Celtic interims report income, profit and bank balance up again


Celtic reported an increase in turnover of 6.6% to £53.3m for the six months to 31 December 2019 (2018: £50.0m).  Profit from trading was up slightly to £7.1m (2018: £6.2m), which the departure of Kieran Tierney saw profit from player transfers hit £23.0m (2018: £17.6m).

Money spent on player registrations for the period was £15.0m, up significantly from the £1.9m in the corresponding period last season.  The Rainy Day Fund was sitting at £45.1m, that’s just £8m shy of the annual turnover of Scotland’s second highest turnover club.

Celtic have moved into a new financial space since 2016, not only have we won all domestic trophies, but we have a commercial operation that is now successful enough to cope (if not thrive) when Europa League football is all that is achieved.

Expenditure, particularly on wages and transfer fees, has grown with turnover.  Transfer fees paid across both windows this season, at £22m, is the highest in our history.  Wages will continue to creep north, despite a couple of high cost leavers over the last 12 months.

We are safe and we are expanding, which has resulted in domestic success.  This is the kind of budget expansion I like, not the Casino Football we witnessed elsewhere a while back.  The lack of Champions League football this season and last is the only blot; one that needs to be addressed during this summer’s preparations.

Getting the big strategic calls right in football is a difficult balancing act.  I know the £45m bank balance is, ironically, not something any of us want to see, but it will enable us to push the transfer fees and wage boundaries further-still in the future.

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  1. With regards the money in the bank.


    The South Stand is badly in need of a major refurb, as the facilities are frankly a disgrace.


    My son and I sat in the front section near away support. But at the end of season 17/18 I was forced to give it up my seat due to mobility issues. The access is really poor and the nearest accessible toilet was situated in the area where the away support is housed.


    I know they are not going to completely rebuild but they could do something


    Personally it turned out good for me , as I am now in the North West corner . Tommy Burns view

  2. Here is another coward off a Man Kris Boyd bowing to the Media The Sun,He can’t say anything good about Celtic,why because slagging Celtic sells Papers,and as I’m led to believe it’s only Rangers 2 Supporters that are buying there paper,and why has it always to be EX Sevco players that get them slots.

  3. Some movement on the parking situation near Celtic Park.



    Got this yesterday:









    We refer to the above proposed order, the representation you have made about the proposed order, and the letter dated 20 December 2018 which was sent to you from the Director of Operations, Neighbourhoods and Sustainability in this regard.



    Glasgow City Council has now appointed Ms Sinéad Lynch and Mr Lance R Guilford, reporters from the Scottish Government, to conduct a public hearing and submit a report to the council. The council has also established a dedicated Programme Officer Team to assist with the organisation of the hearing.



    Participation in the hearing



    The reporters have decided that since it is now over a year since the above letter was sent to you, we should write again in order to confirm those who wish to participate in the hearing. We are providing more information to help you decide.



    If you decide not to participate in the hearing, your representation will be considered on the basis of your original written submission, although you may submit a further written submission in support of your representation within the next 28 days if you wish to do so. It is also important to note that all representations proceeding by written submission will have the same weight as those examined at the hearing.



    Therefore, whether or not you responded to the above letter, please advise us within the next 14 days if you wish to participate in the hearing.



    Pre-hearing meeting



    Given the complex nature of this order and the significant number of representations that have been made, the reporters have decided that a pre-hearing meeting for hearing participants is necessary. This meeting will be held in public and will discuss the procedures relating to the hearing. However, there will be no discussion about the merits or otherwise of the order at this meeting.



    Note no discussion on the merits of this order.



    I’ve asked JP Taylor if Celtic will be represented at this hearing.

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    The classic final line in the above account.




    ” The Daily Record and The Scottish Sun have declined to comment.”

  5. It seems Sky Sports can report about football clubs complaining to regulatory bodies after all. Yes they are happy to report man Utd complaint to IPSO about the Sun coverage of attack on Woodward’s House.



    On the other hand in true orwellian style our complaint never happened as far as the vast majority of the media are concerned.

  6. Glasgow city council at its best, limited parking spaces available, piss poor public transport links, no joined up thinking with spt to provide alternative travel options, but let’s press ahead with plans to make supporters park a mile away, yes moving the problem is the real answer don’t you know. Dealing with the issues not so much.



    Think celtic should upgrade and increase parking provisions at celtic park and possibly barrowfield training centre as well. However, celtic cant do it all and before anyone starts celtic as a club and we as individuals pay our tax for services the authorities need to step up.




  7. Thinking about the Emirates on London RD,does anybody know who owns the piece off land at the corner of Springfield Rd and London Rd,That too would have been a good for Celtic Football Club ,to turn into another Car Park ,if it’s possible

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    AN TEARMANN on 8TH FEBRUARY 2020 12:00 PM





    I missed much of this at the time.



    Be nice to see a wee setback for the hun today .



  9. Accies playing all the kids today, 6 changes and even Jeff Winter’s son playing up front.


    Wonder if he will be throwing himself about like their front 2 did against us last week?


    Doubt it.


    We know what we are up against.

  10. WTF is that Hamilton line up today.Shocking.Nothing short of disgraceful.Looked like a school team running out.

  11. Rice the Hamilton manager is a horrible, cheating Cnut and must be a Hun as well.






    D. :)

  12. Lots of spare land near the motorway exits at tollcross.


    Buy some land and build some car parks charging a fiver per car and run a bus shuttle service to the ground before and after the game.

  13. On that parking thing at Paradise.



    I remember when the issue raised it’s ugly heid and we were encouraged to email the chap in-charge…wasn’t the fella’s name Waddell or somesuch…..? No sniggerring.



    I vaguely remember googling around the issue and turned up some powerpoint presentation that featured military-clad, gun -totin’ parking wardens.




  14. The softest penalty I have seen since the last Sevco penalty.



    They get softer and softer for thems



    D. :)

  15. I don’t think Brian Rice is a Hun at all…………………..nope.



    He has been compromised lately with the gambling admission…….


    His team selection hands an advantage to the huns but as thuv goat thur penalty thur Kup run is assured……………





    amilton Academical 0-1 Rangers




    Derek Ferguson



    Former Rangers and Hamilton midfielder on Sportsound



    Quote Message: Plenty of power on the penalty kick. If he had parried it away, it would’ve been a great save. Rangers, probably deservedly, in front


    Plenty of power on the penalty kick. If he had parried it away, it would’ve been a great save. Rangers, probably deservedly, in front



    bbc stats.possesion.61 v 39 hamiltons favour.

  17. Rice should not be in Football management he should have been kicked out.



    Gambling and football management should not be allowed.



    He can sway decisions by team selection.



    D. :)

  18. That Kent is one ugly horrible looking specimen.Signing for the scum was a match made in heaven.Yeuch ,