ that an’ a that a huns a hun…………( See the boul’ Alex)




  23. 3,300 have now signed the ‘Michael Stewart’ petition that was publicised on here by !!Bada Bing!! The following comment was left by that well known Celtic Fan, Thomas Sheridan…


    “This man has spoken the truth when others have hidden. His integrity and life experience in football make him a competent and credible pundit. His removal from the BBC to date is a disgrace. Fans want people with courage and integrity to comment and commentate not empty vessels willing to say as little as possible to upset the powers that be. Reinstate a man whose only ‘crime’ was telling the truth.”


    Sleep well…

  24. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    When Alex Salmond was First Minister and doing the pre election thing by helicopter he landed on our first tee without permission and caused a stushie as no one knew anything about it .


    Reactions were threefold… a few were awe struck,most were apoplectic (the Unionists among the members) and me who thought he was just a wee shite-bag!


    To be fair,when the present accusations came out I thought it would be the age type thing,ie,put his hand on her shoulder when telling her something and didn’t realise that’s verboten nowadays,but, I think he’s toast with so many accusations and accusers.


    With a bit of luck he’ll maybe take down ‘Hitler in knickers ‘ with him.


    Apologies for the non-PC description.

  25. “We are safe and we are expanding,” may he and his prosper and grow



    smiley we are in condom not of our making and a daftie with an apron has a jobbie on a sharp stick!



    smiley what can go wrong ….wait for the book RES 12 thing




  26. apols for the caps …



    i meant Braw —-and no BRAW…



    smiley sorry for any conbrawness thing